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    The forum is now running on the latest release. If you're still experiencing this issue then link to the exact content and I'll address it.
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    This is a real problem for everyone who uses the phone.
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    Can confirm I’ve experienced this too. For example, I was notified that this was posted: But not this: Or this:
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    This is not the only smiley having this issue. The problem regarding this smiley is, because of the first 3 letters which is probably a word added in xat filter or in BAD power. We will fix this in the future. Thank you.
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    Ok thank you I will try it Safari is not open me the page or if open everything is dark but I will try Crome
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    The application is a way to communicate with people through the mobile, the chef works for my sister, but it appears as if it has not been completed, purchases are xats or strength, Currently unsafe with the application, you can use the Chrome or Safari browser on the iPhone, I am using it, if the chat has an irritation on the browser, just panic into the settings, and make non-animated smiles, it will be easy for you to do everything through the browser. Trust me
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