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    KRIS (ID: 571) This power allows you to send christmas themed stickers. Note: This power was made for the HTML5 chat only. It will NOT work on the Flash chat. You need to own the power (571 - KRIS) and have days to use stickers. Sending a sticker To send a sticker, simply use one of these codes: (kris.dashing#Hello!) (kris.hohoho#HOHOHO!) (kris.judging#Hmm) (kris.surprise#I'm here!) (kris.thanks#Thanks!) Custom text You can add a custom text to your sticker. To do so, change the content after the ‘#’. For example: (kris.dashing#I'm coming!) (kris.judging#A bad boy huh?) Note: Sticker code must be added at the beginning of the message for it to show up. Text color You can also specify the inner and outer text color of your sticker. For example: (kris.dashing#I'm coming!#FFFFFF#000000) (kris.judging#A bad boy huh?#000000#FFFFFF) Sticker with message The sticker can also be sent with a message. For example: (kris.judging#Bad boy?#000000#FFFFFF) No gifts this year. If you have any questions, want to report an issue or leave your feedback, please feel free to do so below. Thank you.
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    Thank you all. Yes there will be added more electricity new smilies soon. We release those kind of powers (FX) with a low amount of smilies because they are a bit different as a simple yellow smilie. So, much more work on fx smilies. A power with 10 or more smilies doesn't means is very good. We like to create smilies so users will create nicely combinations.
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    A pre power auction sale is now on and running before the bigger one this weekend celebrating Black Friday! https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/Auction5.php
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    Saludos a todos... !! color de Botón: #C00000 ***************************************************** Fondos Animado ..!! Color de Boton : #72c9f8 Usa: Css
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    As promised avia here is the xatspace code. https://pastebin.com/jNwyJWWd online xatspace xat.me/elzobsantos JASON xat.com/centraldosplayers
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    FREE GRAPHIC'S From Thursday(Today) till Saturday(7th) I'll be making free Backgrounds such as PCBACK'S and CHAT BACKGROUND. If you want one please leave your iD below and I'll contact you asap.
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    A toast to those people who like to intimidate by having a virtual position and only manage to make you laugh.🍻
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    The Crew 2, will be available for free from today December 5, until December 8, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Players will have access to the full game - including the most recent update, Blazing Shots, which is accompanied by a new category, Underglows and PvE competitions and live Summit events in which players must reach the top of the standings to win Exclusive rewards based on your ranking. Players can experience Blazing Shots, in addition to hundreds of other previous update challenges and the freedom to explore the redesigned U.S. territory on land, water and air, behind the wheel of their dream vehicles in a four-player cooperative or in a manner individual. Go beyond the limits and enjoy new experiences in iconic places. The world of The Crew 2 is driven by the need to share your personal achievements and unique moments with friends and other people ...
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    Thank you for keeping us entertained Anas! Everyone should appreciate the effort in the amount of Contests you do. ❤ Sergio (187744205)
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    RobFerrari (129030692) Hi, here my entries! Neon version. Interno V1: Interno V2: https://i.imgur.com/AXy4lvV.png https://i.imgur.com/rqzbbnx.png Color de botón: #002518 Color de botón: #002518 Externo: https://i.imgur.com/FGVXGGz.jpg Muestra 1< click. Muestra 2 < click. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Interno: Externo: https://i.imgur.com/MozyWIU.png https://i.imgur.com/GM9JGB9.jpg Color de botón: #002518 Muestra < click. Nota: El fondo exterior de ambos diseños son intercambiables, y pueden combinarse con ambos fondos internos si es de su agrado. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Your idea may be implemented on the new edit group web. Thank you for the suggestion.
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    Hey Black! Thank you for reminding me of this, I have already corrected it.
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    @theFlower The Vols list is: Mihay - Mihay (1700000) Andre - Andre (112633) Crow - Four (4444) Angelo - Angelo - (18500000) Cupim - Cupim (11011) Echo - Echo (7170717) Junior - Junii (1522897229) LaFleur - LaFleur (517650537) Sydno - Sydno (220711) xat.wiki/Volunteers
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    4 new smilies were added to the power. And 2 new pawns:
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    4 more smilies and 2 more pawns will be up soon!
