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    #chats - Easy editing. New features. Mobile-friendly. #chats is the brand new platform that contains: # create group # edit group # events Each page comes with major improvements and/or new features, which are mobile-friendly. Our highlight is #editgroup, which will bring a new and better experience for managing your group. A quick overview of #editgroup features and changes: Change group and chat background color (with a color picker). Iframe group styling Add mobile-only background. Simple tabs editing. Group power search, filter and import/export. Add and manage main owners, who can edit your group with their account password. Once logged into the edit group menu, you see the #editgroup interface: The new #editgroup comes with 5 tabs: # appearance # tabs # settings # group powers # main owners and an additional tab for embedding your group. Let’s take a tour through each tab. Then we’ll check out the changes for create group and events. But first a big thanks goes out to @SLOom who has been highly involved in this project! #appearance This is where you can customize the look of your group. You can change: Group background. Group custom CSS: A separate field is added for CSS code only. Once you type here, the group background field will be overwritten and disabled. NOTE: Custom css will not be supported on the new web, use iframe instead. Group Iframe: This is newest feature that allows you to change the background style and content of your group using a html iframe link. Only new web. We currently only allow github.io links. See more information about this feature, here. Chat background. Chat button color. Mobile portrait background. This is where you can set the mobile-only background. Please note that this will work after the next mobile app update. #tabs With #tabs, you can simply edit the bottom tabs that are shown on your group. If you have no tabs set, you first have to add one by clicking the green plus icon. You also have the option to restore tabs from a backup file by clicking the yellow back icon. Once a tab has been added or once you have restored your tabs, you can change the default tab name and add content to your tab with the new modern editor. You can also remove a tab by clicking the red X icon. Something else that was not possible on the old design is the ability to change the order of tabs. To do so, simply click the blue arrow icon. In the pop-up window, click the tab name and use the up or down button. The last option, by clicking the yellow back icon, allows you to download a backup of your tabs and restore the backup. NOTE: Changes only take effect after clicking the save button! #settings This is where you can alter the configurations of your group. #settings is divided into three parts: General settings, additional options and the miscellaneous part. The first part allows you to change your group information, change the language of your group (for xat homepage lists and promotion) and the radio station that is played inside the chat. Next, with additional options, you can toggle options like incognito or members only. Please note that live mode is not usable anymore. Lastly, we have the miscellaneous part. This is the sensitive part and contains 5 buttons with each opening a pop-up window to complete the action. manage: Make and restore a backup file of your chat users. change password: Change the group password. reset: Reset your chat. delete group: Cease managing and delete your group information. get main: Get your main owner rank back if you lost it (e.g. by guestself). #group powers The #grouppowers tab comes with many new options and an entirely new look. Assigned and un-assigned powers are now differentiated. Depending on the power, an entry can have an input field, an edit button or nothing. Clicking the edit button will open a pop-up window that makes editing very simple. More new features are: Total assigned: See how many powers you have assigned in total. A search bar: Search by power name or power ID. Filter Option: Show assigned, un-assigned group powers only or both. Export/Import: You can now export your power configurations and also import them. In the pop-up window, you can also specifically select which powers you want to export or import. It should be noted that powers with default settings cannot be exported (but if there is one customized value, it can be exported). Neither can you import if the import file contains a power that is not assigned on your group. Activate/deactivate all: With this new option, all powers that are currently shown (considering your search or filter) are activated or deactivated at once. Gcontrol: Two new Gcontrol options come with the new editgroup: ‘Can Mute’ - Select which rank (mod-main) is able to use Mute power. ‘Can Delete’ - Select which rank (mod-main) is able to delete chat messages. #mainowners With this tab, a brand new feature has been added that allows you to easily manage your main owner team. You do not have to share your group password anymore! The design is as follows: You can add new main owners by their username or ID. Once a new user has been added as a main owner, they obtain main owner rank on the chat. Furthermore, they get access to the edit group. In order to do so, they must log in with their user account password (from xat login). By default, they can then edit all four editgroup tabs: appearance, tabs, settings and group powers. Permissions power - If a group has the new Permissions group power assigned, you can also