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    I like to call this idea as the pride project, under the idea that you must have the right to express your love for the person you rightfully love. In this project, we may have the "LGBT flag" which is a rainbow colored flag, rainbow colored pawns, and so on. This project would be totally about love, passion. Pride should be about love. On xat we have too many different realities and to me it doesn't limit us, designers, but it gives us an entirely new perspective; do we must use the political term behind the subject which is the "LGBT" acronym? No. Can we find a workaround in an attempt to please users from all over the globe, regardless of their political agenda, or what their news TV program says, or who they last voted for, and etc? Can we instead simply deliver to xat users the idea of "what it means to be free to love who you truly want"? That's the real pride - it is not about gender; it's about the individual's rights, their right to be free, to have a real sense of liberty as every human being should. If you disagree and you'd like to "voice the LGBT political agenda" on xat, I assume you can do so for free by making your own room to discuss this subject and its related matters. But to me, it's like if Sydno told me "hey cupim, can we have a Yellowvests power!? I'm truly mad at the situation in Paris". That's a political matter. I wouldn't risk to work in this considering its possible collateral damage. Imagine how many xat users disagree to Sydno and believe that whatever their government is doing is fine ... I also had users telling me to make a smiley hitting a pan (this happened when Brazilian ex-President Dilma was impeached). I was happy that Dilma got impeached (she bought a $120 million USD oil base in the US and sold it for $40 million months later), but as a designer I chose not to make the smiley. Too political and bad timing. If it depended on my personal thoughts, I'd have done an entirely power about Dilma. (Impeachment) power. And I'm certain that most of you here, would love to make (LGBT)... But I bet that if we make (pride), the entire planet will be able to use it, and to symbolize the same thing that LGBT stands for (I just hope censorship agents don't read this if we ever make pride power) PRIDE power. Proud to love on xat.
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    (Para ler em Português, leia no final! To read in English, simple continue:) A few years ago, members of our community were recognized for bringing significant changes to the xat universe. They made a difference. The importance of acting as the leader of xat5 chat in the past was to be close to the creator of xat. It was a delicate responsibility, you'd have to know how to measure your own personal opinions from the individual opinions of others that arose everyday regarding all kind of matters. At that time, we lived to follow the fast and sensational changes xat presented us. A lot has changed since then. A lot of people have changed too, and like things, and just like us, xat hasn't stopped changing either. Nowadays, in 2020, we live in a reality in which an entire new generation introduces itself to xat. And with this new generation, we have new challenges. We all know that the creator of xat has a group of volunteers with him, diverse people from all over the world who dedicate their daily routines to ensure that xat stays as a pleasant, innovative and original site. Many of these volunteers were recognized for the difference they made at the time of the monthly xat5 main, when they could act as the main owner for a month. Years later, we have a new group that helps xat with their ideas and opinions, the contributors. I use these examples, as it is important to highlight the countless times that xat has embraced the community that uses it. Following this thinking, we will maintain the idea of giving more opportunities for the community to expose their ideas and opinions. We will maintain this timeless dream of always looking for new paths, of obtaining better results, of meeting new people, of facing problems that have never been solved before. We, responsible for the html5 chat and for all the propaganda that seeks to decorate a scenario where the main character is xat, and html5 its climax, are more than happy and proud to announce the first step of this collective plan. Our decision here today is not due to the individual merit of the person elected to take the 1st month on the html5 chat, but due to the results of ambitious projects that positively affect our daily lives. She is responsible for the touching ideas that jump in our Facebook timelines, she worked on the wiki reviewing texts and creating new content, she actively participated by suggesting tools and powers, she tested and helped by experimenting the new version of chat, finding problems and proposing details that until then were not in our field