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    Hello everyone!!! I'm ฬถ๐™ฑฬถ๐šŽฬถ๐š‘ฬถ๐šŠฬถ๐šฬถ๐š’ a.k.a Bella How are you all doing? I suddenly decided to to make a trivia contest for fun and to share a few of my blessings to others with the help of my kind and generous friend ate @dimplef . So i would like to invite everyone to join this contest! Informations about this contest: Since i'm from the wiki team i'd like this contest to be mostly related to wiki (useful informations on articles you can find and learn) so i will most likely ask questions about wiki. I will post 2 or 3 questions everyday. (No specific time of each post so keep up to this thread)(day and night in my time zone UTC+01:00) The first correct answer will be chosen as the winner/s. This contest will be running for a week or so, or as long as there's prize funds to keep the contest going. I will post the due date of the contest anytime if necessary. ( a week before the contest end) *Im also the prize holder of this contest. Rules you must follow: 1. You must be appropriate in joining this contest. 2. Please do not argue or cause drama otherwise you will be banned immediately from participating this contest. 3. Please respect the winner, the decision of choosing a winner and the prizes that will be given away. 4. Win 1 skip 1 (As this contest will run everyday, so if you win today you must skip a day to join on this contest again.) 5. Please do not forget to include your Regname and ID below your answer. (Only necessary if you don't have any identification on your profile.) 6. The prizes that will be given away to each winners depends on me. 7. If you win you must confirm here that you received the prizes. 8. If you win contact or find me at chat Help or Trade to claim your prizes. 9. As it says ''The first correct answer will be chosen as the winner.'' Once you post your answer you must NOT edit or make any changes to it, so make sure to review your answer before posting. If you failed to follow this rule you will be disqualified automatically. Prizes to be given away: xats / days / powers Donations will be greatly appreciated and accepted to keep this contest running. If you have any questions feel free to send me a private message here on forum or at chat Help or Trade. Our daily trivia contest is still ongoing. Good luck to everyone participating this contest!!! UPDATE: I would like everyone to remember NOT to SPAM the thread with ''congrats/congratulation'' or any any other unnecessary comments.
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    Inner: Link: http://i.imgur.com/48n4Fku.png Variant: http://i.imgur.com/E7kG3NU.png Outer: Link: http://i.imgur.com/U6NbA8M.png Button color: #132f49 Preview: xat.com/Pouma?123
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    Hello, I would like to enter this little contest of yours. Inner Background: Outer: background: url('http://i.imgur.com/9RaYrBZ.jpg') center fixed no-repeat; Button colour: #FFFFFF [update] Outer should be less drab now. Also, CSS
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    Hello everyone. My suggestion is as follows: Keep the power This power consists of: It is a power of the function, which would allow us to keep the conversations of our private chat, to have a history of each message that you want to keep. The same can be deleted or saved as a document, or send by email, saved conversations. Function: When you click on the nickname of a friend / savemsgID Sign in to our xat account, then the information will be displayed: Saved conversations Clicking on view Contains: Smilies (Keepbanana) (dovekeep) (flyingkeep) (owlkeep) (Ebanana#wIhaveanewmessageofmylove) Letter limited: 20 (Hugkeep) (Hugkeep#wLETTER) Limited: 30 Pawn: (Hat#hk) (hat#hke) Important note : This can also be used to prove that when you are going to report a ticket theft if we take this as prevension and use I reserve all the property rights of the examples, some editing and others leave the same.
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    here's my entry. im expecting to win. i have children to feed. i would like to thank my supports jayden, karen, joshua riverboy, lunala, rexor, raxar, and help toons. ill upload the HD if i win so that's up to u button color is #ffffff
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    Outer: http://i.imgur.com/PW0kTUb.png Button Color: #B3EEFF (GBack: #sloth or #envy) (Inner, V1: http://i.imgur.com/DjgZZSV.png ) >> Preview << Feel free to leave feedback there Template by draii Help logo by rant time to retire
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    Hi @Brandon please accept my 10,000 xat donation, pls make it 1st,2nd,3rd places. I'll see u in help chat, thanks!