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    Hello. I'm selling graphic, banners, backgrounds, logo and etc.. xHaruu (296027270) add me and pc me or message me through forum. All HD QUALITY, Not expensive, Cheap Graphics. come at me.
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    Hello, Contest has finished, Well, I have decided to give the prize to 5 first people, You have 72 hours to catch your prize, or it will be given to the next. Please contact me on: Mundosmilies or Ajuda Winners: Caiio (286878393) -- GOT THE PRIZE iB0rn (1529294060) -- GOT THE PRIZE xMedhi (10881088)-- GOT THE PRIZE UnderDream12 (257605296) Abrahannnn (1534445130) -- GOT THE PRIZE Full list: Full video: Congratulations to all winners! Others, do not give up hope, every week have new contests in the forum, and everyone has a new chance to win!
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    I've spent a bit of time reading through the replies and I'm grateful to see so much feedback, positive and negative. Here are a few things to consider: I, nor any other member of the forum staff, will be scanning and studying each individual award point that goes out. That'd be too tedious and not worth the effort. The only time we take the time to investigate a matter is if we receive numerous reports about it from other forum users. If Tom decides to give Fred a Trophy for a random post once, we aren't going to warn and ban Tom into oblivion. It's only when Tom starts to give Fred 5 Trophies a day for 7 days in a row that we may decide to ask what's going on. Removing the ability to give forum reputation in certain areas altogether seems way too restrictive to me. I still want users to give out reactions and likes to their friends for funny statuses, or other meaningful posts. I think either @SLOom or @Leandro mentioned just completely ditching the ability to give rep in "New Power Testing"-- to which I argue that I believe that'd be a bad idea. Good thoughts and ideas, suggestions and feedback can be given to new powers, and I think smiley makers and xat enjoy seeing those types of posts. It would be a shame, and like I mentioned above, way too restrictive to just remove it entirely. I actually really like the idea @xLaming suggested about being able to remove reputation from your own profile, similar to the "Recent Visitors" widget. However, this is something that would have to be approved by the forum administrators provided there is IPS support for it. I'm not sure if it would be possible, but perhaps if enough support was given to the idea, it could be enacted. At this time I think they want to keep things the way they are for a bit to monitor feedback. Like Crow mentioned, no new rules have been made. These rules have already existed, we just decided to be a bit more vocal about them to try to prevent confusion and lack of moderator feedback. I want to say thank you to everyone who has provided feedback thus far, even if you are not a fan of this new system. I always believe there is a way to provide feedback and criticism without being malicious about it, and a lot of users have shown this to be true. To those wishing death to the forum staff, throwing out threats to our lives and other such hostile ideas, I challenge you to step back for a moment to reconsider how much of an affect this has on your lives. Please try to give constructive feedback, not just malignant words of hatred.
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    The last 4 powers (unlimited ones) will be put up in auction, be prepared! Ruby, Redcard, Gback and Namewave.
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    Thank you for posting your screenshots! We finally got our winners. Congratulations to: - Yajayra - Maite - Alexander - Abrahan @Abrahan You won 300 xats each! They will get contacted to recieve the prize. Just as a reminder, don't forget to spread love and kindness everyday! Thank you for participating. <3
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    xat, let's stop giving ranks to colleagues and let's put who really wants to help. be wiki editor, translator, or even contributor. #XATFOREVER
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    Yes. Please. I need a bean power. I've talked about a Bean power for 3 years. This is exactly what we need.
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    Hello AishaOfficial Something similar has been suggested by me and Samuel in the past. This idea is good, the example is a little strange, but the idea was understandable. It looks better than many of my exemples.LOL Regards Bau.
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    How funny... I knew it was suggested in the past, but didn't remember I was the one who suggested it. Sorry guys, it's been a tiring day... . Anyway, I guess both suggestions can co-exist. At least I wasn't wrong after all.
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    http://prntscr.com/pus0wg prize received !