of vision. She definitely marked our history as a kind person, loved by everyone, and skilled in the arts in which she sought to perfect, the graphic design. Lemona. Our decision today is not simply recognize you, or to get you closer to xat, or for you to learn how to work with your personal opinions and the opinions that you will start receiving daily, even because we believe that you already have all these merits... Instead, our decision here is for a new xat. For a future in which everyone has the space to expose their ideas, to talk with tranquility and without interference from the opinions of others subjected to inappropriate conditions for a environment that needs to be welcoming, as it shall be for a chat with such purpose, as ours (html5 chat). For now, with this warm welcome to the future that we're going to build together, I ask your loyalty, not to me, not to Lemona, or to the names that will sign at the bottom of this note, but loyalty to xat; loyalty to the dream of building something much more fun than it was for us a decade ago. From the tired and anxious eyes that sifted through the gigantic list of more than one hundred powers, it will soon be weeks and weeks of exploration and rolling of eyes, and there must be someone to help and guide the new users. For those who have used xat for more than five or ten years, I'm sure that these words will serve as comfort, motivation and hope. To those who jumped off the boat, I suggest you swim back. To those who mock the late development, I recommend you to have patience as it'll soon be rewarded. I respect the doubters, but I also invite them to participate on the html5 chat, so that every month they pay a visit. Lemona won't please everyone, but she made a difference. I thank everyone who read this note, the note is faithful to the dream shared by four helpers who sleep every night thinking of a better xat. On behalf of LaFleur, Sloom, Junior and my own, I officially appoint Lemona to the position of main owner on chat html5 for a period of one month. May we make good memories. Enjoy your day. 1st day of June, 2020. Cupim, LaFleur, Junior, & Sloom. ============================================ Versão em Português (carta original):
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    Hello everyone, I've seen standard old pawns on xat in a humanoid way that has always been the standard for years. Contrary to the existing standard humanoid pawn, new pawn shapes with a geometric shape should be developed. I would like to see new pawn shapes in the form of a circle, a square or a hexagonal shape with triangle. however, these geometric-shaped pawns must be designed to be reinstated. some people do not want to change their pawns, it is necessary to think about them. therefore, a special code must be made for the geometric pawn. If we want to add the emoji of any power to our pawn, we must first use the pawn of other powers by converting our geometric pawn back to the normal old standard, and this is the new pawn form, not the power. no fee should be paid for this. geometric shaped pawns should be used on demand. Also this would be great if power makers consider designing a geometric pawn power that changes its pawn shape. I would like on the see pawn shapes that look like crystal-like geometric-shaped pieces and gemstones in place of my old pawn. I showed you sample pictures below.
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    With the new official xat HTML5 testing chat - https://xat.com/html5 - coming to life, we are introducing an old/new exciting system! Each month a user will be picked as the new main owner! This first pick will be on June 1st, 2020. The new main owner will be revealed on the 1st of each month on xat.com/HTML5 and later announced here on this topic. More information about the official xat HTML5 chat can be found here. FAQ Main Owner list: #1 June 1st, 2020: Lemona (220341852) #2 July 1st, 2020: TBA
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    ID: 593 Name: Matryoshka Status: Limited Price: 249 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=matryoshka This power was made by: @Mihay Animated preview: Smilies: Pawn:
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    Hello xat community, I just wanted to tell you that I'm quite fed up with the way development of the HTML5 chat box went so far. First of all, it seems to me as if the code that was written up to this point was just tested in two browsers - Chrome and Opera. While ignoring the fact that code must be written to work equally well on Firefox and Safari browsers. For example, on Firefox, the smileys and pawns shake annoyingly when the chat box is loaded. I've been some of a Webdesigner myself and I know that there are always ways keep the code clean, short and simple, that work for Firefox and Chrome equally well - meaning browser neutral. To find them, you need to research online more and test for BOTH Firefox