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    Hello, i think neon hat is very cool. What do you think if it would be permanent?
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    Hello! I'm hosting a Pcback contest with @Paul. We want a background for both of us, so you'll have to do double work. Prizes: 1st place: 5k 2nd place: 3k 3rd place: 2k 4th place: 1k xats Judges: Me and Paul Prize holder: Paul Deadline: 4th of July. Requirements (Agustina): Include my name Agustina and my ID (254679714) -NO anime. -No girly colors like, very pinky and stuff (you can try risking yourself but, I prefer dark colors). -You can play with nature like: oceans, forest, etc. -You can play with abstract themes or bokeh effects. -If you want to do it videogame themed, heres a list of games I like: DMC, Resident Evil, LoL, hack.//g.u., Yu-Gi-Oh, Final Fantasy... -Related to 80s/70s music or style could be too. Requirements (Paul): Include his name Paul and his ID (83735214). Also FEXBot Chief Assistant. -NO anime. -Any GTA/Rockstar themed bg would be fine -Anything with blue/purple or abstract patterns. -Nature stuff like forests, mountains, etc, would be ok too. WARNING: WHAT I MENTIONED ABOVE ARE ONLY SUGGESTIONS, DOESNT MEAN YOU HAVE TO DO IT EXACTLY LIKE I SAID. Good luck! If you have any questions, you can find us at Xat5 or just send a forum message.
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    First entry Link: http://i.imgur.com/jB0GgMW.png Credits: Smiley bar Render
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    Hello there, so i've recently thought about a new feature xat could consider to add. Feel free to share your thoughts and/or your support about this. Ty. The main idea is to connect your spotify account to your xat account and basically display the music you're currently listening in your status, visible for other users. No music will be played on xat itself. Implementation I think the best way to connect the spotify account with your xat is over the login page. Usage Once connected, there could be an option at the login page like: [ ] Display current song from spotify in status As next, if the user is opening Spotify on desktop (and mobile?) and plays a song, it'll automatically fetch the song name to the users status on the xat chat. The song name will change as you change to another song. Free or Commercial? While it seems like adding this for free wouldn't create any issues, the commercial use is also possible (as power), however it requires an application to be made. Also the spotify developer terms of Use must be accepted and followed. Spotify developer Terms of Use Spotify Commercial use application API's and more Spotify API's and developer center Inappropriate song names While of course everyone is responsible for the stuff shown on his profile and the respective chat rules apply, there could be a censor function by default (Slooms idea). Why? - A new modern (innovative) feature - People like to show off the music they are currently listening (thus why they even do like "songname (cd) smiley" in chat) - Its nice to see what other people on xat listen to - Spotify is a very huge music platform, if not the biggest with over 100mio. users and maybe, there could also emerge some advertising for xat on spotify Demo: *(Spotity icon) + Songname *Colors should apply from statusglow/statuscolor
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    Inner : Outer : Button color : 0b1d52 Good luck.
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    Phew... a lot of stress and determination went into this background. I haven't designed in a while so I hope you all like it. Let me know what you think, thanks! Button Code: #053d7a Inner Version 1: Inner Version 2 (Very Subtle Difference) Outer Version 1: Outer Version 2: You can mix/match either one of these together. Credits Flat Inner Temp by Rant (tweaked a bit). Help Logo by Navith (tweaked a bit as well, but used as a base). PREVIEW
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    Today I will give 10 background for pcback. Only the first 10 people to request one will have a bg. Give me your information like this: Text: Subtext: Colors/Theme: Images: Other information: Good luck to everyone
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    @6 50,000xat prizefund added for you events. Please continue all about xatCom, amazing topic.
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    Like my post if you're part of the 0.0000000000000001%
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    All right, I finished both of them after 2 hours of work. Made some extra finishing touches and fixes before uploading. Here they are. Paul: Agustina: Sorry I was too lazy to change the mosaic textures. At least there's a GTA 5 BG for Paul.
