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    'Tis the season for giving and spreading good cheer, so that is why a bunch of official and tribute chats have come together to present you all with: xat'S WINTER FESTIVAL 2019! With @Admin being kind enough to sponsor the festival, a total of 7 chats will be holding fun events throughout the rest of this month! Here is the list (AND YOU BETTER CHECK IT TWICE BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS OUT!!): 1. xat.com/Feedback Date: Monday, December 16th Time: 9pm GMT +1 Event: Gamebot contests (various games) 2. xat.com/Mundosmilies Date: Tuesday, December 17th Time: 1pm UTC Event: Guess the smiley 3. xat.com/Cambio Date: Thursday, December 19th Time: 3pm GMT-5 Event: xat trivia 4. xat.com/Game Date: Friday, December 20th Time: 2pm EST Event: Musical trivia & Gamebot contests. More info. 5. xat.com/Noticias Date: Saturday, December 21st Time: 2pm America/Caracas Event: Trivia, Gamebot and Guess the song contests. More info. 6. xat.com/La_Stanza Date: Sunday, December 22nd Time: 9:30pm GMT+1 Event: Christmas trivia & Gamebot contests 7. xat.com/Sohbet Date: Friday, December 27th Time: 7pm GMT+1 Event: Guess the doodle, trivia & Gamebot contests Whatever language you know, we hope to see you at one of the events! Image promo:
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    Hello, Servers were boosted (upgraded ofc) Caching system updated (not too important, but ya, its there)
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    Ho, ho, ho! It has not been easy for us to choose the winners, since all of you have submitted such beautiful backgrounds. As much as we want to merit all of you for your efforts, we only have three prizes to give off. Congratulations to Abrahan in first place, to RobFerrari in second place and to Born in third place. We really loved your backgrounds, and you'll see them at Ayuda very soon! It has been a long time since Ayuda has organized the lastest contest, so I want to thank everyone for participating. It has been a pleasure organizing this contest and seeing diverse users participating. @Abrahan @RobFerrari @Born Please, to claim your prize, please go to xat.com/Ayuda and contact with Junii (1522897229). I would like to add, probably some of you already know, but for those who don't know, there is a WINTER FESTIVAL! Do you want to have a fantastic time and have the chance to win xats? Lemona explains you here! https://forum.xat.com/topic/12347-35k-in-total-prizes-xats-winter-festival-2019/ Thank you and happy holidays!
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    My plan for the christmas this year is meeting @Crow traveling together in Germany to see @LaFleur then after going to USA to see @Angelo after that we're going together in Brazil to meet @Cupim the day after will be in France with @Sydno and we will come back to our home town
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    🎮🎮🎮 FUTmas in FIFA 20. Finally EA Sports has presented a new edition of FUTmas, the traditional FIFA Christmas event that arrives one more year to the popular Ultimate Team mode, this time, for FIFA 20. Thus, players can get from yesterday, Friday, December 13 , special player cards through daily SBCs and only until next December 24.
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    good it would be a power for the married symbol and the bff symbol to take on the characteristics of the pawn. being gold took the shine of gold and so on for everyone it would be pretty cool. married with everypower icon example
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    Thanks so much and all through a happy Christmas.
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    Hi! Inner: https://imgur.com/qqE2Hxu.png Outer: https://imgur.com/SxzXqZk.png Botton: #920000 Inner: https://imgur.com/mkeFDaX.png Outer: https://imgur.com/QQNd7Fv.png Botton: #FFFFFF Inner: https://imgur.com/vRMmJm2.png Outer: https://imgur.com/4SRpeTx.png Botton: #ddaf6a Thanks AsunaaKirito (1528287039)
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    @Admin You can celebrate with Us the new year event !
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    i don't know iff @Admin can sponsor the New year Event in 7reqa chat group With arabic poeple
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    i will celebrate with family and my friends.
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    Must be one costly trip you got there. I heard Maxo airlines was handing out free tickets!!!!!
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    Here is a Timezone Map to avoid confusion with some of the chats' timezones.
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    This Christmas Eve will be very different for me, I'll be celebrating it with my whole family after so many years. This is happening because they know I'll be moving to another country very soon and they wanted us to be all together this year. This is actually really special and emotional for me!
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    Just a little tip, Mohd is simply letting the community know about his contest! There is no need to post here that you’ll participate, or post your regname/ID. Simply show up to 7reqa on Dec. 31st, celebrate, and have fun!
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    i can participate you contest bro iiXDanny98 (585651094)
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    INDI4 (1499654144) Tema: Grinch Nome do Pcback: India ID: Não
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    lukasz2019 (800815) Theme: dragon ball super - Beerus Pcback name: Lukasz ID: no
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    Huzun(10106010) Themes : Christmas Pcback Name: Ayberk ID: Yes
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    Anjinha (1521036746) Theme: Anime Angels or Candy Cane Pcback Name: Anjinha ID: No
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