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    Introduction Welcome to the "Community Finding Solutions" thread. I will go into brief detail about the purpose of this thread, and then explain in more detail later what this encompasses. The point of this thread is to suggest problems you think xat has currently, and suggest fixes / solutions to these problems in a civil peaceful environment. Does xat have problems? Judging based on multiple different threads and posts by the users of xat, I would say there are quite a few problems that have yet to be solved. I won't get into the specific issues that xat has currently, as you, the community, can name some of these issues and explain why they are in fact issues or not. Diversity of opinion and views is what I am looking for. I want to know why you might think something is a problem, and explain how exactly it impacts xat. Pointing out problems and suggesting solutions If you believe that xat has a problem, I urge you to express your opinion here. That being said, however, I do not want users to simply complain about xat problems and not think of ways to fix or resolve them. If you are going to talk about something being an issue with xat, I would prefer that you also think of a way to fix the said problem. Merely complaining about something is not going to fix it. Finding potential solutions to problems has a greater chance of being successful than just being negative with no desire to help fix the problem. I'll just get right to the fact here that most of you are thinking as you may be reading this, or before even opening this thread. You probably believe the admin won't do anything with your suggestions and will just ignore you. You might think that volunteers don't see your complaints, or just don't care. I want to tell you that this is not correct. Although, the admin may not give his opinion or act on suggested solutions, that does not mean that what you suggest here is meaningless. Our past thread got the attention of the volunteers which proves the point that your voice will be heard one way or another. So don't have a negative mentality and just shoot the idea of suggesting improvements / fixes for xat down. How to point out problems and suggest solutions (PROPERLY) This is a very important factor to keep in mind. How you suggest solutions / fixes to problems on here needs to be done in a very careful and well thought out manner. We do not want posts that target or attack volunteers, the admin, or any specific person or persons. I will make this very clear because if you do not abide by this standard your posts are subject to be hidden or the thread deleted entirely for being what constitutes as "drama." We do NOT want people being targeted, insulted, or ridiculed. We want a peaceful, civil environment where you, the community, can voice your opinion on xats problems. I want to suggest that this thread have an appointed moderator to watch over and keep the thread going in the right direction and not detour into drama. This is extremely vital to comprehend and follow. Your voice This is your thread where your voice can be expressed and heard. Do not let anyone make you feel like what you say here will not be acknowledged or that your opinion is "poor" or "bias" We all have right to our opinions and views, (assuming they are not violating what I said above.) Your voice does have the power to change things on xat. Some areas may not be changed whatsoever, and others may very well be changed based on what you voice here. I strongly believe this otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my time opening this thread. I believe, that if the community comes up with viable, rational, and realistic solutions, these have a strong potential to be heard and maybe even implemented by the admin of xat. It just depends on how you explain a problem, and what you propose as a solution for said problem. You have to take into account that if the admin has not listened to you, or you haven't had your solutions implemented that they may not be possible, or that the explanation of the solution just isn't clear enough or realistic enough. I could see this being a factor for why the admin may not have taken action on certain issues the community has. I am not going to blame him if he does not understand the solutions, or they just aren't possible. I also want you to take any posts that might go contrary to what you see as a fix for a problem positively. Learn to see both sides of the coin. Someone may have valid and rational reasons for disagreeing with you. This is perfectly okay and I encourage difference of opinion and view. If we all just agreed on everything, I can imagine xat would fall into disarray very quickly. Thank You I want to thank each and every one of you that decides to read this thread and post here. Your voice is what I want to see. I believe you have the power to potentially have a voice in changing xat for the better. (If you come up with realistic solutions, I would be more than willing to propose these to the admin myself.) Let's all work together to make xat a great and better place for everyone. Enough with the side taking. Let's work together on this.
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    Hello everyone, i decided give one new power randomly to one user of the forum. Just reply with your register name and id in this topic to participate; Don't use other accounts to try increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified; The winner(s) has to contact me within 24 hours after posting the winners to receive their prize, otherwise another winner will be randomly selected; If the winner is held by any reason, another winner will be randomly selected; Deadline to post: 10/12/2017 20h00 BRT | Countdown here. The winner will be chosen in Alazar. Good luck!
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    Hello everyone. My ID: iiiiiiGame (1508888308) Today, November 24 is the day of Black Friday. Power: BlackFriday Smilies used: (BLACKFRIDAY) - (BARGAIN) Here I show you another drawing, for people who like something nice and cute. Power: Cutie Smilies used: (CUBOW) - (CUHAPPY) Power: Onion Smilie used: (ONLOVE) Power: Aprincess Smilie used: (APRINCESS) Power: Kangel Smilie used: (KANROSES) Power: Valentine Smilies used: (ILU) - (ROSE2) Power: Popcorns Smilie used: (POPSPEECH#wTED) Next is a power that causes me a lot of laughter. Power: Toad Smilie used: (TOAD) This power is... Power: Xavi Smilie used: (XAVI) Finally my favorite face. Power: Sins Smilie used: (ENVY) "GOD bless you" Best regards to all. ¡Thank you! @LaFleur - - - - - - - - - - My last entry Merry Christmas for everything xat. By: TEDDY iiiiiiGame (1508888308) For a very special day, it is best to share with family and friends. Powers and smilies used: (ANGEL) - (TROPICALXMAS) - (PURPLE) - (BLUEMAN) - (PINK) - (WINTER) - (GIFTRATTLE) - (CHOIRTREE) (KXCANE) - (SNOWMAN) - (ROMANCE) - (ANGRY) - (MRSANTA) - (REINDEER) Additionally the xat logo and the space rocket with the Black Pawn: (X#) - (SS#) - (Name the black pawn is unknown) Only the Adm. xat (42) Have it. I hope you like it. ¡Thanks!
