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    ID: 595 Name: Jaws Status: Limited Price: 239 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Jaws It's @iSanty's first power. Congratulations for the amazing work! Animated preview: Smilies: Pawns:
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    iSanty (388822204) LINK: https://youtu.be/t6ltgGUaMcc I changed names and so on because of copyright, but I hope you guys like it!
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    ID: 596 Name: Rainbows Status: Unlimited Price: 199 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Rainbows This power was made by: @iSanty Animated preview: Smilies: Pawns:
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    I hope you guys like it!!! Leave your comment below!
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    The xatframe library is a brand new page, which provides a list of xatframes submitted by the community. Each one of them is approved by xat. Please note: Since the library has just been introduced, there's only one example. Using a xatframe Go the xatframe library, here. Click “copy” on any xatframe. Add the link to the xatframe field on the new editgroup (appearance tab). Save changes and xatframe will be live on your group. https://xat.com/html5 Submitting a xatframe Any xat user can make a xatframe submission. It will then be reviewed by xat. If approved, your xatframe will appear on the library. When submitting please consider all the points and guidelines mentioned in the form. You can make a submission here. We are looking forward to your xatframes! What’s a xatframe? Xatframe replaces custom CSS on the HTML5 group pages. They allow more advanced and easy customization including animations by using HTML, CSS and Javascript. You can read more about xatframes here. Versão em português Versión en español Versione italiana Türkçe versiyon Versiune română
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    Hello xat community !!! This Saturday we will do several games. With more than 50,000 Xats, in (XATS and DAYS) and a special prize The Games will be held at 👉 HOLA and everyone is invited to participate. 📌 The random number is removed 📌 Looking for a random number 📌 Major and minor random number 📌 Penalty kick 📌 Random number Bingo from 0️⃣ to 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 📌 User random 📌 Dance Hula Hula STOP 📢 All games are played with the BOT in the chat room. * The contest will be on July 4, 2020, Saturday at 17:00 p.m. (Spain) 🕔 Countdown ⏳ 👉 The games will be in Spanish. Anyone can participate 👌 * Donation: @JasonOficial - Myself NOTA: Madness is a certain pleasure that only crazy people know Hola comunidad xat !!! Este sábado haremos varios juegos. Con más de 50,000 Xats, en (XATS y DAYS) y un premio especial power Los Juegos se llevarán a cabo en 👉 HOLA y todos están invitados a participar. 📌 Eliminatoria Randomnumber 📌 Buscando un número al azar 📌 Randomnumber mayor y menor 📌 Penalti 📌 Randomnumber Bingo de 1 número del 0️⃣ a 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 📌 Randomuser 📌 Baila Hula Hula STOP 📢 Todos los juegos se juegan con el BOT en la sala de chat. * El concurso será el 4 de julio de 2020, sábado a las 17:00 p.m. (España) 🕔 Cuenta atrás ⏳ 👉 Los juegos serán en español. Y cualquiera usuario puede participar 👌 * Donación: @JasonOficial // Yo misma PD: La locura es un cierto placer que solo los locos saben
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    After Twitter and Facebook, xat sets foot in the next social media platform - Instagram. Win xats, exclusive contests, stay up-to-date on powers, features, HTML5 and much more! Follow xat on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xat.chats/
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    Hello everyone, I decided to write here to propose my idea, my idea mainly concerns a smile power. First of all, I would start by saying that the powers that I would like to suggest is called "alladin". I propose this powers because I think it can be new for communities for example: I would use this lamp as a pawn, it seems to me very pretty I would use this image as an animated smiley where the genius comes out (it can also go well with the pawn by letting the genius come out of the lamp) I would use the magic carpet as an animated smile I had always thought to be part of the theme of adding a smile like the sultan's house
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    Hello everyone, I've seen standard old pawns on xat in a humanoid way that has always been the standard for years. Contrary to the existing standard humanoid pawn, new pawn shapes with a geometric shape should be developed. I would like to see new pawn shapes in the form of a circle, a square or a hexagonal shape with triangle. however, these geometric-shaped pawns must be designed to be reinstated. some people do not want to change their pawns, it is necessary to think about them. therefore, a special code must be made for the geometric pawn. If we want to add the emoji of any power to our pawn, we must first use the pawn of other powers by converting our geometric pawn back to the normal old standard, and this is the new pawn form, not the power. no fee should be paid for this. geometric shaped pawns should be used on demand. Also this would be great if power makers consider designing a geometric pawn power that changes its pawn shape. I would like on the see pawn shapes that look like crystal-like geometric-shaped pieces and gemstones in place of my old pawn. I showed you sample pictures below.