and Chrome, ofc. Taking that into consideration, parts of the HTML5 box's code imo need to be rewritten completely. The parts of the community who tell me on the chat box to "just use Chrome" - no, I won't. You please program your (censored) stuff to be cross compatible with Firefox, Safari and Chrome. If I bought a fridge and told the business my fridge doesn't work in my house, they won't tell me to put it in another house either, do they? They take back the fridge and they fix it to work, as part of the customer service. In defense of Firefox - at least it has built-in tracking protection and doesn't talk back to Google on everything and all I do on the Browser. Furthermore, the browser REALLY got better SIGNIFICANTLY with Quantum release. A message to all Firefox users out there - our browser works fine everywhere else - don't let an incompetent community tell you to change your browser just for ONE social network that doesn't work properly in our browser. Furthermore - why do you keep adding new features with older features added in the past not yet fixed and yet still not stable? For example,.you work on a search feature in friendlist, while NAMEGRAD in HTML5 is not working properly and is displayed upside down in comparison to Flash xat and for saving/updating your name you need to click "save" twice for some reason. "Away" is also not working properly etc. It's all known. Fix the old stuff first before adding new stuff, or the future result will be a buggy, confusing mess you won't be able to keep track of anymore, trust me. Last but not least some information: You only need to test your code on Firefox, Chrome and Safari. All other browsers today are forks based directly on either the source code of Firefox or Chrome, meaning they use the same rendering engines under the hood. Two examples: if something works in Mozilla Firefox, it will work in Comodo IceDragon. If something works in Google Chrome, it will work in Opera. See the list of web browsers on Wikipedia. Everyone else who might be frustrated with HTML5 development in ANY way - feel free to vent and let out your frustration here. This is what I created this topic for. Greetings, Voymo
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    Hello, I have basically remade Mundosmilies, designs, new tools and a lot of new things were added. Well, there are more updates such as: Mundosmilies Staff can now see staff activity (Time online, Messages sent & Last joined time) -- last 30 days; Stickers are being loaded automatically, also added code that was generated; New style, re-designed colors and icons (LIGHT & DARK THEME); Server maintenance, upgrades & boosts; SEO improvements & sitemap fixed; New staff page. Some prints: * Light (Logged as Staff/Not logged in) * Dark(Logged as Staff/Not logged in) I wish you all enjoy this update, I have spent more than 24 hours doing it. But okay, now it's ready and looking more pleasant, at least in my eyes. I have posted it logged as staff because there is no sensitive information.
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    Hello! I know that it has been requested before years ago, but I wanted to bump it up again so it can take another chance. Yesterday I purchased allpowers and it was a hassle for the seller and for me, specially after the trade is complete to make sure everything went right and nothing was missing, therefore I re-suggest the following: In the trade panel we can have other options such as: Add All Doubles (It will include all double powers once) Add (AllPowers) (It will add the 170 Powers required for allpowers, so it can prevent scams and unintentional confusion) - If the seller didn't have all powers it would say "Some powers are missing" -They can figure out whats missing by doing !allmissing and most of the bots would give them a list of the missing powers for (allpowers). Reset (It will refresh the trade panel and reset all inputs). Stay safe, Regards.
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    Here it is: https://xat.chat/ata-sydno/ I hope you'll like it! The next interviewee will be announced on a new thread. The winner of the 500 xats is @Keiner for his second question!
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    Hello everyone, we already have a winner: [1] « @Mafia1 1000xats Random post Forum: https://i.imgur.com/0KtUAzg.mp4 Well, we have a lot of players so i will choose others two winner 500x each one. [2] « @RobFerrari 500xats, [3] « @Mafia1 500xats Random number: https://i.imgur.com/Iu3f2Lr.mp4 I noticed the hard work of TED, I know it's against this rules, but I don't want to be indifferent, the 500x prize. [4] « @Ted 500x I hope you enjoyed the game, and those who did not win will win in the next game. - If you want to see the comments for the winners click on 1, 2, 3 or 4, which is added before the name mentioned above. - After receiving the award, please leave a confirmation message here. Thanks.