add selective group permissions. For example, you can add a user who will only have access to the “appearance” tab. This power is not yet available due to public beta. More information will follow soon. Main owners that have been added are shown in the list below. To update the permissions of a main owner, you must simply re-add them. To remove a main owner, click the icon in the “remove” column and confirm the deletion in the pop-up window. Further notes: Main owners do not have access to the “Miscellaneous” part in the settings tab, even if “settings” is chosen in permissions. Only the actual group main owner can use those options. Once a new main owner has been added on the new edit group, all existing main owners (which were added on the old web) will be removed automatically. Furthermore, you cannot become main owner on the old web version, which will soon be removed. If a group owner used the “get main” button in #setting, they will be automatically added to the #mainowners list. #embed Upon clicking the tab with the purple embed icon at the very right, a window pops up. Here you can copy the code for embedding your chat group on an external page. You can change the size either by clicking the Small, Medium or Large button or manually by changing the width or height on the input fields. The input values are proportionally changing, meaning if you change the width, the height will automatically adjust. The code is updated automatically too. #creategroup The overall look for the create group page has been refurbished. It also comes with minor improvements compared to the older version, such as better descriptions and the removal of unused content. #events Just like the other pages, #events along with eventstats has also been improved with bug fixes and a mobile-friendly design. Events changes and fixes: On the Type field, you now see an icon depending on the type. “Promotion” and “restore” (Manage power) events would not show up; this has been fixed. By clicking the ID1, you can demote the staff if you have a high enough rank. Doing so will now open a pop-up window to simply execute the demotion. Slotban has been added to the “power” selection. Issues with redcard events have been fixed. “Make guest” type has been removed as this is included under “demote to guest”. Multiple types such as dunce, badge and naughty would not work when choosing types; this has been fixed as well. ...................................................................................................... Try it out: #chats is currently in public beta. If you want to test/use it on your group, you must use this link: https://xat.com/chats?&roomid=219340552&GroupName=lafleurshome Replace “lafleurshome” with your chat to edit your group. if you want to make “events” work for your group, add your group/room id after roomid=, else it will use “219340552” which is for lafleurshome Public beta notes: Group activation and delete group emails have not been updated with new links yet, so this may not work yet. The “custom CSS” field under #appearance only applies on the old web. To use custom css on the new web, you must use iframe [link]. If wanted, you can apply a background/custom CSS on the old web and at the same time use iframe to style your group appearance on the new web. So they can work simultaneously. Wiki links may not have been created or updated yet. We welcome you to provide feedback, suggestions and bug reports. It was a long journey to get this ready, but we are happy with the results and hope you are too!
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    Iframe - a new way to style your group, with animations and more! Iframe group styling is a new edit group and new web feature. It replaces custom CSS codes, which can no longer be used on the new web. How does it work? Simply put an HTML link within the iframe link field. Then, the codes that are written on the HTML page will apply to the background of your group page. On the new edit group, there is an option to set an iframe link. All you need to do is put a html link in this field. Once done, the codes that are written in the html page will simply apply to the background of your group page. Where do I get the HTML links? Currently, since the new edit group is still in public beta, only links with the github.io domain will work. You can for example create a github.io HTML page, customize it to your needs and add it to the new edit group iframe field. Learn more about how to create a github.io page. For an example, visit https://lafleurengine.github.io/iframes/index.html and feel free to try it out on your group. In the future, there will be a store to choose templates from. What can my HTML include? Your HTML page can include HTML, CSS or even Javascript code! With Javascript, you can for example, make cool effects, generate random numbers or use other Javascript codes. Important: Although Javascript is limited on group iframes, you should not try to use malicious content, such as making users click something. Regardless of this limitation, any abuse or attempts to harm users are considered a breach of xat’s Terms of Service. For live preview examples, visit: https://xat.com/lafleurshome?new https://xat.com/rubyyy?new Questions? If you have any questions or need help, let us know.
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    A new version is available (May 18, 2020). Changelog updated. Friend search, kisses and more!
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    A new version is available. Changelog updated.