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    HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Create your Mundosmilies Account; Log in using your account; Confirm your account using the command "!activate [YOUR CODE]"; Go to Add smiley, and share your smilies; Comment here with all your smilies shared. RULES: You may confirm your Mundosmilies Account, using your main xat account (xat ID you will receive the prize if you win); Be always creative and do not steal other' users; Winner(s) will be announced when countdown ends; You need to make a comment with all your smilies shared on the site. Edit it if necessary; Mundosmilies staff cannot participate in this contest, moderators or higher; You can post up to 10 smilies in this contest, others will not be considered. PRIZES: 8000 xats 6000 xats 4000 xats 1500 xats 500 xats JUDGES: Mundosmilies staff DONATIONS: @Drika // Myself PRIZE HOLDER: @Stif COUNTDOWN: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/2040848/mundosmilies-contest-ends
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    HTML5 is ALIVE and it’s time to put YOU to the challenge! For the next 5 days, I will be posting a list of items/challenges that relate to HTML5. To complete the challenge, you must go to xat.com/HTML5 (or any HTML5 chat) and post screenshots of you completing them below. 2 WINNERS will be announced everyday and will win 350 xats each! You can participate EVERYDAY! Prize holder: Myself At the HTML5 chat, we support DUCK RIGHTS! Therefore, we will be using the DUCK RACE TIMER to select the winners. Today’s list of challenges are (you must complete AT LEAST 2 to win): Share the duck song with a friend and watch it with the YouTube Pop-up viewer Send a kiss on the chat Search for a friend whose name starts with “S” Using the smiley selector, find the (zany) smiley
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    New version available. A huge update with new features such as timestamps, new Xavi app, flood limit optimization and much more. See all above!
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    Thank you everyone. I'll continue to do my best.
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    Sea calfs are very cute animals known for their it cutested. If a cute animal power was created within the Sea calfs, it would be very cute and great. I want a cute ''seacalf'' powers and I suggest ''Seacalf'' power for that. I added drawings and images to this suggestion showing the cutest looks of seacalfs and the cutest smiley emoticons of ''seacalfs''. I should also mention that the power I proposed will be different from the powers suggested and created before, because I will add the most interesting and very different emojis to this suggestion.
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    To celebrate the continued development of the HTML5-based xat website and the end of the first monthly main ownership of the official HTML5 chat, I will be hosting a small round of trivia tonight. The questions will be HTML5 themed (with an emphasis on xat). I'll give away between 2000-2500 xats, and others users are welcome to host/donate more if they wish. The contest will begin around 7:00 PM Eastern (around 3 and a half hours from now). It will be held on xat.com/HTML5, the newest official chat. Hope to see you all there :-)
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    Congratulations to the winners!! Now, here in public I will ask you, @Dimple your contest was to make an animated "gif", or a short with audiovisual animation content? Because they are two totally different things. It seems totally unfair, that in a contest the people who really did what you asked for a "gif" have lost. I understand that they could use the "youtube" platform or any video platform, I assumed that for those who could not obtain an original "gif" file (either because they didn't have the program, or x's, etc), they could combine it through a video, but that has already become audiovisual content of another level (nothing to do with what you asked for), with animation, voices, eccenaries, voice effects, etc. So, the next time will be more specific, and so the participants make their animations with standards in equality, and not to do a contest of simple combinations of smilies in a gif, so that in the end it wins an audiovisual animation content, which goes beyond what you asked for. (Which I am sure that if it had been, more than one person would have surprised us with their audiovisual animation content as well, with voices, effects, vectors, etc). Anyway, I thank you for the contest, I know that many had fun making their gif!