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    Buying everyone’s xats, PC me let’s go! #brokeafterblackfriday
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    In Deinem neuen Lebensjahr wünsche ich Dir alles Beste! 365 Tage voller Optimismus und Gesundheit. Ich hoffe, dass Dir immer gute Freunde zur Seite stehen. Ich gratuliere Dir herzlich zu Deinem Geburtstag!
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    oh god, i'm not ready for st valentine yet !!! But good job on the drawings .
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    Maybe what they want with unlimited powers, kind of store discounts, something like "Release a certain amount of nameflags in store at a lower price than it is worth." It can be Namewave, Purple, or any other unlimited power. Something similar to what they did 3 years ago, in 2016, when they suddenly released some powers in the course of those days, both limited and unlimited powers, and among those were "Gold, Nameflag, Big, Angry, Clear, Treefx (for being Christmas)", ID auction, and some other discounts. It has really been the best Black Friday, so far.
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    Clear Angry Big Valentine Fade Boot Fairy Angel Manga
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    Please!! List only LIMITED powers. Purple can't be on auction since it's Unlimited power. Thank you!
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    Hi people!! I had thought of making a new kind of super angry style drawing....it's just seven smilies for now!! I tried to invent something..., however it seems good to me, I just need a little bit of imagination in creating, the others ones!! there is the flame(i can do it better but i prefer leave for now so..!!), the Chinese who wants to beat you, the hooligan kid, the muscle that tells you you're low, loser2, come to fight with hat, the black guy who with his fingers snaps his eyes become flames NB: you can suggest me some smiles, what you think is angry????!!!? THIS IS THE ANOTHER sketch: flame2, want fight you, holligan kid, come to fight you low, loser2, black angry
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    Hello, I would announce that staff has changed a bit, Firstly I wanna announce that Djcrazy is new main owner of Mundosmilies, (yeah, again), congratulations! Drika and Djcrazy are very active, both deserve their rank position, helping a lot on chat moderation, contests, being active, etc... Both were very active since the chat Mundosmilies was empty in the past, but now it's getting active again with promotions, future contests etc... No new main owners will be added and/or changed in the future, this is the perm staff. I will also stay as main owner to keep bot always updated e.g ranklist, our own commands (thanks arcbot ecmd), and some other stuff, you will see in the future, I can tell you all, we will have a lot of things for the future of the chat, website, and always updating it, to provide accurate information in real-time or as soon possible about the xat.com, Any good suggestion will be accepted about managing the chat, you can do your, I've also did a outer/inner with a cool css for the xat, enjoy it!
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    you are thinking well! Good suggestion, xat needs it. I support your suggestion, I thought it was a great idea, if I had something else to comment to add, I would already be commenting.
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    I was sceptical about the number of 'sticky' powers on xat, and if there's enough to form a super collection. The verdict is yes, there are enough. Here's my list of 'sticky' powers below: Blobby [175] (sticky body) Candy [129] Chocolate [304] Cupcake [274] Cups [486] (sticky drinks) Fruit [48] Fruities [245] Glob [357] (sticky body) Marshie [530] Popcorns [404] Slimefx [508] Sticky [243] And there's more, which I wasn't 100% decided on: Feast [98] (food power - not necessarily sticky) Pizzas [498] (more greasy than sticky) Stick [59]
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    MagicDesigns (10000020)
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    Your drawings are very creative and high quality as usual, and I appreciate the cute chibi theme to the smileys! Just be careful about the presentation of these babies/children as adults. I understand they're playing dress-up, but I wouldn't include anything that's flirty or suggestive. On the subject of younglings, maybe we can get a new kiss animation in the style of shark/hippo, but with a child screaming. Or if that's too annoying, just an ultra smiley like (focushion) that makes a noise when you hover over it.
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    Happy Birthday bro !
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    Happy Birthday bro!
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    It was fun, I enjoyed the time... Thanks for the event...
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    Thank you Bryan and Lemona for being gracious and entertaining hosts. Oh, and thanks for the prizes too <3
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    I love that bg for your xat, or maybe i like simple stuff
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    my favorite volunteer was Spell. he was a great and the best volunteer . miss him
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