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  1. Hello! Is it a surprise ? No! This is a pre-announcement for BANTIMES power suggested by @slint. That means, you will not be able to test right now. You can find his original suggestion here: Bantimes will not be released (or could be) this week as xat needs to release 629 before. What is bantimes? First, this is not a ban power like FLIPBAN. It's a power which allows you to pre-set rule with a duration. How do I add rules ? The system will work the same as LINK power. All you have to do is: - Go on https://xat.com/chats - Connect to your group - Go in the groups powers tab (make sure BANTIMES is assigned on your chat first). - Click the "edit" button next to BANTIMES power - Once edit clicked, a modal will be opened with 2 buttons: Add rule and save. When clicking the "add rule" button, it will add 2 fields: left one is for the reason right one is for the duration (integer only). Here is an example: How do I see the rules on my chat ? That's simple. Once you have added your rules, go on your chat > click someone > click the "ban" button. A dropdown will appear on the dialog. When selecting a rule, it will automatically fill reason/duration field with the selected rule. If you have any questions regarding the power, feel free to post here! And again congratulations to @slint for the idea!
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