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    I find this post quite interesting. It makes me wonder if what we post here will determine the fate and outcome of xat as a whole. Perhaps it won't, perhaps it won't do anything. But I think we should at least try. I like where you're coming from regarding this volunteer inactive matter. Inactive volunteers First and foremost I want to say I agree with your points about volunteers (volunteering) their time. Yes, they have lives. They spend their time (voluntarily) to help user's and the community as a whole. This means they are not obligated by any means to continue helping. This does not mean that they are excused for being inactive nor should be. If volunteer's are not volunteering then that defeats the entire point of the title and recognition. The fact that these "volunteers" that are inactive continue to hold title or position of authority regarding tickets is incorrect. I believe that this does need corrected but the solution is not as straight forward as one might think. Replace Inactive volunteers? If we are to "replace" current inactive volunteers there would need to be qualified individuals that are up to the task and have the time to "volunteer" their time to help xat with ticket's and whatever else user's may need assistance with. They need to be active, trustworthy, caring toward's user's issues and complaints, and strive to make xat better in any way they can. How volunteers are chosen How volunteer's are chosen currently is also part of this problem. This is specifically quoted from the http://xat.wiki/volunteers page: There is no step-by-step guide to becoming a volunteer. You must have the qualifications xat staff is looking for (which is up to an admin to decide). Currently it is invite only; we are not accepting applications. Sorry to say this, but (which is up to an admin to decide) is not the full reality involved in choosing volunteers. Volunteer's recommend volunteers. (I know, what an interesting concept!) And yes, Admin has the final say in who becomes a volunteer. But he takes the suggestions from the volunteer's! And that is part of the problem! Bias can be a big factor with a lot of potential volunteer's being chosen. If we are going to "fix" the volunteer problem we have to start at the entry point. That would be the "initiation" system. Personally, I suggest that volunteer's be suggested by the community rather than volunteer's themselves. (Yes, this open's the door to more potential bias.) But, the bias will be more diversified with the entire community having a voice in who becomes a volunteer and why. You don't think so? It works well in politics! What counts as inactive? What also deems a volunteer "inactive" is another big factor to fixing this problem. Someone who doesn't do ticket's for a month or months for example without any warning of being absent is not really excusable. I myself, have been guilty of being inactive or demotivated to do ticket's from time to time. I am not going to hold myself above any other user in this regard. It happens. People get busy with things. But an entire month or month's without any ticket's to me is inexcusable and that would deem a volunteer "inactive" to me. Your thought's on what is considered "inactive" is important and we should discuss this civilly and as a group. I think this thread may have the potential to open people's eyes to the problem they are already too familiar with and we as the community of xat can shape and change this for the better future of all of us using xat as a whole. I sincerely hope that anyone that is going to post beyond this keeps a clear open mind, and has the mentality that "we need to fix this" and "how can we fix this" Thank you.
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    General Contest Information Christmas and New year are coming and we're looking for backgrounds to celebrate those special moments of the year. Requirements and Limitations You must provide both an inner and an outer background(The dimensions of the outer background must be 1600 *900 px or larger). You are only allowed to make one post. Don't forget to make both backgrounds, one for Christmas and another for New year. You must provide a matching button color. Your entry must be posted publicly here. Please, try not to make something too dark or too bright. I mean, don't make anything hurtful to eyes. CSS may be used for minor modifications. Prize Information There will be only one winner. The winner will receive one Statuscolor power + 2,750 xats! We are taking donations until the deadline. (Also, i want to thank all the people who made a donation for this contest). Prize Holder @Mike. Deadline The deadline will be on December 20. GOOD LUCK!
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    Let me start by saying I do appreciate community discussions like this. Although they come up often, they help keep the volunteer team motivated to a degree, and these topics let us know the thoughts of the community. Discussions like these help get everyone on the same page. I'll clarify that xat does not have a head volunteer. I am not the head volunteer. There is no volunteer who manages other volunteers, and it's like this because the administrators do not want to give one volunteer too much power. Power and abilities are certainly limited, and the administrators do keep tabs on these types of things. If a certain individual appears to be holding too much power, there will be some sort of intervention. However, it is true that more senior volunteers sometimes hold more responsibilities and are thus in contact with administrators more often than other volunteers. Suggestions for volunteer team adjustments, including adding or removing volunteers, are usually a joint effort. We make recommendations to the administrators, but it's up to them to make the ultimate decisions. In the past year, we have discussed internally what is considered an acceptable level of activity for a volunteer in the ticket system. We decided that a certain amount of tickets per week would be considered reasonable, but we don't strictly follow that rule, and as you can see, volunteers are not easily removed. We also internally discuss the activity of certain volunteers, meaning we actually name inactive volunteers and welcome their feedback so that other volunteers know the status of those inactive volunteers. I have found that when inactive volunteers are removed or when removal warnings or threats are made, it does not increase activity overall. Removing inactive volunteers will let the community know who is really active and it will give the community a better image of who is actually answering tickets, but I don't think removing volunteers would ultimately increase activity. It just hasn't worked that way in my experience. The only solution that I see is to remove the clutter of inactive volunteers and search for new people. It's nice to see that the community doesn't place too much blame on volunteers. It's true that it is not our job to monitor the overall status of the ticket system. We couldn't even if we wanted to since no volunteer has the ultimate power to fix inactivity. Each volunteer can only make recommendations. Every volunteer goes through periods of activity and inactivity. It's like waves. After doing this for years, I've found that it's hard to be motivated every single week. This is why we rely heavily on each other. We rely on each other to stay motivated. I remember that before I was a volunteer, Spell once said this: "[Y]ou should only try to become a volunteer if you like helping people. If you are really just in it for the test powers, you’ll hate the entire process of becoming a volunteer and hate being a volunteer if you do even manage to get it." I can now say this is so true. After a while, vanity dies off, the novelty dies off, and eventually you are just a person who answers tickets because you care about helping people. I guarantee the only reason I still do tickets is because I've been on xat for a long time and care about the website, and I care about the users. I'll admit though, sometimes it can be extremely difficult. Andre covered how delays are being dealt with, so I won't get into that too much. Compared to a month or two ago, the situation has definitely improved, and we look forward to continually improving and getting us to a place where there are no delays in any department.
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    Hello everyone, i decided give one new power randomly to one user of the forum. Just reply with your register name and id in this topic to participate; Don't use other accounts to try increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified; The winner(s) has to contact me within 24 hours after posting the winners to receive their prize, otherwise another winner will be randomly selected; If the winner is held by any reason, another winner will be randomly selected; Deadline to post: 19/11/2017 20h00 BRT | Countdown here. The winner will be chosen in Alazar. Good luck!
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    You are wrong, there are no head volunteers. Volunteers are equally eligible to complain on one another's activity and overall behaviour. The ticket departments that were a major issue before in terms of response times, aren't as big of an issue now and the volunteers handling those departments are working on the delays with commitment. Adding more volunteers to those specific departments would require the right people with the right habits in terms of proper organization, the way they conduct themselves and overall work ethics. Adding someone with a toxic behaviour would cause a toxic environment, where conducting work would become problematic. After all, the issue are the "top tier" departments, where existing experienced volunteers would have to be moved, preferably with behavioural qualities described above. I'm sure if the community had the power to decide on new volunteers and perhaps even dictate the departments to which someone was to be moved, then we'd end up with a toxic environment and that would be even further from a solution. In the end, you don't know the internal affairs of the team and your knowledge is mostly based on a few individuals demonizing others within said team - those who should be working close with the rest of us to figure out solutions, not creating more problems. But why have any internal discussion, when creating drama publicly is both exciting and puts you on a pedestal. To put it short, the delays are being dealt with. A more permanent and stable solution would be paid employees (as some have proposed), to take on the time and effort these type of tickets often take. In the long run, nothing else is ideal.
