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    Hi xat! Since Isolation and boredom has overcome and effected a lot of people I've decided to host a little event to cheer people up! The event will consist of: A Snakeban Event - Winner gets 1000 xats A Trivia Event - Winner gets 3000 xats A Trivia Event - Winner gets 3000 xats Hide and Seek - Winner gets 3000 xats Hide and Seek - Winner gets NAMEWAVE The event will be held On my chat Tuesday 7th of April 9pm uk | 4pm EST The chat it will be hosted on is: xat.com/zoomey The official prize holder is: Stif Time: 9pm UK Date: Tuesday 7th of April 2020 Hope to see y'all there, Zoomey
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    So I decided to spend time doodling, and it ended up being 2 HOURS! But some people enjoyed it. So here's the doodle.
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    hello everyone good morning @werita *@LaFleur @Kriz @Amyyyy @Shot @iMIKI @Enge @Goku @Maverick @Paul @Goku @Masha @Valstein @Sarah @Sergio @Cupim @Page @Tom2 @Sevda @SLOom @Sydno @Kaay @Leandro @debz @Queen_Sofia @Anas @IRINA @Lemona @Mike @Kiler @Edit @Edith @AlexiusZeta @Mihay @Camii @Geordie @Jefa @DUYGU @Eww @Angelo @Echo @Maxo @Stif @Bryan @Amna @Dope @iiLu @Obeyta @Angeline @Solange @Zurf @Ghost @Katers @XeR @Zuke @Zorick @xLaming @Paaty @Angel @Marya @Xiah @True @Mafia1 @Jake @Shizuo @CH3RRY @Jason @Raven @porcelainbarbie @Anar @NIC0LAS @Black @muffin @zw @Dimple @xRavenette @DonQuijote @6 @elya
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    In order to keep you up to date, you will be informed about the changes of the HTML5 chat here, this will be updated every time there is a new version. The HTML5 chat is currently accessible by typing ?new after the chat name, e.g.: https://xat.com/xat5?new To see the version number in the chat, click at your profile > settings. If it doesn't show the latest version, you may have to clear your cache. Bug: If you want to report a bug, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/html5-chat/ Feedback: If you want to leave your feedback or make a suggestion, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/forum/223-html5/ Changelog - Version April 7, 2020 New: Kiss and Sticker dialog has been added. To access the dialog, click at the 8ball icon on the chat. Kisses tab: All kisses are now listed at one place, with a scrollbar. When hovering over a kiss, you can see the name and price of the kiss. If password field is left blank, you get a preview of the kiss Stickers tab: You can now see all available stickers: When clicking on a certain sticker, you can see all of its variations: Clicking on it will add the sticker code to the chat text-entry field. You can then add a custom message after the “#” or/and add a message alongside after the bracket. The stickers dialog will come with more features and improvements in future. Miscellaneous: Messages on private chat are now stored even if you close the tab. They will be gone once you refresh the page. Small design improvements have been made for the powers dialog. Changelog - Version March 30, 2019 Powers: Zoom power has been added: Miscellaneous: Homepage icon has been added to the name on chat messages: Remove message functionality has been added: Moderators and above can now delete messages just like on Flash. The remove icon will only appear when hovering over the name: A critical issue has been fixed which wouldn’t show powers on the account when bought on the mobile application. A critical issue has been fixed which would make the Trade application unusable on iOS browsers. Changelog - Version March 25, 2019 New: Collection viewer: You can now see the pawns and required powers for collections. To use this, simply type the collection on the chat, for example: (supersummer), then click on it. Powers: Big: Smilies with Big now have the same size as on Flash. Gscol: An issue with Gscol power has been fixed, this works properly now. Nopc/Nopm: The private chat and private message button would not become greyed out on different instances, this has been fixed completely. Num: Uppercase letters are now supported. Stickers: When switching tabs, a sticker that was sent earlier would make you jump to its position, this has been fixed now. Typing: A sporadic issue has been fixed which wouldn’t show the message that you just sent. Flgpwn power has been implemented. Pcplus power has been implemented. Snakeban has been re-made