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    I need to spell it out. :D There has been a few cases where some users collected hundreds of powers and got torched (deleted), and the powers were stuck in their account. That made some normal powers become very expensive for no reason, such as: aprincess (500 xats store) (5,400-5800+ in trade) 1040% increase treefx (600 xats in store) (5,400 - 5,800+ in trade) 850% increase and much more. I suggest that users who gets torched for more than 1 year, at least their multiple powers should be released to the store every week or two, so we can see some fair balance in the xat-trade market. xat has almost 600 powers, seeing some limited powers gets released from time to time, even in small quantities (10 or 20) would balance a lot of things in trade chats, and lower the prices to a rational level. Agree or disagree, I want your thoughts. Note: I'm not against collecting but seeing for example, users collecting x140 of aprincess and getting torched, and because of their fault we all go through having to pay 5k or 6k for it is just unfair. (:
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    Main - Group Power This new (main) group power was made for the new editgroup and allows you to set custom permissions when adding a new main owner. You can select from these permissions: appearance, tabs, settings, grouppowers The tabs “main owners” and “miscellaneous” cannot be selected as these are only available for the group manager (when logging in with the group password). Without this power, you will only be able to add main owners with full permissions. Read more about the new main owners tab here. Please note: The old edit group has now been replaced with the new one. More information on the new editgroup here. The information regarding the status and the price of the power will come later!
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    This has absolutely nothing to do with users being blocked indefinitely. The powers you mentioned are limited and only a few were released overall. We check on a regular basis powers price. xat may (or may not) release more of them in the future.
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    I have no problem whatsoever of people collecting powers and reselling them, the whole thread was about cases where people collect hundreds of a power and get torched, or when someone collects hundreds of a power and become inactive for months or years. I like the idea of your chat by the way.
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    1 2 3 4 5 I want to thank everyone, from every picture posted, for understanding, I know I was not very active in chat, but we all have problems or we say we need a break either short or to enter less often, but anyway enter. Thank you very much everyone,for understanding. Respectfully @Mihai
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    If someone desperately tries to convince you of something, by putting a black and white filter on the image, even though you know the situation is different, he has no respect for you and will insult your intelligence.
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    @Tita@Efy@Masha@Ravenette@Hessy@Goku@Pika@Sandy@EyLem@elya@Queen_Sofia Love you all
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