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    After a long time we have seen the last complete auction held in January 2019. Because the one that was held in January 2020, was for many a disappointment, where only one iD came out. Some wanted to get their new id and many were waiting for the moment, but in the end it was not. So, today I want to suggest a new ID auction for the 4th of July, as you know, on this day the independence of the USA is celebrated. In this auction the @Admin could choose the ids randomly, or choose the ids that are suggested by the users of the xat world who want to buy a particular one. Also, there are many users and friends who are very anxious waiting for this moment to get a rare and NEW ID. I just hope this can be possible. Have a good morning, good afternoon or evening. Thanks to you for taking the time to read it!
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    (2#Para ler em Português, leia no final! To read in English, simple continue:) And we continue towards the "new". A new era. A new culture. The originality of ideas lies in their audacious innocence to do what has never been done before. And until we can become victims of this creative authenticity, at least for the success of this project here, we must fantasize about the dream that we'll succeed, that we'll do the new, that it'll be different from the old. I like to say that even for things to fall you need a rhythm, an orchestra. Even the falls can be beautiful and memorable. Lemona's fall is not due to an error, but to a cycle. The system that we seek to implement needs harmony, and the memories that we forge together are part of the domino game that we started a month ago, of which the track of pieces we still don't see the end - nor do we intend to. However, democracy becomes fanciful when we try to please everyone and everything. We didn't see the possibility of Lemona having the first leadership just to please everyone. In fact, let us never pursue that. It's from those who disagree with our ideas that we can work on better ideas. But we didn't start this idea of the monthly main again just to be right, but to remember that ideas matter. "Pleasing everyone" and "always being right" are clichés that we want to get out of our own-idea-machine. We can no longer digest these things that some keep in their diet... We are unable to digest the discontent without justification, we are unable to digest the critics of merit or visionaries whose reach for ideas is no longer than a meter, and they still believe they see a lot. But don't worry. This is just a note, a collective opinion. We don't want a fatal competition, or for the next one to overcome the previous one's administrative acts. It is not a race. It is not a game. It is our future. Both mine and yours, Lemona's, and the future of the next chosen one, the future of those who read us, and of those who will hear on distant chats from those who will tell the stories over and over in the next years. She is a person full of ideas. She is always available to chat. She is an angel, without a doubt. She has "cons" though... I can even share a forty-two-page pdf file that illustrates all of Lemona's sins (kidding!). For these characteristics, we would look next for someone who'd resemble her. But unfortunately that would be difficult. It could become impossible. We'd lose days and days in meetings, dissatisfied with the criteria of finding a new Lemona. We'd be making a mistake. We'd have to admit it. The diversity in the idealization of things is what separates us from transforming ideas into nothingness, putting them into a void. We don't want that. We don't want repetitions. We want the new. And Stif is the only one able to help us in this moment of reconstruction. Stif is a long time helper. A brazilian. Known for many of the activities he performed on xat. A serious guy, at least when he needs to be. He has the energy to stay on xat during the day, at night, and even if there is no light I think. If we were to get his full history, we'd have to produce, in addition to a forty-two page PDF, another hundred page file. It would be an extensive read with many dates. So, for that reason, on behalf of LaFleur, Sloom, Junior and my own, we officially appoint Stif as the second main owner of html5 for a period of one month. We expect your month to be unique, and may we make good memories from it, in line with our larger plan to have a space for everyone to expose their ideas. 1st of July of 2020, Cupim, LaFleur, Junior & Sloom. ============================================ Versão em Português (carta original):
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    The Private Message feature on HTML5 chats could be upgraded with two new additions: The first addition is a feature that would allow us to display and hide a private message whenever we want (see Image 1 and 2). We would just have to click on the lock to display it and click again to hide it. It would be useful to be able to take screenshots of the main chat while keeping our messages private and without having to sign out/in and lose them to hide them. This would be in line with the spirit of the HTML5 version which is smarter and more instinctive. The second addition is to be able to see the regname of the user we are sending the message to (see Image 2). Sometimes we send a message, we get distracted, and we're not sure who we're sending it to anymore. It will allow us to make sure it has reached the right recipient. Image 1. Image 2. Credit to @SLOom for suggesting to add an automatic message to the locked lock. What are your thoughts?
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    I think xat doesn’t have any smilies related to Oriental countries / Arabic / Turkish / Balkan etc. I propose we have an (oriental) power. I have gathered some potentital smilies. If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them below. Cay Popular black tea Surahi Type of a vessel used for storing water Simit Popular circular bread covered with sesam Ayran Popular salty yogurt drink mixed with water Fez Cylindrical hat, usually red color, attached with a tassel Smiley: Yellow smiley wearing the hat Baklava Popular dessert made of thin pastry, nuts, and honey.