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    Hello, Decided to make my own, here's how xat2's HTML5 iframe looks like - https://xat.com/xat2. It's not quite hard to do, but I can give some guidance on this if anyone needs. I'd really like to see what other users create or get ideas from. This is a functional one and there will be more functions apart from buttons to come and many other things to do once the quirks are worked out. If you want to use it on your chat, here's the link: https://iframetesting2.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html // As you can see it has sounds and many other functions on the direct link, but what you see on xat2 is just a limited. For now. I will also be making some default themes for this so some users can enjoy. ^_^ Most of the ideas or inputs will be from you guys or like this design suggested by the admins. Enjoy. Here's a gif of the design that's live: https://iframetesting2.s3.amazonaws.com/gif.gif
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    Join us at the new official xat HTML5 only chat and become a part of the xat developement! Test the new HTML5 version of xat, discuss ideas/improvements, request assistance or just get to know HTML5 with the wiki pages below the chat. We are there, and will listen to your feedback! All languages welcome. Join now: https://xat.com/html5
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    @xLaming and @Manu have been added to the Contributors group. Congratulations and welcome to the group! We look forward to working with you and seeing your ideas.
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    In order to keep you up to date, you will be informed about the changes of the HTML5 chat here, this will be updated every time there is a new version. The HTML5 chat is currently accessible by typing ?new after the chat name, e.g.: https://xat.com/html5?new To see the version number in the chat, click at your profile > settings. If it doesn't show the latest version, you may have to clear your cache. Bug: If you want to report a bug, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/html5-chat/ Feedback: If you want to leave your feedback or make a suggestion, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/forum/223-html5/ Changelog - Version May 18, 2020 New: Friend search: You can now search for friends in the friendlist. You can either search by the name they use or by the user ID. Regname search is not available at the moment. Names which contain special fonts cannot be searched. 8ball: Gifts: You can now view and send gifts. View your gifts - To view your gifts, click on the 8ball icon on the chat, then “Gifts”. You can also access your gifts when you click on your name, then click on the Gifts button. View other gifts - To view Gifts from other users, simply click at their name, then click on the “Gifts” button. Total counter - Top right you can see the total amount of gifts a user owns, as well as how many private or public cards. Send gift - To send a gift to another user, click on their Gifts button, then hit the “send button” on the top left. Stickers: A new modern color picker is now used. Each 8ball tab now has an icon next to the tab name. Powers: Radio power has been implemented. Away: When you ran out of days, the away functionality would remain active until re-login. This is now fixed. Category: A new modern color picker is now used. Powers dialog: Search has been made a lot faster now. If the search result was empty, it would still show empty categories. These will not be shown anymore. On search, autocomplete dropdown has been disabled. If you went on the smiley selector and clicked someone’s powers, the "standard" category would show at the bottom of the powers list. This is now fixed. Miscellaneous: New default links have been added: auction, promote, promotion, shortname, store (glowworm) smiley would not show up in the name, this has been fixed. When using a long name on pool, it will show a scrollbar below the pool name, this is now fixed. When you ran out of days, the away functionality is still active. But if you refresh/relogin, it's fixed. Underscores on private chat tabs have been removed. Changing radio volume or changing language would freeze the html5 chat, this has been fixed. On Firefox and Edge browser, a small space between Visitors and visitor list has been removed. On Edge browser, the bubble icon on the tabs was cut off. This has been fixed. On Edge browser, when clicking enter, it would cause a line break. This is now fixed. See older changelog:
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    I am bumping this thread because I genuinely think this is a good idea. There's two additional points/ideas I would like to discuss. Based on quantitative marketing, xat could be able to target users with special store promotions, similar to gacha games. You would receive a web notification that grants you a bonus if you decide to purchase xats within 1h. For example, purchasing a $40 package (6000 xats and 360 days) would come up with, for example, an additional Blueman power (~10% bonus), but only if you decide to make a purchase 1h after you received the notification. This would not be seasonal but rather based on your propension to pay, or proportional to the time you spend on chat rooms. The more you stay, the bigger is the probability of having this type of promotion. It would reward active users with a lower cost. The other idea would be to add a "Support" package that costs $10 a month, similar to a premium feature. You would get: - 31 days at the begining of every month ; - every power released within the month (besides epic powers); - permanent paid status ; - 12h of free promotion for your chat every month ; - a special chat recognition (small xat planet in place of the subscriber/registered star). If you pay for 12 months, you could get a discount as well, e.g $100 for subscribing to this package for an entire year (instead of 12 times $10). Or instead you would get a discount on all other packages purchased within the year. A weekly/monthly newsfeed could also be made and sent to users subscribing to the package. Special events hosted by xat could be organized were only these users could attend. There's tons of unique perks xat could add to thank users who support them by paying this $10-monthly package, you could suggest more below. I am pretty sure many users would be willing to pay $10 a month just to make sure they get the new power and enough days without going to trading chats. The 12h free promotion could also help you starting off your chat.
