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    Hello, congratulations on the contest! Here are my funds, I hope you enjoy it. Inner Outer Button Color: #FFA500 Good luck to everyone!!
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    Buttons: 5e3d7d Live Buttons: #890000 Buttons: #a18da9 Buttons: #b582c3 (purple) or #86b8bf (blue)
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    This is based on an idea by icecazak44 (1531034131), which was suggested on Feedback chat and posted here with approval. The original idea was a power to show the most visited users for a chat, so the names of the most visited people would be shown. We expanded upon this idea and turned it into a workable addition to chats. Apologies for the amount of writing but it was all necessary. THE IDEA CUSTOMIZATION PRIVACY WHAT'S THE POINT? NEGATIVES Thank you for reading, and please let us know if you have any thoughtful ideas to develop this suggestion. We may be missing some details or overlooking some difficulties. Credit to Four (4444) for writing this, Elea (1313) for the concept art, and once again to icecazak44 (1531034131) for suggesting the original idea.
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    My first entry: Inner: Outer: coming soon Button color: #004539 Thanks!
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    Just to make it clear, I confirm I am holding the prize. We do accept donations if you want to, but this may rather be added to a prize pool of the event we will host on Trade later after the background contest has ended, for halloween! Good luck everyone!
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    New HTML5 Trade The new HTML5 Trade application has now been released. To access the new Trade app, simply open the xat HTML5 groups page and start the Trade app either by clicking the "trade" link in the chat or by the app menu. Changes and improvements No Flash player is required anymore for trading. The app should be useable on almost any web browser and device. The Trade app has become a more clean and appealing look. To add/remove powers now, you just need to click on the power. There’s no minus/plus icon. Search has been improved. You can now search for superpowers which shows all powers of this superpower. You can also search for other categories such as: color game gameban hug jinx epic blast fx kao name function “Add all” has been improved. It works smoothly now (no freezing like on Flash). You can see the progress of the added powers. Note: Additional features such as an indication that Everypower/Superpower has entirely been added or other improvements, may come in future. If you have any questions, want to report an issue or leave your feedback, please feel free to do so below. Thank you.
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    Hello, congratulations on the contest! Here are my funds, I hope you enjoy it. Inner Outer Button Color: #00868B Good luck to all participants!!
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    Hakuna Matata "No te preocupes por el resto de tus días"
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    Hi, This already have been suggested, you can add new ideas on the following topic if needed. Next time please, use the search feature before posting. Thank you!
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    Happy Birthday, have a good one!
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    It's a known bug and sure may be fixed in future updates.
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    Thank you for the comments! The bot idea is useful but would require a constant fee to keep it active on the chat, at least for bots that aren't free. The main owner would also have to purchase the (bot) power to begin with. And I'm guessing activity wouldn't be recorded when the bot is offline, which can be a problem.
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    I had this implemented a couple of years ago on Fexbots and xatbot (Ocean) in order to manage staff activity. I couldn't pushed it further enough to add indicators based on thresholds but this is quite complete already. You may see this using !chatstaff command. I also know Arcbot has something similar, but less complete.
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    Hello, I'm back again, to giveaway some powers, xats and days. This time, i have decided to giveaway the power NIN to ONE lucky user on the forum. Rules : Reply to this thread with your regname and ID. Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified. 1 WINNER will be chosen Wednesday, 9th october at 6:00 PM (GMT+1) Using this generator. The winner should contact me for the prize on xattrade. If for some reasons the winner is held or has not contacted me within the 48 hours, another winner will be chosen with same way. Any reply causing drama or not following the rules will immediately reported. Countdown. Good luck everyone!
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    Hello To be added where you can choose to raport: inappropriate images - inappropriate images Profil xat - inappropriate images chat roomBG - inappropriate images PCback - inappropriate images giff Others xat.com/ticket HELP Topic: - Inappropriate image This idea came with a purpose, to help people know where it is based to ensure a chat for family and not for enemies. Today was a similar case, I explained what needs to be done, but I think it is time to have something direct for such cases. If we don't care who will take care of xat.com? Rgards Bau
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    Thanks for the answer, I appreciate it. As Laming pointed out, We don't have a option for reporting inappropriate stuff (atleast as alternative), would be good having the correct option for it. I know this, but I don't think we have to mess with the inappropriate image and the scammer let's make a difference, which problem can be solved more easily? With a secure click, an image can be locked, even an account. But for the scam you need more information, time and this operation can take days. I think being all in one place will be faster and better, so everyone will be able to answer. When is nobody online from volunteers? In the xat room very rarely you see one, in the forum come but not many have account and not many know how to use the forum. It's not hard, but it's not easy.. . I think the ticket must be for any problem to be solved, everything is saved.
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    Suggestion: Make an useful power for the future.
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    I actually would like to hear interviews from all volunteers and all chat managers on all xat ofc chats? Can you interview them? We're curious about them since most of them we don't see everyday.
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    What about a option to html5 chat to add a gender option, then when someone click in someone else profile, it will display the gender too. There can have genders on forum too. well, there can have ICONS OR NAMES as a preview of gender. how to change it? it's manually in option in "settings". there could have a wiki page to show how to set up your gender. that's a good idea? how xat's a social network, it can fill it too. it can display as the HOMEPAGE ICON. WHY: since that there will be a option free also the icon (gender) will show when clicking in "profile" it's a option of user, since REGISTERING OR SAME WHO DIDN'T REGISTER AT MOMENT, CAN USE IT. it can help distinguish users, how it's a social network, it will be fun. AND THERE'S not only 2 genders, it can to be added more.
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