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    JESUS MARIA all this drama for a day??? You can pc MODS / OWNERS / USERS / HELP CHAT/ " YOU GUYS CAN PM ME ALSO " to get a day ,this thread wasn't even needed or maybe you wanted just attention ?? bcs I really don't understand why all this drama for nothing TRADE has been like this for years and no one did complain but you.... End of discussion. Thank you all <3
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    Does xat have problems? Yes. xat does have a lot of problems and they are fixable in their own ways. First and foremost issue on xat is the tickets system, then follows, HTML5 and mobile. To describe each one is very easy, but ARE the changes going to be happening anytime soon? That answer is clear as day. In the past couple months, there were multiple threads and post being made on the volunteers activity on xat's forum. Users are complaining about how their tickets are not being answered and there's a huge time gap for those tickets; three months, two months, four months and it goes on. I don't think anyone should be dealing with that, but as a former volunteer I do understand from a volunteers perspective that some users do exaggerate their wait time. [Encountered this a couple times in the past]. That does place a bad name on the group when those exaggerating users complain on chats and it can be tough to deal with sometimes. BUT! - - - - This does not sum up what's been going on recently. It seems as if those inactive volunteers are on a strike to not answering tickets for whatever reasons. Perhaps there's personal reasons behind it all, school, work, life, family and / or friends. We all have a life to lives too and personal things to do, but those volunteers were selected by other volunteers to help smooth out the system, but just take a look at it now - slow, inactive volunteers and no one is getting their required help. Yadadaha - trust blahblahblah, etc etc. No one needs divine trust to help a community out and show what they are capable of doing. However, the rank volunteer requires a certain amount of trust from the admins and a certain amount from volunteers! But if you're hated by volunteers, then expect no recognition whatsoever. If you as a volunteer are not willing to accept changes and help the community out, then you're just doing nothing but watching the community fall and wasting your own time as a "volunteer" who holds that rank. I know who those individuals are and they know who they are. The community can probably guess as well. There's multiple solutions to this, but the easy one is to allow the most active volunteers to gain permissions to help the slackers out. That way this helps fixes the community ticket system in various ways with satisfying users. I bring this up a lot [lost track], but removing the inactive volunteers is a solution to help the admins and volunteers pick new volunteers to help out the community. I do know that the inactive volunteers were brought to the admins and some of it was solved, but you can always have the other "higher" ranking volunteers help to clean up as they have more influence. Users complaining left and right about the current volunteer system and how some of their tickets aren't getting answer seems to be bothersome, but that should say something to some volunteers that they have things to do. I do understand some tickets take longer than others, but for a ticket that takes three to four months is outrageous. At least consider taking an hour out of your day to help a user with their ticket. It doesn't take more than 20-30 minutes to help someone solve an issue. That would most certainly be helpful to that user and you repeat it every day to clear out the delays. HTML and Mobile! Next thing I'd like to discuss is HTML5 and xat's mobile app. I know some of you have waited years, or months for this happen and it's here. Now that it's here it has multiple flaws which doesn't look too good for the community. Some of us enjoy these features and some of us don't and that's totally fine. I can assure that I myself put in multiple time in my day with Sloom and La to make these features best as possible. We don't stop looking into issues and we continue to work on the most challenging issues first ahead of us, then work our way down to user issues and request. We're not here to watch this site fall into shambles due to others. I made this post sound "very high" and "mighty", but I can tell you things do get better for these features as time goes on. Powers! I enjoy seeing powers being released on xat every week, and I also enjoy testing function powers. However, one thing I do not enjoy about is the fact that powers get released weekly. I would like to see powers get released every two weeks which allows the smiley makers to put more time into their work, review it more than once and is satisfy with their work. It also takes off a bit pressure on them - "I need to finish this for this day", "I need to do this now, now." Etc, etc. With that kind of pressure, there's bound to be someone messing up somewhere. That's no good. Solution: I propose a two weeks wait in releasing new powers. Forums and Chats! The forum is where we can help others, give advice and express what is wrong with the community, but lately that's not been the case with some comments on threads. Those post are either deleted, or made a mockery of by some individuals. That's really not appropriate to do, but keeping the forum as professional as possible should be a top priority and that's not being done. This may answers some of your concerns then, "this is why mods or vols delete those comments to keep those threads professional as possible". So you think censoring the community is professional? It will just stir the pot and let a storm rain down upon you. Simple as that. The solution to this is simple: Let the community speak their mind and not censoring every single post that offends you and take the criticism as a way to improve yourself. Next one is chats. There used to be a lot of promoted chats on xat, but ever since people lost their accounts [WHICH HOLDS THEIR XATS TO PROMOTE THEIR CHAT] and saw promotions are dying, they stopped promoting. It also goes to the fact that some individuals abuse their power for minor things on promotion now, and that worries people to promote their chats. No one would promote their chat IF they have to constantly live in fear of being delisted for small things. I don't know if there's a solution to this or not. Conclusion! Things aren't sunshine and rainbows in the xat world - with some volunteers either putting each other down, fighting with the community saying this isn't true, that isn't true, backstabbing each other and trying to get ahead grand schemes of things - which brings mayhem to the community. That's enough right there for ticket delays, community arguments and people bashing each other left and right. Do I believe things would get changed? My answer is leaning more to a no than a yes at this point. Would things get done at this point even if in requires admins attention? No. Why? Because some of those individuals are not open to changes and would tell the admins not to worry and being bias is playing a role there. I've also noticed the admins get brought up a lot in some post as well as it's their "fault". It's not their fault if said volunteers are not opened to changes. So how can you blame someone for something when they would just bickered at for pointless reasons? Because he didn't take charge? Read what I previously said above this. Thanks for reading this long post and this would probably be my last response to threads like this, or if someone wants me to answer any questions.
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    Merry Christmas INNER: OUTER: Button Color: #836FFF Happy New Year INNER: OUTER: Button Color: #9B30FF Good luck!!
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    Hello everyone! As you may have noticed today, Christmas chat is back this year! Feel free to come and celebrate your Advent Calendar openings, Christmas and even New Year! We will host a few events so stay tuned here
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    Merry Christmas! INNER LINK OUTER LINK Button Color: #163f7a Happy New Year INNER LINK OUTER LINK Button Color: #480042 Is My Job GOOD LUCK!!