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    Hello! In 2 hours, we'll start some fun games with the Bot at xat.com/mundosmilies . Come play with us and win xats! I hope to see you there. Chat and play with everyone without worrying about the language !!! Donation: @JasonOficial ¡Hola! En 2 horas, comenzaremos algunos juegos divertidos con el Bot en xat.com/mundosmilies . ¡Ven a jugar con nosotros y gana xats! Espero verte allí. Chatea y juega con todos sin preocuparte por el idioma !!! Donación: @JasonOficial Olá! Em duas horas, começaremos alguns jogos divertidos com o Bot em xat.com/mundosmilies . Venha brincar conosco e ganhe xats! Espero ver você lá. Converse e jogue com todos sem se preocupar com o idioma !!! Doação: @JasonOficial
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    My user ID is: Paann (396632157) My GIF is ispired by love With Background
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    It came to 42's attention that users were asking for ID auctions (thread below). PLEASE SUGGEST YOUR DESIRED IDS. 6 AND 7 DIGITS ONLY. The auction will happen on July 4, 2020. This thread will lock itself automatically hours before the 4th of July. So hurry up to suggest your IDs! A special date always helps xat to do an excellent event. Let's hope that the U.S.A. Independence Day can help us remember what freedom truly is. In this special date americans may celebrate their independence in their own soil and elsewhere. But for us, at least for me, a Brazilian, a foreigner to the american's eyes, I'm happy to say that my country is also independent. We should be glad for our own government's autonomy and our country's freedom. Oh, and we should be glad for independence power as well, it's quite a piece of work! Thank you, users, for getting into action and making this request. Your voice here is heard.
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    ID: 597 NAME: POLAR STATUS: Limited PRICE: Unknow CATEGORY: User Power SMILIES: PAWNS: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Polar Credits: @iSanty !
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    Thank you all!! I hope you guys like it and enjoy the power, if there is any issue report it and we will fix it, remember we fix powers but the uploading of the new files take a long time, so be patient.
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    Thank you everyone. Thank you Cupim for the inspiring words. That is exactly what all this is about, the future, the new. xat has a really long history, several chapters of an endless book, a history that we are writing together. In these chapters we faced several situations, some good, some bad, but each one of them contributed to xat's history and to the improvement of the service as a whole. All of us involved, from all over the world, contributing together, in our own way. Now, a new and very important chapter is beginning, a chapter that will change everything, which opens up an opportunity to make xat a bit like every user has ever wanted it to be. And for that, we will be necessary once more. I ask you to stop by, to give your input, share ideas, express opinions, report issues, everything is welcome to help in this phase. Beyond that, I ask you to open your mind, to be open to the possibilities that this will, and already is, bringing us. I know we are all accommodated with xat's flash version but don't be afraid of the new. It may be strange at first but, now with HTML5, a xat we've never seen or could have thought of before becomes possible. I look forward to help on this journey with you all and make xat even better!
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    Amizade es no tener que estar todos los días juntos si no el Saber qué ni el Tiempo ni la Distancia podrá separarnos Jamás esa es la Verdadera Amistad.Les quiero mucho. Valoro nuestras locuras por aquí. Somos amigos aunque no nos hayamos visto fuera de esta red. El cariño es verdadero, no es virtual.Les dije que les quiero mucho? Sí, les quiero mucho! PD: Tener amigos así no tiene precio !!!!!!
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    Hola Somos HOLA
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    Hello xaterian’s first of all i would like to thank’s to all partipant’s of this contest. I/we know that you put an effort for your entry, so much appreciated! For those are not win maybe we see u again nextime!!! And thank you @lafluer as a prize holder. And for xat got talents judges thank you so much. Here the results of the 3 winner’s, base on the judges total: 1st place (Ruby): (Total: 45.65/50) @iSanty 2nd place (2000xat): (Total: 43.65/50) @Pann 3rd place (1000xat): (Total: 42.3/50) @Deyvid For the 3 winner’s you can get your prize to @LaFleur just message or PM him. Thank you again and Congratulations!
