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    Hello guys !!! On Saturday 15th Great party H O L A We will play some fun games with the Bot on X A T. C O M / H O L A with a total value of 30.000 xats and 300 days in celebration of that Party. there will be various games and prizes like Random number, Randomuser, Looking for a number, Dance Stop Hola, etc. Come play with us and win xats and days! I hope to see you there. Chat and play with everyone without worrying about the language! Unlimited Fun 📌 Don't forget that the contests will start at 23:59 PM (Spain) 📍 COUNTDOWN: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/2128096/big-party-hola-30k-and-300-days 📍 PRIZE HOLDER: Myself
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    ID: 602 Name: GAMER Status: Limited Store price: 222 xats Smilies: gamer, bugou, gameb, gameday, gamefix, gameover, gaming, madgamer, scar, vr2 Hats: (hat#gh) (hat#hd) (hat#hh) Wiki page: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Gamer
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    Hi! I have not published a design in this forum for a long time, the last publication was a suggestion for a new web design for the xat home page. This time I come to present a new design for the xat mobile application on iOS devices. Many people have a very bad perspective on the current design of the application, they all want something more modern and at the same time simple to be able to use from anywhere; Here it is! xat App iOS - Profile (10/08/20) I will continue to work on this, so if you have any suggestions or questions you can comment below. Eventually I will publish Login, Friends, Groups, Chats, More and some other new things that may need to be added (of course I will take your suggestions into account). What would you like to see added to the xat mobile application? Thanks!
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    HELLO EVERY BODY! Are you bored of the usual xat.com avatars? Do you want something special or new? You already know the old avatars and are they not modern? We (xat Concourses) have contacted xat to create a contest about these avatars and give you the choice of new avatars that will be issued with the new HTML5 web version! How do you do? These two rules are chosen by the xat.com admin: The participants must do the whole work, this means, xat smiley makers will not be involved. The new avatars must be original creations, this means, there should not be any copyright issues. Otherwise, xat will not add them. Concourses Rules for this Contest: Definitely respect the rules that the xat.com admins have mentioned No avatar containing violence / sexuality / pornography / racism is prohibited Do not use copyrighted images (Example: Disney) Avatars must respect the size that xat.com uses (30x30 [WITH ZOOM 80x80]) Each participant will create 20 avatars. Upload avatars in visible, non-pixelated resolution And definitely abide by the terms of the xat.com forum Prizes: First Place 15,000 xats Second Place 10,000 xats Third Place 5,000 xats THE PRICE HOLDER: @Solange The contest will last 1 month Will start from 10/8/2020 will end 10/9/2020 The winner will be announced 11/9/2020 If you have question you can ask to the staff on https://xat.com/Concourses You can join our club on Forum for more updates by clicking here We thank the admin for giving us the opportunity to do this contest @Admin Thanks for all staff of Chat Concourses @Demonattack @bianca-99 @xLonely @xRavennn @Sara @Goku @Luana Wait us for more Contest's on xat.com/Concourses
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    Hello! Synonymous (Referrals): PM = The Private Message Function --- I suggest adding a reply command for PMs (/r). For example: If someone sent me a PM saying: (How are you?), I would write in the text-box ( /r I'm good thanks ) The command would send the reply to the last PM I got. Why? This is obviously easier, and it would make everyone use PMs more often, I don't like the current way of sending/replying to PMs. Unnecessary hassle, which makes me avoid the PM function most of the time. (Private Chats can be distracting if you're actively moderating a chat).
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    @Nathaly Aunque aún no sean las doce de la noche en tu País, pero en el mío si quiero ser la primera persona en felicitarte y en recordarte que eres una persona muy especial. Feliz cumpleaños Mi Nataaaaa !!!! que Dios le llene siempre de muchas Bendiciones, y cumpla todos sus sueños que hay en su vida . Te quiero AMIGA y te deseo un muy feliz día de cumpleaños.🎉 👭💞🌻💕🌺🌸
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    Really thank you all for posting your opinion, if got an idea for making another gamer smiley just let me know posting your comment below and If it's a good one I'm gonna make it!!!
