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    Hello! I would like to suggest an idea for a feature of xat that I'm pretty sure would be useful for absolutely everyone. I'm sure we've all experienced the annoyance of having multiple chat tabs open at once, and our PCs from people starting to pop up on whichever chats we're on. Then, we end up with a conversation with someone spread out over 4 different chats which can be extremely inconvenient and difficult to keep track of. PCLock is a feature that would allow you to lock your PCs to one chat only. Your PCs with people wouldn't be spread out if you had multiple chat tabs open, and you could choose one chat to keep that particular PC on. I'm open to ideas on how you would go about locking a PC, but I figured that this could be done by perhaps double clicking on the PC tab on the chat that you want it to be locked to. As for unlocking, well, simply do the same thing- double click. After double clicking the PC, a dot would appear on the right of the PC tab, signifying that it's locked to that chat. My PC with Muffins would be regular, and my PC with Crow would be locked to Help chat. So let's say I was at Trade and Help, and Crow PCed me while I was open to the Trade chat tab, I'd still only receive his PC on Help. (I recently wiped my hard drive and need to redownload Photoshop so I had to do a terrible freehand lol, but you get the gist I hope.) Anyways, feel free to comment your thoughts or ideas to make it better.
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    GENERAL CONTEST INFORMATION It has been a while since we hosted a contest! The Help chat is looking for general purpose backgrounds. You can post as many entries as you want. The deadline is June 3rd at 10pm EDT. Click here to convert to your timezone. Questions about the contest should be posted in this topic. Reputation accumulated on the posts in this topic have no influence on the outcome of the contest. REQUIREMENTS AND LIMITATIONS Backgrounds must be blue and must not focus on a specific event or celebration. You must provide a chat background and an outer background (2560 x 1440 pixels or larger). You must provide a matching button color. Your entry must be posted publicly here. Please try not to make something too dark or too bright. Ideally, don't make anything hurtful to eyes. CSS may be used for minor modifications. PRIZE INFORMATION There will be a first place and second place winner. The prize amounts have not yet been decided. The prize pool may continue to grow. Donations are accepted until the contest deadline. Current total prize amount: 15,500 xats.
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    Audio Control allows you to turn on or off which sounds you want to hear in chat. This is not 100% my idea so i will give credit to @LaFleur & @SJBB Update: after searching forums i found this suggestion which is really similar to what i made so im going to credit the user(even tho i never seen it xd) @LaFleur sent me the post and asked if i could do one of them so i gave "Fewaudies" a go. I twisted his idea and added my own things to it. Heres how it works: Red is disabled and green is enabled plain and simple. I would like some suggestions to add onto this. I hope @Admin can add this as it only took around 40 lines of code(most of which is editing existing code).
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    WARNING: THE VIDEO BELOW IS MY ENTRY BUT IT IS VERY CRINGY. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK. Lyrics: I am aware of how cringe-worthy this is.
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    welp, maybe I should dump everything I've made so far, before I delete it without knowing. Most of them are partially completed (because I'm lazy) and also hard to edit because of the verbose css, but it may be useful to just crop out a few chunks of css and paste on your own xatspaces. You're free to do anything you want with it after all. Before asking questions about how to edit stuff, make sure to right click > inspect on the element you want to change, and try to figure it out by yourself. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requires (me) power! Don't forget to remove the 'body{' at the beginning of each css file! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Old stuff: 1. one of my first xatspaces => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/pPpmEd 2. facebook => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/xdpvLp 3. navigation tabs (incomplete) => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/JNMQXY 4. login page => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/KmQPPm 5. phone (incomplete) => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/NjORwj Advanced stuff (verbose css): 6. was used on a xs contest (change --scheme for different accent color) => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/MmrdRz 7. tumblr-ish xatspace (updated 22/05) => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/dWwVNb 8. friends list => https://codepen.io/anon/pen/xdpvMz I may update this post in the future in case I find more stuff I made in the past. ps: I appreciate all the compliments, thank you https://codepen.io/anon/pen/BRYBVR
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    My favourite volunteer is Mike because of how smart and respectful he is. His commitment to the team and working close with each member to push for the mutual goal is truly remarkable. He's also one of the most level-headed person, I must say. Thinks before he acts and doesn't let personal issues get him out of line in public to smear the title - remains professional in any setting. I'm glad we as a team all voted to have him on board, because he truly is an asset and a great example for all of us.