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    Two new Smiley Makers have been added to the team; Andres and Santy. It's exciting to see we've got more people added to the team after some years. Congratulations guys!
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    Good afternoon, people. Today I come to recommend a power called fashion masks, with different designs and some masks with other motives I hope you like my idea and if you have ideas you can comment on them so you can create a power with more reasons I do not know if this idea was already had by someone else or is similar to another publication. You can also make many more mask motifs by adding effects or colors or prints. * I think this power can have different motives and it will be a great power, for example, where the panda can be created with various animals such as the one with the flags and the footprints of the animals, the food and the lips , many different faces can be used as smiles, laughs, as an effect on the mask I leave these images I found to have more ideas. I hope you like the idea..
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    Hi everyone, there are some movements, behaviors, and traits that make people different from animals. We cannot see them in animals as these are human-specific things in real life. We cannot ask animals of nature to dance, use musical instruments, use sports equipment, use brush, use work tool or use pencil . these are not possible anyway. but it is possible to design them for xat powers. As a continuation of the cute animal series, I propose a defferent and improved new animal powers. I suggest the "KSQUIRREL" animal powers https://prnt.sc/rvzks8 https://prnt.sc/rvzm3l https://prnt.sc/rvzohh https://prnt.sc/rvzrdt https://prnt.sc/rvzt2x https://prnt.sc/rw0al4
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    I know this idea has been suggested in the past, but I wanted to bring it up again with some examples on how to make it work. With this power, everytime you have set up a shortcut, you can do, for example: CTRL + G and the plus button will show up: Note: This button will only show up on the pawn of the people YOU have added. If they have NOPC and DON'T have you added, they won't be added to the Group PC. If you select a group of people, MAX 6 people, the Group PC should appear like a normal private chat, just with the registered names (or with display names, what's easier) of the people added to the group private chat. Also, the bubble pc icon should be the group pc power icon, so people can see its different from a normal private chat. When the group pc is created, it should look something like this: Why not just create a chat and invite people there, instead of having a power? (would love if it is a feature, but you know) Simple. Why would I create a chat just to invite some people to tell them something I can do in a quick second? For example, there's a gossip around on the chat we all are in at the same time, and I want to say it to all of them, I can easily create a Group PC in less than a minute and tell them . Thank for coming to my TED Talk.
