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    Hey all, I'm just going to share a little bit of photography from a recent trip to Norway, because why not? If you're ever debating on where to go on vacation, I'd definitely recommend it. Click here for the photos
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    @Maxo@LaFleur@xLaming@Camii@theFlower@Sydno@Sergio@Stif@Toxic@AlexiusZeta@Masha@DUYGU@NIC0LAS@Maverick@Paul @Cupim@Page@Kaay@Ghost@Edit@Dann@Mark@john@Jake@Echo@Exin@Zurf@Zuke@Shia@Lea@Lemona@Shizuo@Leandro@Marek@DjCrazy@Skatel@Mike@Mihay@Amyyyy@Enge@Goku@Geordie@Elea@Obeyta@Queen_Sofia@debz@Keviin@Angelo@zw@Mino1
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    @Mucahit(HI) @Deff(HI) @Sevda(HI) @Eylem(HI) @Cupim(HI) @xLaming(HI) @NoSense(HI) @Guppy(HI) @Drika @Toby(HI) @Steven(HI) @Vevrok(HI) @ider(HI) @DUYGU @Elea(HI) @Exin @Sydno (HI @Stif(HI) @DonQuijote(HI) @surda @LaFleur @Maverick @Leandro @Amyyyy @Masha(HI) @Goku @Enge @Lemona @Jayden @mino @Junior @Pika @Marek @Guppy
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    hello everyone good morning @werita *@LaFleur @Kriz @Amyyyy @Shot @iMIKI @Enge @Goku @Maverick @Paul @Goku @Masha @Valstein @Sarah @Sergio @Cupim @Page @Tom2 @Sevda @SLOom @Sydno @Kaay @Leandro @debz @Queen_Sofia @Anas @IRINA @Lemona @Mike @Kiler @Edit @Edith @AlexiusZeta @Mihay @Camii @Geordie @Jefa @DUYGU @Eww @Angelo @Echo @Maxo @Stif @Bryan @Amna @Dope @iiLu @Obeyta @Angeline @Solange @Zurf @Ghost @Katers @XeR @Zuke @Zorick @xLaming @Paaty @Angel @Marya @Xiah @True @Mafia1 @Jake @Shizuo @CH3RRY @Jason @Raven @porcelainbarbie @Anar @NIC0LAS @Black @muffin @zw @Dimple @xRavenette @DonQuijote @6 @elya
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    42's Interview (english and spanish) http://mundosmilies.com/joomblynews/42-2/
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    when xat holds u but bae doesn't
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    What do you guys think about it?
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    shoutout to @Shake for the new high quality signature
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    ¿Qué pasa con el nuevo poder salió defectuoso? ¿Por qué lanzaron tan pocos a la venta? What about the new power came out faulty? Why did they release so few for sale ?
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    We are HOLA a xat with total freedom of expression to talk about everything with each and everyone can express their opinion, dreams, beliefs or experiences of all kinds. Open 24 hours. X A T . C O M / H O L A Entra! y diviértete con nosotros.
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    Guess what?! Bryan and I are dropping an album!! BRY X LEM. Pre-order: 02.17.2019 🔥🔥💘
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    FEXBot Uno contest @ Game chat for prize: GESTURE @ 7:00 PM EST!
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    https://i.imgur.com/I4nsZ0T.gifv should i make a post for this feature?
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    I wanted to thank you all personally but you posted so many status updates I can't find them all! Thank you very much, everyone. I promise I will do my best! And this starts today!
