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    Hello Friends ! We have a giant proposal for xat (banned users) Why should we open a new chat on xat ? 1. bad user accounts torch 2. number of non-compliant users 3. and there are many more reasons can we put banned users into prison ? I am sure that this topic will attract most people Blackchat , international banned chat area ( new xat banned chat room ) < what will this room be used for ? very simple , access to this room will be provided by prohibited users you will be allowed to access the official BlackChat page when banned in any xat chat room , you will be there for as long as you are banned, for example 24 hours or forever , This is not permanent, imagine that you are banned forever on a page, this will always give you access to the BlackChat page, but do not mislead you, you will be able to enter xat pages that you are not normally banned from. (that is, you will have the right to access here briefly while you are banned.) "note1: Remember: same being a chat to bad users (there stil will have rules) (this chat will be as xat/chat (diference: that will be to all bad users or anyone on chat, but especifically who join on this chat that ins't staff member is considered BAD USER) "note3" staff members are picked up for different languages and not necessary help on chat, they're picked up random. (trusted users) "note2: this will make with that them all think about theirs actions." the goal is to free people, to offer them a deep web environment a special volunteer should be selected here , election can be made across xat as a result of a vote this idea offers a completely new system , our goal is to make people more free, not to drive them away I think this will be an active chat area, because the number of banned users will be continuous RULES ? of course this room will have rules 1. Thoughts of hacking etc. will be banned 2. privacy will be limited 3. Swearing and slang words will be released (because if he gets banned here he will risk his xat account) 4. pornographic content will be forbidden , or a specific section can be published these are not strictly rules here our goal is to free them you can think of it like the deep web or like heaven and hell , imagine that a system that could be the back of this xat will be more free at the moment. Flirt, even if you know this page, it is not even entered with promote , Flirt will be official and free Enter : BLACKCHAT (when you are banned, such a message will come here is a secret chat area) REMEMBER: VOLUNTEERS CAN MAKE MODIFICATION IN THIS IDEA.
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    I added 3 alternative photos , and as you can see, entering symbols or some letters is not allowed , i think it should change https://prnt.sc/tfsiy4 , https://prnt.sc/tfsj7x . https://prnt.sc/tfsjci
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    Hi again, everybody! Today I bring you this suggestion about cute SEAHORSE! These are the smiles... 1. (SEAHORSE) (SHWINK) (SHMAD) (SHHAPPY) 2. (SHSTRESSED) (SHSLEEP) (SHCRAZY) (SHLOVE) 3. (SHHORSE2) Thanks and see you later!
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    The markdown should be applied in the message box also, so that you can see what you're sending in visual terms. This should probably only apply to bold, italics and strikethrough as the way the others are implemented at the moment would be confusing. This is also useful when combining them (i.e. italic and bold) or seeing mistakes as you can see the formatting before you send it. i.e.
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    Enter : BLACKCHAT (when you are banned, such a message will come here is a secret chat area) , it offers an environment open to innovation , of course it is difficult to implement but when it is done it can offer people a new xat world
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    Main - Group Power This new (main) group power was made for the new editgroup and allows you to set custom permissions when adding a new main owner. You can select from these permissions: appearance, tabs, settings, grouppowers The tabs “main owners” and “miscellaneous” cannot be selected as these are only available for the group manager (when logging in with the group password). Without this power, you will only be able to add main owners with full permissions. Read more about the new main owners tab here. Please note: The old edit group has now been replaced with the new one. More information on the new editgroup here. The information regarding the status and the price of the power will come later!
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    Cool, hope its gonna happen
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    Sea calfs are very cute animals known for their it cutested. If a cute animal power was created within the Sea calfs, it would be very cute and great. I want a cute ''seacalf'' powers and I suggest ''Seacalf'' power for that. I added drawings and images to this suggestion showing the cutest looks of seacalfs and the cutest smiley emoticons of ''seacalfs''. I should also mention that the power I proposed will be different from the powers suggested and created before, because I will add the most interesting and very different emojis to this suggestion.
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    Nice powers hahaha i like ♥
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    Will be cool power <3 i support it because i like it much
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    @Cupim @Angelo @LaFleur
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    My favourite helper is @Ethan because he was my first follower on forum. Thank you!!!!