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    Hi all guys are you ready for a new music contest? HOW TO PLAY: Listen to the instrumental piece Once you understand what the song is, write it in public chat The song will be broadcast live on radio RULES: Respect the rules of the chat In case of incorrectness you will be automatically disqualified the contest will start on Friday 8/8/2020 in xat.com/concourses at 10 pm (GMT + 2) we are waiting for you @Luana @Sara @xLonely @xRavennn @Demonattack @Abada
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    Yes I agree with you. People get bored of always seeing the same expressions. we need to present new ideas, new expressions, new styles. It is necessary to give creative ideas instead of sharing the same topics. I always try to contribute to the change and development of xat by giving different interesting and attractive ideas. xat develops further with creative and new ideas.it is necessary to share new topics and share new suggestions. I'm tired of seeing the same topics.
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    We're proud to announce we are already on xat.wiki/bots This does not mean we are endorsed by xat, just that they have trusted us enough to put us there for users to use our service.
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    Hello friends, I thought here while I was online at xat Help in Portuguese, I don't know if you will like it but I'll leave it here. The power I want to leave for suggestion would be a random hat for minutes or seconds I don't know what would be better, if the user has powers with active hats / pawns the power will change in seconds or minutes, if you want to use one or the other, you don't have to change all the time. The power will change hats randomly!
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    Today we have a new feature in xat.com/concourses called ROULETTE HOW TO PLAY We have many playing options You can choose red or black and if you guess right in the roulette spin you win 40 xats If you guess the row which is made up of 3 you win 80 xats If you guess the exact number you win 500 xats JACKPOT: IF YOU GUESS THE NUMBER 0 YOU WIN 1000 XATS IF YOU CHOOSE DOUBLE 0 YOU WIN 2000 XATS RULES: There will be limited rides Respect the chat rules Screenshots will be sent for fair gameGood game to all Good game to all The contest will start tonight 9/07/2020 at 10 pm (GMT + 2) at xat.com/concourses @Demonattack @xRavennn @Abada @xLonely @Sara @Luana
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    I thought that chameleons could be designed as a xat power when some of their unique characteristics were examined and some of their features were taken into account. The most prominent feature of the chameleon is the color changes. I thought this color changing feature would look great when applied on xat chameleon powers. I suggest to is design and is create of the (chameleon) power that does not yet exist among the xat powers to smiley makers. Chameleons have a cylindrical body and are flattened on both sides. Its head is triangular. It has a long and clinging tail. The feet adapt to the life of the animal on trees and objects with a distinct change that facilitates grip and grasping. The ability of its large eyes to look in different directions independently provides an effective feature in searching for prey. There are black, yellow and red pigment cells along with colorless cells on the skin. They look shiny like scaly. The contraction or relaxation of the skin depending on the fear, anger, health status of the animal and external stimuli such as heat and light causes discoloration of the skin. The chameleon, which is generally green in the daytime and white-yellow at night, has the feature of swelling, providing the swelling typical of the animal when it is angry or in fighting situations. Everyone at xat like to see colorful, bright and cute ''chameleon'' xat emojis on xat. Below I have given examples of some emojis that can be turned into cute ''chameleon'' xat power.
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    I shared face pictures to show how the beautiful faces and beautiful eyes of the cute gazelles look better when designed as an on xat power These beautiful face pictures show that the gazelles will look impressive and attractive when designed as xat power. You can imagine them as a xat power. The eyes of gazelles are already like human eyes. there are humane eye and humane facial movements. https://prnt.sc/tumf9z https://prnt.sc/tumfvl https://prnt.sc/tumial https://prnt.sc/tumk5m https://prnt.sc/tumkwk https://prnt.sc/tumlxm https://prnt.sc/tumm3n https://prnt.sc/tummq8 https://prnt.sc/tumpic https://prnt.sc/tumpsq https://prnt.sc/tumqaf
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    Hello everyone we present the new chat in the English gaming community for this new opening we offer you a very fun game, that of roulette We will start on Monday and there will be 3 contests per week HOW TO PLAY We have many playing options You can choose red or black and if you guess right in the roulette spin you win 160 xats If you guess the row which is made up of 3 you win 300 xats If you guess the exact number you win 1000 xats JACKPOT: IF YOU GUESS THE NUMBER 0 YOU WIN 1500 XATS IF YOU CHOOSE DOUBLE 0 YOU WIN 2500 XATS RULES: Respect the chat rules There will be limited rides Good game to all START: Monday 17/08/2020 at 10:30 pm in xat.COM/EVENTI @Demonattack @xRavennn @Luana @Sara @Lemona
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    ¿Captación de nuevos usuarios? Soy Erick, he estado en xat desde 2012 para muchos (época dorada) en fin, no es de extrañar que un porcentaje bastante alto ha dejado xat, los que aún estamos, felicidades. Escribo esto puesto que pienso que los usuarios son parte esencial, en todas las maneras posibles. De tal modo que mientras exista un número considerable de usuarios, será beneficio para xat y hasta para el propio usuario puesto es lo interesante de esto, el conocer gente nueva. Ahora bien, en todo el tiempo que he estado en internet general en ninguna forma he visto una publicidad por parte de xat, ahora mi pregunta es xat recibe ingresos considerables pero en que gasta, quizas sea en el dominio, trabajadores ciertos, puesto que se dice que a algunos se les da powers (no es algo seguro), pero porque no xat.com puede invertir en herramientas de marketing que permita captar nuevo clientes potenciales, para llevar y resurgir una buena pagina web o red social como lo es xat.com.