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    Happy halloween to all. @Fiona here my halloween custome
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    I know I'm late, but happy Saint Patrick's Day?? :3 I drew this under 30 mins so it's sloppy and rushed @.@
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    my cat is such a meme ahhh
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    As I'm extremely happy to have won the Valentine's Day Storytelling Contest at first place; I thank the dog who I based my story on. He isn't with us anymore, sadly. Here's the photo of Rocky on Christmas Day, 2015, who I couldn't put on the pastebin. @Bryann
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    @Drika Hoje é o teu aniversário e todos estamos aqui a festejar . Taí uma amizade que surgiu do nada, e parei pra perceber o quanto você é especial. Parabéns pelo seu dia AMA, que essa data venha a se repetir por vários e vários anos, te desejo muita saúde e felicidades. Obrigada por se preocupar comigo e sempre dar aquele apoio, sucesso minha amiga sua amizade foi um grande presente que Deus me deu e agradeço todos os dias por isso,você é muito especial para mim. A minha consideração por você é enorme. Como não admirar uma pessoa do bem, que se preocupa com o próximo, que contagia a todos com sua presença e energia? Que hoje Deus esteja à frente de seu dia e que tudo que chegue até você seja para o bem. Que Ele te abençoe com o que você quer, mas também com o que você necessita. Meus parabéns Ama🥳🎉❤️ Te quero muito 🥰
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    I already bought my balloons for when we get out of quarantine
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    Los Venezolanos: manifiestan su LOCURA a las 6:47 AM @D4niel @Nathaly y los demás no puedo etiquetarlos
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    🎮 🎮 🎮 Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is one of the most anticipated games this first semester will be released in physical and digital format today Friday January 17 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. For fans of video games with anime adaptation as for those enthusiasts of Akira Toriyama's work who are looking for a videogame capable of transmitting those sensations with the command in hand.
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    🎮Battle Rally 🎮 Shenmue 3🎮 Almost two months after its launch, Shenmue 3 prepares to receive what will be its first important DLC. Downloadable content called Battle Rally will be free for everyone who bought the game's season pass, called Complete DLC Collection. It will be available from next January 21 and, for the first time, will allow us to handle other characters besides Ryo Hazuki, the protagonist of the saga.
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    🎮🎮🎮 Resident Evil 2 Remake introduces an achievement related to Resident Evil 3 Remake The new Capcom game will go on sale in April 2020 and will connect with the second installment through a letter written by Jill. It has not been long since the announcement of Resident Evil 3 Remake, which took place in the recent State of Play, the Nintendo Direct-type event with which Sony announces all its news for PlayStation 4. However, Capcom has just updated Resident Evil 2 Remake to include an achievement linked to the third installment of the saga. Do not forget that the events narrated in the chapter starring Jill Valentine take place 24 hours before the events of the second part. The achievement is called "Chasing Jill", as can be seen in the image we publish just below these lines. "Read a letter left by Jill," says the description. So from now on, Resident Evil 2 Remake players will have the opportunity to discover a new secret. Where is the letter? It is still a mystery, so you have to look well among the ashes of Raccoon City. Changes at all levels Capcom's new production will be released almost a year after the adventure of Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy. As in this case, it is a reimagined version of the original, so it introduces changes at both playable and narrative levels. In addition, the characters also look new, including Nemesis, whose appearance has generated memes on the Internet. Jill and Carlos must walk the streets of Raccoon City, eaten away by the zombie threat of Umbrella Corporation. Will they be able to escape? Resident Evil 3 Remake is in development for PS4, Xbox One and PC.
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    🎮🎮🎮 Minecraft will have cross play also on PS4 As of this Tuesday, December 10, the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft will allow the game to be crossed with the rest of the consoles and devices in which the game is located. This means that players from all major gaming platforms (Nintendo Switch, Windows, Xbox One, iOS and Android, as well as Gear VR devices) can now play together in the same online world.
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    Amor não se compra, não se vende, não se acha, apenas se conquista e você me conquistou de todas as formas. Você é assim Um sonho pra mim E quando eu não te vejo Eu penso em você Desde o amanhecer Até quando eu me deito Eu gosto de você E gosto de ficar com você Meu riso é tão feliz contigo O meu melhor amigo É o meu amor E a gente canta E a gente dança E a gente não se cansa De ser criança A gente brinca Na nossa velha infância Seus olhos, meu clarão Me guiam dentro da escuridão Seus pés me abrem o caminho Eu sigo e nunca me sinto só Você é assim Um sonho pra mim Quero te encher de beijos Eu penso em você Desde o amanhecer Até quando eu me deito Eu gosto de você E gosto de ficar com você Meu riso é tão feliz contigo O meu melhor amigo É o meu amor E a gente canta E a gente dança E a gente não se cansa De ser criança A gente brinca Na nossa velha infância Seus olhos, meu clarão Me guiam dentro da escuridão Seus pés me abrem o caminho Eu sigo e nunca me sinto só Você é assim Um sonho pra mim Você é assim Você é assim Você é assim Você é assim Um sonho pra mim E quando eu não te vejo Penso em você Desde o amanhecer Até quando me deito Eu gosto de você Eu gosto de ficar com você Meu riso é tão feliz contigo O meu melhor amigo É o meu amor
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    Thank you everyone for wishing me a happy birthday! I really appreciate all of your messages
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    The costume contest is underway on Feedback chat, if you wish to participate! Wear a spooky avatar/name/pawn and you could win xats!