and is now available. Spaceban has been re-made and is now available. Tickle power has been implemented: The Tickle icon has been moved next to the group name. Tickles are now shown within the message window (separately). When being on another tab, you will also see the counter on the Tickle icon. You can now see what time you were tickled at (by minutes). Miscellaneous: On ios mobile browsers such as Chrome, the html5 chat content would turn black, especially when zooming in, this should not happen anymore. P1 pawns such as power pawns would not work in private chats, this has been fixed. When removing stealth ($) from your name, you would remain guest and not become owner, this issue has been fixed now. To ensure moderation, you will now see the messages from ignored users when being moderator or above. Pawn quality in chat messages has been improved. When changing status and joining another chat within a few seconds, the new status would be reverted, this has been fixed. A critical issue has been fixed which would allow you to send messages trough the flash chat despite having Nopc power enabled. Underscores, that would show up instead of spaces have been completely removed. In order to make the bubble icon (on tabs) visible on chats with white/bright backgrounds, a border has been added to it. When adding a long status without spaces, the edit profile dialog would break, this has been fixed. A text hover effect has been to the chat buttons. When scrolling on userlist, the scroll on the messages window would get stuck, this has been fixed now. Smilies that are bigger would make proper selecting and clicking very hard, this has been fixed on each area now. Multiple issues with the bottom scroll (/s) have been fixed. Clicking @anytext while linkvalidator is disabled via settings would open a 400 error page, this has been fixed. When clicking smilies or pasting text on ios browsers, [object HTMLDivElement] would be inserted, this has been fixed now. See older changelog:
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    I've been working on a dark theme, but it still requires quite a bit of polishing before it can be made public.
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    A new version is available. Changelog updated. More powers implemented, new feature, bug fixes and more!
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    I agree it may create some confusion but well... xat is unpredictable. Maybe in the future they will make an OLDPATRICK!? Ancient St. Patricks references.
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    Hi all, All prizes have been collected from the previous giveaway. This next giveaway is listed below and contains 21 winners. I've matched the prizes with their number: #1 500 xats #2 300 xats #3 500 xats #4 Whirlfx #5 700 xats #6 Santa #7 300 xats #8 Gsound #9 500 xats #10 Anime #11 900 xats #12 Space #13 1000 xats #14 Vampyre #15 Pcback #16 Oids #17 Animate #18 300 xats #19 700 xats #20 300 xats #21 Animate How to participate: Reply to this thread with your register name and ID Rules to know: Do not use multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified Winners will be chosen on Friday, 10th of April at 08:00 PM (GMT+1). Using this generator If the winner is held or has not contacted me within 48 hours, another winner will be chosen with same the way I am the prizeholder and I can be contacted at xat.com/Chat I hope there will be more than 21 entries:) Good luck to all!
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    Hi all, The winners for this one are: #1 @Borbo #2 @Aero #3 @Mino1 #4 @Enge #5 @India Happy again to see new winners! As always, thank you for the many entries & participating! The next giveaway will be posted after the prizes have been collected! (Next one will contain more winners & more prizes)! Contact me at xat.com/Chat for the prize within 48 hours Good luck on the next one!
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    Hi again, everybody! Today I bring you this suggestion about cute SEAHORSE! These are the smiles... 1. (SEAHORSE) (SHWINK) (SHMAD) (SHHAPPY) 2. (SHSTRESSED) (SHSLEEP) (SHCRAZY) (SHLOVE) 3. (SHHORSE2) Thanks and see you later!
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    @Danny @Masha @Enge @Goku @Queen_Sofia @Zaki @Exin @Geordie @Zoomey @Mino1 good morning
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    5 more new smilies will be added soon !