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    KABOOOOOOM!!!!!! We're back with a bang to propose a mind-blowing new power: Explodefx!! Explodefx is an FX power with emphatic explosions to ignite your smilies! We're bursting with excitement to suggest these spectacular smilies and effects: exploding bomb (with smoke) exploding dynamite (with a number timer) exploding firework exploding pawn exploding xat planet fiery explosion (lots of fire!) mirror shattering outwards nuclear explosion with mushroom cloud sausage bursting space vortex sucking in elements then exploding outwards volcanic eruption with lava All of these explosive effects can be combined with other smilies! For example, (mad#explodefx) (swt#expdynamite) and (burningheart#expfire)! The effects can maximize anger, destruction, power, catastrophe and more! A Balloonfx power currently exists with a mild popping effect, but these new effects are much more dangerous and destructive! Any of the above smilies could be included as pawns. An explosive hug animation could also be included, whereby your message appears once the smoke has cleared! Please post your constructive thoughts/additions below! You can also discuss your ideas with us at Feedback chat! Credit to Four (4444) for the idea and writing this, Lemona (220341852) for the artwork, and Elea (1313) for the volcanic eruption and space vortex ideas.
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    It’s summer in the northern hemisphere, and the perfect time to suggest a new beach power! This idea is to create a sandcastle smiley power with lots of customizable features! These fun features (with facial expressions) could include: Shapes - bucket, castle, citadel, temple, mansion Effects - default, crumbling, washed away, kicked / flattened by foot Sand colors - beach, silver, red, black, custom Flags - used with (flag) power Gback smiley Limited pawns with this power could include a sandcastle, bucket and spade, and a sandcastle being constructed (appears bit by bit). Meanwhile, a hug animation could include a wave lapping over a beach, destroying a sandcastle. When the wave withdraws back into the sea, your message could be left behind in the sand. Please post your constructive thoughts/additions below! You can also discuss your ideas with us at Feedback chat! Credit to Four (4444) for the idea and writing this, Lemona (220341852) for the artwork, and Elea (1313) for the flag idea and ‘sandcastle being constructed’ pawn.
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    As in all games, there must be winners here - this is everyone's name. ... fun and we enjoyed, thank you all for participating .... and Congratulations !!! ... ..... We return SOON with more games. Como en todos los juegos , debe haber ganadores aquí esta el nombre de todos fue . ... divertido y disfrutamos , gracias a todos por participar....y Felicidades!!! ... .....Regresamos PRONTO con más juegos . JUEGO DE MUNDOSMILIES ======== MUNDOSMILIES SET !!! * iiCrazyBoyii (1286325891) 1000 xats http://prntscr.com/t3kbzi 10 Ganadores con RANDOMUSER ====== 10 Winners with the RANDOMUSER * xMayc (304525034) 200 xats http://prntscr.com/t3kvu8 * xRavennn (544545627) 200 xats http://prntscr.com/t3kuuq * xNathy (1530989552) 200 xats http://prntscr.com/t3kvad * Drica (30003) 400 xats http://prntscr.com/t3kwtp * iiCrazyBoyii (1286325891) 200 xats http://prntscr.com/t3kwce * Piiinky160 (1513916216) 400 xats http://prntscr.com/t3kufc * ALvaro0255 (1521221189) 200 xats http://prntscr.com/t3kty6 RANDOMNUMBER 2000 XATS Y 100 DAYS * KARMALEON17 (1536087605) 2000 xats http://prntscr.com/t3lppx * CATERiNEEE (371586286) 30 days http://prntscr.com/t3m0qf * Piiinky160 (1513916216) 10 days http://prntscr.com/t3m2fz * iiCrazyBoyii (1286325891) 10 days http://prntscr.com/t3m1sg * ecLipse345 (146392232) 10 days http://prntscr.com/t3m2sy * mabeLduLcex (1534618014) 10 days http://prntscr.com/t3m35y * sergioherrera1974 (167217619) 10 days http://prntscr.com/t3m11p * Mjitokissnice (676436256) 10 days http://prntscr.com/t3m1df * iGaiiLcita (1413214889) 10 days http://prntscr.com/t3m24i BALONCESTO MUNDOSMILIES ===== MUNDOSMILIES BASKETBALL * Deyvid (273525093) 250 XATS http://prntscr.com/t3n1k3 * dosmiLveinte (1536508184) 250 XATS http://prntscr.com/t3n24f * Zuri28KarenCruz (1536553910) 500 XATS http://prntscr.com/t3n2ji * djraykoperu (344939089) 1500 XATS http://prntscr.com/t3n30r * Piiinky160 (1513916216) 2500 XATS http://prntscr.com/t3n3f3 * xNathy (1530989552) 5000 XATS http://prntscr.com/t3n41u Bailando en mundosmilies ====== Dancing in smilies world !!! * Paann (396632157) 2000 xats y 10 days http://prntscr.com/t3njcc * Deyvid (273525093) 1000 xats http://prntscr.com/t3njts *iiCrazyBoyii (1286325891) 1000 xats y 20 days http://prntscr.com/t3nkbq * CATERiNEEE (371586286) 30 days http://prntscr.com/t3nl3j Buscando el número 1 en Mundosmilies ====== Looking for number 1 in Mundosmilies * WatermeLonsugar (1190321101) 8000 XATS http://prntscr.com/t3okme