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    Hello there, thought of a camouflage (smiley) power. Please note, i've took images from google to demonstrate this (copyrighted). Feel free to leave your thoughts or your support. Thanks. Smilies camouflage - Something like this could be the main smiley camoback - Combinable with other smiley faces camobandana - A smiley wearing a camouflaged bandana on the head camocap - A smiley wearing a camouflaged cap camofatigue - A smiley wearing a camouflaged fatigue cap camoboonie - A smiley wearing a camouflaged boonie hat camodogtag - A smiley wearing a dog tag, or just dog tags without smiley camobag - A smiley holding a camouflaged bag (for the girls ) Hats camopawn - A camouflaged pawn (thanks to @Guppy for creating the image) More hats would be from the above smilies:
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    Entry http://oi67.tinypic.com/1532liq.jpg I'll post outer soon
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    (narrow) (nballoons) (ncherry) (ndrink) (neon) (neonletter) (nguitar) (nheart) (nicecream) (npizza) (nx) 'a' => arrow 'N' => neon 'h' => heart I'm suggesting they default to no flash with an option to make them flash ?
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    I'm sorry this is actually so bad lol. I swear the ending is the best part!
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    Xat power [Cape] would allow you to attach a cape to your Pawn/Smilies if you had the power [Hat] then you would be able to use the cape (hat#CA) for superhero cape and (hat#Ca#FFFFFF) for a white cape etc. or for your Smilies you would type: (D#Cape) and using (D#CA) would be the alias, coloring the cape would look like: (D#CA#FFFFFF) For white.a pawn with red cape will look like: and the Smiley would look like the Power would vary around 250 xats and would be LIMITED power. Animations Made by: Xiggy
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    If you want to run Graphics chat, post here or message me privately. The only requirement I have is that you have some history with the chat. Good history. Not bad. No bad bananas. Basically if I've never heard of you, chances are you aren't going to be picked. Unless there's like one person lol
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    Hello! I am thinking to host a Pcback contest!!!!!! (pls pls pls pls enter ) Prize 1st place = 3001xats 2nd place = 2001xats 3rd place = 1501xats 4th place = 1001xats 5th place = 601xats 6th place = 501xats Prize Holder Chelly ( any1 else pls???) Deadline July 28th 23:00 GMT Winner will be announced a few hours after the deadline. Judges Me & Chelly Requierements You must include Luna/Lunala/Meow somewhere in the background. Please don't use big letters. You don't have to include my ID. Don't use colours such as yellow, gray, white, orange. Try to make something that wouldn't hurt eyes. There is no theme, you can use or not anime. If you are going to use anime, here are a few characters that I would like you to use: Inori - Guilty Crown Emilia - Re:Zero Neko - Project K Shiro - Deadman Wonderland Saya - Blood C Any anime characters that looks like a cat xdddd. Good luck to all ! If you have any questions you can message me on forum or on xat Help. ty Chelly, I stole some things from ur pcback contest xoxoxo
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    Credit: http://www.wallpapervortex.com/wallpaper-23873_guilty_crown.html#.WUXFx2grK6o Hope you like it.
