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    Hi everyone I thought of a powers stickers. The name of this powers is gabibbo, this powers is named after an animated puppet and I would like to propose it to you. it is a useful power for all communities because it is fun as powers, the characteristics of this powers are: This image can be perfect for a sticker because being a puppet you can insert a phrase like I go on space even this image would be perfect as a sticker it is a very cute puppet so to make it even more beautiful it must be composed of funny phrases it is in this image we can put an infinity of funny phrases I leave you with one last example which is what I like best, in this image we can insert any sentence, I wanted to clarify that the stickers I call them funny and I think that a puppet animated as stickers is perfect. also on this image we can make an infinity of sentences
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    Good idea very funny xd
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    Hahahah it's too funny i like this suggestion nice Bianca!
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    Are you a Bingo fan? Do you love to win by completing the cards with your favorite numbers? Then Concourses Bingo is for you! Rich prizes await you and if you are lucky to complete the picture, a rich super prize awaits you! Rules: The forms to participate consist of three rows of five numbers each for a total of fifteen numbers. The "auctioneer" will randomly call numbers. If the number called is on your card, you will have to answer with a "Gotcha! (Hula)". The numbers called are from 1 to 90. The player who first cancels all fifteen numbers on his card wins the "Bingo" prize. Players who have made "ambo", "terno", "quaterna", "cinquina" or "bingo" are invited to take a screenshot of their card and send it via private chat to the Game Judges for validation of the prize. The road to the Bingo Super Prize! Cinquina The player who first cancels all five numbers on one of the three rows in his folder wins the "Cinquina" prize. The player who has achieved five will have to answer "Cinquina! (Hula)" Quaterna The player who first cancels four numbers on one of the three rows in his folder wins the "Quaterna" prize. The player who has obtained the quaterna, will have to answer "Quaterna! (Hula)" Terno The player who first cancels three numbers on one of the three rows in his folder wins the "Terno" prize. The player who has obtained the terno, will have to answer "Terno! (Hula)" Ambo The player who first cancels two numbers on one of the three rows in his folder wins the "Ambo" prize. The player who gets the ambo will have to answer "Ambo! (Hula)" Attention: once a player has declared to have done ambo / terno / quaterna / cinquina, the prize is valid only for the first victory and it automatically passes to the next prize. (For example, if Example (123456789) managed to do ambo, the prize is up to him.) Bingo! Doing "Bingo" means completing all 15 boxes on your card. Doing "Bingo" means having the right to the Super Prize! BINGO!" WILL START AT 10 PM(GMT+2) MONDAY 13/07/2020 We look forward to seeing you at https://xat.com/Concourses PRIZES: BINGO! 1600 XATS CINQUINA 800 XATS QUATERNA 400 XATS TERNO 200 XATS AMBO 100 XATS Note: Two Bingo will be played "BINGO!" by Concourses. The texts, images and graphics contained in the following contest are subject to copyright and other forms of intellectual property protection. All rights reserved. Any use, in whole or in part, of the contents included in this contest is forbidden, including the storage, reproduction, re-elaboration, diffusion or distribution of the contents through any technological platform, support or telematic network. Anyone wishing to copy, quote, reproduce the image or portions of it must be authorized. Any requests of any kind must be sent directly to the owner using the contact form in the xat forum. Thanks for Concourses Staff @Demonattack - @bianca-99 - @xLonely - @Alexius_ - @Luana - @Lemona - @Sara - @Arjay
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