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    A new version is available (April 7, 2020). Changelog updated.
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    Made a logo/banner sort of thing for Fexbots.
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    Hello, we are going to hold a contest in celebration of Easter! Our contests will work like this: We will send a image of a smiley, and you have to guess its name (free/power smiley); Every 5 people who hit the smiley we'll put them in a list and random their names, and the winners will take the prizes; There will also be several other contests and prizes such as random picks, guess the smiley etc; Don't forget that contests will start at 01:00 PM (GMT -3) - next saturday. Donation: @Drika & Myself Countdown: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1895847/contest-start-at Leia em português Leer en español: Good luck. Boa sorte. Buena suerte.
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    im thinking to work in new bot for xat do you think its good idea ! my own bot i know its hard but
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    In order to keep you up to date, you will be informed about the changes of the HTML5 chat here, this will be updated every time there is a new version. The HTML5 chat is currently accessible by typing ?new after the chat name, e.g.: https://xat.com/xat5?new To see the version number in the chat, click at your profile > settings. If it doesn't show the latest version, you may have to clear your cache. Bug: If you want to report a bug, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/html5-chat/ Feedback: If you want to leave your feedback or make a suggestion, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/forum/223-html5/ Changelog - Version April 7, 2020 New: Kiss and Sticker dialog has been added. To access the dialog, click at the 8ball icon on the chat. Kisses tab: All kisses are now listed at one place, with a scrollbar. When hovering over a kiss, you can see the name and price of the kiss. If password field is left blank, you get a preview of the kiss Stickers tab: You can now see all available stickers: When clicking on a certain sticker, you can see all of its variations: Clicking on it will add the sticker code to the chat text-entry field. You can then add a custom message after the “#” or/and add a message alongside after the bracket. The stickers dialog will come with more features and improvements in future. Miscellaneous: Messages on private chat are now stored even if you close the tab. They will be gone once you refresh the page. Small design improvements have been made for the powers dialog. Changelog - Version March 30, 2019 Powers: Zoom power has been added: Miscellaneous: Homepage icon has been added to the name on chat messages: Remove message functionality has been added: Moderators and above can now delete messages just like on Flash. The remove icon will only appear when hovering over the name: A critical issue has been fixed which wouldn’t show powers on the account when bought on the mobile application. A critical issue has been fixed which would make the Trade application unusable on iOS browsers. Changelog - Version March 25, 2019 New: Collection viewer: You can now see the pawns and required powers for collections. To use this, simply type the collection on the chat, for example: (supersummer), then click on it. Powers: Big: Smilies with Big now have the same size as on Flash. Gscol: An issue with Gscol power has been fixed, this works properly now. Nopc/Nopm: The private chat and private message button would not become greyed out on different instances, this has been fixed completely. Num: Uppercase letters are now supported. Stickers: When switching tabs, a sticker that was sent earlier would make you jump to its position, this has been fixed now. Typing: A sporadic issue has been fixed which wouldn’t show the message that you just sent. Flgpwn power has been implemented. Pcplus power has been implemented. Snakeban has been re-made and is now available. Spaceban has been re-made and is now available. Tickle power has been implemented: The Tickle icon has been moved next to the group name. Tickles are now shown within the message window (separately). When being on another tab, you will also see the counter on the Tickle icon. You can now see what time you were tickled at (by minutes). Miscellaneous: On ios mobile browsers such as Chrome, the html5 chat content would turn black, especially when zooming in, this should not happen anymore. P1 pawns such as power pawns would not work in private chats, this has been fixed. When removing stealth ($) from your name, you would remain guest and not become owner, this issue has been fixed now. To ensure moderation, you will now see the messages from ignored users when being moderator or above. Pawn quality in chat messages has been improved. When changing status and joining another chat within a few seconds, the new status would be reverted, this has been fixed. A critical issue has been fixed which would allow you to send messages trough the flash chat despite having Nopc power enabled. Underscores, that would show up instead of spaces have been completely removed. In order to make the bubble icon (on tabs) visible on chats with white/bright backgrounds, a border has been added to it. When adding a long status without spaces, the edit profile dialog would break, this has been fixed. A text hover effect has been to the chat buttons. When scrolling on userlist, the scroll on the messages window would get stuck, this has been fixed now. Smilies that are bigger would make proper selecting and clicking very hard, this has been fixed on each area now. Multiple issues with the bottom scroll (/s) have been fixed. Clicking @anytext while linkvalidator is disabled via settings would open a 400 error page, this has been fixed. When clicking smilies or pasting text on ios browsers, [object HTMLDivElement] would be inserted, this has been fixed now. See older changelog:
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    I'm still giving away xats on Zoomey's chat ! Big thanks to @Zoomey for hosting the contest. I won 9k but ended up giving 6k away to my friends at the chat, and it was a lot of fun! I'm glad we got to do something fun during quarantine. Until next time!
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    There should be an optin to assign and Unassign a group power instead of buy or beside.
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    Glad to see events for Easter! Good luck for those participating and start studying power smilies right now!!
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    Great job @Danny really nice
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    Hi xat! Since Isolation and boredom has overcome and effected a lot of people I've decided to host a little event to cheer people up! The event will consist of: A Snakeban Event - Winner gets 1000 xats A Trivia Event - Winner gets 3000 xats A Trivia Event - Winner gets 3000 xats Hide and Seek - Winner gets 3000 xats Hide and Seek - Winner gets NAMEWAVE The event will be held On my chat Tuesday 7th of April 9pm uk | 4pm EST The chat it will be hosted on is: xat.com/zoomey The official prize holder is: Stif Time: 9pm UK Date: Tuesday 7th of April 2020 Hope to see y'all there, Zoomey
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    Easter collection with 16 pawns! Powers required: easterfx easterland easterlove eggy eggie eggs easteregg Pawns: hat#h#egg2 hat#h#egg hat#h#eggbroke hat#h#eabutterfly hat#h#glitteregg hat#h#easterlove hat#h#bunnyhole hat#h#carrot1 hat#h#carrots2 hat#h#daffodil2 hat#h#egg1 hat#h#egdizzy hat#h#eggy hat#h#eachocolate hat#h#eaeggbroke hat#h#eawaves Wiki: https://xat.wiki/Superegg Preview:
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    I was speaking with a few people about this and everyone liked the idea, so I decided to post it as a suggestion. It can either be a "game ban" or a "game widget" This is what I came up with in photoshop for the design. The idea behind the power or widget To play a game of uno (but related to xat/xats version) Uno skip converted to xat relation: Instead of skipping that user could for example: play a game ban Uno reverse converted to xat relation: Instead of reversing the user would be reverse banned for 5 minutes (example) Feel free to add suggestions for +4Wild | +2 | Wild cards. ------------------------------------------------ I will show designs for any other suggestions another user may have. ------------------------------------------- Smiley suggestions related to the power (xuno) - the main smiley could be a pawn holding a hand of cards (xdraw) - a pawn drawing a card from a pile of cards (xdraw4) - a pawn throwing 4 cards at another pawn (xskip) - a colored pawn that has a skip symbol over it (xuwin) - a pawn with no cards holding up a sign saying XUNO! (xureverse) - A spawn that starts to spin and stop (xuwild) - a pawn holding up a 4 colored card (colors could be changed with color codes) - - - add more suggestions to this list if you want - - -
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