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    PRIZES: 1. 12.000 Xats 2 . 5.000 Xats 3 . 3.000 Xats 4 . 50 Days 5 . 25 Days 6 . 15 Days 7 . 5 Days 8 . 5 Days The Penalty Kicks will be on Saturday, August 1, 2020 and will take place from 23 PM (Spain) on X A T. C O M / H O L A Come and play and show what a great scorer you are. Don't let the BOT intimidate you and stop your pitches ... PRIZE HOLDER: Myself The main project of the H O L A games is to have fun PLAYING and CHATTING and also with the possibility of winning XATS and DAYS. We hope to see you at X A T. C O M / H O L A PREMIOS : 1. 12.000 Xats 2 . 5.000 Xats 3 . 3.000 Xats 4 . 50 Days 5 . 25 Days 6 . 15 Days 7 . 5 Days 8 . 5 Days Él Penalty Kicks será sábado 1 de agosto de 2020 y se disputará a partir de las 23 PM (España) En X A T . C O M / H O L A Ven a jugar y muestra el gran goleador que eres metiendo todos los penaltis que puedas. No dejes que el BOT te intimide y ataje tus lanzamientos... TITULAR DEL PREMIO: Yo misma El proyecto principal de los juegos de H O L A es divertirse JUGANDO y CHATEANDO y también con la posibilidad que ganes XATS y DAYS. Esperamos verte en X A T . C O M / H O L A
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    To my fellow colleagues, to the many coordinators that work together with me on the projects, to my oldest cyberfriends who've endured years of memories, and to the newer ones which I had the pleasure to meet recently, today, here and now, we maintain our course into the laborious process to which we are very dedicated, and its future depends on the union of the old users with the new. Together and aligned towards the common goal of making xat more modern, secure and unique, we, the very base of its community, the part of the users who frequently participate on debates and suggestions, are the ones who must realize that the time for the change is now, and the change is made by us, and that through feedback and experimentations we can have the improvements we want and need. But for that to happen we, the ones in here, must acknowledge it, and spread to others that their opinions matter and that the place for them to voice them over is here, in our forum, within the suggestions section. We could sweep the negative comments under the carpet but we tend to believe that even the grotesque words regarding the usage of the new xat should be read, they deserve full attention and delicaly. And especially because of this mindset we've had many people coming and telling us that they've begun to enjoy the new xat. But it took them a couple days to get used to it. This psychological battle that many faced of "FLASH VS HTML" is a myth that was fed by those who had never ever used the new xat for longer than an hour. It is not Flash. It is not HTML. This is xat. The benefits introduced by the new changes such as the new edit page and user settings allow users more security and options. But for those news to arrive on other groups we have to be united. We need to keep ourselves aware of the new changes. We need to understand what is being tested. Our thoughts are to be heard but for that xat needs to understand us. Our recent participation and presence here is the cause for the plenty of hot updates that we had in so little time just now. The people's suggestions are being listened to and if you follow the suggestions you can notice it. But to continue, and finally conclude, we'd like to thank you again Stif, for accepting our invitation in this endeavour. But now, for something completely different... we are changing management, and we'd like to present to you with the 3rd main owner of the month of HTML5 chat... Leandro! 1st day of August, 2020. Cupim, LaFleur, Junior, & Sloom.
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    This idea was suggested by iBau (14014) on xat.com/Feedback chat. THE IDEA WHY? COUNTER-ARGUMENTS FINALLY Thank you for reading! Let’s get the discussion going - please post your constructive comments below! Credit to Four (4444) for writing this and creating the concept images, and once again to iBau (14014) for the original idea.
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    Hello there, hello you, hello everyone. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm happy to announce that xat has updated its Allpowers collection. You now need 191 powers to complete the Allpowers set. Below you can see the list of the newly added powers: ten classic rapidreason broadcaster sline silentban flgpwn mark pcbr goodfriend botstat hats esmile pcplus opacity faceoff morph category fido face main For more information, check out xat's official guide at the wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Allpowers Also, rumor is that... great times are coming. I wonder what else are we getting for the Allpowers collection! Pawns, smilies... and now? We'll have to wait. Keep yourself online. Stay tuned on xat Forums, xat Twitter and xat Instagram! And now... back to business. Back to Trade (and Cambio!) Thanks. Cupim.
