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  1. It should be appear in your avatar after save successfully like this screen, https://prnt.sc/y0uwc5 Then after save and refresh this only will appear no changing happen,https://prnt.sc/y35tst That is the main some user problem.
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  2. Preface: Found in Version 1.55.2 Jul 6 2021 18:40 but may have been introduced earlier. Description: Forever bans can be bypassed when using a toon/an unbanned account after waiting a few hours offline from the chat. (approximately 4-8 hours) Note that no IP changes have occurred.
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  3. hi today i see wrong name in chat Graphics / html5 i dont know what is this maybe it want fix. im do f5 but this wrong same not change.
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  4. Hello! I saw this issue a while ago. When the option to store the chatroom messages is enabled, everything you type in the staff pool, would be visible on the main pool, for everyone after signing out and back in. That is a privacy issues for the staff of a certain chatroom if they use to keep staff meeting in chat staff pool or talk sensitive information.
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  5. as i repported bbefore xavi they said they fix it but wont work. its show ony the orange face for me . and ask for 2 and 5 xavi powers if u use other faces. some people works for them the xavi but me no. the orange face wont change . i tried all options there .
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  6. Good evening friends of xat.com, the reason why I am writing is because I wanted to ask you about the "superheart" power, as we all already know that for all hats to work you have to have the 8 powers required for this collection to work . My query is that I buy the 8 powers for the superheart, in which almost all hats work except 2, which are https://prnt.sc/10cgb6s https://prnt.sc/10cgbhv. In which I went to xat for help to be able to figure out the reason for the problem, I consulted with a help staff that had the "everypower" in which he did the tests if the hats "did not" really work that I told him that they did not They worked, but it turns out that for him absolutely all hats worked. And I drew my conclusion that there is a bug or error in xat that does not allow those superheart pawns to work, I think that maybe an extra power is needed for those hats to work, I wanted to do the tests by buying another power that is also from the term "heart" and I decided to buy the "Heartbreak" which is from the "superlove", but I did not manage to activate those hats either. My question is, how could I know which power is the one that makes those hats activate, since every has many powers and it is difficult for me to know which ones and very complicated. I would like someone who knows about this issue to help me with this problem. Thanks a lot
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