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    Los Venezolanos: manifiestan su LOCURA a las 6:47 AM @D4niel @Nathaly y los demás no puedo etiquetarlos
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    Finally it's Friday! It already smells like a weekend.
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    A couple cute rabbits holding a heart or a rose in their hands would express affections,happiness and love in the sweetest way. Little cute rabbits can be included in the cute love smilies of the power of the supervalentine. https://prnt.sc/qrw733 https://prnt.sc/qrypxu
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    Hi Borbo bro I like your designs, I wait your new designs.
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    nice job @Borbo, personally I prefer blue backgrounds or anyway tending towards this color. Keep it up, I can't wait to see other beautiful backgrounds like these.
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    Yeah i thank , It would be good for users ''supervalentine''Nice idea and I hope for attention
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    Hello all New Design I want to share some of my designs With you all New design for chat "Mosa3adeh" Share and say your opinion about the design f you'd like to contact me again, please send me a brand new private message. I'd be happy to assist you all.
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    Have a nice birthday @Arthur!
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    I hope you'll have this pawn why not everything is possible man
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    Your idea may be implemented on the new edit group web. Thank you for the suggestion.
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    Good job! i like every gif maybe i will contact you for my next gif avatar it's along time that i don't change mine
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    Good morning to everyone
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    It’s you, it’s all for you everything I do
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    Happy Birthday @Born !
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    Hi you're asking about the favourite year, a favourtie year for someone is the year in which he has made achievements and successes compared to previous years, for me on xat i can say 2019 cuz i got a level in xattrade that i consider it my home for a longtime, i'm happy for that, then here in the forum i joined the WIKI team this is good too and i hope more, i'll not stop there. Thanks
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    I'd have to say from 2010-2013. Those were the days.
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    The application is a way to communicate with people through the mobile, the chef works for my sister, but it appears as if it has not been completed, purchases are xats or strength, Currently unsafe with the application, you can use the Chrome or Safari browser on the iPhone, I am using it, if the chat has an irritation on the browser, just panic into the settings, and make non-animated smiles, it will be easy for you to do everything through the browser. Trust me
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    award received thank you very much
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    I saw u are really polite and yes questioning & suggesting is really important as most of the people just follow without saying anything which u don't. You were a terrific DJ! GL!
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    I wish you a good luck sis
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    premio recebido obrigado.
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    Hello There My Queen! ♥
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    Congratulations to the volunteers and the collaborators
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    Andrew and I used to be really close friends almost five years ago. He'd always call me "Paws", and I ended up owning the shortname Paws. It was cute. I was thinking about selling the shortname lately, but now I don't think I will ever. =/ I hope you're having a blast up there with Eric, tell him I said hi, and Danneh too! Fudge Cancer. Sleep tight, Andy. 🐾💕
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