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    Ajutor chat has now been reopened, with Volunteers placed in charge. As you may be aware, Ajutor is the official help chat in the Romanian language, and was previously redirected to Assistance in March 2017. The chat has now been reopened and will once again serve as a useful community for users seeking help there. The decision to reopen the chat follows a recent Contributor discussion, as noted in the December edition of the Contributor Monthly Log. We are excited to reopen the chat, and we hope you join us in wishing it the best of success. You can read the chat rules here. Flash link | HTML5 link
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    Hello all New Design I want to share some of my designs With you all New design for chat "Mosa3adeh" Share and say your opinion about the design f you'd like to contact me again, please send me a brand new private message. I'd be happy to assist you all.
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    I received the prize thank you. I wish you the best always. @Shizuo
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    These two literally mean the same: ''Make this chat for registered users and members only'' In conclusion, the second option on Spanish should be ''Hacer éste chat sólo para usuarios subscritos/suscritos y miembros.''
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    Hello everyone. - ARCbots Random - The winners »1« @Magic and @iGuinho To receive the prize you can find me on xat ARCbots or Ajutor - Sorry for the delay, today we have another contest and in 15 hours we choose the winner. Thank everyone.
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    Hello, Giveaway has finished, You have 48 hours to claim your prize, or it will be given to the next. Please contact me on: xat.com/chat Winners: - Blacky (691320709) @Blacky NARWHAL (578) > received < - DjFunnyelmejor (161735814) @DJFUNNY NARWHAL (578) - Mo7amedOka (1143430131) @oka NARWHAL (578) > received < (PS: Next giveaway will be after everyone received all the prizes)
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    Hello - Thank you David for your contribution, for this important information distributed with us. - Thank you Leandro your honest opinion, I think you are a good person, although we did not start with the right foot. - Thank you MAtthew for agreeing with your friend Leandro. - Thank you Math for all the beautiful words, you are right and I think so. - Thank you Gokuh. - Thank you Abrahan. - Thank you Duygu for all the beautiful words, you are right and I think so but I can't do anything in this case, Admin, Volunteers have the final decision. - Thank you Vevrok. - Thank you allserp243 for the comment, your support. - Thank you AlexiusZeta for your support, xatAJUTOR has been reopened, but only as a manager is Volunteers. [Now we will work together ]. Thank you all for this great support
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    Hi @Maxo Yes you have the right to present your point of view, but please do not talk about mosa3adeh if they are active or not, because you have no right to decide, what you do not know anything about, you must know everyone has the right to ask for help ,. In all languages, there is no difference between any language, if you are correct, it is better to provide more help to others, your opinion does not matter, with all due respect Congratulations with the back Ajutor again I hope will the best.
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    Hello everyone, xat Family has decided to give a new powers randomly to forum user. YOU ALL - Just respond with your USERname and your ID in this topic to participate. - Do not use other accounts to try to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified - The winner (s) have to contact me within 24 hours after posting the winners to receive their prize, otherwise another winner will be randomly selected; If the winner is held for any reason, another winner will be selected randomly; (It is a joke, there is no time to receive the prize ). - Each 10 people I will choose 1 winner, Eg: if 100 people participate, 10 winners will be chosen. Time END Deadline for publication: 19/01/2020 | The winner will be chosen in ARCbot xat wih ARCbots BOT {Random} Enjoy, Good luck xatFamily!
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    I received my prize thank you .
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    ♫ Quando eu te vejo, eu começo a sorrir ♪
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    Prize receive thank you. (l)
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    So true man, i appreciate it!
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    And also Bee is ready, i think i get a little of PAUSE (color black wings bow light and pink face and bee yellow and black) the Gorilla is blue ...and miss minimon is very hard but i think a color pink can be great with wings black!! :P
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    beautiful work
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    Zombieland Saga I love how it changed from kawaii to something horrifying
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    @JasonOficial Obrigado mor❤️, por cada momento que passamos juntos. Por ser o riso que tira o som das tempestades e faz do trovão um lugar mágico para mi sentir segura. Simplesmente, OBRIGADO! Pelas risadas,pelas brincadeiras, pelos conselhos, pela alegria, pela felicidade que você sempre traz à minha vida💑. Por ser um pilar que nunca treme e sei que sempre posso confiar. Vc é tudo que faz bem ao meu coração. Eu amo você😍!
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    I'm going to give the results later than 8pm. So please be patient. So you have time to still enter the giveaway. More info soon.
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