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    Los Venezolanos: manifiestan su LOCURA a las 6:47 AM @D4niel @Nathaly y los demás no puedo etiquetarlos
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    ¿se mea o se caga ? @Nathaly
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    ✨ have three days left until 2019 ends ... Surely this year they have broken your heart, you have fought, you have argued with someone, you have lost someone very important, you have not gotten good grades, your family has been judging you, you have gone through a depression, you have suffered some type of harassment, you have cried many nights until you have fallen asleep ... But surely you had a good time, you had fun, you fell in love, you managed to do something that you thought you could not have done, you have made new friends, you have finally been able to get away from those toxic people , they have left some vices, you celebrated your birthday, You have realized that you cried for people who did not deserve it, you managed to defeat your enemy, you laughed non-stop, you achieved something you proposed, you managed to get out of the well where you were ... So this 2020 you have to be strong, you must start The new year with lots of energy. That is why I wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. Do not be defeated, do not be discouraged, I know you can, if you try to concentrate you can make this 2020 a year in which things can change to improve. I know I don't know your situation and it's not easy depending on the situation you're going through, but you must be optimistic. We are survivors, we have spent 2019 and that is a lot to say, since surely the year was getting too long and now we are going towards 2020 with energy and hope. Cheer up and remember that our happiness does not depend on anyone, it only depends on ourselves. Thanks 2019, because thanks to you, we learn to leave the past behind and overcome it. We do not close it with an end point, because we want to leave ellipses for what comes next. 2020 Get ready because this year we will shine with greater intensity than the previous year. And so every year. Thanks 2019 !!!! Let's go 2020 !!! ✨
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    Sydno Xhonsel Sergio Queen_Sofia Cupim AlexiusZeta Blacky xRavenette Sevda Nick Jakee David Anas Chano HelperNate xZeeh NoSense Stif batuelmejor2010
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    WANTED lost golden egg. any information pc me The egg is owned by: @Maverick @Guinho
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    This is for you special song
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    hey!! @DUYGU.. Good Morning this first day of the New Year 2020 ♥ Best Wishes!
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    Good morning to everyone
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    I hope you'll have this pawn why not everything is possible man
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    dO yOu SeE tHiS hUn?!
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    Congratulations on your third year on the xat wiki!
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    Every time we look at a new year, we all talk about change ... In reality, nothing changes but everything continues. The change we seek is in our head, in our eyes and in our hearts, not in a new page of a calendar. Happy January 1, 2020 ...
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    This is very fun music
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    I didnt eat since the last year.
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    It'sssss HelperNate'sssss Bday!! HBD man!
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    Merry kmesmes habby yu near everyone!
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    Hello There My Queen! ♥
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    @JasonOficial Cada momento lo haces especial🥰 Eres mi persona favorita y siempre así sera.💝😍😘
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    Good morning friends
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    @iiAriel 🎈 es tu cumpleaños ¡Pero bueno!, que calladito se lo tenía usted. ja,ja,ja. MUCHAS FELICIDADES🎂 Que tengas un buen día en compañía de tu familia y amigos 🎉.
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    Hello Guys, i want just to say which were the most beautiful smiley for me and to which I had a certain sentiment and "feeling": - Golden teeth (mafia suggestion) - Not you die (angrier suggestion) and at final my last smiley that i find it very beautiful, the first for ECCELLENZA !! see you..
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    wiii wiiiiii 🐷 @Thuk HAHAHAHA! PS: That will do whit you. 🢃
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    Good night and enjoy!
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    God morning forum 🛌 ☕
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    Happy Birthday !
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    ola xLaminge que meu jogado foi rejeitado queria sabe o qual motivo foi rejeitado tem como ver isso pra mim
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    Happy new year everyone! I wish you all happiness, prosperity, health and many new adventures in this decade that begins! I also want to thank everyone I met and everything I've been through this last decade with you all here on xat.com, I will never forget. This new one will be even better!
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    Have a cheerful.holy,joly and a very Mery Christmas and Happy New year too Ich wünsche Ihnen ein fröhliches, fröhliches und fröhliches Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr @Fiona @Camii @Nihal @Page @6 @Elea @Sevda @Desty @Solange @Drika @Dimple @iCecy @Marya @theFlower @mary17 @DUYGU
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