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    Hello! Now that most people are staying home and are being more active on xat due to the quarantine, xat Ayuda has decided to host a contest to help spend the time. The contest will be hosted at xat.com/Ayuda We are concerned that users are being scammed which is why we created a dynamic contest/game to win some xats. The contest will include safety and security questions and some games with the bot. We would like to focus on educating xat users about how to avoid being scammed. Please keep in mind that we are an official Spanish help chat, the staff room will be used for the contest and the main room will be free for users who need help. All languages will be allowed during the contest, don't worry! Contest procedure: There are 11 questions, the first one to answer wins. If you answered a question correctly, you will need to skip the next question (win 1 skip 1). The games that we will play with the bot will be: Darts, Matchrace, Spacewar and Zwhack. Again, win 1 skip 1 will be in place. If you use multiple accounts to play, you will be disqualified. We all have the right to participate and to win, so please be fair and responsible. Contest date and time: March 25th, at 21:00 GMT+1 Spanish time. Countdown: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1861012/ayudas-contest Prize holder: Blacky A big thanks to xat Admins for donating 10,000 xats! ------------- ¡Hola! Ahora que la mayoría de las personas están quedándose en casa y están más activas en xat debido a la cuarentena, xat Ayuda ha decidido hacer un concurso para hacer el tiempo lo más ameno posible. El concurso se hará en xat.com/Ayuda Nos preocupa mucho que los/as usuarios/as sean estafados/as, es por eso que hemos creado una dinámica concurso/juego para ganar algunos xats que otros. El concurso incluirá preguntas relacionadas a la seguridad y algunos que otros juegos con el bot. Nos gustaría enfocarnos en educar a los/as usuarios/as para que así, puedan evitar ser estafados/as. Por favor ten en cuenta que somos un chat oficial de xat de ayuda en Español, por lo que la sala principal será exclusivamente para las personas que entren en ayuda, reciba una ayuda/soporte. La sala del staff, se usará para el concurso. Todos los idiomas serán permitidos durante el concurso, ¡no te preocupes! Procedimiento del concurso: Son 11 preguntas, el/la primero/a que conteste, gana. Si has respondido una pregunta correctamente, tendrás que saltar la siguiente pregunta, es decir, tendrás que esperar un turno (1 gana vs 1 espera). Los juegos que jugaremos con el bot serán: Darts, Matchrace, Spacewar y Zwhack. De nuevo, 1 gana vs 1 espera. Si usas múltiples cuentas para jugar, serás descalificado/a. Todos/as tenemos el derecho a participar y ganar, por lo tanto, sean justos y responsables. Fecha y hora del concurso: 25 de marzo, a las 21:00 GMT+1 Horario Español. Cuenta atrás: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/1861012/ayudas-contest Prize Holder: Blacky ¡Muchas muchas gracias a los administradores de xat por donar los 10.000 xats!
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    @Goku@Masha@debz@Queen_SofiaCanadian dish traditionally made of French fries and fresh cheese curds, covered with gravy. hungry already
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    Do you know how this day start ? Let me tell you a little story : International Women's Day on March 8 was declared by the United Nations in 1975. Two years later it became International Women's Day and International Peace. In the United States it has been officially celebrated only since 1994, although it is in that country where the origins of the commemoration are found. Why was that day chosen? The most likely explanation dates back to the mid-19th century, in the middle of the industrial revolution. On March 8, 1857, thousands of textile workers decided to go out to the streets of New York with the motto 'Bread and roses' to protest the poor working conditions and demand a cut in the schedule and end of child labor... And in Spain? On March 8, 1910, women legally access the university thanks to a Royal Ordinance. In fact it was not prohibited, it simply did not contemplate the possibility that a woman had the slightest need to receive this training, although Emilia Pardo Bazán had already presided over the literature section of the Madrid Athenaeum, also being a pioneer in occupying a chair of literatures Neolatins at the Central University of Madrid. We are at the gates of the crazy Twenty years. The Spaniards pulled on March 8, 1936, preceded by important feminist protests in the first two decades of the twentieth century. 185 strikes in Barcelona, 64 in Valencia, 55 in Zaragoza and 48 in Madrid .. and loong story for every country ... Dear Girls , woman's this post is only for us Forever remember this But : - we have something, even if we are far or near, something that unites us all, regardless of where you will be, something unites us, and never stop dreaming, and never stop smiling, and never forget to value yourself, never forget that we are ourselves. I want to tell to all's woman's , girl's mothers :Happy Women's Day, from around the world Feel free and write, something, the most beautiful thing that happened to you in your life <333
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    A new version is available (April 7, 2020). Changelog updated.