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    Hey, while xat is busy on reworking it's site, I have a suggestion for you - A more dynamic chat box. Since mid 2007 the biggest standard Chat Box size on xat was 728x486. The chat box, in it's flash version, is already very dynamic, since it was made to be embedded on your homepage in various sizes. Most of the buttons use vector images already. Nowadays, more and more people use high resolution monitors which differ in their resolutions alot. Ranging mostly from Full HD over 2K to 4K, especially for the latter this is too small. On the old flash version of the group pages, the side apps open too far away from the Chat Box, too. Now it is time, in my opinion, for the Chat Box to become more dynamic in size, changing sizes depending on what monitor they are viewed on (and, that is, the size of the browser window.) I tried on my own chat to make the chat box bigger, trying a resolution of 800x534 (1.1x size, applying to the flash chat box) and everything looks very smooth. CSS designers can try to test with increasing or decreasing their chat box sizes (in the flash version, since CSS doesn't work for the HTML5 versions yet) by adding the following chat group CSS: [height='486']{width:800px}[height='486']{height:534px} Where the values in the squirly brackets may vary. Keep in mind the Chat Box's dimensions are 3:2 (3 by 2). You can put the side apps closer to the chat box by adding the following: #media embed{float:right} Does this mean the old standard for BG designers of 728x486 would be no longer relevant? Well, yes. But is xat in itself today very relevant anymore? Sometimes change requires you to let go of old goodies to be open for the future. I can understand many BG designers would be against it, but if this site that I love so much keeps dying, who are you gonna design your BGs for anyways? One suggestion would be for future inner BG designers to use programs like Adobe Illustrator or the free alternative Inkscape to design dynamic SVG file backgrounds that will not use quality when scaled up or down. Meaning xat should allow the use of SVG file backgrounds which also means allowing different file hosters. Another way, the better one in my opinion, would be to keep 728x486 as one of, let's say, 4 different static resolutions the chat box automatically changes it's size to if a certain window/screen criteria is met, meaning BG designers in that case would need to design one big background or four different sized ones. Example: Browser window / screen size is at 1600x900 - Chat Box size: 728x486 Browser window / screen size is at 1920x1080 - Chat Box size: 800x534 Browser window / screen size is at 2560x1440 - Chat Box size: 900x600 etc. Additionally, we could make xat's side webapps click and dragable around the site, in order to change their positioning. Just like you click and drag around the windows of open apps/programs on your computer to change their positioning. So, make xat's apps, like xavi, doodle, etc. moveable. And maybe, add a titlebar? So, bottom line: Chat Box = Dynamic size Side webapps = Static, dragable, moveable around the webiste Greetings, Voymo
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    In order to keep you up to date, you will be informed about the changes of the New HTML5 Web here, this will be updated every time there is a new version. The New Web (xat's new web design) is being rolled out gradually. For example, these pages have already been updated: New xat groups page with a new interface design - access at xat.com/html5?new New xat home page with a new interface design - access at xat.com New xat store with a new interface design - access at xat.com/store New xat login page with a new interface design - access at xat.com/login Bug: If you want to report a bug, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/main-website/ Feedback: If you want to leave your feedback or make a suggestion, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/forum/223-html5/ Changelog - Version May 18, 2020 Group page: New report group (inappropriate) page has been implemented. New send message has been added. Once you click at the “send message” in the top menu under the “group” dropdown, it will directly open a pop-up window now. Store: Many input fields would show wrong autocompleted content from the browser. This issue has been fixed. Powers: Collections - On the powers store you can now see a “collection” tab. This shows all super-powers, allpowers and everypower. The “New” icon for new powers has been updated. Dx and x2d tab now have new icons. Small corrections on rules have been made. Login: On the login page tabs, there was a lack of space below the last button. This has been added now. This is an improvement for mobile devices. Eye icon for view password has been updated. A success message missing was after account deletion, this is now fixed. Top right menu: In the account dropdown, you would see xConfig.ID, this has been fixed. In the xat dropdown, support icon has been replaced. The globe/earth icon for language at the very right has been updated. Miscellaneous: Create group, edit group and events are now available in public beta. More information here. New web - Groups (old changelog)
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    Hello everyone, I made a review and impression on all summer powers. many summer powers have been created so far. however, I thought that innovations and changes could be brought to the existing summer powers smilies. Considering the number too of emoji in the old summer powers that exist now, I thought that additional smilies were needed for the summer powers. I thought these innovations, changes and new additional smilies would be possible with a new powers. a new summer power can be created for these new additional smilies. I suggest for all the summer powers innovations and changes so I suggest the "summertime" new power. The power I propose in this ''suggest'' is different from the already existing summer powers. I will consider the summer theme in, more detailed, not with a single flower or a single fruit. So I gave it a name in general, I didn't want to name any fruit or any flower. I think everyone will love these new, attractive and interesting smilies I share.
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    Congratulation Andres and Santy!
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    Welcome to the team!