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    People feel happy in different places and at different times. in fact, the mood of people varies according to where they are located. I always go to a few chat rooms and a few help rooms on xat because there are people I like there, I feel happy where there are people I love. Of course, there are definitely reasons that make you happy on xat or elsewhere. Maybe If you like to play with the game, you are happy to go to the places where games or competitions are held. Maybe you attend various events. Maybe If you enjoy listening to music, you prefer radio rooms, Maybe if you like helping people and are happy to help people in the help rooms, you can write the help rooms here. If you do not prefer to stay on xat, you can write any social tool you use. Example, some people are happy to follow the posts on facebook or twiter. So and you where do you feel happy?
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    thank i almost cry. i teared up a little bit.
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    ID: 601 Name: Plasticwaste Status: Limited Price: 212 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Plasticwaste Animated preview: Smilies: Pawns:
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    I like the fact that these "waste" powers want to bring across a message about the environment, however it was brought to my attention by users (and I think the same), we shouldn't ignore the fact that these smilies are hardly useable. For example, you cannot combine them with other smilies and you can hardly utilize them in messages as a reaction. By the looks of it, the idea seems to be that there will be many more of these 'waste' powers, considering how many types of 'waste' there are. I suggest that you take a different approach to this @Mihay. Perhaps you don't have to create many separate powers regarding the same topic, instead you could make one single set of smilies i.e. (waste) which include yellow smilies but also smilies that are more different to each other (e.g. plastic on the ocean or garbage separation and so on), similarly to Eco power.
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    Hello everyone. We've decided to make a Trivia Event for LaFleur's birthday party on xat HTML5. We're going to make 30 questions with 100 xats as prize for each. Win 1 skip 1. It will happen today (July 28th 2020) at 4h30 pm EST. See you there! Special thanks to @Lemona for helping organize this event and donating the prize.
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    I agree that "how you use it" it's up to the person, but weapons is a delicate matter and by creating a power with such theme, we would support any interpretation that might come out of it. People are different and multiple interpretations can be generated from it. It's best to avoid.
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    I remember that in the past there was a suggestion from a power called MAFIA, unfortunately xat cannot and will not promote this theme which includes weapons. I think you could be more creative and add other examples, thanks for the suggestion!
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    As in all games, there must be winners. Here are the names of the winners. ... It was fun and we enjoyed it, thanks to everyone for participating ... and congratulations to the users who won !!! ... Playing Penalty Kicks in X A T . C O M / H O L A ! 1 - guardiansoLitario (1532869225) 6000 XATS http://prntscr.com/tsiqlw 2 - Painuzumak (582764077) 2500 XATS http://prntscr.com/tsir09 3 - Piiinky160 (1513916216) 3000 XATS http://prntscr.com/tsirfx 4 - fLiperama2 (1514239570) 25 DAYS http://prntscr.com/tsiruk 5 - xNathy (1530989552) 25 DAYS http://prntscr.com/tsis4x 6 - Mojiis (738870730) 8 DAYS http://prntscr.com/tsisl4 7 - xMayc (304525034) 5 DAYS http://prntscr.com/tsiy52 8 - CH3RRY (1000027) Myself 5 DAYS Other games sandraauxiLiador1 (1523267702) 2000 XATS http://prntscr.com/tsrzv7 Vikernes666 (1489957253) 1500 XATS http://prntscr.com/tsrz3s TroyanaBruxa (1526636078) 700 XATS http://prntscr.com/tsrzhx SrNeonG090 (1536609989) 500 XATS https://prnt.sc/tskco sonhegrande (1535170466) 100 XATS https://prnt.sc/tskn2a iiXDAnny98 (585651094) 100 XATS https://prnt.sc/tskpcb Melanncolia (1528993720) 100 XATS https://prnt.sc/tsksv9 IIBryanEIFieIII (1531707165) 100 XATS https://prnt.sc/tskmp6 loverenata (1531363503) 100 XATS https://prnt.sc/tskt7t sergiohererrera1974 (16721761) 100 XATS Note : As many already know, the full award went only to those who left the registration name and entered here.(Penalty Kicks in )
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    a pawn with colored lines , can be more beautiful with different touches can only be unlocked with total pawn powers ? (blueman , ruby, pink , gold , purple ) a pawn striped pawn when you have them ? I think it might be like Crow talked about @Crow This could be an ideal pawn effect for AllPowers or another expensive collection in the future (e.g. AllLimiteds / AllUnlimiteds - there could be vertical stripes for one and horizontal stripes for another). The half and half color effect symbolizes how the collection isn't as full as EveryPower. I think this striped effect should work in tandem with existing pawns. E.g. pink striped pawn (pink power), orange striped pawn (owner rank), ruby striped pawn (ruby power)
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    Hi everyone, Desserts are part of almost everyday life of all of us. it is even what most of us call indispensable at home and cannot give up. I have dessert with me in my daily life or after eating or watching television. I love eating dessert. most of you have a favorite kind of dessert. I like baklava or what kind of dessert you like? mine is "baklava"
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    I have prepared an interesting, entertaining and informative new topic that I think you will like. people wonder about the famous things of the countries and want to get information about the famous things of the countries. With this subject, we will actually get to know different cultures of different countries. Also, when we plan to travel to a country in the future, the cultural ideas shared here will inform us. It is beneficial for other people if people from every country share their cultural knowledge and famous features of their country here. informs people. It also helps people who do not know about cultures.What is your famous things in your country? It is famous in baklava and turkish my country. It is famous in baklava, lokum and turkish coffee my country.
