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    A user asked me if I go to the gym. Hello? I'm Witness not Fitness.
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    thank you all for the birthday wishes! one year closer to death !
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    Information about 516: The power has been delayed due to the upgrade of nocara and will be released next week.
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    I'm so nice I include the word "please" in my verbal warnings and kick reasons.
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    Atrape A Pikachu !
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    13th october. one year today. it never really got easier. i guess you just learn to live with the feeling. it still just feels like yesterday. i miss you a lot. there’s never a day that goes by where i don’t think about you and all the things i wish i had done differently. i love you, always.
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    Thank you Muffins, thanks to you my problem was totally fixed
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    i can inglish speak and not write
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    Reciprocity is my favorite word, and I love being able to conjugate with you.
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    it's can be soon.
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    Happy Decluttering day!
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    Finally 19, I can already get drunk
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    WIN GESTURE. Reply to this status with your xat registered name and ID.
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    thank you @Booh , @JoshuaRivenbark , @SethTI , @iDan , @J0hn and @Mystic
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    https://blog.mundosmilies.com/contest/best-combo/ Thanks to Noe, Will, @MisteR and Drika for helping!
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    1semana mas y regreso a molestarlos @Samuel @Leandro Entre otros ! Hahaa..
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    The world is a book and those who do not travel read only the page!! <St.Agustine>
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    Thank you very much for trusting me to make pcback for you and your wife!!!
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    The fact an innocent birthday thread was locked and NO users is allowed to make a birthday thread anymore because a bunch of random degenerate trolls ruined it for everyone but a thread that completely flew out of controll remains unlocked???? ABOSOLUTLEY disgusted by the lack of consistency from the mods and vols. At least TRY to remain unbiased. There is NO reason for the thread to remain open. Disgusting..
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    "Let your smile change the world, but do not let the world change your smile"
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    Remember, nothing is forever, wake up now that it may be late.
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    PSA: you don't actually have to post happy birthday on every single user's wall if you don't even know who they are
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    Happy Birthday! lady miss u <3
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    Feliz noche magica a todos los Españoles Latinos , feliz Reyes Magos , y a pedir muchos regalos
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    Be you ! Natural ! Dont copy me ! Copyright ! All rights reserved.
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    Happy Birthday my love. I hope that your day is as perfect as you are. Thank you for always being you and for showing me everyday that there is good in this world. Thank you for always thinking of me and putting me first. I am so blessed to have you in my life. I love you so very much
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    Happy birthday @LaFleur https://i.imgur.com/1xdEXTN.mp4
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    Kou, Ulquiorra, Saïd. You're the first user I met on xat. We were both discovering this on an anime website, on Ratus13, in 2011. We became friends, I trusted you a lot, more than everyone else on this website. I knew you had that brain tumor but you fought pretty well. You first lost your memory, but managed to recover after a year... I promised you we'd meet one day, I promised you you'd be fine and able to focus on the future... I feel so sad about the times I told you I was too busy to talk... Good bye Saïd, you were my best friend here.
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    Happy Christmas Eve for all who celebrate!
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    Why isn't your name Snicker Doodle. I'm sorry I just had to say this ;n;
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