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    Hello everyone. I like to celebrating bday here. I share my blessing with u of my power that i have. But you need to help me to complete the Lyrics of the song. Information must read: 1). Every end of weekend (Sunday) i will post here a new Song Missing lyrics, 5pm tokyo time.Until June 2, 2017 only. And this Trend will be closed June 3, after i given the last prizes event for the 4rth week. And please vols. allowed me that I'm holding the prizes, thank you! 4).I will post also the prizes every week with song missing lyrics. 5).You can put the complete Answer only or you can put also complete Answer with Video link its fine. 6). The winner every week will be given the power prize every Saturday or Sunday, you can see me online in xat_test and WPY chat. And please pc me or message me here on forum to claim your prize. Rules: -No giving another clue of the song missing lyrics. -Put your xat iD and user name below of your answer. -if No winner, no prize. -the places winner its depend of my post. -the power prizes its depend of my post also. Example Song: _______, from the other side... Must called a thousand times.. To tell you I'm _____ for everything that I've done..... Example Answer: HELLO, from the other side.... Must called a thousand times.. To tell you I'm SORRY for everything that I've done.... User name- Dimple id- 298046068 ------ GOODLUCK------- Here the 1st song. Complete the Lyric's of the song: ___________?what am I without you?, ________to say that i was so wrong..... I want to come back and _____ me _____. _______ from these long, lonely _______. (4 user only can win for this 1st weekend) Prizes are: First user correct answer win: --"Namewave" Second user correct answer win: --"Pink pawn", "Angry",Ballfx" Third user correct answer win: --"Burningheart", glitterfx" Fourth user correct answer win: --"fairy"
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    Hello there, thought of a power called (busy), similarly to away. Main function and usage: - Indicate others that you're currently busy by doing /busy in chat, undo using /unbusy Compared to Away this wouldn't be automatic, also since away and busy would conflict then. Why busy? - Sometimes you're on the chat, but you're just not able to chat, doing something alongside, or you're able to chat, but you're kinda being "absent", meaning you're there but typing like once in 5min, because you're currently writing a new forum post for example ; ) - A lot of big chatting platforms allow you to set ur status as 'busy', besides 'away'. Examples: Steam, skype, discord Demo: Feel free to let me know what you think.
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    Power name: Rapidreason Power ID: 441 Greetings users of the forum community! The new power is basically an addon to the rapid power. The rapid power is required to use this power! (Maybe. Might change in the future) You can add a reason to your bans. For example, $rapid=zipbanned,1,Hello You can also now kick users using the macros $rapid=kick,1,reason I wish to see some addons that SLoom and I personally sent in as well. That would be, dunce, naughtystep, yellowcard, redcard, kicking users and making mods/owners with it. This idea was taken from the forum community: See! We do take suggestions.
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    This is something that should have been part of Rapid to begin with. Why is it a separate power?
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    Inner: Outer: This is just a preview. Please use the CSS code provided in the pastebin, instead. Pastebin Preview: xat.com/GUP Feel free to leave feedback there. I'll read it. Reminders: Turn on Transparent Background for the outer to work. Use the button color #252D42. However, if you do find a better one that works, use that one. The files used contain copyright information that prevent unauthorized use. Don't modify or use any of it without my explicit permission. Thank you for viewing, I hope you like it.
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    I'm not trying to be rude or anything but if we're seriously going to get smiley powers every single week, can we atleast make them innovative and some different emotions each time? We already have an eggy power and not only can the general idea of this power be found here, but 1/2 of the limited pawns is one we practically got less than a month ago (from ribunny): If xat relies on releasing a smiley power every single week, it's about time we get something non-repetitive and unique so that users actually want something and keeps them wanting to come on, instead of just buying it for the sake of everypower.