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    Overview of current xat bugs. (Reported by diverse people on the new and old forum) Last updated: June 11, 2017 Stats: (11/32) Fixed 1. Fix the continuous xat wiki page loading, server error issues. (Found by LaFleur) 2. Fix the "Edit your chat" feature. (Found by Techy) 3. Fix censored word and self linking exploit. (Found by Techy) 4. Registeration page password issue. 5. "Use Your Own" button (where you click your name) leads to a not existing page. (Found by SirCharlie) 6. Sometimes, some people are left with the power (statusglowsuper) added to their list instead of having the powers "statusglow" & "super". This problem seems to come from the Xat client and it is happening randomly. (Found by Sloom) 7. Can't use subhide when having flashrank enabled (Found by Crow) 8. If you were in stealth, pawns like gold/ruby/purple didn't show up (Found by TinkerDoodle) 9. The getStrip thing is too slow to convert a swf into png frames. (Found by Sloom) 10. xat.com/popular link is broken @http://i.imgur.com/JC3LDDz.png (Found by Paul) 11. Gamebans are currently not unbanning the user after he completed it. (Found by Voymo) [Confirmed by Sloom & LaFleur] Could NOT be comfirmed (Feel free to share more info on these) 1. PHP error after you complete a gameban, especially matchban and spaceban and especially when you use debug 2. Snakerace sometimes restarting at the beginning (Cause: if you eat more than 1 apple too fast, its acting like you ate yourself or hit a wall.) 1. Winner is unbuyable due to requiring a quiz which does not work. It works for the first 2/3 questions then gets stuck. (http://xat.com/quiz/index.php) (Found by VideoGameSurveyor) [Confirmed by Sloom & LaFleur] 1. TTTH - When using /t it will ignore the user but not show them the TTTH animation in main. (Found by SJBB) [Confirmed by Sloom & LaFleur] 2. Vote power does not work (poll does not load). [Potentital solution here] (Found by VideoGameSurveyor) [Confirmed by Sloom] 3. When the chat has 32 (love) powers assigned it unlocks the smiley heart flix, by default it shows flowers. When you try changing it to beat or d smilies, ---> it does not save or update the smiley you have chosen (screen1) (screen2) (Found by SJBB) [Confirmed by LaFleur] 4. Pink pawn has a more bright color in chat than in user list. (Found by Maverick) (Fix sent to admins by sloom) [Confirmed by Sloom, LaFleur & SJBB] 5. Matchrace game - (Earth) smiley all over the game (see proof) (Found by Sloom & LaFleur) [Confirmed by Sloom & LaFleur] 6. Importing doodles to photobucket via Dood power does not work properly (Found by VideoGameSurveyor, LaFleur & Sloom) [Confirmed by Sloom & LaFleur] ---> If you open doodle app after sending a photobucket link, it won't work ---> The photobucket import button is missing sometimes, fixed by clicking at photobucket link, then click on doodle again. (see video proof) ---> Exporting drawing to photobucket button or download to pc button doesn't work 7. Foolsday - (focalendar) broken. (Found by Sloom) [Confirmed by LaFleur] 8. Chatroom pools + Rankpool/Banpool powers ---> When you go to another pool and talk there, e.g. the staff pool and then switch back to the main pool, it looks to you as if all these messages could be seen by all chatters on main pool (it doesn't, but its irritating). (Found by Voymo) [Confirmed by LaFleur] 9. Some search results on the event page aren't working (nothing appears): guestself, protect, set scroller, hush, promo, dunce, badge, naughtystep, yellow card (Found by SJBB) [Confirmed by LaFleur] 1. Temp mod should also get removed when you're red carded (works for yellowcard and dunce, punishment powers) (Found by Sloom & LaFleur) [Confirmed by Sloom & LaFleur] 2. Xavi/Nopc don't show on user powers list when disabled. (Found by Jadiction & Oj) [Confirmed by Sloom] 3. When someone uses the translator and pm you in same time, it displays the "<priv>" packet on the message (for the other user). According to: click here (Found by Sloom) [Confirmed by Sloom & LaFleur] 4. Fix issue with unassigning powers while gamebanned. According to: click here (Found by Flake) [Confirmed by Sloom & LaFleur] 1. Status removed when you gameban yourself (Only client-sided and its back after refresh) [Confirmed by Sloom & LaFleur] 2. Issues with APP icons (except games) when GKAOANI and EBUNNY (ebback) power are added as gback smiley. According to: click here (Found by Sloom) [Confirmed by Sloom & LaFleur] 3. When you switch from another pool, it shows some offline users as online. (Found by Sloom) [Confirmed by Sloom] 4. Ever since Nameflag has been released, when a user was using nameglow additionally to his color/grad/flag/jewel, the ENTIRE LINE rather than just there where the text is (username text) has been clickable when that user posted. (Found by Voymo) [Confirmed by LaFleur] 1. Matchrace Issue keeps going even after you complete a level -> Ex. at level 5 where you need to reach 300m, instead of going to the results screen it keeps going), causing results to show a lower score than what you completed (see proof) [Confirmed by Sloom & LaFleur] 2. DoodleRace Issues. According to: click here [Confirmed by Sloom & LaFleur] ---> Whenever you say !start, instead of starting with a word from the 300 words already loaded into the game, it starts with the topic 'default'. If you skip that topic, the next topic is also 'default'. ---> Facebook / Twitter broken (page not found 404) 3. Fix chess and pool game (a user can play for both teams). [Confirmed by LaFleur] 4. Fix the shoot game. [Confirmed by LaFleur]
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    Again chat graphics is back, so far there is no defined staff until you see the activity of users. All the designers of the community are cordially invited to be part of graphics. Sharing knowledge, graphic concepts, learn from users, is always good. If you are willing to get help with graphics, we are waiting for you at xat.com/graphics and we will be willing to dissipate the doubts in the graphics.
