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  1. Special thanks to @Sydno our friend & bro the cool person, and @Christina, who animated the event it was a very good time, thank you so much my entry was a simple gift for xat trade by the occasion of its 12th anniversay, happy birthday xat trade, like i say everytime i'm always happy to be there with all of you, i love u all here is my entry :
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  2. Is everyone ready for another Trade Anniversary? 12 years Trade strong. Will we see some old staff and users come back? Guess you will just have to come to trade to find out. This year we are doing things a little differently. We will have some random giveaways throughout the day and some Trivia Monday night. Lowkey! Hope to see everyone there.
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  3. Considering the forum has darkmode, would xat chatboxes consider having a darkmode on at some point? This could be integrated with user's computer settings. For example, macs automatically invert colors which can set to happen after a particular time. This feature could be implemented to automatically dim background/foreground/chatbox colors to be warmer and easier on the eyes thus causing less strain at night time? I think this could be a neat little feature (considering a lot of people are spending quite a lot of time online these days - myself included). This could also be added to xat.me p
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  4. Hi. I thought I would expose my background to me, although I am not an expert but just a beginner. But since no one is born learned, we move on
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  5. I did it for you, it's not like how you described it and I don't like it very much xD, but consider it a little thought of friendship Alex.
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  6. For Trade anniversary, xat has enabled hat#hl pawn (also known as Trade pawn) from Trader power. Make sure to use it to show your support!
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