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    option 1: The New Dj and Main smiley for Now, (my idea alright..) the beret is red have moustache, sorry if is not perfect like the saxophone xDDDD i will do my best promise..!! option2:
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    xat is not supposed to take position or "sides", but by avoiding this, they are. xat is supposed to be open to everyone and support everyone, regardless of color or gender. We're in 2020 and they're already more than late for that. Like Junior said, people are free to do whatever they want, including not buying it.
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    iframes with parameters: Link: https://xstah.github.io/i/1.html?name%3Dstah%26bg1%3D000000%26bg2%3D020060%26c1%3D000%26c2%3D020060%26c3%3D020060 Preview: https://xat.com/stah?new Link: https://xstah.github.io/i/1.html?name%3Dstah2%26bg1%3D006a4e%26bg2%3D2E856E%26c1%3D8abaae%26c2%3D5ca08e%26c3%3D5ca08e Preview: https://xat.com/stah2?new Link: https://xstah.github.io/i/1.html?name%3Dstah3%26bg1%3DEb5a46%26bg2%3Dec9488%26c1%3D933b27%26c2%3DCf513d%26c3%3DCf513d Preview: https://xat.com/stah3?new Try it yourself: https://xstah.github.io/i/1.html?name=stah&bg1=000000&bg2=020060&c1=000000&c2=020060&c3=020060 (& and = must be encoded before putting on chat due to chars being stripped) Limitation: with maxlength removed seems to be 119 chars. (Hopefully @SLOom doesn't mind I pinched his Rubyyyyy example with a few modifications for proof of concept)
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    Hello fellow xatters. June is pretty much here and so is Pride month, which brings me to suggest the "Pride" pawn. I've been on xat for almost a decade and i've met many people who are a part of the lgbt community, myself included. This would be a cute idea -- not only for ourselves to use, but also for those who are supportive of the community. Below you can see 5 different examples of the types of pawns that would be included, each one representing a segment in the lgbt+. I apologize for doing this on such short notice and if my explanation is absolute trash but I hope you like my idea. Your thoughts would be much appreciated. (from left to right: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary)
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    It's 2020 and xat does need to take a position. Either xat support its LGBT users or are they complicit in putting us to death.
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    Hello everyone, i had an idea. I was thinking about a upgrade on the power status, where you could select which chats your status would be visible and which ones it wouldn't. Eg. There is some chats where you cannot sell IDs or anything else in your status, using a macro you would be able to exclude those chats, so your status wouldn't be visible on them, but visible on all the others. If it's possible, even setting that paramater for multiple statuses (@Aspect's idea, read https://forum.xat.com/topic/7762-multistatus/) Thoughts?
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    Hi Guysss...I apologize if I got caught up in the desire to do something truly epic..anyway.. I will "work" on this type of suggestion, on the other hand I love smileys!! my suggestion is to make both, smileys and musical instruments, so we have some smiley faces that sound something..maybe I'll make it any examples very cool, who know... - the idea is this, to make a power worthy of the valentine fairy etc... like some female playing the violin, a drummer, The bass player, the harp,the guitarist can not miss...the mexican, the piano maybe sitting with a suit, a new DJ..a nice guy with a flute, well I think I'll also add some hair styles, if you have any ideas you can suggest and help me to make it as beautiful as possible, the bongo, the trumpet...saxophone more or less the design i want make!! i hope you like the idea I will wait for some help before I start calmly, to give some examples! see you... MAIN SMILEY...
