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  1. xat'─▒ masa├╝st├╝nde veya telefonlar─▒n─▒zda uygulama olarak kullanabilirsiniz. Bunun i├žin talimalar─▒ okuman─▒z yeterli. You can enter xat as an application on your desktops or phones. Just read the instructions for this. xat.wiki/pwa
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  2. xat implemented the new Progressive Web Application (PWA) for groups. This allows you to run the latest new xat chat mobile version like a native app, which you usually would download from App Stores. It works on Android and iOS. It can also be used on Desktop. How can I install it? Android iOS Desktop
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  3. Theme: Anonymous Vendetta or with Fc Barcelona my name Text/Subtext: iiXDanny98 (585651094) Colors: Blue/White Extra Details: NA
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