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    So I decided to spend time doodling, and it ended up being 2 HOURS! But some people enjoyed it. So here's the doodle.
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    Hi xat! Since Isolation and boredom has overcome and effected a lot of people I've decided to host a little event to cheer people up! The event will consist of: A Snakeban Event - Winner gets 1000 xats A Trivia Event - Winner gets 3000 xats A Trivia Event - Winner gets 3000 xats Hide and Seek - Winner gets 3000 xats Hide and Seek - Winner gets NAMEWAVE The event will be held On my chat Tuesday 7th of April 9pm uk | 4pm EST The chat it will be hosted on is: xat.com/zoomey The official prize holder is: Stif Time: 9pm UK Date: Tuesday 7th of April 2020 Hope to see y'all there, Zoomey
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    Hi all, All prizes have been collected from the previous giveaway. This next giveaway is listed below and contains 21 winners. I've matched the prizes with their number: #1 500 xats #2 300 xats #3 500 xats #4 Whirlfx #5 700 xats #6 Santa #7 300 xats #8 Gsound #9 500 xats #10 Anime #11 900 xats #12 Space #13 1000 xats #14 Vampyre #15 Pcback #16 Oids #17 Animate #18 300 xats #19 700 xats #20 300 xats #21 Animate How to participate: Reply to this thread with your register name and ID Rules to know: Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified Winners will be chosen on Friday, 10th of April at 08:00 PM (GMT+1). Using this generator If the winner is held or has not contacted me within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen with same the way I am the prizeholder and I can be contacted at xat.com/Chat I hope there will be more than 21 entries:) Good luck to all!
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    Hi all, The winners for this one are: #1 @Borbo #2 @Aero #3 @Mino1 #4 @Enge #5 @India Happy again to see new winners! As always, thank you for the many entries & participating! The next giveaway will be posted after the prizes have been collected! (Next one will contain more winners & more prizes)! Contact me at xat.com/Chat for the prize within 48 hours Good luck on the next one!
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    A new version is available (April 7, 2020). Changelog updated.
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    I'm still giving away xats on Zoomey's chat ! Big thanks to @Zoomey for hosting the contest. I won 9k but ended up giving 6k away to my friends at the chat, and it was a lot of fun! I'm glad we got to do something fun during quarantine. Until next time!
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    This idea was suggested by Vevrok (10000123) on Feedback chat. The idea does not involve glows, grads or speeds! THE IDEA WHY? NEGATIVES CREDITS Thanks for reading! Please let us know your constructive thoughts below.
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    Contest entry for Aiuto.
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    Hello, we are going to hold a contest in celebration of Easter! Our contests will work like this: We will send a image of a smiley, and you have to guess its name (free/power smiley); Every 5 people who hit the smiley we'll put them in a list and random their names, and the winners will take the prizes; There will also be several other contests and prizes such as random picks, guess the smiley etc; Don't forget that contests will start at 01:00 PM (GMT -3) - next saturday. Donation: @Drika & Myself Countdown: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1895847/contest-start-at Leia em português Leer en español: Good luck. Boa sorte. Buena suerte.
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    Made a logo/banner sort of thing for Fexbots.
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    Easter collection with 16 pawns! Powers required: easterfx easterland easterlove eggy eggie eggs easteregg Pawns: hat#h#egg2 hat#h#egg hat#h#eggbroke hat#h#eabutterfly hat#h#glitteregg hat#h#easterlove hat#h#bunnyhole hat#h#carrot1 hat#h#carrots2 hat#h#daffodil2 hat#h#egg1 hat#h#egdizzy hat#h#eggy hat#h#eachocolate hat#h#eaeggbroke hat#h#eawaves Wiki: https://xat.wiki/Superegg Preview:
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    Version 2 with a gold/wood futuristic theme
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    Out of boredom I made a wallpaper
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    A new background I spent 4+ hours tinkering with for xat.com/chat
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    Good evening everyone. We have countless sounds coming from many different sources like chat, hugs and radios. But we also have sounds from audies, bumps and even smileys (like dibread which has been bothering users for the past months). The current sound manager allows us enable/regulate/disable the chat, hugs and radio sounds. My suggestion is to add two new categories on the sound manager. One to regulate volume or disable bump sounds and another one to smilies and audies. Even though they have as base @Techy's, @Echo's and @LaFleur's suggestions, it would be specific for these two cases. Sources: https://forum.xat.com/topic/3617-audiocontrol/ https://forum.xat.com/topic/3587-chat-audio-mixer-psound/ https://forum.xat.com/topic/114-3-function-powers/ Thoughts?
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    Pawns (xat's uno version) game will eventually be ported as a xat race game.
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    Hello everyone, to date, many cute animal powers have been created with the figures and themes of many cute animals. All of them had their own unique and special smilies. I intended myself to renew and change xat. For this purpose, I will propose a lot of new animal powers in addition to the cute old animal powers. I will try to show the shortcomings in the old animal powers and bring innovation and change to the classical smile features. I will include interesting and different expressions so that you do not think like imitation of existing ancient animal forces and so on. I suggest the "ELEPHANT" powers as the first cute animal powers. In the paragraph below, cute, fun and happy phrases are all together.
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    Variation 2 of the previous background. Variation 3 (Lighter Version)
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    Prize received, Thank @Masha
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    I suggested this same idea @
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    Thank you very much prize received
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    Prize received thanks @Masha
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    A signature I made for Barbie/ Canary (66046937)
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    Something I started to doodle with a little help from lia xP only spent an hour and like 20 minutes on this one didn't quite finish it but meh.
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