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    A user asked me if I go to the gym. Hello? I'm Witness not Fitness.
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    A toast to those people who like to intimidate by having a virtual position and only manage to make you laugh.🍻
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    The Crew 2, will be available for free from today December 5, until December 8, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Players will have access to the full game - including the most recent update, Blazing Shots, which is accompanied by a new category, Underglows and PvE competitions and live Summit events in which players must reach the top of the standings to win Exclusive rewards based on your ranking. Players can experience Blazing Shots, in addition to hundreds of other previous update challenges and the freedom to explore the redesigned U.S. territory on land, water and air, behind the wheel of their dream vehicles in a four-player cooperative or in a manner individual. Go beyond the limits and enjoy new experiences in iconic places. The world of The Crew 2 is driven by the need to share your personal achievements and unique moments with friends and other people ...
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    Hair style powers = SUPERHAIR soon
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    i can inglish speak and not write
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    it's can be soon.
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    Happy Decluttering day!
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    xat Ajutor was redirected today with assistance. Thank you xat.com.
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    A pleasant weekend for everyone. zzz
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    Remember, nothing is forever, wake up now that it may be late.
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    Trevo,nice to see you on the forum
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    Sevda coming back pleace to xat
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    PSA: you don't actually have to post happy birthday on every single user's wall if you don't even know who they are
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    Happy Birthday! lady miss u <3
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Happy Birthday!
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    http://tradexat.com/trade-tea-talks-with-marya/ 😌😌
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    Happy Birthday!
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    I want to wish you a Happy Birthday, from the bottom of my heart.
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    This restriction honestly is kill me @Blacky http://prntscr.com/madohz
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    Five Elements Banner Contest is up and running, sign up to win xats :D
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    Feliz noche magica a todos los Españoles Latinos , feliz Reyes Magos , y a pedir muchos regalos
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    maxo knows you make a powers and a smilies people know too but here what is amazing what is amazing is sometimes some users propose to you something incredible that thomas edison or albert enstein can not make it
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    I'm ugly and after compressed image 65% due this weird limit 199kb lul, 8k cam gets 144p 90's style!
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    Enjoy every second, smile every minute, be cheerful every hour, be happy whole life. All the best Chef @Cupim
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    Be you ! Natural ! Dont copy me ! Copyright ! All rights reserved.
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    Happy birthday dear MSTR I hope you had a good one and enjoyed it to the fullest, many blessings. ♥️🥳
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    Hapyy Birthday nicolos
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    Happy birthday
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    Happy Birthday Booh
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    I want to wish you a Happy Birthday, from the bottom of my heart.
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    Where do I suggest the forum night mode to be activated?
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