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    IPS confirmed there was an issue and escalated it to higher departments.
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    The forum is now running on the latest release. If you're still experiencing this issue then link to the exact content and I'll address it.
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    This is not an issue actually. The timestamp for pawns has expired and since HTML5 doesn't use this system, it works like a charm I emailed admins with explanations about this and should be fixed soon.
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    @Blacky The issue has been fixed now. Thank you for reporting.
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    Thank you for reporting this issue. We are already aware of it. The smiley is currently broken due to ''_''. You'll be notified when fixed.
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    Moved the bug in the correct section.
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    I confirm it, On his chat for some reason it says "Costs changed" when trying to promote.
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    It happens because you did a lot of actions in a row. It can be improved in the future to not "empty" the table but instead a message would be displayed. Manage power will be reworked in a near future to work better with this new main owner system.
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    It should really show an error instead of changing to an unexpected value not chosen by the user.
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    Can you make a gif about such issue? It's hard for us to understand what you really mean here.
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    Addressing. In the meantime replace the script tags with something like <scr>.
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    IPS has confirmed there's an issue that will be fixed in a future maintenance release.
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    I figured it out, sending them an update.
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    IPS admits that there's probably an issue, but they can't fix what they can't reproduce, so they expect step-by-step instructions. Every time I've tried - a notification was conveniently sent.. We're probably missing some parameters that those specific topic creators managed to meet. Asking them to explain in detail how they created their topic might be the way of successfully reproducing this and solving the issue once and for all.
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    Yeah, it requires refreshing to display updated data. It's supposed to work like that. If you don't want to refresh the whole tab, right-click the banner and select "Reload Frame".
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    We're aware of those already and will improve in future. Thanks for reporting.
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    It has been handled on our bugs board. You will be noticed when it is fixed. Thank you.
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    This is a real problem for everyone who uses the phone.
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    @Leandro oh, so you are talking about html5 not flash, my bad yes there are some issues that still have to be fixed, we're aware thanks
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    The Hat power currently have some issues with the flash version of xat, many hats from powers aren't working, however you can still use the hat#t, hat#x .
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    Hi, thanks for reporting. Currently any extra hats that are outside of the (hat) power aren't functioning. Please be patient until this is resolved. Thank you
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    It will be fixed in a future update of the HTML5 chat.
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    This is not something new and a similar issue was opened by Leandro a few months ago. To answer you, this is a lack of feature which is NOT added yet and not a bug. Since it was already reported, I'm closing this thread.
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    This issue is already known, no need to re-report it.
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    Thanks for reporting this, @DJFUNNY. We're already aware of this bug and it should be fixed in the next update.
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    Hello, There is currently a bug with nameglow and namecolor which is forcing you to have HAT power to have both powers working. We are looking to fix it very soon! Thank you for reporting, you will be noticed when it is fixed.
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    Changed Status to Fixed
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    This has been fixed now. The fix is as follows: Using an old register link will redirect you to the new register page, containing the user id / k1 / k2 info in the link already (full redirect). So should just be able to register on the new web. Thank you for letting us know.
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    @Kaay your chat is back now. Sorry for the inconveniences.
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    Ok, catch it. Seems that CSP is blocking something to be loaded correctly. When logging storage isn't being fully stored. What I did: I've logged-in using Google Chrome, copied all HTML5 data storage and replaced on Firefox, it worked fine. I've checked both and seems that Firefox's data isn't being stored "k3". Firefox shows "0", on Chrome shows correctly.
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    We will need more evidence or details before we’re able to proceed! Thinks such as event logs could be useful, perhaps. Are you sure the tempmodded users weren’t kicked/dunced/yellowcarded etc ?
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    I don't think that will be fixed since it belongs to the old pages. Alternatively, you can use another GIF to sprite sheet converter and see if it meets your expectations.
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    The fact that the speed of the converted gif doesn't always match that of the initial gif isn't a bug and is normal. From what I observed, the converter on xat only takes into account the number of frames (number of "images") that there are in a gif without taking into account the time with which the frames are running. So if in a gif there are few frames but the transition between them is long, the gif will look fast on xat. The solution to this would be to be able to use the initial gif directly without converting it. For now, you can either choose a gif with enough frames, or you can use an image editing software to repeat some frames.
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    Regarding Mosa3adeh chat, you could tell users that they can make sure they have all the powers by using the bot's !Allmissing command.
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    Thank you for reporting. We're aware of this issue. You will be notified once this is resolved.
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    This is most likely not a bug with hats, as the "new" pawn/at could be just loading slow. If you wait 5-10 seconds, does your pawn appear on the userlist? (This would still be a bug but related to getstrip8, not hats.)
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    hi @Steven, we're already aware of it, it will be fixed soon. thanks for reporting
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    Canvas' can also be manipulated very easily via the console
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    Yeah, I was wondering if it was supposed to work like that or not. Well, thanks for the info anyway!
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    Fix is simple, admins should know about what I'm talking. Found in https://web.xat.com/report/report.php? by @Danny ----------- About this error ´posted here, well... https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/inappropriateprofile.php?id=162497 / Groups is basically same error, but caused when you're using other languages that isn't English. JS files cannot load translations.
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    Can confirm I’ve experienced this too. For example, I was notified that this was posted: But not this: Or this:
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    Ok thank you I will try it Safari is not open me the page or if open everything is dark but I will try Crome
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    The application is a way to communicate with people through the mobile, the chef works for my sister, but it appears as if it has not been completed, purchases are xats or strength, Currently unsafe with the application, you can use the Chrome or Safari browser on the iPhone, I am using it, if the chat has an irritation on the browser, just panic into the settings, and make non-animated smiles, it will be easy for you to do everything through the browser. Trust me
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    Changed Status to Fixed
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    Paysefcard is now fixed. Please test @Bau
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    Thanks for reporting @Bau, we will fix this shortly.
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    It didn't happen again. This can be closed.
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