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    The IRS just emailed me to let me know my ass gotta pay taxes for selling xats. WHAT THE HELL CHRIS HELP ME
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    🎮 🎮 🎮 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is one of the most anticipated games this first semester will be released in physical and digital format today Friday January 17 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. For fans of video games with anime adaptation as for those enthusiasts of Akira Toriyama's work who are looking for a videogame capable of transmitting those sensations with the command in hand.
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    🎮Battle Rally 🎮 Shenmue 3🎮 Almost two months after its launch, Shenmue 3 prepares to receive what will be its first important DLC. Downloadable content called Battle Rally will be free for everyone who bought the game's season pass, called Complete DLC Collection. It will be available from next January 21 and, for the first time, will allow us to handle other characters besides Ryo Hazuki, the protagonist of the saga.
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    Sydno Xhonsel Sergio Queen_Sofia Cupim AlexiusZeta Blacky xRavenette Sevda Nick Jakee David Anas Chano HelperNate xZeeh NoSense Stif batuelmejor2010
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    For this 2020 I only ask for less virtual hatred🤣 ! Learn to respect and evolve🙏
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    Ja…ja…ja maldito exámenes !!!
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    @JasonOficial Cada momento lo haces especial🥰 Eres mi persona favorita y siempre así sera.💝😍😘
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    The more a person progresses in his level of work or sport, the more and more his ambitions will grow. The long path starts with a step
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