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    @Brandon @muffins I'd like to donate a total of 5000 xats. I'll catch any of you two on xat and transfer it.
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    Admins have implemented a fix and have said it will be rolled out ASAP (already on debug chats). You can add "?test" to the end of the URL of a non-debug chat to force it into debug mode. Clear your cache to get the most recent chat (version 10062017).
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    I was bored and made a batch file that will download the installers and move the files. These are only around 39mb total (rather than 400mb zip download). You will need a dropbox account to download it, or just copy and paste it into a notepad file and save it as "chatfix.bat". Chrome only. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eowfwyrprfinxdm/chatfix.bat?dl=0 Source: @echo OFF powershell -Command "Invoke-WebRequest http://extbots.com/dls/flashplayer25_0r0_171_winpep.exe -OutFile flashplayer25_0r0_171_winpep.exe" powershell -Command "Invoke-WebRequest http://extbots.com/dls/flashplayer25_0r0_171_win.exe -OutFile flashplayer25_0r0_171_win.exe" START "" /W "flashplayer25_0r0_171_win.exe" START "" /W "flashplayer25_0r0_171_winpep.exe" ROBOCOPY "C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash" "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash\" /mir RMDIR "C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash" "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash\" /S /Q Meaningless to xat forum users, but SHA-1s: chatfix.bat - d4b996d568043d5740eeee252de8d55fd99b5b84 flashplayer25_0r0_171_win.exe - 26265158e23196445acc8c2aa6edd501b2870b3c flashplayer25_0r0_171_winpep.exe - b3bf8976f30a03ff1875c27a21405d58b0b4bc98 You can always download the installers, and adapt to your needs (without the whole archive): http://extbots.com/dls/flashplayer25_0r0_171_winpep.exe http://extbots.com/dls/flashplayer25_0r0_171_win.exe
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    I've posted my second entry, click here to view it.
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    Sunken moon seeking for help. Just doing it for FUN! hope you like this cute background. I will edit it later on.
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    What is the contest based on? I think that the one who has the command of the chat must have knowledge of graphic design. The user must show their knowledge about the graphics. Repeating the same staff over and over again only causes the chat not to advance. So it would be ideal to put new people, new ideas, new dynamics. I do not see the need to use Discord by having the chat to interact with the users.
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    Apologies, this isn't very creative. I just thought I'd do this because why not? One day, I was surfing the streets of xat. I went to social, and saw a strange user saying some strange things. His name was Roberto, but I doubt that's his real name since he copies everybody. I pcd him and asked him why he had me added, he just responded with "roberto banned help map (ok) Lizzie <-> mike png." He then clicked me and went to a different chat. Next thing I know, he's using my name and avatar, saying "Phin (888325252) help map %100." After about 3 years or so of Roberto doing his thing, I realised he never talks like a normal user, and he's basically a robot that's starting to take over the xat community, one by one. About a month later, I saw more Robertos on chat, then I go to another chat and see more of them. All saying the same thing: "Lizzie <--> Mike pcoff 1:01! roberto map." The Robertos formed an army to take over all human minds and turn us into one of them. This is how Roberto came to be. 25 March, 2025: Roberto invades Roberto appeared on all the chats, and told his army to invade using his secret robot language that nobody understands. The army of Robertos had planned to brainwash every xat user that was left, until none ramained. The attack began when their leader gave the command: and off they went, invading, transforming, making their army the largest of all. The one, the only, ROBERTO ARMY. They blew up chats, spammed them with nonsense, and brainwashed people. Their army was too strong for the moderators and owners, so they took action. They grabbed their weapons, suited up, and went out on the battlefield to recover the fallen xat users who have been brainwashed by Roberto, and transformed into slaves. Blood went everywhere, the smell of death was among the mods and owners, however, the main owners were able to take out all the Robertos, and revived the fallen users. The heroes used the antidote to undo the damage caused by the Robertos, and they never saw another Roberto again.
