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    Hello guys !!! On Saturday 15th Great party H O L A We will play some fun games with the Bot on X A T. C O M / H O L A with a total value of 30.000 xats and 300 days in celebration of that Party. there will be various games and prizes like Random number, Randomuser, Looking for a number, Dance Stop Hola, etc. Come play with us and win xats and days! I hope to see you there. Chat and play with everyone without worrying about the language! Unlimited Fun 📌 Don't forget that the contests will start at 23:59 PM (Spain) 📍 COUNTDOWN: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/2128096/big-party-hola-30k-and-300-days 📍 PRIZE HOLDER: Myself
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    We're proud to announce we are already on xat.wiki/bots This does not mean we are endorsed by xat, just that they have trusted us enough to put us there for users to use our service.
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    Hello! Synonymous (Referrals): PM = The Private Message Function --- I suggest adding a reply command for PMs (/r). For example: If someone sent me a PM saying: (How are you?), I would write in the text-box ( /r I'm good thanks ) The command would send the reply to the last PM I got. Why? This is obviously easier, and it would make everyone use PMs more often, I don't like the current way of sending/replying to PMs. Unnecessary hassle, which makes me avoid the PM function most of the time. (Private Chats can be distracting if you're actively moderating a chat).
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