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    ID: 592 Name: MEDICAL Status: Unlimited Price: Unknow Category: User power / Smilie Hats: (hat#hL), (hat#hd), (hat#hm), (hat#ha) Smilies: (medical), (donor), (medcar), (medgel), (medheart), (medmask1), (medmask2), (mednurse), (medpill), (medsyr) DONOR Stay home! Stay in xat!
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    Yeah my favourite is helpers @Sydno @Angelo @DUYGU @LaFleur @Cupim @Bryan @Sevda Thanks. 🙇
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    Hi everyone! I want ''Garden'' xat powers. In the my ''springrose xat powers'' suggest, which I have suggested before, I was include various rose symbols and various rose shapes in the spring theme, and I was tried to make xat powers statements by using the rose crowns and rose buckles together with the spring theme.Them I tried to convert them to xat powers expressions, but in this new suggest, I make all wild flowers a more comprehensive and more detailed topic. I use it's human face shapes, human hand and arm shapes with together various flowers and tools.These smilies can be an idea to xat designers. If this suggest is taken into account, we can see the xat smilies my suggested in the new xat powers that can be created in the future. I present this suggest to the knowledge of xat powers designers. Pay attention to the different face, hand and arm shapes I have included in my suggest. I have added emoji pictures about wildflowers to my suggest. Also I will support these pictures with different pictures and drawings. As in these examples, it would be nice to see cute wildflower emojis in xat flower powers. If can these powers were created, I think many people will buy these powers on xat and use them with pleasure.
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    This suggestion has been thought out and suggested before, but I also like the idea and it can be a perfect power to customize our masks and what the mask contains is an animation, if I explain it well? Example woman mask the customization that the mask has would be with animation so that the power is not so basic. These are the mask types I've discovered so far on xat
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    This is something easy, simple, but cool. I like this idea, Would be cool we being allowed to use these masks in yellow smilies, Also something where we can mix masks + flags, per example (cool#fmask#wbr) for brazilian flag.
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    Btw already added, List: https://graphics.xatblog.net/portfolio/ Send request: https://graphics.xatblog.net/submit/ It's a good way to show their services, but it's also good to customers, since they can choose per quality or price.
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    Hello To be honest i don't know how exactly to talk about this idea, but let's try anyway lol, here i'll not talk about official chats because volunteers are a main owners there in general. In this case i want to talk about private chats, to make the idea clearer. Let's take an exemple to facilitate understanding the idea : for exp i'm a main owner of a private chat (X), i have 2 co-main owners with me (A) and (B), if for some reason I DON'T WANT (A) to be a co-main owner in my chat anymore, i should click " edit " entering with the chat code, and changing it, click " reset the chat " then come back to the chat room re-rank the other users ... ( it happens like this in private chats ) these are a long steps and this takes a time. So, my idea is adding a button, or an option in the chat setting to shorten and facilitate the downgrading of a co-main owner without going through all those previous mentioned steps. I'd like to know what do you think about this, also if you have something to add and to develop this idea. Thank you !!
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    Managing co-main owners will become very easy with the new edit group. It's about to be released very soon.
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    My favourite helper are three @Bau , @Marya , @Mihai , @Angelo , @Bryan, @Mister @Stif
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    By combining and humanizing cute squirrels with human figures, I wanted to reveal the cutest forms of cute squirrels. Cute squirrels can be turned into interesting xat smilies with human costumes and cute human faces. Let's see their cute, interesting, fun and humanistic new spuirrel smilies together.
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    I like tiny cute squirrels too. It would be nice if there was such a cute squirrel powers on xat.
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    Thank you to everyone
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    Yes these power smilies are impressive and engaging and cute. this good idea, such a power has not been created so far, so maybe your of with the opinion, Smiley makers can create such a new power. Even if this new power is not created, these smileys powers can be added to the new summer powers and new fruit powers planned to be created in the future.
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    The team grows up, congratulations!