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    Mi Natitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa que la vida te sonría todos y cada uno de los días. ¡¡¡ Feliz Cumpleaños !!! 🎉Estamos de fiesta🎉 en H O L A Celebramos tú Cumpleaños .🌹 Nata🌹 Deseamos para ti mucha SALUD ,DINERO y AMOR en este dia especial de parte de toda la familia Hola - Manicomio.
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    Hi guys are you ready for the trivia game? RULES OF CONTEST There will be 20 questions of 100 xats each The contest is in English language Everyone can participate if you win once and win again, the prize will be of the second who answered the correct answer prize is delivered immediately after when the judge announces the first who answered correctly The contest will start on 10/08/2020 at 10:00 pm (GMT + 2) in xat.com/concourses @Lemona @xLonely @xRavennn @Sara @Luana @Demonattack @Abada
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    1 año más 1 centímetro menos, ahora imagina lo que creas de este comentario. @Leandro me dijo que te daba el regalo por parte de los dos, espero te guste, fue con mucho cariño
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    Very interesting Suggestion. I love the examples you provide.. i like this one
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    HI, I found a surplus rocket symbol for AllPowers qualification on page https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/GetPowers.php The surplus is on Eggie power which is not listed on https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Allpowers Thanks.
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    Congratulations @iSanty for that incredible power! without a doubt you are the best with that great creativity that you have, thanks @Samuelfor the information.
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    Congratulations to our smiley maker @iSanty for planning and designing this amazing power! There's no PlayStation 2 reference... but that's okay. I will wait! We, the old gamers, we hope for more of these gaming powers!
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    I continue to give new ideas to change, improve and advance the classic pawns shape we know. I thought that the classic xat pawns would look nice when converted to a geometric shaped heart, geometric-shaped flowers and geometric shaped stars. It would be very lively to add vibrant color tones while changing the geometric shape of the pawns. this visual vitality attracts people's may attention. here is the geometric heart pawn. I gave examples of geometric flower pawn and geometric star pawn shapes. In addition to these examples, I have given in other examples that show the brightness and grandeur and harmony of glass, diamond, gold and silver on geometric shapes. I am sure you can imagine that these great looks will look amazing on the pawns. Also if you thave ideas for different geometric pawn shapes too, you too, can share your ideas here. When a xat power that creates geometric shape changes in pawns is created, everything in geometric shape have can be added as xat smilies of this geometric pawn xat power.
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    I really like this idea, it would be a great adittion. And yes /r is being used by ranklock but we can rename this command to /q (quote) per example... Also adding a reply icon sided to message (alongside of quote icon) and when clicking it automatically this message goes to pm. There is a lot of ideas that can be made based on this.
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    I agree that the current way to reply to private messages on HTML5 is a bit annoying, I don't like it either and I also avoid using it most of the time. This command would make it easier! Anyway, I'm glad to know that replying to private messages will be easier in the future with future updates.
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    If you Got this in Recommendation then you have great music taste ❤️
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    Hi Dan I like your idea. - What do you say about, every time you send a message on xats to change hat? But it can also be optional, seconds, minutes. anyway I support this idea. Thanks for such ideas, it is familiar to me, it has been suggested by someone in the past, but it is very good that you have opened a new topic about this suggestion.