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    At the beginning of a new month, someone from the Contributor group will post a topic providing a summary for discussions that were discussed in the Contributor section during the previous month. This is to allow the community to be more informed and have a better understanding of the Contributor group. If you have any concerns or suggestions that you would like to be brought to the attention of the Contributor group, message any of the Contributors. You can see our previous logs here. Concluded Discussions These topics are concluded and are no longer being discussed. If you have any concerns about the conclusion of these topics, feel free to send a message and I'll see what I can do to help you. Aiuto chat Mosa3adeh chat Removing xatthai resource Spanish lobby
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    I've always thought that it would have been better to release diamond pawn as an exclusive pawn for everypower instead of emerald. I'd love to be able to use a diamond-shaped pawn, although it would probably be too expensive. However, I doubt it will happen considering that we already have emerald pawn. Would xat want to make emerald pawn a "normal" pawn just like pink, blueman, purple, gold and ruby? Doubtful. Also, we could get two counter-arguments against the idea, which would be that it'd be very similar to Emerald pawn and that it would be too similar to the moderator colour on xat. I guess they could add a diamond-shaped pawn to everypower, so people would be able to use both pawns emerald and diamond when getting everypower. Maybe it could be darker than the moderator colour, so there wouldn't be any confusion between both pawns.
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    My opinion is the same as before. This is something very simple to do, especially now with HTML5, a lot of things can be done such as multiple page backgrounds, or even gifs. Note that I'm talking about the chatbox background, not the page background. Do not confuse. (It's cool as it's now - using xatframes aka iframes). I did something like this for Flash some time ago: And even converted it to HTML5: But, it's not the same thing, in my opinion the system should work on the following rules: Main owners can set 1 - 5 backgrounds. Main owners can define default background. Buttons being displayed outside of the chatbox. When someone clicks one of these buttons, the chat background changes instantly. Backgrounds are separated by #. Same way than PCBACK. E.g url1#url2#url3#url4#url5. Some ideas for button positions/styles: 1. Buttons should be located on the right side. 2. Buttons shouldn't be located on bottom, left or top. * Reasons: Top: very limited space between the chat box and navbar. Bottom: it's used to keep showing xat Ad (promotion/power releases) Left: sided apps, then it's not a good place to keep them. Well, that's all. I hope this will be added in the future.
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    Happy Pride Month! I always like to remind people of the United States that, while celebrating the LGBT communities' progress, we really owe a lot to those who fought in the Stonewall Uprising. The Stonewall Inn was considered a safe place for LGBT since the family who owned the Inn had bribed New York's precinct to leave the Inn alone. The family would usually receive word from corrupt police on incoming raids to the Inn, giving bartenders enough time to hide alcohol (illegally sold without a liquor license, since liquor licenses were not given to those who sold to LGBT patrons). On June 28th, the Inn was raided but wasn't tipped off this time. Following the raid, the riots began simply because patrons of the Inn and members of the LGBT communities were tired of how police were treating them--this raid was just the tipping point. A year after the raid, a parade formed marching from the Stonewall Inn to Central Park, with the chant "Say it loud, gay is proud." Many countries are still fighting this battle. Before celebrating the progress, it's important to remember how far we've come and how grateful we in America are to even have this opportunity. To the countries still fighting this battle, we (or at least I) fight with you. Thank you.
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    Hello everyone, I made a review and impression on all summer powers. many summer powers have been created so far. however, I thought that innovations and changes could be brought to the existing summer powers smilies. Considering the number too of emoji in the old summer powers that exist now, I thought that additional smilies were needed for the summer powers. I thought these innovations, changes and new additional smilies would be possible with a new powers. a new summer power can be created for these new additional smilies. I suggest for all the summer powers innovations and changes so I suggest the "summertime" new power. The power I propose in this ''suggest'' is different from the already existing summer powers. I will consider the summer theme in, more detailed, not with a single flower or a single fruit. So I gave it a name in general, I didn't want to name any fruit or any flower. I think everyone will love these new, attractive and interesting smilies I share.