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    Hello fellow community, I have some more ideas I want to share. The first and of all I think it might attract new users if xat adds a feature for voice messages that can last for limited durations. The Idea is adding a "Microphone Button" at the bottom right corner of the "Type here" box. For example, like so: One could make it so the icon only displays when you hover over it with your mouse, so it does not distract. Since this has been suggested before and has not yet been done: xat limits it's messages to 256 characters. xat could limit it's voice memos to 30 seconds (proposal). Otherwise, we could introduce a simplier way to set your profile picture on the Chat Box, so that alternately to inserting an image hoster link, one could click a button to simply select an image from the web or your computer with a few clicks to use it on xat. For example: Now to the point: How about a power that boosts the Blueman Power to behave more like purple, meaning that the Blueman pawn always shows, regardless if you are a guest, member, mod or owner?
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    Cappiccino, latte, nescafe, macchiato 😳
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    The wording here was a bit confusing. This clears it up for me: anyone who logs in with the group password can access the miscellaneous and mainowners sections, and anyone who logs in via their account password cannot (even "the actual group main owner"). I also believe miscellaneous should be moved to it's own tab to avoid confusion with this: It should just be completely separate and have no permission option. Also, within the appearance section of edit group, there's two background boxes and to me it wasn't immediately clear which one is which, as "group" doesn't really describe the page the chat is on, in my opinion. The top box should probably be labelled "outer background" and the bottom "inner background" as these two words are common xat terminology.
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    Hello! The suggestion is very simple, add the xat Hugs to the 8Ball (Gef Stuff).Currently we only have available powers, stickers, kises and we have forgotten about the hugging category. I have witnessed that people have these powers and do not know what are the examples of hugs that they can use in xat, some examples are not available in the xat Wiki, example: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Pizzas/es and they wouldn't risk spending 10 xats on something they don't know about. How should it work? They can only see the Hugs of the powers they have. They should be able to put a message when selecting one. After selecting the message it will automatically be placed in the writing box: /hug pizza Hello Forum! Implementing this would again remind us that we have many animated hugs available! Any thoughts, suggestions or something else to add?
  45. 1 point
    Indeed I would never limit the price of each designer, everyone knows their own knowledge and sets the price that seems best to them. My idea with this topic is to try to make both the designer and the client aware. As @Ethan said Each designer is free to put their prices according to their knowledge this is a sample of what we are implementing in xatGraphics http://prntscr.com/sj3130 http://prntscr.com/sj31h2 https://graphics.xatblog.net/submit/ In this way the client can be sure of the prices of each designer
  46. 1 point
    Would you say that your salary is too high? No, cause you worked hard and you deserve it. Making good graphics isn't easy at all, it requires skills (thus hard work to acquire them), creativity and it takes time, that's what you're paying for. 500 xats is roughly $1 and you think it's enough? Maybe, as Lamington said, it is for an image taken from google with some text on it. That's not true at all? You can find good designers elsewhere as well. Asking a member for an opinion on the price is alright but that shouldn't affect the price too much, I don't like this "judging" thing. No thanks lol. Why would one agree to get paid less cause someone else chooses a max price? "Fair enough and without any abuse" huh. I'm sure Manu wouldn't do it but this system can be abused pretty easily. Everyone should charge the sum they think is appropriate for their work and should consider changing it only if: their quality improved (increase the price) nobody wants to buy from them (lower the price)
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    Nice power, i like it.
  49. 1 point
    I added new pictures to xat ''squirrel'' ''powers'' suggest. When you examine these pictures, you will see that each picture has different postures and symbols in different costumes. Also, when you examine each of the pictures, you will be able to see different holding hands, different faces, different figures of looking. All these squirrel pictures are cute and beautiful from each other. When you look at wild squirrels in the forests, you cannot see a squirrel holding a mirror or camera wearing a costume, as in the pictures below. because as you know, these are unique to humans and the costumes in the pictures below are for human. But when we think of these cute squirrel pictures as a powers on xat, we can think that it will be a very cute squirrel power, although these may seem like an impossible dream, on the xat can be turned into emojis of cute animal powers.
  50. 1 point
    I put my own ideas here and tried to contribute to xat with my own ideas. In fact, I have no intention of imitating or stealing other people's ideas. I respect the opinions of others. I see that a similar suggest was created not so recently, but a long time ago. Next time I will use the search option I respect the also other criticism that I will be more careful and tidy next time. Also there is if I apologize for any errors I made unwittingly. I will never act without good thought.
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