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    Let me be your ruler. You can call me Queen Bee and, baby, I’ll rule.. Let me live that fantasy
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    Thank you for liking my suggestion. Here is what I want to summarize here; When we look at the powers and sets that have changed the appearance of pawns to this day, the brightness of the emerald and glass is shown in the pawns of the ruby power, the pawns of the power sets '' allpower '' and '' everypower '' show the brightness of the diamond, visually the pawns are usually changed in color and brightness, but on pawn shapes I can't see any change. It would have been nice if a power had been created that changed the shape of pawns. Also the pawn power I'm talking about here is a xat power that creates permanent shape changes in pawns. I hope studies on this will be done.
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    I like them they are very good They are cute at the same time funny It can work in xat of that there is no look good
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    Congratulations @iSanty for creating this amazing power. The most lovely part is the pawns
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    good idea my love good luck
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    good idea my love good luck
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    Happy birthday thunderkook long life for you, and full of happines in your life
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    You have several ideas haha, the pawns are missing now
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    Happy birthday dear Elya!
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    Lowkey sad that there isn't a game that comes with this power. This might be way too complex but it'd be cool if clicking on a smiley could actually activate a game. For example, clicking on (scar) and then having to slide your cursor left/right so that you don't hit other cars. Anyway, nice smilies Santy!
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    Feliz Cumpleaños Cherry espero que la estes pasando super en tu dia!! PD: Ya estas viejita se te notan las arrugas jajaja El Fin de festejamos <3
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    Feliz Cumple !!! Que tengas un hermoso cumpleaños !!!!
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    ¡Oye! Feliz cumpleños Cherry, espero tengas un dia increible rodeada de tus seres queridos.
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    I remember that in the past there was a suggestion from a power called MAFIA, unfortunately xat cannot and will not promote this theme which includes weapons. I think you could be more creative and add other examples, thanks for the suggestion!
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    People feel happy in different places and at different times. in fact, the mood of people varies according to where they are located. I always go to a few chat rooms and a few help rooms on xat because there are people I like there, I feel happy where there are people I love. Of course, there are definitely reasons that make you happy on xat or elsewhere. Maybe If you like to play with the game, you are happy to go to the places where games or competitions are held. Maybe you attend various events. Maybe If you enjoy listening to music, you prefer radio rooms, Maybe if you like helping people and are happy to help people in the help rooms, you can write the help rooms here. If you do not prefer to stay on xat, you can write any social tool you use. Example, some people are happy to follow the posts on facebook or twiter. So and you where do you feel happy?
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    The information displayed in the transfer log could be in the following order: Line 1: Transfer of X xats and X days from Line 2: regname (id) to regname (id) complete Line 3: (and here the message the sender wrote) Currently: Could be: The dialog box could be resizable to hold all the information, respecting the proposed display order regardless the number of xats, days, the size of the usernames, IDs and the message that goes with the transfer (of course, respecting the current character limit for all these variables). The informations could be displayed aligned to the center, respecting the size of the variables above and the order of each information per line, like showed in the second screenshots. It could allow us to close the dialog box only by clicking out of it. The font could be in black, way better.
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    If you want to receive power release notifications, you can make use of twitter, by following xat and getting notified of new tweets. You can do this either with your mobile phone or on your computer. Last updated: June 05, 2019 On Mobile (android/ios) 1. Download the Twitter app and login 2. Follow xat: https://twitter.com/xat 3. Left to the “Following” button, click at the notification icon: 4. Choose notification type: "All Tweets": Done! Now it’s just required to have your phone sound volume on, to make sure you do not miss any tweet of xat. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Web/Desktop (opera/chrome/firefox) 1. Visit twitter.com and login 2. Go to https://twitter.com/xat and click at the "Follow" xat button right. 3. Click on the profile icon top right and select “Settings and privacy”: 4. On the left sidebar, click on “Web notifications”: 5. Next, to turn on browser notifications, click Turn on. 6. Now twitter will ask for allowance to show notifications, click Allow: Done! Note that the browser must be open to receive the notification, however twitter doesn’t have to be. If you use Chrome/Opera: You will get sound pop-up notification via windows 10 notifications. If you use Firefox: The notification will appear at the bottom right, inside the browser.
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