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    Let's play a little game The rules are simple, I will name something and you name the next closest thing to what I name and then the following person will post the corresponding thing after that. Example: Cat - Animal - Wolf - Teeth - Dentist - Surgery - Money - Bank - Robber - Mask - Photoshop. It's that simple :P Let's get this started! Starter topic: Rainbow
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    I'm still giving away xats on Zoomey's chat ! Big thanks to @Zoomey for hosting the contest. I won 9k but ended up giving 6k away to my friends at the chat, and it was a lot of fun! I'm glad we got to do something fun during quarantine. Until next time!
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    This idea was suggested by Vevrok (10000123) on Feedback chat. The idea does not involve glows, grads or speeds! THE IDEA WHY? NEGATIVES CREDITS Thanks for reading! Please let us know your constructive thoughts below.
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    Thank you to everyone that entered! It was difficult choosing five winners from the many entries we had. All of the winners below met the requirements I specified in the first post. I've also tested each background for quality purposes. 1st place - @RobFerrari - 5000 xats The neon lights offer a stylish nightclub ambience to the chat without being hurtful to eyes. The magnet has clever symbolism - we aim to collect/attract feedback to the chat. The second entry also has colourful speech bubbles in different languages, which reflects the international status of the chat. Both entries are worthy winners in their own right, but I'm including them both together because they're similar themes. 2nd place - @iSanty - 4000 xats A simple but very professional design. These could be the graphics of a large corporation - they have that high quality look to them. There's also a cartoon vibe that suits xat in general. 3rd place - @Steven - 3000 xats A clever design that integrates the name of the chat to help represent its theme (letting your voice be heard). The red rings add layers of depth to the inner background, and they also represent sound pulses. 4th place - @Ethan - 2000 xats These designs look great visually. The first entry has a sad nighttime atmosphere, and the second has a retro arcade game vibe. The second could be perfect during spacewar contests. I'm grouping these backgrounds together as they're both dark and purple/red, and I couldn't decide between them. 5th place - @REDDS - 1000 xats Another set of designs that are visually awesome to look at. The space theme suits xat in general, and the improvised Feedback logo is clever with the arrows, which symbolises how we receive feedback and then feed that into other systems to help improve them. However, the UFO isn't very crisp on the outer chat preview and the banner is directly cropped from the outer background, which prevents it from ranking higher. Please find me at Feedback chat to collect your prize, or if you send me a PC on the chat, I can come to you!
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    ID: 585 Name: NEWPATRICK Status: Limited Price: 222 xats Category: User power / Smilie Hats: (hat#hp), (hat#hr) Smilies: (newpatrick), (patbarrel), (patbeer), (patboom), (patcake), (pathorseshoe), (patman), (patrainbow), (patwoman)
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    Decided to make a bit of a weird one For buttons, use #c93259 or #63c6cc Will make the outer a little less dark if you want
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    Hi, Here I leave you my funds First Entry: Inner: Outer: Banner: Various button color: -- Second Entry: Inner: Outer: Banner: Button Color: Magia (10000020)
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    _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you would like to request a design please add me by typing /f61747858 into any chat box and message me for a design. Please include these details in a pastebin when requesting a design. Color Scheme Reference Images Font from dafont.com/ (pick font(s) ) that you would like used What Design you would like for example: Background - Wallpaper - Chat INNER Background - Chat OUTER Background - Signature. What I do and do not do (however will attempt if bothered) I will not sell PSD's Unless a price can be agreed upon. I will not design a full website. (Unless I am completely free and have time time) ____________________________________ I will show a sample of the design before the purchase is made. I will get your design finished within the same day as requested. (Depending on how many requests pending) All designs will be in High Definition (high pixel ratio) All designs will be clean unless specifically to mimic another style such as grunge. ------------------------------------------------------------- EXAMPLE GRAPHICS xat ID: 61747858 xat Shortname: Danny
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    Made a logo/banner sort of thing for Fexbots.