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    Hi everyone, I had previously tried to develop the powers of fairy by suggesting the powers of fairylove, for valentine day and tried to complement the shortcomings of this powers with some smilies. I propose the "fairyangel" powers by suggesting a new strength. I will create new smilies with different fairy costumes and different fairy hairstyles.I will try to contribute to xat with creative, innovative and different ideas. Allready I will redesign the fairy and angel powers that exist between powers. It will be superior and will make a big difference. https://prnt.sc/ruqboi https://prnt.sc/ruqd2o https://prnt.sc/ruqkox https://prnt.sc/ruqmxy https://prnt.sc/ruqo75 https://prnt.sc/ruqpkq https://prnt.sc/ruqqfx https://prnt.sc/ruqrk4
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    I like this power. It supports Russian's culture, and I like this too. Fun fact about Matryoshka (its also called Babushka) for who doesn't know about its history The first Russian nested doll set was carved in 1890 at the Children's Education Workshop by Vasily Zvyozdochkin and designed by Sergey Malyutin, who was a folk crafts painter in the Abramtsevo estate of Savva Mamontov, a Russian industrialist and patron of arts. Mamontov's brother, Anatoly Ivanovich Mamontov (1839—1905) created the Children's Education Workshop to make and sell children's toys. The doll set was painted by Malyutin. Malyutin's doll set consisted of eight dolls — the outermost was a mother in a traditional dress holding a red-combed rooster. (source: wikipedia)
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    I don't see the point either. Celebrities get the cyan pawn on xat because the fame generated by their popularity can benefit the website by bringing more users and benefit them with people possibly interested in what they do / the content they produce. What giving doctors/nurses a pawn would change to them and to the website? Plus, how would they prove it? showing their degrees? Why would a doctor/nurse, who are probably fighting in the front line against this virus in full time, want a colored pawn on xat? Doctors deserve all the recognition possible, not just because they are fighting against this virus, but for helping people, like they always have. We must recognize them by staying home, taking the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of this virus, by doing our part. By doing this, we prevent more people from being infected and consequently killed by this virus and reduce doctors' exposure to it and the risk they take.
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    I added new summer drinks to my (summertime) suggestion. I also added lemonade bar and lemonade car.
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    Congratulations @Manu and @xLaming
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    I dont understand if you want all this pawns u have posting in the first topic or u want just a geometric pawn, maybe it can help you sister
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    The logic behind this concept is to "protect" both xat users in a negotiation, so I assume xat is definitely going to add that in the near future (you can sue me if they don't). I used "near" because I like to think that the upcoming changes to HTML5 may "motivate" users to use the experimental chat instead of Flash (HTML5 > Flash). If xat were to update their HTML5 Trade app with such features it is very likely that traders wouldn't think twice before trying the new experimental chat (HTML5, ?new). We should have a button, or a menu to allow the user to add their collections at once (allpowers, EP and other super power collections). Ah, I remember reading about a "unit counter" somewhere, so it displays the total of power units added on the trade box. This saves your life if you're selling multiple collections Nice thread anyway! It's not the first though , many have requested for the same or a similar implementation to aid traders. We should do what we can to let xat know how much we want this. Can we do a public vote to let xat know that hundreds of traders are waiting for that change?
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    Hello XatFamily - This time I came up with a new game What you need to do to participate. 0) - Come here: https://xatBau.com/game 1) You must complete the correct word [example below] 2) Screanshot with your result [Send in messages] 3) Username (ID) + Screanshot/prnts _______________________________________________ - The more correct words you find, the greater your chances of winning - Every word found, print/screanshot it out and send a comment with USERNAME (ID) - Don't spam, please don't reply to two messages in a row, wait for someone to reply and then you can add another comment with the new word found. - ARCbots BOT will choose a winner from all the correct answers. NOTE: If these requirements are not met, comments will be deleted. END time: 30/05/2020 Prize: 1000x Chat: ARCbots, Assistance, Mundosmilies, Feedback, xat_test and Bau HAVE FUN
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    Hi everyone, Intelligence games enable people to develop their capacity to perceive and evaluate problems, to create different perspectives, to make a fast and accurate decision when faced with a problem, to develop a habit of focusing on a subject and a solution, to develop their capacity to use reasoning and logic effectively. People better recognize and develop their talents and potentials in individual and group works with intelligence games and increase their self-confidence. I play intelligence-enhancing brain teasers to have a good time at home and sometimes for fun. I recommend you mind games too. What is your favorite brain game that you enjoyed playing in your life or played in your past days? Is it chess? or another game one? My favorite mind game is Chess.