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    This could be an ideal pawn effect for AllPowers or another expensive collection in the future (e.g. AllLimiteds / AllUnlimiteds - there could be vertical stripes for one and horizontal stripes for another). The half and half color effect symbolizes how the collection isn't as full as EveryPower. I think this striped effect should work in tandem with existing pawns. E.g. pink striped pawn (pink power), orange striped pawn (owner rank), ruby striped pawn (ruby power).
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    I too feel happy in the xat.com/chat room. I have friends that I love there. Mino, Masha, Hessy, Tita, Pika, Paul, DjCrazy, Emari, Puppercut, Ghost, Neno, LeeMinho
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    Im happy with my xat.com/chat friends love you all
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    when are we getting the SUPERWASTE collection
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    ENGLISH: As of now, the password recovery option is working once again! https://xatradio.com/recovery ESPAÑOL DE LATINOAMÉRICA: Desde ahora, la opción para poder recuperar contraseñas ya está funcionando! https://xatradio.com/recovery ESPAÑOL DE ESPAÑA: Hey que pasa chavales, desde ahora ya tenéis funcionando la opción por si habéis perdido vuestra contraseña! https://xatradio.com/recovery
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    Hi everyone, being talented is a feature that makes people different from each other and makes people superior to each other. Actually, it's what people do best. Every person can listen to music but not sing beatiful with the own volume. Every person can draw something but not draw beautiful pictures. What is your ability make you different from other people? Definitely your have too may beautiful talents that you can skillfully. What is your talent? I am skilled in drawing.
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    Well, I'm a paramedic, it's my job and I'm pretty good at it, so I think it's a talent
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    Well I'm a paramedic, it's not a talent but it's my job
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    My favorite staff Cupim, XLaming, Bau
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    You have good talent, I am capable of playing mind games. I have the talent to play mind games.
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    Hello, my talent is being invisible. Also playing games, but you should decide for that one.
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    Yeah it’s gonna be the Notifications tab pretty soon. Doesn’t change the fact that it needs to be moved!
