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    D: 559 Name: (Dinosaur) Status: Limited Price: 229 Wiki: xat.wiki/Dinosaur Smilies: (dinosaur) (dino2) (dinoegg) (dinoeye) (dinomuseum) (dinopod) (dinoroar) (dinoskull) (dinotrex) (dinotri) Hats: hL - he - hr Power created by: @Mihay @Crow @JeanGraphics - Another old idea of power was successfully created.
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    We want to thanks to crow! His suggestion was made from suggestion power list
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    Hello, I bring one new power idea (HTML5) it's called: FOUND type: unlimited price: 200 xats theme: FOUND SMILEY http://prntscr.com/ox2in7 http://prntscr.com/ox2iuw http://prntscr.com/ox2j07 http://prntscr.com/ox2j4o http://prntscr.com/ox2jbt http://prntscr.com/ox2jtz http://prntscr.com/ox2k1a HATS: http://prntscr.com/ox2kct - http://prntscr.com/ox2kw2
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    Thank you so much for creating this! It's now my favourite power. The wiki article is up: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Dinosaur
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    ID: 559 Name: Dinosaur Status: Limited Price: 229 xats Info: Smilies: Pawns:
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    Thanks for your answers and encouragement. I want to add what can be changed, some of you mentioned this. - We want typing/pen to stop moving after 1 - 3 seconds when typing/pen have stopped writing. - While writing a message, and we do not want to send that message, we delete the text, correct ?! - Then there is another movement in the typing/pen when we delete message. - There may be a brush when you delete the message. Just testing the typing/pen writing: https://i.imgur.com/S1VAEI8.mp4
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    I agree that toon pics are iconic and it'll be hard to find replacements for 1500+ images. As a side note, it seems this suggestion was taken from someone in the main chat of Feedback yesterday. I'm grateful the idea has received more visibility, but you may wish to provide some semblance of credit going forwards (although I appreciate they were unregistered), just to be fair.
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    The million dollar question: ¿Will there be new power today
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    A pleasant weekend for everyone. zzz
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    My idea @xLaming https://i.imgur.com/3lXpud4.gifv
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    Remember, nothing is forever, wake up now that it may be late.
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    toon pictures replace them with some good default pictures, or just add more. also it looks pixelated, just make it hd, or simply just add more or replace them. it's the idea. Me @Admin
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    inb4 they get removed and you have to buy a power to use them
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    Agreed! xat first toons can't be removed for a simple reason, for a historical rule: Classic is classic
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    Hello everyone, This time the donation goes to Nathan deserves all the respect from us. xat Name: Nathan xat USername/ID: Nathan (14014) Who can help you can help comment here, and you find me to receive from you everything you can offer. At 23:45 on the 31th, closed this topic, at the end I will add here a public Money/xats/days/powers transfer to all xats/days/powers gathered, or send it to everyone in private, after your choice. Please read the regulation before taking this step. Thank you. We've known each other for a while, I know you're a good person, even if we often don't get along, maybe that means friendship, always with each other, even if there's a quarrel between us. It is good to always help each other when we need to, I alone can not do what we can all do together. I will add all the offers here, after you send a message here with your offer and after receiving xats from you, I add your name here public or private, after your choice. NOTE: Only I can receive the donations until the time is up. (After this I will make a picture with evidence that everything you donated that person received the donation). Only when the time END´s Thank you all, I love you. - I offer 10k xats, Much success in life, less of me and more of God, be with us on xat always 1) Bau - Fonduri (304771992) = 10k xats
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    So some spent the weekend waiting for the new power
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    pessoas do acre estão felizes com o novo power http://prntscr.com/oxc2b7
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    Cute new little dino
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    We'll expect a crow power next time It's really nice that more suggestions and ideas from forum are being taken to make new powers. Keep up the good work guys!
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    And after a long week of waiting, today Sunday came the new power 559 (dinosaur) congratulations to who had the idea of that new power
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    Yes! It's honestly the reason I don't like the power. If you type, it's going to show that you're typing for at least 30 seconds, which can be misleading to others. I agree it would be useful to be able to have the pencil stop if you stop. Possibly even mid sentence, if you're not typing, it shouldn't say that you are. Maybe we could also change what "types" ? (Paintbrush, pen, feather, etc)
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    yes I'k what do you mean that's a good idea, and should be added already before when it was released.
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    Hello, I'm again re-suggesting this, I know it was already suggested in the past but it seem to be ignored, well, my suggestion is simple, adding a new area for posting css codes in one forum like xat applications, should be filled if its chat/profile code(html/css), css code, html code, images and demo(if available), Well, but why not on Graphics section? The name says all its for graphics, images, inners, not really css. What about tutorials? Ehh.. i dont think so... Not really we need to wait aprovations to share something free, that everyone can edit/use. That's my point of view, share yours.
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    Pretty cool idea. You should bring some smiles as examples, so we can visualize your idea.
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    This is a good idea! I really dig the hairdo ideas Maybe they can be all multicolored and if you add multiple color codes to the end of it you can customize them all.
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    HI there! .... Just to let you'll know... Some girls ...are starting to use my creations https://prnt.sc/ovp4ff i dont know if thats ok? while the contest its still on?
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    Maybe a tutorial for this idea could be made to help other users who doesn't know how to make CSS. Or maybe another chat command a user can use to set their own chat background? I also think that is a good idea if in users' side we could use our preferred chat background but I think it should a little limited with it's function. Where like chats can have a setting in GControl where chat owners can choose whether they would let user have their own chat backgrounds on their chat.
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    Nope, not everybody knows how to do this using css, Its like you using chat backgrounds (inner) you can set #chat{background.... you need to make the chat transparent etc but this isnt the official way since theres a option to set it on your edit. Adding, you can upload your own widgets/games/players etc to xatRadio since it doesnt be copyrighted and follow the xatRadio's terms its fine. (All for free)
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    I'm not sure about that but I think we can make this using CSS only (ive already did with a embedded site), but this would make it easier and also using a "official way" for it xd
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    Paying for toon avis is funny enough as it is
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    Chat name: Ajutor Chat ID: xat25447747 Users Main owner: Mihay // It was cloned by someone. . ..
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    Because there is a possibility to add a bot to flirt, while you could add a manager, and put rules only involving relationships and other TOS. @Admin
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    After several reports regarding the promotion page from old web, please use https://xat.com/store#!promotion for now or even forever. Admins are looking to fix the issue with blank page after submit. An update will be provided when this is fixed.
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    at anyone that misses me?
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    I have loved you three summers but I love you all🎶
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    Hello, First contest has finished, Winner is: xat profile: Mojiis(738870730) Mundosmilies profile: Mojiis Please contact @Stif to get your prize.
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    Vuela sólo vuela!!
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    Te Amo Sonhando🎵🎶🎵😍😍😘
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