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    The main idea here is to make life easier for the people who already have the problem. Many of you know that the HELD is a xat protection system, but it ends up messing a little at a certain time, moreover, there is no tool that makes it possible to keep track of the remaining time. The only way to actually see the held time is by attempting to transfer or trade, which is somewhat of an impediment. This would simply be solved with the addition of a message in the act of login, according to the image that will be seen blow, when you log in the user will already see how long he's hold and wouldn't need a reliable person to try a trade or transfer to figure that out. It's a simple idea, but it can make the tracking of your held easier. Anyone who has ideas that can be added, feel welcome to share with us on this topic. Special thanks to @Stif and @LaFleur for help with the idea.
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    We have over 400 powers, most of them will have at least 10-20 emojis/smileys. Being able to easily find and match emoji(s) would be a great addition and hence why I'm proposing this feature: https://i.imgur.com/I5h6O8e.gif If the gif wasn't obvious enough, it works after you type ( + a character, it then searches through all the smileys available to you and lists them according to the characters you type. E.g. (example using power names only) (l --> lovetest lovefx lovemix2 lovehug lovemix lions lunar luck ladybug led lang love link light (lo -> lovetest lovefx lovemix2 lovehug lovemix love Pros: Enables users to easily match and or find smileys they are looking for Encourage users to actively use the smiley powers they have purchased Possibly encourage other users to buy powers (after seeing their friends use one, per se) Help new users to understand how to use smileys Better than looking through wiki, bot or that ugly smiley tab Cons: Aesthetically pleasing? Takes up space in typing area Possible increase of lag There are a lot of smileys, maybe not enough room Some might find it as an inconvient Notes: There should be an option to turn off this feature. The smileys that appear should only appear if the user has availability to that smiley (e.g. if I don't own the power for zodiac, don't show the smileys listed in zodiac). For new users, it would include all the default free smileys. Opens up the idea of having "recently used" and "favourite" smileys. If there are too many smileys, scroll bar could look something like this. It could possibly start matching after 2 characters of letters, to ensure it doesn't take too much space. This feature should have been added long ago. It's being used on other services who has emojis too, it is especially important xat has this feature because of how prevalent powers are to its core service. I don't know if this suggestion has been made before. But regardless, if you want to share your thoughts or provide any more pros or cons, go ahead. Heavy inspirations from discord & multiline from sjbb.
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    Ho ho ho! We have decided to host weekend events for Christmas @ Game chat! Here they are! Date Time Game Host Prize December 9 7:30 PM GMT / 2:30 PM EST Gamebot* Staff 1600 xats December 9 9:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM EST Trivia* Nathan 200 xats/q, total 2000 xats December 10 7:30 PM GMT / 2:30 PM EST Gamebot* Staff 1600 xats December 10 9:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM EST Guess the Song* Charlie 100 xats/q, total 1200 xats December 10 After previous event Typerace Nathan 220 xats/q, total 3300 xats December 16 7:30 PM GMT / 2:30 PM EST Gamebot* Staff 1500 xats December 16 9:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM EST Finish the Lyric* Nathan 400 xats/q, total 4000 xats December 17 7:30 PM GMT / 2:30 PM EST Gamebot* Staff 1500 xats December 17 9:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM EST Hide and Seek Nathan snowy, winter, reindeer, santa, claus December 17 After previous event Random Number* Nathan kangel, winterland, noel, celebrate, holidays, ornaments, tropicalxmas, christmix, xmasscroll, 200 xats Events marked with a * are win 1 skip 1. As always, this schedule is subject to change. See you there!
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    Contributor Applications From what i've read so far regarding this system of contributor applications it doesn't sound too terrible despite having some obvious flaws. This is similar to filling out a job application for a position in a company you would like to work for. You fill out your basic information and "resume" that the staff at the company then review to see if it matches what they deem to be "suitable" for the job. I see this contributor application much of the same. Users would have the opportunity to fill out a "job" application to get hired as a contributor essentially. They would explain who they are, what they do for xat, what they have done for xat in the past, and whatever else the contributors want to ask / know. The applications then would be reviewed by the contributors and then they would decide if the person is a match for contributor or not. Bias plays a huge role here since people can bring up past offenses the user may have done and try to use that to argue against them being candidates for a contributor. The system does have its flaws but it all around is not a bad idea. This moves past the centralized idea of simply having a contributor suggest someone that they know. This gives the entire community a chance to apply and then be "reviewed" but you will still face that potential bias of users shutting you down. I personally do not see a way to get around this bias problem with, or without this system in play. If there was such a solution then I welcome you to explain that. But knowing that this system has the bias flaw, it seems reasonable and could potentially work. If there is say, 15 contributors, then if majority voted on the user in question they would most likely get picked. That is the issue as 4-5 people could automatically be against that user for past offenses. I think if this bias issue can be overcome, the system could work effectively. If not, then I see it merely as an illusion of application, and that it will be the same exact thing as before. Only choosing people that fit with that bias / don't have past offenses with the other contributors. Volunteer Applications Moving on, I think this system, if implemented should be considered for volunteers as well. Contributors are usually "trusted" users that have a good reputation with xat, and like to help contribute to the community in various different ways. Volunteers volunteer their time to answer tickets and assist users with various issues account wise and other. Contributors and Volunteers are not totally different to one another aside in their duties. I believe that this same system could apply for volunteer applications but only within the contributor group. Contributors that feel they could volunteer their time and answer tickets could fill out an application much like the "job" application for contributor. The volunteers would then have a vote on these users in question and once again we fall into the same issue with the bias. If that can be overcome, then this could greatly improve xat, open new doors for users wanting to help out, and give people more of an influence and voice in these matters. (My main concern is simply the bias that WILL be a factor in creating this system, but I am not opposed to the system itself. I am opened minded and would like to see what you all think about this and how the system will be formed / improved.) Thanks.
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    This suggestion was crafted by myself on the old forums (but not as a topic). The Thunderous suggestion recently reminded me of it. THE IDEA Blastgod is a Blast power, like Blastpro, Blastkick, Blastde and Blastban. This time, however, the animations center around vengeful Greek Gods smiting users into the banpool (no, I don't play Smite ). For example, when you ban someone, Zeus would appear in the background and cast a fearsome bolt of lightning at that user's pawn, turning it into ashes. A concept is below (although the real one will be cartoony): As usual, the more Blastgod powers assigned, the more animations will be unlocked. This encourages users to collect them all (up to 8). Other animations could include Poseidon drowning the pawn in the sea, Ares impaling the pawn with his spear, and Hades casting the pawn into the underworld: LIMITED PAWNS Anything related to Greek Gods/Mythology/Ancient Greece: beards, tridents, temples, letters of the alphabet. ULTIMATELY This could be a truly epic way to ban someone - by enacting divine punishment. It would also help bring the chat to life. Please leave your thoughts and constructive feedback below! Thank you for reading!