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    Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslim from everywhere https://imgur.com/ARG2uo0
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    A user asked me if I go to the gym. Hello? I'm Witness not Fitness.
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    PSA: Nobody needs to know that you're "reserving" a spot for a background contest!!!!!
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    I love you all and happy new year for all of us ❤️ I hope that your new year would be enjoyable. May the essence of this new year blend a sweetness in your life that stays forever and ever! Wishing you a very happy new year! @Fionamy twin @Camiimy honey @Eleabest sister @Neslymy kadayif @Pagemy Princessa @Sevdamy sister @Cupimmy Chef @6my best sister @Paul my Friend @Aleemy Bro @Arthur my Arthura @LaFleurmein Freund @Baumy Friend @Stifmy Friend @Crow and More
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    Updated my profiles in-chat and on the forum to look more Christmas-y! Now for the rest of the year I am Natey Claus!
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    Thank you for all the love and support people have been giving me today. It's a rough time for me. I'm just glad people are always there for me.
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    Protip: If you ever play PUBG with @Cupim, DO NOT LET HIM DRIVE THE MOTORCYCLE. He WILL kill you when you have an AWM.
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    @Edit @LaFleur @Stif @Adeis @Juna @Valstein @Shizuo @Atti @Thuk @Champ @Christina @DjCrazy @Felipe_ @Math Thank you for your birthday messages! ----------------------------- PD: Te cobrare la palabra! @Adeis PD1: Lindo, @Eleven PD2: You surprised me!! @LaFleur
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    Overview of Meltdown and Spectre You have probably heard the news of new vulnerabilities that affect most major chipsets, including Intel, Arm, and AMD. This means that the vulnerability affects nearly everyone who owns a computing device. What is the vulnerability? The vulnerability affects how systems isolate sensitive data in memory. Exploiting the vulnerability could allow an attacker to gain access to data such as passwords, encryption keys, or potentially data from other virtual systems on the same server. Right now there are two specific vulnerabilities being dubbed Meltdown and Spectre. Meltdown: This vulnerability is the easiest to exploit and the one getting the most attention. It primarily affects the Intel chipset and is current being addressed with operating system level patches from Microsoft, Apple and various Linux distributions. It works by using a method called "speculative execution" to infer values in protected memories. This vulnerability has been assigned CVE-2017-5754 Who is affected? Basically anyone with a computer. This would include local devices you use like laptop and desktop computers, but also potentially your phones and tablets, as well as IoT devices. It also includes servers and services you may visit as well, most notably cloud systems that offer virtualization. The vulnerability has been verified to work on chipsets going back to at least 2011 and likely affect CPUs going back as far as 1995. Most at risk right now are systems using the Intel chipset as they are the easiest to exploit, and the first proof-of-concept exploits are being released target Intel. This means that your laptop is probably more at risk than your phone, for now. How can this be attacked? To exploit these vulnerabilities, an attacker would need to execute code on a local system. This could be performed in a variety of ways. Being locally logged in, even as a low-level or nearly unprivileged user, would allow the attacker to launch the attack. Attackers could also launch the attack remotely if they can get malicious code executed on a local system. This could take the form of downloaded malware and malware pushed via malicious websites or even through malicious documents. Has it been attacked "in the wild"? Nothing has been detected as being exploited in the wild so far. Since these vulnerabilities have been disclosed by security researchers rather than being discovered in an active attack, it's likely that attackers were not aware of these vulnerabilities until everyone else. This will quickly change however, as proof-of-concept exploits are already being written and floated around the internet. It is probably only a matter of time until we see these vulnerabilities exploited in malware and local attacks. What is the solution? Since these issues are hardware related and vary widely dependent on specific software, complete fixes will be complex and likely take a while to get here. Luckily while Meltdown is easier to exploit, it's also easier to address. And while Spectre is a harder problem to patch, it is also much harder to exploit (right now). Currently OS vendors like Microsoft, Apple