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    Yeah, it requires refreshing to display updated data. It's supposed to work like that. If you don't want to refresh the whole tab, right-click the banner and select "Reload Frame".
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    We're aware of those already and will improve in future. Thanks for reporting.
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    It has been handled on our bugs board. You will be noticed when it is fixed. Thank you.
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    Yeah, I was wondering if it was supposed to work like that or not. Well, thanks for the info anyway!
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    Fix is simple, admins should know about what I'm talking. Found in https://web.xat.com/report/report.php? by @Danny ----------- About this error ´posted here, well... https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/inappropriateprofile.php?id=162497 / Groups is basically same error, but caused when you're using other languages that isn't English. JS files cannot load translations.
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    Hi @Vevrok. At the moment we do not consider this as a bug, but a lack of feature compared to Flash. This will presumably be done like on Flash in future. Nevertheless, we keep this thread open. Thank you.
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