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    Hi, I'm new to the forums. I just wanted to share something i've been working on lately. Its my first xat space i've ever created so if you have tips, feel free to share them. Im going to be making more xat spaces in the future, if you're interested in one feel free to contact me. My name on xat is keVin(madses1996) I'm usually at xat5 and gvng For the ones who would like to use this here's a pastebin with the codes. CSS: https://pastebin.com/bXPaH2gw, HTML: https://pastebin.com/8LNjgQyi
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    Well, let's get started. I'd first say the community has somewhat lost faith due to the fact that their voice and ideas are never put into action. The community has fought for something before and it's about time it does something again. Based off reading multiple threads, I think it's safe to say the problems can be broken down into these categories: 1) Powers/Features 2) Ticket System 3) Advertising 4) Flawed systems/Implementation of Voice 5) Mobile/HTML5 Now, let’s go into detail. 1) Powers… features.. powers…. Users feel that powers are often repetitive and are being released too often (or not at the value they would have hoped). Not to mention that EP has significantly gone up, making it unrealistic for many people. Users also want many more NEW free features. As Danns has said, these features do get old and boring. Based on this poll, the 2nd most popular reason as to why people think xat is less busy is due to boredom. SOLUTIONS: - Add more free features. ( free two-player games, such as checkers, pong, and football) There are many suggestions on the xat-to-do-list. - As for powers, it’s time to add a new gameban. People have been waiting ages. There’s also suggestions for them too. - Although it can be argued whether powers are released too often, the community would probably be happier if powers came from users suggestions. It’s been proposed. - Create a more strategic sense of worth. The trade market and economy needs to somehow become balanced. The value of xats should decrease, I mean hello resellers. - More services/features around xat that allow users to spend their xats, not necessarily powers. - Also, gathering feedback (or continuing to) on released powers will help improve things for the future. 2) Ticket System I think this point is pretty obvious. It’s pretty clear that users are not happy about ticket delays. They also are tired and frustrated of hearing the same old “we’re working on it”. POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS (key word: potential): - Add more volunteers to certain departments - Ensure that the users’ waiting are treated professionally, fairly and are aware there is a massive delay - Somehow create a faster way to remove a system 55 from an inactive account (a function?) - Allow users a chance to be able to submit another ticket, ONLY if their previous ticket is under a delayed department. Or allowing volunteers to open a second one for them. As seen here. 3) Advertising Many users have agreed that advertising xat would be beneficial. Although this is entirely up to admins, it’s worth mentioning. Users want to see xat do well and have growth in the future. SOLUTIONS: - Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc etc.) - Popular websites that allow advertising and could target the right age population 4) Flawed systems/Implementation of Voice Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think we all know that xat has been lacking with interacting and listening to its users in comparison to the past. I mean they don’t do surveys or anything like that. Surely, they might be busy but that brings me to my next point of contributors. Contributors provide their opinions on topics that involve changes on xat that affect the community. They also should “aim to represent or present the sentiments of all factions of the greater xat community.” There have been many discussions about them. I believe a major flaw is the whole voting system within it. I mean, if they’re going to be your voice that involves changes in the COMMUNITY, shouldn’t the COMMUNITY atleast have a say? POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS (Key word: POTENTIAL): - Allow contributors to create a short list of users they want and allow the community to have a say. - Create a form that allows only 1 IP/xat username per submission that allows the community to pitch why someone should or shouldn’t be their voice. - Advertise this form to ensure the whole community is aware. - Make your decision based on feedback/input given. - Continue with a monthly log to keep users informed. 5) Mobile/HTML5 Unfortunately, the user reaction to both mobile and the HTML5 platform was not very positive. If we really want users to stay, we need to be showing that there is faith and that there will be a future. I completely understand that both these projects are not complete however I believe there are solutions that need to be considered. SOLUTIONS: - Keep user's informed on the progress. - Please DO consider user’s ideas and input. Hey LOOK HERE. I’m really sorry if I didn’t cover something but I did try to summarize most that I’ve read through multiple threads. Now we can only hope some things can change. Thank you.
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    I am not interested in drama. I am interested in fixing the site and the problems within the said site. This is what I believe will fix the problem. This is what I will continue to fight for and push for. I do not want volunteer's to continue with all the authoritative decision making on xat. This is exactly what I have come against and to fight. And I will continue to fight for the users and the community as a whole to have this resolved for good. This isn't up to me to decide. I have left it in the communities hands. I have asked them what they prefer. The point is to get their input and go from there. If they believe what you say is the best way to do things then that is their decision. But I am giving them a voice and that is what I care about.
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    Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone who took time and effort to join this contest. We have received so many beautiful entries and we have had a hard time judging. Our winners are as follows: First place winner: Second place winner: Third place winner: Fourth place winner: Winners, contact me to collect your prize.
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    Loja is celebrating its second anniversary today but the party will go on for sometime as we did last year. We thank every user who has been visiting our chat, we thank the sellers who believe in our system and of course, you for reading this. It is now your chance to win 500 xats, all you have to do is post your xat username and ID in this topic. Six users will be selected once the countdown below ends. Countdown here. There's a single rule: Only one post per person! Thanks @Maverick for donating 2000 xats, and @Thuk for donating 1000 xats.
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    The power of this week is KXMAS ID: 470 Name: Kxmas Status: Limited Smilies: (kxmas) (kxbaubleback) (kxbell) (kxcandle) (kxcane) (kxgift) (kxgingerman) (kxglobe) (kxmtoe) (kxpenguin) (kxpudding) (kxreindeer) (kxreindeerback) (kxsman) (kxsnowflake) (kxswoman) (kxtree) (kxtreeback) (kxwreathe) Pawns: (hat#ha) (hat#he) (hat#hc) (hat#hg) (hat#hr) (hat#hm) (hat#hw) (hat#ht) (hat#hh) Price: 299 xats. Wiki: xat.wiki/Kxmas This power was made by @Mike, great work! super hyped for the pawns.