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    Hello, my name is Jeff Chelly. Do you want to win 2000 xats? Yeah, me too lol. Here's what you'll need to know for a chance to win: Write a creative piece about xat. This creative piece can be a poem, song, story etc - whatever you desire. You're free to write whatever you want for your creative piece, but obviously there will be some rules that are listed below. RULES Don't copy/steal the work of others. If you're going to get ideas from other sources, please link the source in your post. This should be pretty obvious but keep it appropriate. You may only submit two entries. You can write about some topics, but don't write about something that'll cause drama or arguments on this thread - you'll be instantly disqualified from this contest if you do so. Don't post on this thread unless you're entering. If you like someones entry, tell them instead of taking up precious space on this thread. A few ideas/scenarios: The future of xat The past of xat The invasion of Roberto Your first experience at Flirt Your favourite memory on xat Xat becomes a meme You're allowed to write about events that have happened on xat, but keep in mind this has to be creative so feel free to over-exaggerate some details in your entry. Possible prizes: If we get 5 entries 500 xats will be added as a prize. If we get 15 entries 1000 xats will be added as a prize. If we get 30 entries 1500 xats will be added as a prize. If we get 50 entries 2500 xats will be added as a prize. Current prizes: 1st place - 2000 xats Number of entries: 0 DEADLINE - June 19th 12:00AM GMT+1 Winners will be announced shortly after the contest ends. Better get your thinking caps on because it's time to be creative! Think you can win? Then jump right in! (I'm cringing right now...) If you have any questions feel free to message me. We would be happy to see users participate, so good luck to anyone entering!
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    buttons #1343c0 preview outer/revised inner coming later if I can figure out what to do suggestions/criticism welcomed (and encouraged)
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    html5 chat will run on windows phone when it comes out
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    Thanks again for the amazing entries! All of them are fantastic, and it's difficult narrowing them down to just four! Don't feel bad if you're not selected either; art is perspective, and I'm just going with mine and Madi's preferences. But here are the prize winners. Congratulations to each! 1st place - 3000 xats - @Ethan This entry captures a lot of emotion - it's almost poetic how sad and depressed it looks. 2nd place - 2000 xats - @Guppy Impressive integration of the image and text, although slightly obscured by the forum buttons. I'll use this image elsewhere, if that's okay. 3rd place - 1000 xats - @Shake The simplicity won me over. It's sleek, modern, stylish, and completely original from the source image. I can make business cards out of this! 4th place - 500 xats - @Ravolt A very creepy atmospheric background. I could see myself living here, in another life! Please contact me on Help chat to collect your prizes. Also, do you agree with our choices? Who was your winner and why?
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    So I have a rather simple but nice suggestion for Xat. Shouldn't be hard to implement, and could either be added as a feature. or as a power (voice). This feature/power would allow a user to send a limited voice message snippet. I would recommend the snippet be up to 5-7 seconds or so. And it would work like any other communicating service, you record a pre-made message, you accept if you want to send or not. Once sent, then the user on the other end receives it. I just thought it would be a nice addition for communicating through xat. After all, the point of chatting is to communicate, so why not be able to do it through VOICE? Let me know what you guys think! all types of feedback welcome. thanks! Edit: This could also eventually be added to mobile platform. EDIT 2: seems like I didn't articulate the ideas properly so I created some images to illustrate what I mean: IDLE: (should show a little mic like this) Click & Record: (when you click to record a message should pop up like this) Send/receive message:(and when you send it you should see it like this) (PS. I AM NOT A GRAPHICS DESIGNER, I KNOW IT LOOKS BAD!)
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    I noticed that if you sign in on desktop you don't get notifications on mobile after you sign off on desktop. Just pushed a change so that now your mobile will the notifications after you sign off desktop. Hopefully this makes sense and is useful.