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    Thought I'd make this forum post to congratulate @SJBB for getting volunteer. Congrats!
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    Thank you for the entries so far. The contest will end near the end of the day (GMT) on July 1.
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    Entries for Agustina Link : Entry 1 - Bokeh Effect Link - Entry 2 - Final Fantasy Theme Link : Entry 3 - Resident Evil Theme Entries for Paul Link : Blue/purple gradient pattern theme . Link : Nature Theme . Link : GTA theme .
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    This is shorter than it was supposed to be but I started writing it too late. Regardless of the contest, I may continue this little story, especially if people find it interesting PS: Don't kill me if it isn't fun at all and lacks imagination -------------------------------------------------- History Guide of xat Kingdom Years ago, in the cosmos of Internet, primal tribes based on languages were all unified in a kingdom located on the xana alpha teta universe, better known as the xat universe. There, planets were gathered in galaxies; portals were made to list all the planets of a galaxy: each galaxy has its own language. The xat King called those planets "chats". Anyone can freely fill in a form to the kingdom administration in order to settle down their own chat. They only have to be a xat citizen, which is granted by being 14 years old and by respecting the general terms of the kingdom, which are available at the bottom of every planet. Some planets are directly under the xat administration. The king and his ministers may appoint any citizen they trust to rule a planet. Those are called the official planets, they are owned by the king yet maintained by honored citizens titled Barons. The so-called Barons although have to enforce specific rules printed by the World Indispensable Knowledgeable Intercessors and approved by the ministers. Miles away from these polished planets, some are free of any rules. They usually are colonized either by pirates or citizens willing to be free from anything. Most of the planets were colonized by citizens just willing to calmly live their life. The History of our universe starts with the history of our almighty King. Not only a person he is but an entity made of three. His cosmos reunification happened on the 1996th year of the old calendar, better known as -10 of the xat calendar. From 2, 3 and 7, they went to a unique 42: the trinity force that maintains our universe. Before creating the kingdom, they pictured it and show their capacities to the other in the cosmos. 10 years later, the xat universe was launched and people coming from the whole cosmos decided to stay here. Most of us living now even born in the universe. Year Zero. The first ever planet was colonized by 42 themselves to welcome new guests, it is called Lobby. Mike, one of the current minister, was one of the first to settle down, landing into illusion. The rumor has it that guests needed a place to marry in order to start a family and required the King to create Flirt. This is not historically proven yet. Nowadays, many citizens are still looking for love on Flirt, the only official planet without a Baron, without rules. Written by a member of the World Indispensable Knowledgeable Intercessors.