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    Yes! I'm very sorry for this inconvenience. We'll be getting to it as soon as possible. I've been trying to find the bug for 2 days but I just realized it might has to do with html5... Anyway. It is important to clarify that @iSanty first power works! To use it on html5, add ## e.g. (d#sharkdj##) PS. It works normally in Flash. I loved the power. Jaws looks amazing. It makes me wonder when is xat getting a 2nd series of Jaws. We need more of these cute sharks! Also, it's important to announce that in a collaboration work @Mihay and @iSanty created a SHARKFX! Soon available on html5 and Flash. JAWS is an example of what's to come. An excellent work from these true artists Flash: HTML5:
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    As it is known, there were previously Famous or Blue (Celebrity) colored pawns, and the people who were entitled to get it were usually famous people using such social media like Twitter, Instagram Facebook, Youtuber. i think xat users have the right to ask for it I have 2 types of formulas here : first formula : I believe that people who are well known in xat should be entitled to receive it, even among voters who can be made in the form of voting. ( for Cyan pawn) second formula : here, a new pawn color can be selected, only available to well-known users from xat. that is, users who are famous in xat.com If we can not use Cyan, I suggest making a new Pawn color and I offer this to be used by famous people in xat.com thanks everyone
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    Now everyone can say aquí llegó tu tiburón. Congrats @iSanty
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    Hi everyone! I want ''Garden'' xat powers. In the my ''springrose xat powers'' suggest, which I have suggested before, I was include various rose symbols and various rose shapes in the spring theme, and I was tried to make xat powers statements by using the rose crowns and rose buckles together with the spring theme.Them I tried to convert them to xat powers expressions, but in this new suggest, I make all wild flowers a more comprehensive and more detailed topic. I use it's human face shapes, human hand and arm shapes with together various flowers and tools.These smilies can be an idea to xat designers. If this suggest is taken into account, we can see the xat smilies my suggested in the new xat powers that can be created in the future. I present this suggest to the knowledge of xat powers designers. Pay attention to the different face, hand and arm shapes I have included in my suggest. I have added emoji pictures about wildflowers to my suggest. Also I will support these pictures with different pictures and drawings. As in these examples, it would be nice to see cute wildflower emojis in xat flower powers. If can these powers were created, I think many people will buy these powers on xat and use them with pleasure.
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    @siglo🥳Felicidades Mensooo 🎂👏🎉❗ Que tu día sea hermoso y lleno de felicidad . Que esta nueva etapa llegue llena de buena salud y nuevas oportunidades para hacer realidad sus sueños más deseados, Ah, verdad ginecólogo , jaja 😂. Que la alegría te acompañe en todo momento y que Dios continúe guiando todos tus pasos e iluminando tus pensamientos cada vez más, y dándote mucha sabiduría pues tu vacilas , más do qué respira😂.Nunca olvides lo especial que es en mi vida virtual y siempre que lo necesite, estaré aquí 😎 Felicidades Feooooo 🍾🥂🍀🎉TQM😜 PD: Más tarde te armamos una FIESTA ONLINE con todos tus amigos de MANICOMIO 🥳😎 Pero en HOLA
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    Prize received https://prnt.sc/t55y64 Thank you a lot for the contest, I had never won something like this before! thank you really @Dimple @Lemona @zw @Camii @miaa
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    hello, my gif is inspired by unicorns & rainbow ♥ https://imgur.com/a/pf21w6t KARY (137919842)
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    A new version is available with many updates. Changelog updated.