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    The hug has options (like halloscroll) You can change the text quality with the options #none, #glow, #knock and #blur. You can also change the way of how the text is displayed on the hug with the options #s[NUMBER] (font size), #c[NUMBER] (cycles) and #a[NUMBER] (amp). Example : /hug xmasscroll testing#ff0000#glow#s10#c3#a3 You can find all the options on halloscroll wiki. Preview of the hug :
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    In order to keep you up to date, you will be informed about the changes of the HTML5 chat here, this will be updated every time there is a new version. The HTML5 chat is currently accessible by typing ?new after the chat name, e.g. xat.com/xat5?new. Changelog - Version Dec 7 2017 Friends in friendlist are now shown bold. If you add someone as friend, they are displayed bold and higher in the userlist. If you unfriend someone, the bold will be removed and the position will be lower in the userlist. If you’re main owner of a chat, you will now see “Edit Your Chat” instead of “Get a Chat Box”. Default backgrounds which looked tiled, now look as they should. Bans and Unbans now work properly, users wouldn't know they are banned or they would be shown offline. Make guest button is now available for gagged users. Chat tabs got improved. The Private Message function works properly now. You couldn't click at the p.chat tab for users with a different text font in name, which works now. An issue got fixed which would hardly allow you to connect to a chat sometimes
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    Hello, some people asked me how to get notifed about new power releases, so i suggested them twitter notifications. Of course this depends on tweets being made, however xat usually makes them about power releases. So there are two options, using twitter: On Mobile (android/ios) 1. Download the Twitter app and login 2. Follow xat: https://twitter.com/xat 3. Left to the “Following” button, click at the notification icon: 4. Activate push notifications 5. Choose notification type: "All Tweets": Done! Now it’s just required to have your phone sound volume on, to make sure you do not miss any tweet of xat. Web/Desktop (opera/chrome/firefox) 1. Visit twitter.com and login 2. Follow xat: https://twitter.com/xat 3. Click on the avatar icon top right and select “Settings and privacy” 4. On the left sidebar, click on “Web notifications” 5. Next to Turn on browser notifications, click Turn on. 6. Now twitter will ask for allowance to show notifications, click Allow: 7. As next, go to the xat twitter page and to the right of the “Following” button, click on the action icon: 8. Lastly, select “Turn on mobile notifications” on the dropdown: Done! Note that the browser must be open to receive the notification, however twitter doesn’t have to be. If you use Chrome/Firefox: The notifications will appear at the bottom right within the browser. If you use Opera: You will get sound notifications via windows 10 notifications center.
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    On the first day of the new month, someone from the Contributor group will post a thread providing a summary of discussions that were discussed in the Contributor section during the previous month. This is to allow the community to be more informed and have a better understanding of the Contributor group. These logs will be closed for the time being. If you do have any concerns or suggestions that you would like to be brought to the attention of the Contributor group, message any of the Contributors and I'm sure they'd be happy to bring it up for discussion if deemed necessary. Due to the important amount of ex-contributors who left in early November, concluding some discussions has been harder than usual this month. Even though it did affect the group operations since we had to recount some votes, we managed to conclude quite a few topics and new ideas regarding the representativity of the group were brought up. Concluded Discussions These topics are concluded and are no longer being discussed. If you have any concerns about the conclusion of these topics, feel free to send a message and I'll see what I can do to help you. Tidings unblock request More image providers for promotion Social auto promotion Make people apply for contributors Ongoing discussions xat Facebook Contributors representativity
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback. Your words inspire me to continue with this style for more powers. We're listening to your ideas, by checking the Suggestions area almost everyday. The gym theme was a long-time request but you don't always need a gym if you want to stay fit Also, fitness power has been updated today. BIG: All the smilies work with big power now. IMPROVED: Fitness main smiley received a visual change. if you have any comment, suggestion or issue on the power, please post here.
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    smile used: 1. loving # bars # dollar # crown # diamond # jewerly 2. cupkace 3.zany# sdeer 4.moustached4 # clover2 # pot 5. gluttony 6. sabbiggrin ID: spendmoney (399193292)
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    Before I even begin my little rant, here's a definition for you: If you haven't read the November Contributor log, I recommend doing that first. Now, I strongly feel that Contributor applications are an AWFUL idea. Why? There are a bunch of flaws. ANYONE can apply, meaning some random 12 year old or a user who just joined xat with NO experiences can fill out an application, LIE about themself, and get accepted. The [application] system itself sounds BIAS, which we all know how Volunteers are selected, who says having a Contributor application won't result in the same thing. "My friend who is a Contributor says he'll accept me if I fill out an application, even if I haven't done anything." I see a ton of flaws with this system. For instance, people who are immature, or have broken the Terms have the opportunity to fill out an application and become a Contributor. Think of it as allowing a random stranger to enter your house. CONTRIBUTORS SHOULD BE NOMINATED! When I think of a Contributor, I think of someone who has put a lot of effort into making xat a better, more user friendly place, NOT someone who is BFF's with another Contributor or a Volunteer or mod on Help chat. I personally believe that Volunteers and other Contributors should vote for who should become a Contributor. Or just the Contributors group, I don't see why Volunteer input is necessary. If you actually took the time to read this, thank you. If not, I'd consider at least skimming through before you post your comment.
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    It has always been like that and no one complained about.. except you. If you can't access Trade, then try to access Troca or Cambio and then come back on Trade when you have your day. Not that hard. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    I honestly don't see any benefits in this change. This will not bring any new users or users who have gone unnoticed to our attention, the users who are going to apply are the ones we are already aware of and haven't been suggested or approved for a reason. Contributors are now going to waste a lot of time and energy reviewing these applications instead of trying to push for the changes that the community is asking for. Tip: The more persuasive you are in your application, the higher your chances of becoming a contributor.
