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    When you change the group description to lots of alt + 255 spaces, the chat is deleted.
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    Adding (Hat#hL) to your name with the Ruby power will grant you the Wigs pawn without ever owning the power. I have reached a conclusion that the key to this bug is Ruby. I've tried this with other various pawns as well, Those who did not have the Ruby Power were not able to recreate this bug. With the Ruby power disabled, it still functions. I have done a Wigs Power transfer and trade back and the bug remained. The True Key is the Power to auto-update with the new powers as well as having the Ruby Power.
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    iOS Hi i had this bug but on page to the app Proof 1. http://prntscr.com/mjdaqz Proof 2. https://prnt.sc/mjdap3
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    This bug is related (show) power. It might be extended to others powers.
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    When LinkValidator is Disabled on Settings, it opens two tabs and still has LinkValidator (yes, i refreshed the page and signed out and in) When LinkValidator is Enabled, it only opens one and I don't get LinkValidator.
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    And the user didn't have all the powers needed.
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    Yes I have category power. In the gif, the first portion where it shows my friends, the power is disabled, then it's enabled and you see some of them, whom i already added to some of those categories, are now gone. No, they didn't go offline.
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    Hello, The same problem. The issue happens with Spanish users. When you click "Help", it redirects to https://xat.com/Help_ and not to Ayuda's chat. Thanks.
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    It's not possible to use the flgpwn with everypower, you put the code properly as it says on xat.wiki/flgpwn but the pawn shows glitched. Flash: On HTML5 it shows a random flag instead of the one we put on the code: If you open another browser, when using the flash version in the first browser, you'll see the glitched pawn on both flash and HTML5. If you open another browser but using the HTML5 version in the first browser instead, in HTML5 it will show as it is in the first browser (showing the random flag), but if you use flash it will show the flag properly (without the everypower effect ofc).
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    When having the "Make Member" GControl option set to Owners, the moderators are still able to use tempmem power. Thanks @Pia for your help !
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    As you can see, I'm using the (hat#hC) code from the power Classic, and when I PC someone, It seems like I'm not. The same thing happens if YOU private chat someone with the hat code: Daishinkan has (hat#hC) as well.
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    https://imgur.com/LEJ8jDm?r http://prntscr.com/lpros6
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    In this bug, guests/members who log on to the HTML5 version of xat who are registered CANNOT private chat staff members who have PCPLUS on that also have NOPC turned on. PCPLUS's original intent is to override NOPC so that only registered users can private chat them. For those viewing xat in HTML5, PCPLUS does not work, and only works as if the user who is a moderator or above has the NOPC power only. Before I describe what happens in these screenshots, upon testing this, my main account is the account ranked moderator or above, and my alternate account is the account ranked a guest. My main account did NOT add my alternate account as a friend. In the first screenshot, I am logged in as my alternate account on the HTML5 version of xat, where I can clearly see that my main account has the powers NOPC and PCPLUS. In the second screenshot, from my alternate account, I attempt to start a private chat with my main account who is on the Flash Player version of xat. In the third screenshot, using my alternate account, I return to the Flash Player version of xat and attempt to start a private chat with my main account, which in this case, PCPLUS power overrides NOPC. Note: This bug may also apply to guests/members using the mobile version of xat as well.
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    I don't know if this is a bug or not, but I'm putting it here anyway Unlike desktop, when you do a captcha on mobile, it requires you to do the "select the boxes" type. On desktop you just have to check it off and you're done.
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    ''Help'' button redirects to Assistance instead of Help...
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