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    Hi everyone, Desserts are part of almost everyday life of all of us. it is even what most of us call indispensable at home and cannot give up. I have dessert with me in my daily life or after eating or watching television. I love eating dessert. most of you have a favorite kind of dessert. I like baklava or what kind of dessert you like? mine is "baklava"
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    Stif thanks you always keeping us well informed . @Mihay nice powers, good job, I like it .
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    nice ideea Dear!!
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    Already considered with a better concept than the groups powers design (we are still discussing this.) But that's not something which will come very soon since it's considered low priority compared to the better stuff we will add.
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    Am I late to the game? Yes. However, welcome @xLamingand @Manu c:
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    Hello There, I think it would be a good idea to create recognition for the doctors who are in xat, a pawn color that identifies them as doctors would be super cool. Of course users to won it will have to show their proofs. That will be a process like people to get Celebrity pawn. For those who fights everyday face to face with this pandemic. Later will add some pawn ideas or if someone wanna add it is free to do so.
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    We would have no way to properly validate if a person is a practicing doctor or no. You could extend your idea to the nursery area, but then again we have the same validation problems. xat has made nursing power for nurses, and medical for doctors. I guess you can use both if you'd like to "express your hospital love" Perhaps in the future xat can come up with a collection where there is context to include hospital stuff (then you'd be able to use some medical pawns forever, for instance). Thanks for the post anyway. Ideas are meant to be heard, let's work on them
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    This is, with all due respect, one of the most useless suggestions I’ve seen around on xat. Doctors don’t need a recognition in a social network just because they are doctors. They deserve all the recognition they get elsewhere, but here it’s just stupid.
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    I like this idea, I find it interesting but above all exciting. The person chosen as main owner would not only have the opportunity to make themselves known but would have the opportunity to show the various communities that attend the chat, what they’re made of. The main owner chosen could express their ideas, their thoughts and their personality. I think it's a nice way to bring all communities together and show that there is no language that can distance users between communities and communities.
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    I love it dear!!someting fresh for summer
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    Hi everyone, there are some movements, behaviors, and traits that make people different from animals. We cannot see them in animals as these are human-specific things in real life. We cannot ask animals of nature to dance, use musical instruments, use sports equipment, use brush, use work tool or use pencil . these are not possible anyway. but it is possible to design them for xat powers. As a continuation of the cute animal series, I propose a defferent and improved new animal powers. I suggest the "KSQUIRREL" animal powers https://prnt.sc/rvzks8 https://prnt.sc/rvzm3l https://prnt.sc/rvzohh https://prnt.sc/rvzrdt https://prnt.sc/rvzt2x https://prnt.sc/rw0al4
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    Hello everyone, to date, many cute animal powers have been created with the figures and themes of many cute animals. All of them had their own unique and special smilies. I intended myself to renew and change xat. For this purpose, I will propose a lot of new animal powers in addition to the cute old animal powers. I will try to show the shortcomings in the old animal powers and bring innovation and change to the classical smile features. I will include interesting and different expressions so that you do not think like imitation of existing ancient animal forces and so on. I suggest the "ELEPHANT" powers as the first cute animal powers. In the paragraph below, cute, fun and happy phrases are all together.
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    My favorite mind games are GO game, OKEY game, PUZZLE, WORD PUZZLE game and LABIRENT PUZZLE games.
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    During my stay at home, I realized that I am skilled at using some musical instruments. He noticed this in the people around me. they listened to me with pleasure. I am quite skilled in playing instruments and playing violin
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    Incredible xat family club! Ty @Bau!
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