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    This seems too exploitable.
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    My favourite volunteer is @Flake. He volunteers at the local chicken shelter and I appreciate it very much. If this has to be serious, my favourite xat volunteer is Chelly.
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    Yikes @Mike then you must really not like yourself.
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    Saltban power: Allows user to still talk, however it replaces all their words with salt shaker emoji -- Limited to one message every 30 seconds. Edit: It would not be a group power, it would be a ban power. Like gag, redcard, etc. It would be "Saltban"
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    People go to Help to get assistance with their issue. People go to Trade to trade powers/xats/days. People go to xat_test to test out powers. People go to Graphics to sell/buy/discuss graphics. Each of those chats has a purpose and if those chats are suddenly combined into one, then it would only cause confusion. I can understand where you're coming from, but limiting users to one official chat isn't going to solve any problems.
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    Nice power, always thought this would be a good idea. Who's we?
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    Everyone loves pizza, so its time to get a pizza power! I think the images below depict the smiley types better, and keep in mind, these are just examples, xat would use its smilies and stuff (also due to copyright). (pizzahypno)> (pizzahappy)> (pizzaeat)> (cheesypizza)> (pizzaheart)> (pizzalove)> (pizzavariety)> (takeslice)> (pizzadough)> + (pizzaback) for full customizability + A hug (delivery guy knocks on door, customer opens door and get happy) -> (opens box and inside, there is msg you've written for the hug) + Hats: Pizzaslice ; Pizzavariety ; Pizzaheart ; Peperoni Feel free to share your opinion, your support or more ideas!
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    Welcome to xat's Mobile Improvement To-Do List! Similarly to @LaFleur's to-do list, this list will be for organizing all suggestions, ideas and improvements related only to the xat mobile application. Note: This is not an official xat thread. This list will not be used to list all the mobile bugs. They should be reported here. Most of the suggestions have been taken from mobile threads with positive response. Things will be crossed out if they are implemented. More suggestions will be added as they become available. If I've forgotten your suggestion/idea, let me know! Thank you Lafleur for somewhat helping me with this! Features Customization/Appearance Notifications Planned (Apparently)
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    Inner background - Submitted Outer background - Submitted Color button - #004491| #000000 Not sure which one looks better dark or light. Preview
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    i knew it lol, ur also my favorite volun----- oh wait lol *cough* *cough* lol na seriously tho my fav vols are @Chelly and @muffins
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    Second Entry Link: http://i.imgur.com/KH8qw0A.png Preview: http://i.imgur.com/qe41k7z.png Credits Plague doctor
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    Once upon a time there was a squirrel, hungry and lonely, running trough the abandoned woods of xat, looking for hope.. xat, a mysterious, doomsday-like planet, being haunted by frightening and furious animals and ugly creatures, the squirrely suddenly stops.. it saw something, showing courage, it starts fighting the wild animals.. staggered by its power, the animals run away and the squirrel is approaching to the thing it saw, it can hardly believe its eyes.. its.. DEEZ NUTS! seconds later.. dark clouds disappearing and a blue sky can be seen.. sunbeams and rainbows blooming the xat planet someone is coming close, its.. another squirrel! Together, they lived happily ever after.
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    making a list of all of you that didn't enter my contest but enter this one
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    17. Make sure your replies are thoughtful, otherwise they may be seen as spam posts. Focus on post quality. Writing "good idea" or "nice suggestion" is not sufficient. You could simply give reputation by liking the post instead of writing short, mindless replies. That is on the guidelines .
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    You're twisting it a bit. "Hey, I know you want to reach 50 posts, but try and make your posts more thoughtful. One-word answers like 'great' which offer nothing to the discussion will be removed. Thanks!"
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    (kawaii) (kwbacon) (kwbowl) (kwcookie) (kwcup) (kwcupcake) (kwegg) (kwjam) (kwkettle) (kwpopcicle) (kwtoaster) k p1kawaii b p1kwbacon p p1kwpopcicle t p1kwtoast hug kawaii LIMITED
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    I'd like to congratulate not only our chosen winners- but everyone who took the time to enter. It was honestly extremely difficult to judge and it took a very long time, and I think that every entry was great. Thank you!