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    Thank you all for liking the power! A new smiley will be added later on.
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    Hello, here is this little bear! You can download the editable file here. Ai Or if you prefer, visit my page and download it from there. (Here is the png image in a very high resolution). In either of these two ways! =)
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    @Stif has been added to the wiki editors team. This was a result of his great and continuous contributions to the wiki. Congratulations!
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    As you may have known, for the past 3 years, I have been moderating several official xat rooms at a time, which I call "xat patrol." Now, with much more real life responsibilities, I have lost the time and motivation to dedicate to continue to do this duty. For this reason, I have quit xat patrol. What does this apply to? This applies to my staff position on the following chats: Assistance, Chat, Help, xat_test, Loja, and Trade. I have also left their respective clubs on the forum as well. Will you still be active on xat? Yes, I will still be active on parts of xat. However, this is only limited down to managing Game chat, continuing to check the forum regularly, and answer to reports and messages. I will still keep my inventory on my xat account, and continue to host contests when I have the time. Recently when I had a short amount of time after work, I would only check those parts of xat, and only moderate the other chats when I had more free time. However, moderating the other chats is no longer the case, and managing Game by itself is still much of a responsibility. This time away from xat patrol will also give me more time to continue to manage and improve Game, and maybe even host more contests! It has been a pleasure serving as a team member in most of the official chats of xat, but I cannot dedicate my time to continue to do this anymore. I will still continue to fill my role as a chat manager, a Contributor, a Verified Prize Holder, and, if needed, a helper! Cheers, and thank you chat managers for allowing me to moderate your chat!
  45. 4 points
    Hello everyone, this contest is over, thank you all. We have already a RandomUser: FORUM_URL/#comment-131042 @Coolingman _________________________________________________________________________ As you know, a question was added in this contest, I knew that some of you will read all the requirements and some will not read them. I want to thank everyone and announce that everyone who answered this question receives this free power BALLOONY. The winners: @RobFerrari @Alyn @iMano @Alexius_ @Sergio Whoever didn't win anything can win next time, or try your luck here with this wonderful game: Enjoy.
  46. 4 points
    At the beginning of a new month, someone from the Contributor group will post a topic providing a summary for discussions that were discussed in the Contributor section during the previous month. This is to allow the community to be more informed and have a better understanding of the Contributor group. If you have any concerns or suggestions that you would like to be brought to the attention of the Contributor group, message any of the Contributors. You can see our previous logs here. Concluded Discussions These topics are concluded and are no longer being discussed. If you have any concerns about the conclusion of these topics, feel free to send a message and I'll see what I can do to help you. Aiuto chat Mosa3adeh chat Removing xatthai resource Spanish lobby
  47. 4 points
    RobFerrari (129030692) https://i.imgur.com/fFiLjUh.gif Inspired by the galaxy, and Pacman version smiles from xat.
  48. 3 points
    Well, my suggestion is something very simple. Get rid of ad blockers, do some changes to block them. As we know 99% of xat users are using Ad Blocker, and this is a problem in certain cases. xat isn't using AdSense or something like, these resources that are being blocked are really useful for the community. (such as chat promotion or power banners) It's being blocked because of containing "ads" in names (includes class / id / div and file names). Just change those names that contain: ad, ads, advert, advertise etc. Example: And no, deactivating Ad Blockers manually isn't an option, and since the solution is simple, why not? Even because sometimes it activates alone. You can read more information about it https://adblockplus.org/filter-cheatsheet.
  49. 3 points
    It was difficult but I am satisfied. https://imdazer.github.io/framexat/mosa3adeh.html Buttons color: #047097
  50. 3 points
    Yes, geometric-shaped pawns with a diamond-shaped image look great on the xat pawns. Even, example, for purple powers, purple diamond pawn, for gold powers, yellow diamond pawn, for ruby powers, red diamond pawn would looks great. it would be a great innovation and change for on this xat and on xat powers. I thank you for likeing my ideas.
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