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    Hello community! Thereโ€™s an opportunity for designers of our community of Xat.com. Do you like to design? Mundoxat is looking for โ€œThe Best Designer" Make a background for Mundoxat y bring out the best of your creativity. How you should proceed: Those who will participate will have to create an inner background for the chat. You are free to use any color, just be creative. Once you have finished you must go to MUNDOXAT chat to submit your entry to only these users: Deymiansss (1501193968) Ethann (80170113) Liliana (657430200) Then simply make a screenshot of the conversation and submit it in this post with your Xat ID Example: http://prntscr.com/fet5p7 Requirements: โ€ข Anyone is free to participate โ€ข The background must have the Mundoxat logo included. You can change the color of the logo. โ€ข Inner Background (728*486 Pixels) โ€ข A Matching button color โ€ข The designs must be submitted strictly in MUNDOXAT CHAT to the users already mentioned โ€ข You must take a ScreenShot of the submitted entry (links) where the mod and the chat are clearly visible, and submit it in this post with your Xat ID. โ€ข Try not to make something too bright. โ†’ Download Logo (PSD) Note: During the last week, before the end of the contest, the finalists will be announced in the chat. Prize: There will be only one place. Our best designer will be awarded a total of 7,000 xats. The prize will be awarded by: Prize holder: Junior (Volunteer). Judges: โ†’ Mundoxat Chat Staff DeadLine: 1st July at 17:00 UTC-5 The winner will be announced first at MUNDOXAT Chat. P.S: There are two posts about this contest. In english (Community Forum) and spanish (Mundoxat Forum) Anyone can win. Good luck, guys! The contest was modified, now you just have to create an inner background
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    Dear @Fiona, i made Oreo cheesecake for you, hope you like it:)
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    I have made a .psd template for the basketball video game NBA 2K18. The original cover was released for Kyrie Irving, but with this cover, you can add any NBA player (or person, really) you want. It's not 100% accurate, but I doubt anyone could tell the difference. I doubt any of you will have a use for it, but I wanted to release it. --- --- I made an example with an NBA player, Gordon Hayward. --- Here's a comparison between the original cover and my cover. --- Contents: Fully editable .psd Able to change the color of the 2K and the shapes Everything labeled neatly and in folders Ball is life --- Download [.zip - 24.0 MB] --- Hope you like it.
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    Roberto is love, Roberto is life.
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    Inner: Template by Manu Outer: Button color code: #81BEF7
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    Whats the point of having a graphics chat staffed by mostly people who can't make graphics That would be like having half the staff on help not actually help users It would also be very confusing for people who want to buy graphics or need help, since anything member and up has usually been a sign of that person being a designer. If the chat gets really popular it might be a good idea to have a couple people assigned only to mod the chat though.
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    http://i.imgur.com/ek0HI3L.jpg http://i.imgur.com/t1nabfP.jpg
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    UPDATE: The prize fund has been made higher 1st place: 5k 2nd place: 3k 3rd place: 2k 4th place: 1k xats A TOTAL OF 11K IS NOW UP FOR GRABS
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    How Chelly Ruined my Life: True Story Most of you know Chelly as this sweet fun-loving volunteer on xat. But most of you do not know she used to have a dark side to her. In 2012, there was a girl named Kiana that came to a chat called "Contests" which most of you now know as "Game." On this chat this Kiana girl stalked me to the point where I had to create a new account because of her incessant desire to be with me. Yes, even with her knowing I was a flamboyant little gay boy that I still am today. Anyways, I come onto xat on my new 8 digit account with an expensive shortname, which I only told a few people about, INCLUDING CHELLY. I was so happy to finally be rid of the pest that was Kiana. Weeks go by and everything was fine and dandy till one day when Chelly typed, "OH HI COOLIO" (my former xatname) while Kiana so happened to be on the chat. Kiana of course didn't see my old account named Coolio on so she asked Pink, "WHERE IS COOLIO?" I bet one can guess what Chelly told her next!! Chelly told her my new regname!!!!! Immediately she began pc'ing me and telling me about how sexy I am, which isn't a lie, and how now she will "NEVER LET ME LEAVE HER AGAIN." Being on the brink of insanity, I put her account on ignore and thought that I was finally rid of Kiana for good. The next day I log into Facebook and see that she tried adding me as a friend. Honestly, I don't know how she got my Facebook name but I blame Chelly (even though she didn't know it) cause KIANA WAS FINALLY GETTING OVER ME UNTIL CHELLY REVEALED THE SECRET OF MY NEW ACCOUNT. Now, despite me blocking Kiana and her alternative accounts 5 TIMES on Facebook, she still can't live me down and messages me to this day. And it is all because of the volunteer Chelly who I love bittersweetly.
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