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    First entry: (I'm not too happy with it but I hope that you are.) Credits: "Death" Wallpaper
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    i really appreciate this add-on, but i kinda cringe with i see this power, that you have to pay more xats to add a reason to your rapid.. (no offence though xd)
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    As i (and @Mencee) already mentioned and explained, this isn't like fade or clear. Fade: Clear: Opacity:
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    I liked this suggestion and thought i could make it look better so heres my concept of it
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    Hello community. I want to present a suggestion, this is not the creation of a power, if not add more utility to another power. I want to work more this suggestion, but I enter the forum and I see that my idea tried to be stolen, although it was not quite and many other people know who the original creator as it is @Phinny @Sangoku and @Bleiz ¡Thanks!. (INVISIBLE) - Invisible smilies. This power is derived from an invisible owner, read more: util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Invisible This feature, which I would like to be added to power is similar to the clear but not completely, would allow you to have only a 50% opacity to the smiles of xat. People would be free to choose the opacity they want to make it completely invisible. The term that would be used at the end of the power would be smilie#i. If someone else wants to add something. I would be very grateful, thanks to the chat team xat.com/xat_test for helping me with suggestions.
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    Really nice idea, but remember that the xat app is only here to have an access on xat chats, we can't have all the things that the site has but I hope to see some of your suggestions will be added on the app (Specially the useful ones that don't cause battery problems.) Some of your ideas are already planned : Trade app (Admins have to confirm it) Edit your xatspace See your xatspace or users xatspace And some of them are already possible : Editing your status with the macro "$status". But well for now it's useless since you can't see it! Plus I don't think adding a tickle bar to see who's tickle you on mobile isn't really useful.. unless if you really want to stalk people. (Even if it was one of my suggestion xD) And you should add "Being able to see user's status on userlist." - If it's not already added. Features > 4 : You can click links (so you can remove the first part) but still not the default links. We really need to the basic things that the xat app has need to be appreciate because of the battery etc.. but let's hope for new things on next updates!
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    Here is my entry. Might look blurry here since it's not shown in the full size. I tried my best. CSS for it: background: url('http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/9295/t3b4.png') 0px 68px scroll repeat-x, url('http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/5820/xhdc.png') 0px bottom scroll repeat-x, url('http://img162.imageshack.us/img163/3589/8z93.png') 38px 100px no-repeat, url('http://i.imgur.com/pdBhUe4.png') center fixed no-repeat, #fallback_color; Credits to Navith/Jake/Mind/Noob for this CSS. The last and important thing to post is of course, the button+smiley color. #57a8ff That's it. Hope I get at least 100 xats huhuhuhu
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    I didn't remove any of these. Again, the ones I removed didn't contribute anything to the discussion (as per my first message to you). For example, "I don't remember" in reply to the Riddle topic ":D now?" in reply to the 'Who are you BFF'd/Married to on xat?' topic "great" in reply to the Facebook topic "My think , Brandon is a fair man." in reply to the Fireside interview topic. At the rate you were posting messages, I'm sure you didn't even read his interview. Swap the word 'lazy' with 'thoughtless', if you like. Either way, these replies aren't acceptable. It's not a personal crusade; it's the forum guidelines. If you want to fight someone, join a boxing club.
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    Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you. Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time. If you're right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind even if you are a minority of one. The truth is still the truth. ~Mohandas Gandhi
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    I think the captcha serves its purpose the way it is, I don't think there is a need to make the captcha any simpler, this only makes it easier for bad users to come in.
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    My Entry Link: http://i.imgur.com/wF2oB3M.png Variation: Link: http://i.imgur.com/yfSS2Ti.png
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    So I tried to keep it simple and here's the result: probably my only entry i can't design lol credits: doctor plague