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    Congratulations to the winners! 📌 xNathy (1530989552) 10.000 XATS http://prntscr.com/tbt8wd 📌 Ereskigals (856652556) 1000 XATS http://prntscr.com/tbyy9d 📌 Piiinky160 (1513916216) 14.000 XATS http://prntscr.com/tc0ikp 📌 DjFunnyeLmejor (161735814) 6000 XATS http://prntscr.com/tc1bpj 📌 sergioherrera1974 (167217619) 10.000 XATS Y 100 DAYS http://prntscr.com/tc3l99 📌 dosmiLveinte (1536508184) paid the value of the big https://prnt.sc/tc3sxw 📌 xMayc (304525034) 20.000 XATS https://prnt.sc/t9kqsw 📌 xHabiibiix (1536565980) 3000 XATS http://prntscr.com/tbx2wp 📌 Piiinky160 (1513916216) 1500 XATS http://prntscr.com/tbx3j7 📌 Mercenarie (1506047406) 500 XATS http://prntscr.com/tbxedr 📌 Piiinky160 (1513916216) 100 DAYS http://prntscr.com/tbymq7 📌 iiCrazyBoyii (1286325891) 50 DAYS http://prntscr.com/tbzsrm 📌 iJuanR (41007792) 20 DAYS http://prntscr.com/tc1ni6
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    CH3RRY (1000027) I'LL LOOK FOR NUMBER 5 Here are the USERS who will look for number 5 ! Good luck to all of you http://prntscr.com/tbytrd ¡Aquí están los USUARIOS que buscarán el número 5 ! Buena suerte a todos http://prntscr.com/tbytrd
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    a different suggestion, i think it can be considered..
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    I've seen a lot of users lately do the "@" symbol then put someone's name, I'm one of them. I suggest adding a feature where when we do the "@" symbol, a list of suggested users in the room appears, just like in the forum. Example: In the other hand when someone get's mentioned, they would get a tickle notification, saying for example: " [Username] mentioned you." and when you click this notification it would show you the message that you were mentioned in, just like when you click a quotation. this would turn the tickle tab into something more like a notifications center, which is more useful.
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    Thank you for the interesting idea! However, I'll paraphrase what Madison wrote in this post here: Having a chat for banned users sounds like a sort of game or something not entirely serious. The point of bans is to punish someone, not give them access to their own room to party with each other and carelessly chat away. We should be treating bans seriously, and we don't want to encourage them.
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    It's planned, not just the mention feature but the notification center as well, and it will be broader than this.
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    Hello everyone, it is a fabulous contest. I want to present what I have been working on. https://imdazer.github.io/framexat/concourses.html Thanks!
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    The Four in a Row championship is a Forza4 championship that includes 20 players, who will compete in a round-trip tournament. The Championship is characterized by 38 days, in which players can challenge all opponents at least twice in the entire competition. How to play? To play Four in a Row Championship, you must register in our Concourses Club and enter xat's Regname and ID, also writing "I will participate in the Four in a Row Championship!". Example: Example (123456789) I will participate in the Four in a Row Championship! Participation is free and the championship will begin upon reaching 20 participants. To play, you will have to wait for the start of the "day" in which the club challenges will be published. The challenges of Four in a Row Championship The challenges are divided into two games for each day, where whoever has the name shown on the left plays "at home", then moves first. For example, Tom vs Huck -> Tom will move first. In both challenges, home players have the right to move first. The day is considered over when all the couples have completed the two games. Challenge scores As in football leagues, the challenge scores are divided as follows: 3 points per win (2 wins in a single challenge); 1 point per tie (if both win the challenge); 0 points per defeat (2 defeats in a single challenge). Regulations To earn points and climb the final ranking, the following points must be respected: Wait for the scoreboard with the respective days; Publish the screenshots of the victories and defeats in the post of the day, accompanied by the entire chat Play only and exclusively in the Concourses chat; Complete the challenges within 24 hours following the publication of the board. Infringement of one of these rules results in disqualification from the day and victory "on the table" to the opponent. If both people who should compete do not present the results in good time, they will be punished with 0 points each. Be sporty, take part in the Four in a Row Championship and win the best! START AT 22 PM (GMT + 2) TUESDAY 14 JULY
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    Underline was not considered since it might be confusing with xat default and link power links. Ctrl + s is already taken in browsers, this is why ctrl + u was used instead. If you hover over a hypertext it will show the link, so I don't think moving your mouse over the link will be much of a hard work to do. Well, adding a setting to disable markdown (in your side only) might be a posible solution, if you insist. Thank you for all the feedback! We're happy to see you all enjoyed this feature :).
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    Here are the participants who play in that game! Good luck to you all http://prntscr.com/tbvs9y THE PARTICIPANTS MUST BE IN THE xat HOLA ROOM ¡Aquí están los participantes que juegan en ese juego! Buena suerte a todos http://prntscr.com/tbvs9y LOS PARTICIPANTES DEBEN ESTAR EN LA SALA xat HOLA
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