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    Petition to ban @Angelo from all trivia contests on xat.com. Please enter your name below to sign this petition. Thank you.
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    Version 2 with a gold/wood futuristic theme
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    Please add another FEMALE volunteer In order for males not always to conquer, we need to give opportunities to the feminist component There are @Sevda@Elea@Lemona@DjCrazy ... hey girls look at this i'm defending you
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    Out of boredom I made a wallpaper
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    A new background I spent 4+ hours tinkering with for xat.com/chat
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    Good evening everyone. We have countless sounds coming from many different sources like chat, hugs and radios. But we also have sounds from audies, bumps and even smileys (like dibread which has been bothering users for the past months). The current sound manager allows us enable/regulate/disable the chat, hugs and radio sounds. My suggestion is to add two new categories on the sound manager. One to regulate volume or disable bump sounds and another one to smilies and audies. Even though they have as base @Techy's, @Echo's and @LaFleur's suggestions, it would be specific for these two cases. Sources: https://forum.xat.com/topic/3617-audiocontrol/ https://forum.xat.com/topic/3587-chat-audio-mixer-psound/ https://forum.xat.com/topic/114-3-function-powers/ Thoughts?
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    Contest entry for Aiuto.
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    I have a suggestion for tickle to be moved, I photoshopped the screenshot of @LaFleur for the new html5 chat update and I think it would look better like this since we are used to it @Admin @Maverick heres the unedited one vs Edited one Hope the changes can be made
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    Pawns (xat's uno version) game will eventually be ported as a xat race game.
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    A forum signature I made for @debz
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    Hello Everyone, I wanted to suggest creating live ticket support with volunteers to reduce ticket waiting times. At least for the easy to solve problems. If the volunteers are divided into times per day to be online at the live support ticket it would be an excellent idea. **As I have noticed many people complaining about waiting for tickets It is only a suggestion tell me your opinions!
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    I made this suggestion previously when xattech was still a thing and namecolor came out, it got deleted, so i'm going to suggest it again. Add a glitter effect to your name (you can have different color/style) like blue diamonds, or sparkles, or sparks, etc. You usually see them on vbulletin forums etc, it would be cool to see it as a power. Price could range from 1,000 xats to 5,000.
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    Thank you all! Nice to see users are happy! Ill come back with more nicely powers for you all
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    In order to keep you up to date, you will be informed about the changes of the New HTML5 Web here, this will be updated every time there is a new version. The New Web (xat's new web design) is being rolled out gradually. For example, these pages have already been updated: New xat groups page with a new interface design - access at xat.com/xat5?new New xat home page with a new interface design - access at xat.com New xat store with a new interface design - access at xat.com/store New xat login page with a new interface design - access at xat.com/login Bug: If you want to report a bug, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/main-website/ Feedback: If you want to leave your feedback or make a suggestion, you can do so here: https://forum.xat.com/forum/223-html5/ Changelog - Version March 25, 2019 Miscallenous: Power banner: You will now see a countdown for the next power release. Unregistered users would see an empty banner, this has been fixed. Group ads: Banner ads from https://xat.com/store#!ads will now show up on every new web page. Language: Changing the language on top right menu will also affect the html5 chat box now. New web - Groups (old changelog)
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    Times to play videos games 15:01 GMT +1
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    You could learn to become a good helper on xat using the following resources: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page https://xthelp.wordpress.com/ https://forum.xat.com/announcement/2-frequently-asked-questions/ https://forum.xat.com/forum/4-general-support/ Or pick up a new hobby or TV show that interests you.
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    @theFlower I hope you realize some of your backgrounds include generic wallpapers provided for default chat backgrounds from around 2008-2009.
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    I'm a bit rusty with gfx but here ya go: I'll do the rest soon (maybe, probably, most likely never)
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