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    CHATS Firstly I'd like to point out that official chats are poorly managed. Due to the nature of this thread and it's moderators I am not at liberty to openly discuss why I feel this way. Can do outside of the forums for those curious though → /f1337873972. Solution here is as simple as it seems. Enforce chatbox rules for everyone including staff members and don't ignore user reports. If you feel the report is weak, let the reporter know. Use arguments. This part is less personal but I still feel like it's attached to a bigger issue that I'll bring up later on; chatboxes are being used as target practice. Before this year I'd rarely see a chat get permanently delisted and if that did come up, it's usually because said chat had heavily inappropriate content displayed. Now however, I see chats like Ennui get permanently delisted because a volunteer thinks a user posted inappropriate content without double checking the link that was posted. As a solution I suggest we ease up on the power tripping and go back to the basics. Volunteers are not babysitters in charge of children. If a chatbox is reported in a ticket you need to make sure the user has gone to the chat's rightful owner to sort the issue first - I have seen malicious users go on toons to post inappropriate content then immediately report it in a ticket playing victim. Once you're sure the chat owner knows what took place and refuses to do anything about it then you should step in. Not before. Here we have a sub-section of the previous part with delists, I noticed chats with "inappropriate ban reasons" are being given 7 day delists off promotion as well. Why? Chat is off promotion and xat is supposed to be used by a mature audience. Nobody promotes chats anymore because users were run off to the point where promotions aren't worth it anymore and they'd rather be themselves elsewhere without moderating every word/action, why disturb non promoted chats now? Bored? Solution here would be to just ignore it? God knows I've reported chats in the past when I used to be banned and the reason was just "n****r". Nothing ever happened, now all of a sudden it's a deadly sin whenever someone feels it's convenient and needs a reason to delist just for the sake of delisting. Speaking of promotion; Who knows there might be a miracle and people start using xat again after their fears of being abused is dismissed and will want to promote their chat. I suggested this before (and was ignored as usual) but it would be nice to have a little 10 question quiz for a user to complete the first time they try to promote and said user can only promote once they've scored an 80% or more on the test, showing that they are a proper chat owner and know enough of the rules to not get themselves delisted instantly. Yes I've seen some horrible things on promotion before. And-Surprise-Nothing-Was-Done-Even-Though-I-Reported. USERS & ACCOUNTS xat has become a breeding ground for trolls and jokers who believe they can say anything they want and get away with it. The official word on this is "xat does not get involved in user disputes" but xat gets heavily involved in user disputes either way. Pick a side. Either you take responsibility or you don't. If you do, I have a perfect solution to these trolls who disrupt the use of xat: 1-14 day gag similar to other games and their mute system. Prevent said users from harassing the main chat by only allowing them to speak in private chat to users who have them added. This shouldn't be too hard to implement since gagging is already a feature of xat, you'd just need to make it apply to every chat they connect to. When did xat move from torching to deleting? The system seems to be in place solely to be used as a griefing mechanism. Purging someone's account that they've spent money or time on does absolutely nothing. If the user is a repeat offender, they'll register a new account or worse, they'll stay on a toon ID and carry on. If the user was attached to their belongings they'll be left with a horrible taste in their mouthes against xat as a whole and be more inclined to leave, potentially encouraging other friends to leave aswell. Using the example of games once again: when you violate a rule; depending on the severity of the offense you're given a TEMPORARY BAN which can range from a day to a year. If you've been caught cheating or abusing the game's systems to gain an unfair advantage then and only then is your account lost. The system makes sense. The system is based on logic. The system works. As a solution I'd like to refer to a previous one I brought up with the gag system for trolls ranging from 1 day to 14 days. Repeat offenders can then start receiving bans. Extreme cases like scamming, "doubling powers", doxing, hacking etc can be bundled under a temporary to permanent ban. The action needs to be proportionate to the offense, I've seen my fair share of people losing accounts for saying "kys" one time in one chat to one user when a simple 24h ban from said chat would suffice. Point to my previous point again, volunteers are not babysitting children, you do not need to involve yourselves in every little fight you come across. On the flip side there are users who do good for the community and they're paid with insults to the face. We've already seen the designers of xat ragequit because they ran out of patience for this mess. Designers lack any sort of support and were forced to create their own private militia through xat.com/Graphics by banning people from entering contests on their forum that the host could easily choose to ignore or not. I've been permanently banned from the xat forums before for opening a thread that people agreed with that was in no way inappropriate or causing drama about an image host concern. Once again I will share information on this event off of the forums for those needing to know. Solution here once again is simple, listen to suggestions. I remember posting multiple suggestions on the old forum that a few old volunteers found really interesting: Allow chat owners to edit the opacity of the chat's transparent boxes. Allow chat owners to grant a designer rank to people letting them edit the chat's visual style without having access to main owner powers or chat password. Once again, nothing ever happened even though they were solid and well thought out with examples. If a suggestion is turned down, it would be nice to inform the user with a simple reason as to why. TICKETS Lot of contributors & forum staff were quick to point out that the "active" volunteers can't be removed as they're not lazy, their department is just delayed and the "inactive" ones barely have any tickets to answer hence them being "inactive". The solution is so painfully obvious that it shouldn't even need to be said. Let some of those volunteers handle the delayed departments temporarily, have them trained and formed so they can lend a helping hand otherwise hire active staff experienced with dealing with tickets I'm sure you can find millions (ok let's be realistic, dozens or less now) on xat with real life qualifications if you just asked rather than allowing a small circle of friends to suggest their own friends to help them and furthering the "favoritism" rumors. FORUMS I've quit using the forums because the forum moderators used to be thought cops destroying any post they don't agree with. This is largely still the case. A forum is a place of expression where messages are meant to be permanent for all to see and be able to read on their own time. Wanting to prevent inappropriate discussions is okay. Wanting to prevent fights between users is completely understandable. Censoring posts that people agree with? No. Making posts vanish for no reason at all? Definitely not. Force forum moderators to have a valid reasoning for deleting a post and have an unbiased user decide if the reasoning is right or not to prevent the usual "You're my friend, I trust you, do w/e". GENERAL Most of my concerns here mention the single fact that xat has actively become more aggresive with it's rule enforcing towards users. Reports against users used to be "We don't get involved", scammers are roaming free or getting their account transfer blocked but petty drama destroys you. The enforcing is not only extremely aggresive but also inconsistent. If aggresivity is your choice then communicate. Update your terms, specify clear rules and guidelines to follow. None of that broad "no trolling" nonsense that allows volunteers to hide behind empty reasons for their actions. Saved the best for last. xat is in desperate need of a stable communication flow between the community and the developpers. Install a community manager. Look no further than Mike too (He's literally the only person trying to look out for users now that Jamesey is gone. Muffins does what he can but is limited). Current projects, user concerns, suggestions keep him posted on what's coming to xat, feel free to keep some things a surprise but communication is generally positive. Wake up the twitter account, use it for things other than a vague sentence everytime a power is being released. Interact with your users. That is all. No censor pls.
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    Hello there, xat has decided to make an ID auction for black friday. You can suggest IDs here.
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    Hello everyone, i decided give one new power randomly to one user of the forum. Just reply with your register name and id in this topic to participate; Don't use other accounts to try increase your chances of winning or you will be disqualified; The winner(s) has to contact me within 24 hours after posting the winners to receive their prize, otherwise another winner will be randomly selected; If the winner is held by any reason, another winner will be randomly selected; Deadline to post: 17/12/2017 20h00 BRT | Countdown here. The winner will be chosen in Alazar. Good luck!