and Linux are releasing patches that will provide protection against Meltdown attacks. These patches work by removing shared kernel mapping which prevents the ability to predict values in protected memory. Unfortunately, by removing this feature, a lot of processing efficiency is removed as well. This will result in some performance decrease for those systems. What that decrease is will depend on how heavily software relies on this memory access, but current estimates suggest anywhere from a 5%-30% decrease in overall software performance. Intel has released firmware updates, but some people seem to have a misconception that firmware updates occur as a simple, generic patch that anyone can download. This is far from the truth. The biggest problem with the firmware updates that are being released is that firmware will be vendor and model specific. Intel develops multiple firmware updates for each different chip. These firmware updates are then distributed to the computer vendors like HP and Dell who, in turn, have to test and release them to their customers for each model of computer they sell. For instance, here's Intel's page on how to get their firmware updates. It basically provides links to the individual computer vendor's site: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000025619/software.html If you look at Dell's linked page, as an example, you can see dozens of updates that are model dependent: http://www.dell.com/support/article/us/en/19/sln308237/dell-client-statement-on-intel-me-txe-advisory--intel-sa-00086-?lang=en Adding insult to injury, most firmware updates need to be installed directly on the system requiring a person physically in front of the machine. Whether you send every user a USB stick with instructions for installation (and lots of prayer) or you send an IT person to every terminal, you can see how burdensome and complex the process can become. Even figuring out which updates are needed for an enterprise fleet of computers of different vendors and models can be an overwhelming task. Pair this with the need for software patches, like those from MS, Apple and Linux and every company's IT will be in overdrive for the foreseeable future over this issue. In the meantime, all the things we currently recommend to prevent malware apply here. Avoid suspicious email attachments, documents and websites. Make sure you use long and complex passwords to prevent unauthorized users from accessing your system and keep your software up to date with patches. Additional resources FAQ and Technical Documents: https://meltdownattack.com/ Round Up of Vendor Responses: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/01/meltdown-and-spectre-heres-what-intel-apple-microsoft-others-are-doing-about-it SpiderLabs will be keeping an eye on these vulnerabilities as more information is released. Original post: https://www.trustwave.com/Resources/SpiderLabs-Blog/Overview-of-Meltdown-and-Spectre/ [UPDATED 1/5: typo correction, expansion of "What is the solution?" section and addition of "Additional resources" section]
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    Merry Christmas Everyone😘 Hope you have Blessing Xmas for your family.
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    Happy Birthday babe!! I hope you have a great day! Please enjoy this cringey video I found. All love x.
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    thank you all for the birthday wishes! one year closer to death !
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    It's better to win things by working hard than winning things just by friendships..
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    !Feliz cumpleaños, mi amor! ❤️
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    Dear @Fiona, i made Oreo cheesecake for you, hope you like it:)
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    Okay, FINAL ATTEMPT since @Swifty kept telling me to post :). Hope you're having a great birthday anyways!
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    Happy Valentine's Day. ❤️️
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    plz stop whining to me when i mark someone elses answer best @the entire forum!!!!!!!!
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    ¡ En Hola Somos Libres Y Felices Entra Y Diviértete Con Nosotros Sin límites ! JUEGA Y GANA XATS Y DAYS Mientras chateas y haces amigos de todo el mundo. H O L A, we are free and happy Come in and have fun with us without limits! PLAY AND WIN XATS AND DAYS While you chat and make friends from all over the world.
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    Hello, 🖐 my name's 😩 😩 😩 Danilo. My account 😱 🇼 his (1516955921) 🍑 has been deleted ❌ in February 9, 2017 by e❌-volunteer ♻ ♻ 😩 Andre ⛹. I'd like 😍 ❤ to appeal to you for a ticket 🎫 🎟 🃏 and tell 🌮 them to restore ♻ 🗃 my account 📲 Open a ticket 🎟, please 🙏. #Whisneedsreturn. Thank you 🌺 very much. 👌 🙆 have fun
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