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    I see you’re against and it have been for some time. While I understand your point of view, it’s imperative to understand that many users have come to the contributors and come to the volunteers asking for the chat to be reinstated. This is something the contributor group used to fuel their discussion. Yet, I haven’t heard wind if a single person suggesting Hulp or Chuai be reinstated yet because there just might not be a need for it. The Romanian community might be a bit larger on xat than some may initially perceive.
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    I received the prize! Thanks @Shizuo
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    Congratulations to the volunteers and the collaborators
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    Here your Ninja Rabbit : Fixed somes details: i want thanks everyone for so much view's !! with all work i do until now.. let's continue this angel animals..
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    Hi, I like the idea, but I don't think xat.com will get involved in such a thing. - Who has the program on your PC or phone, downloaded for some reason, so he knows what he is, he knows what he is doing. - To use you need every entry in the PC, a new code or password. - To make a transfer or trade you need a password at xat.com account, but you don´t have it. - With the PC off/disconnect, this program does not work. - You have total control over the program, if someone really wants to try something, disconnect the PC or click X « [and you´re safe again] - This program can use 50% of xat.com members, and is used for PC help, not business. Maybe I'm wrong, we're not talking about the same programs, teamviewer and Supremo. If I missed adding something here, you can search on Google or ask friends. My question is: How can anyone steal from someone else's PC? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who makes the scams does not use these programs. It is a program that can connect the PC, and can do anything you want, without being able to observe. - I think everything is insecure 99%, if you are not careful on many of the website there may be scams. - As many of the comments above mentioned, it may be a link, or files, you must not accept anything from anyone. Regards Bau.
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    I received the prize. Thanks @Shizuo
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    Cutest power definitely has to be old school gkaoani
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    Thank you!! this is the propotype that come in my mind, logic they are drawing..and not animate but looks cute (; maybe is not really perfect but i look you like.. added back2...missing desappear and the pawns !!
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    @DUYGU has asked for her name to be taken off the disqualified list, because she doesn't want people to know about it. I'll leave that up to your discretion, Bau.
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    As we all know Adobe Flash will die this year and we had some problems for adactans, but everything has a solution. There is already a way to fix the error in Google Chrome: Enter this link from the Chrome link bar: chrome://settings/content/sound Review the options in which appears '' Allow websites to play sounds (recommended) '' Where it says '' Allow '' click on '' Add '' and type https://xat.me Example GIF: Thanks to @Mike for the solution and @Leandro shared with the staff of Ayuda.
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    bcuz that's what revel means
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    Hello, I would like to know what your opinion ، What is the appropriate color 1- 2- @DUYGU I wanted to see some designs that I Designed at the present time. this everyting thank's
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    Hi sis Thank you for your interest ، Certainly soon i working for that. Thank you sis
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    TheDarkS25 (66747973)
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    I'm sure a second collection for Valentine's Day is going to be released this year, we've got two collections for Christmas and Halloween after all. Also, there are pawns for Valentine's Day that haven't been released with SuperHeart, so I'd expect a second collection this year. It'd be weird if they don't release it, actually.
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    Just as we have more than one collection power related to Christmas: "Superxmas" "SuperSanta". Why shouldn't we have more than one collection power related to Valentine's Day? In addition, no power is required, required for the SuperHeart, so that the powers necessary for SuperLove, are related to Valentine's Day.
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    Hey @oka! I've seen your xat inner background, I think it's very wonderful, elegant model for a xat chat. I wonder If we can read easisy the chat text, but I think the little transparent base between the background and the text should be ok.
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    Hey Nosense your new drawings nice. I see that you are quite good in angel drawings. i can't pass without realiz
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    hello guys, I designed the gorilla, the dinosaur bird, minimon I'm sorry if the drawing is not colored but I think it's a nice idea to give importance to the current angel ... !!! I show you the current angels that I have invented so far: - the wings are the difficult part to delineate but I think with the nuances they can go well, I would like to see this power, logical! - if you have any animals to suggest I will try to satisfy your requests see you.. Powers rechiest: i will add lion, meow, vampyre and kbee
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    Congratulations to everyone, especially the people of romania. Glad to see Ajutor reopened again. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the reopening of ajutor
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    Like we didn't have enough stuff to edit.
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    I sure hope that these people keep the chat alive for a long time if they wanted it to be reinstated so bad!
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    I think its safe to be used for help, people can not steal your account since its needed you type your password to confirm trade/transfer (except if you saved it on your browser), anyway it should be 100% trusted, you can not share your PC access to anyone, they can steal your account or important files. This should be used careful. I think xat would inform on xatwiki that users should never share their pc screen (remote programs).
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    Dinamite99 (46544326)
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    It is true, this should be well known to everyone and should be well informed about this.
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    Hey Nosense, I have new a suggest. In the two drawings, the angel wings can better opened wide and a magic stick can be added next to the wing so a magic stick with together a star in the end
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    Thats a good suggestion. With technology advancing daily, it is mandatory to put scams like TeamViewer Scams making unknown users have access to their computer and people losing everything. Information about this should be edited and included in the article.
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    Hi Cherry, you are organizing great competitions. Very nice prize, Very nice events, Very nice games
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    Prize received!
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    Umfem2 Clear Shislash Notfunny Toad Valentine manga Hadouken Wofire slimehalf pizzaeyes cutie aliens sorry i don't like Angel...
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    not sure if i already answered this thread before, but it's gotta be baghead for me.
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