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    This is not true at all. When Pomoc was created, Mia was really active and dedicated to the chat. She would often stay online for 12 hours a day — at Pomoc and other chats, such as Chat (during Daniela's management). Again, if there are no dedicated helpers for those languages, that's only because there's no one interested. We really can't force people into helping. If we did restore Pomoc, it would become dead again and as I've pointed out before, if you have a small chance of receiving help at Assistance, you'd have none there. Anyway, who should become the manager of Pomoc, you? I'm afraid that you would end up users stupid every time they don't understand you, like you do whenever someone posts something that you don't agree with. You are the one being disrespectful, childish and unprofessional here.
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    Name = MULTILINE (I really couldn't think of anything better) Type = User What It Does = The purpose of this power would allow users to add an extra line of similes either above or below the default line of smileys allowing an extra 12 similes to be used. This would allow GLINE and SLINE to also run off this power to allow more customized similes to be used either by the main owner of the group using GLINE or set by the users SLINE power. The extra similes can be viewed by simply hovering the mouse cursor over the first simile on the default 12. Current simile line http://prntscr.com/hj5bac vs MULTILINE http://prntscr.com/hj5e82 Thoughts?
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    messaged at 2:04 two mods responded by 2:05
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    Update: COLORED + MORE SMILIES! I just added 4 smilies from (KXMAS) Smilies used added; (kxsman) (kxswoman) (kxreindeerback) (kxsnowflake) Before: Smilies used; (santa) (reindeer) (snowman) (winter) (tropicalxmas) (ebunny) [holding a gift box/present] MusicalMelody (674217819)
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    @Elea @Masha and @HelperNate have been added as new contributors! @Maverick was also re-added.
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    Thank you for the post overall as it seems to have a positive aim in terms of resolutions on making xat better. Although, I will not be entirely participating in this due to the fact that I feel like myself and many other users have actively been voicing their opinions for months/years all throughout the forum and I believe these posts can easily be accessed and to this day have been ignored (jumbling it all into one topic will more than likely be overwhelming) . But I will state one concern of mine, that to me, seems to be one of the Major issues surrounding xat; and that is what the administration is currently doing to garner/keep users. From an EXTERIOR VIEW, I do not see admins concentrating on the core of xat and what actually makes xat a great service. I only see administrators concentrating on MAJOR bugs and weekly powers (it is almost as if they are trying to keep the service going by just a thread of hair). A lot of what made this service great was the features we would receive that ultimately was the causation of user interaction within xat... Doodle, games, contests, webcam, translate, and EVEN YOUTUBE were/are all means of users interacting with one another, whether it be sharing doodles/yt videos, or playing games together, to using the translator to speak with foreign language users. These and many more are ALL means of features that cause user interaction and yes they still all do exist... but like anything and everything, these features get old and outdated. We have been playing the same games for years, same doodle app, NOTHING new that would be a means of keeping people on xat interacting with one another. And I can promise you that new weekly powers will NOT be the solution to this. I think if xat focused more on user interaction and the features xat offers then maybe they can work on regaining their user base. (AND OBVIOUSLY THE PEOPLE THAT WANT TO COME BACK ON xat SHOULD NOT HAVE TO WAIT 4 MONTHS TO RECOVER AN ACCOUNT). This is just ONE of MANY problems that need to be fixed within xat. Honestly, there is just a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done with xat, there have been many HUGE threads entailing what needs to be done and how to resolve(in the users point of view). But I do hope this goes somewhere, I hope you guys can start garnering some resolutions. Good job on the post, thanks.
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    I think different. I see volunteers as the the users helping admins to take care of the tickets The system is designed for the volunteers, in their positions, to be able to help users in a way or another That means, if everyone did what they were made capable of, maybe then, users would be more satisfied with the ticket system. I could continue with a big post but I think the only way to "resolve" this thread is by replying to tickets, so I end it here. Not much to discuss as we know the formula for happiness: Users open tickets => Tickets are answered => People are going to be happy with their problems solved
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    Arihforever (811324585) smile : (Toad) Link
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    Regname:DJCRAZY id:444000444 I wish you a happy Christmas and a perfect start to a successful new year <3 (Newyear)̷ Xmasscroll [ID: 471] ♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥ http://prntscr.com/h97qfj (ccgiggle) http://prntscr.com/h97uq0 (CUTICORN) Regname:DJCRAZY id:444000444 ̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷ Ghostmon (gmcheer) ̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷ (lovemix2) (flowerheart) ̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷ Lovemix2 ̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷ (kxreindeer) ♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷ THAT IS NOT xat SMILIES this is my heart lady (doodle) that is not xat smililes (und das ist mein herzdame(doodle) ♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷♥̷ I wish you a happy Christmas and a perfect start to a successful new year <3
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    I would rather see this than on login page. What if you can't login ? How are you going to see how many days are you held ? Displaying it on login is really an un-friendly way because you have to relogin just to see a "You are held for X days" compared to the idea of showing a popup on the chat "You are held for X days" which is 100% better. Plus, I don't think people would notice it on login since most of them are closing the window when they are logged on. That's my thought about. Better preview according to Skatel's post with HTML5 popup :
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    The twelfth interview: https://xat.chat/xat-bryan/ I wrote the introduction this time (of course with the guidance of Crow!). Tell me what you think!
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    Thanks again! I'll continue to do my best on Chat. I'm really happy to fully manage my "home chat", especially because we have got a wonderful staff and interesting users all around the world!
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    This is exactly what I mentioned in my post and exactly part of the problem. Refusal to see the perspective of the communities view on who they would prefer to have as volunteer's soley because of the belief that the community will ONLY choose toxic candidates to me is wrong. That's like saying, when people vote for a president they shouldn't have a right to vote for who they want in office because they might choose a bad candidate? Does that even make any sense? That's like saying a president should vote another president in and have no outside say from the community. I disagree with this type of mentality full-heartedly. This is not a dictatorship and should never be remotely close to one. I want to know what the community thinks regarding who they would want as a volunteer and WHY. Then, let the admin decide based on the evaluation of the entire community. People would be more comfortable having someone they specificially picked or had a hand in putting in that position than someone they don't even know or heard of before simply because a volunteer group collective thinks they are ideal. It isn't volunteer's "job" to manage the ticket system no. Because they aren't paid for it. But in a way they are since they earn test powers which can be sold? The point is, the inactive volunteer's that do literally nothing should be replaced with active more suitable candidates that should be chosen from a wider viewpoint such as the communities opinion. The entire community can read why the person would be a good fit or wouldn't be and then it could be voted upon. You vote for contributors to be picked? Why not volunteer's? I don't see the issue with this aside trying to maintain a structure that ISN'T WORKING. The point is to fix the problem entirely, not bandage it and make excuses for it. What do YOU, the community, think about all this? Should YOU have a say in voting in new volunteer's?