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    Hello everyone in the forum, I make this tutorial and more detailed and complete, on How to make your own xatframe with Github, as there was nowhere the essential to achieve this goal and many users have been asking us: How do I upload? or how do I get the link to place it on my xat? - As a first point we must remember to have an account created in: GitHub - Let's get started: 1. Once we have our GitHub account created, we go to "Repositories" and click on "New" to start uploading our HTML5 xatframe page, which we liked. 2. Then a window will open where we must place the name we want to our "Repository", we keep everything as shown in the image and click on "Create repository". 3. After creating the repository, we proceed to login. This way we will place the xatframe page code that we have previously created. We will achieve this by pressing where it says: "creating a new file". 4. We put the name as we want to name it only that at the end it must have ".html" 5. Once we place our code in the editing area we press the option of: Commit new File. Note: you can use HTML, CSS and Javascript. before reading the rules of xatframe: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Xatframe#Rules 6. This way we'll already have our code created, but in order to use it and make it compatible with xat we must activate its link. To do this we must go to the tab that says: Settings. 7. A new page will open, where we must look for the area that says "GitHub Pages" and locate in Source and change the option that has by default "None" and place "Master Branch" this we do so that our xatframe page is mounted and can be used in xat directly. 8. After this we give about 2 minutes to the GitHub web page and go back to the Settings tab to see that our xatframe page will already be published and activated as shown below. 9. We return to the Code tab, and proceed to place a description in our file. Created with the link of our xatframe page that can be used directly in xat. This code is unique and will have a special form, we will attach how the link is composed: 10. URL example: 11. The link of my xatframe page would be this way: General notes: After creating a HTML file or make an update on a file, it can take up to 5 minutes until it becomes live on the Github page. With this link we go to our xat and place it in the appearance area in the xatframe box and proceed to save. I hope it was to your liking and that it freed up a lot of doubt when you tried to upload your own xatframe page to xat. Regards,
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    I am skilled in cooking, not to mention it is my profession, im also good in singing(Currently a choir member in the church) hehe
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    Both. HTML5 is cool, lightheight, have a lot of new features, it's a good option for who is new in xat, because they don't need to use Flash, they don't need to spend years on it then move to something new. I like Flash but not because of its features, I like it because when you use something for a long time it's not easy just move also it's very stable. You need some time to get happy with something new, I don't know how to explain, but it's not easy for some. Also have small things that should be implemented on HTML5 chats, such as, a new timeout limit (or atleast usage of KEEPALIVE correctly) because you get a lot of disconnects on HTML5, in my opinion this is the major trouble for now. That's my input, I choose both.
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    Hello everyone. So today @Coolingman found something interesting, as to why GameBot leaves during gameraces, and after him and I did some testing, we found out what causes it! Whoever calls the GameBot using command !bot must be the same user who controls it. Example: http://prntscr.com/stfvt4 In the example provided above, since I was the one who called GameBot using command !bot, I am able to use !start and !stop to start or stop the game on command. It is also the same person who called GameBot that is the only one that can make adjustments to the !times and !prize settings. Example: http://prntscr.com/stfww4 As you can see, since I was the one who used !bot to call GameBot, I can use commands to adjust the game such as !start, !stop, !times, and !prize. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOWEVER: If a DIFFERENT user attempts to command the GameBot to make adjustments to the game, or to start and stop it, the GameBot just LEAVES the chat! Examples: http://prntscr.com/stg05n http://prntscr.com/stg0ba This applies whenever a DIFFERENT user OTHER than the one who used !bot to call the GameBot attempts any of the following commands, causing GameBot to leave: !start !stop !times x y z !prize number As for the !times and !prize command, the GameBot only leaves when someone other than the one who called GameBot attempts to make adjustments using those commands like !times 90 3 20, or !prize 50. However, the CURRENT settings can be viewed by anyone by simply using !times and !prize. Example: http://prntscr.com/stg37c In the example above, my main account "[slowreply]Nathan" was the one who called GameBot using !bot, and my alternate account "Bowserbot" was able to view the !times and !prize settings in place. However, when Bowserbot attempted to adjust the prize, the GameBot left the chat. IMPORTANT: Whenever ANYONE OTHER THAN THE ONE WHO CALLS GAMEBOT attempts to use !start, !stop, or to adjust the !times and !prize settings does so, that makes the GameBot leave the chat. It does not matter if the user is registered, or unregistered, or has the gamerace power or not. They were not one the one who called the GameBot using !bot, therefore they cannot make any adjustments to the game nor start and stop the game without the GameBot leaving. This can pose a serious disruption to GameBot contests, as someone could command the bot midgame using the above mentioned commands, and the GameBot will STILL leave even DURING the game! Also, it does not matter if the other user Private Chats or Private Messages GameBot the commands, the result will be the same. Summary: Whoever calls the GameBot using command !bot is the ONLY USER that is able to properly adjust settings to the game, as well as start and stop the game on command. If anyone else attempts to use the GameBot by commanding it in main chat or private chat, the GameBot will leave the chatroom. The only exception is when the differing user uses !times and !prize to ONLY VIEW the current settings.
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    Nice idea. I liked this idea. Your suggestion is examined and your ideas are evaluated.
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    My favorite helper @Duygu , @Mino, @Bau, @Marya, @Mihai, @Angelo, @Mister, @Stif, @Crazy, @Marek, @Sevda, @Sydno und @LaFleur
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