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    The xat users currently allow us to create and switch between "users" with different names and avatars. The ones i'm talking about: I noticed that when switching between users, the sets of enabled/disabled powers remains the same. My idea is to allow us to make different sets of enabled/disabled powers for each user on this tab, allowing completely different profiles that you can change with only one click. E.g. Set 1: Set 2: Thoughts?
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    Thanks to everyone who has made this possible. I appreciate each and everyone one of you!
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    Contest Information As you might have already known, xat.com/Graphics has returned and have been filling up staff positions. We feel that it is finally time to host a background contest with a prize pool of 12,500 xats. Guidelines/Theme There is no set theme for this contest. The point of this contest is to make a visually appealing background while maintaining creativity. The contest will be based on attractiveness and creativity. Requirements Inner and Outer background required. CSS is optional but highly recommended. -Inner background must be 728px*486 px. -Outer background must be 2560px*1440px or larger. Do not make your graphics too bright or too dark. Background must include "Graphics" and "The place to buy, sell, and discuss graphics". Multiple entries are allowed, but must be contained to one post. No troll entries. Prizes There will be two prize winners, and only their backgrounds will be used. (Prizes may increase to a 3rd and 4th place if there are a lot of good entries) First place: 7,500 xats Second place: 5,000 xats Total prize: 12,500 xats Donations are appreciated, and this post will be updated if there are any. Deadline July 20th, 12:30 PM CST (countdown: https://bit.ly/2lQDmvb) Prize Holder @Angelo - Angelo (18500000) Judges @Tox1c - Tox1c (126984499), @Guppy - Guppy (696969000), @Sydney - Sydney (52656191), @Navith - Mind (75506760) Good luck to all that are participating.
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    Hi, everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of their summer! With that being said, I'm unsure what kind of a user response I'll get to this contest with everyones summer activities and such. I've grown tired our green logo we use at ARC, and we've decided to make a few slight revisions to the logo as a whole. Current Logo: Desired Changes: Rather than having a background, a transparent background would be preferred, with a revamp to the bot being done. Since the bot itself is going to be the logo, detail matters. Please give the bot a realistic animated look, but limit the colors used to only shades of grey, black, and white, and without changing the overall appearance of the bot. Please include no text whatsoever in the logo, or anything distracting that takes the focus away from the bot Critical features of the bot that should not be changed include: -its hand shape - antennas (number, placement, or major appearance modifications). We are looking for a main logo to use, free of signatures or watermarks in the final official logo. In addition to a main logo, an additional image of the changed bot to be used on error pages and notifications is also requested for this contest, as well as a rounded image file to use as a discord image and a small icon for web browsers. Let your imagination go with the error message image. What would a little robot do if it stumbled into something it couldn't do? Important Contest Information: Only one winner will be chosen. The prize will be 10,000 xats, and, [optional] if applicable, 1 free year of ARCbot bot time or 6 months of Utunein radio service powered by ARCBot. Contest entry deadline: Saturday, July 14 @ 11:59pm EST Prize holder: Me **Winning this contest guarantees you the prizes listed above. We cannot guarantee that the logo change will be implemented immediately, or ever.** The winner is offered 1 year of free bot time or 6 months of our radio service free of charge in addition to the xats. Choosing to waive this offer is not reimbursed via xats. To be considered, please limit all entries to one post. More than one entry is allowed. Please also include all requested images. Missing images will count as an incomplete entry and won't be considered. **Join our discord server for the easiest, direct and fastest way to get in contact with me.** ***** As courtesy, @Actavus has offered a second place prize of 1 month bot time or 1 month radio, or 250 xats. ***** The user "Mauzim" has been disqualified from participating in this contest.
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    You type (smile) and it will be replace by a random smiling smiley. Can you suggest suitable smilies. Cupim has suggested: prop,cb,tort,fan,haira6,haira9,haira10,pilgrimm,indian,chef,cane, valentine,ilu,tap,drum,rainbow,bunny,clown,sailor2,cylon,vr,cheerleader,corndog, silly,mischief2,rolleye,flagwave,sparkler,usface,sanddig,waterbottle,cooler,triclops,vamp, winter,antler,snowmobile,gingerbread,snowangel, firstaid,burgerlook,eggcook,stirpan,flamed,uvula, fcrown,fhair,fhat,flower2,potstir,elf2,orcf,scroll,amazon,flying,harp,cough,cough2, beret,curlers,grandma,grandpa,sombrero,tinfoil,push,ropeg, teacher,mechanic,paperboy,shepherd,stewardess, beach,icman,surf,cdycorn,floss,telescope,spear, dance,dance1,dance3,dance4,dance8,nerd,bowtie, calc,nglasses,read,school,backpack,schoolgirl,punch,pshades,punched, peace,dove,dove2,dove3,hglass,phair1,phair3, scarecrow,bot,bot3,manga8,manga9,snowman,reindeer,santa,getready,helmet3,spants, carnival,anonmask,beads,cangel,wannasamba,tickets, ndoc,nursing,nne,jailnumber,prisoner,poker,vfangs, mirror2,shair1,shair2,shair3,shair5,shair6,shair7, dwarf2,burnt,elve2,blush,comb,purse,flohide,inflower,watercan, susmile,cakecut,throwboquet,flagfw,fwbang,iwantyou,showcal,waveflagm,waveflagf, groom2,bride2,showring,hugme,lashes,stangel,frpear,gotleaf,zgirl, cashhere,cashreg,lowprice,celbday,celhorn,chop,cookkiss,stir,whisk,growing,scarecrw, cubear,cubow,coshades,codribble,cocap,conoway,cohappy,tt3,indiwhip,egyptf,egyptf3,egyptf4, retkao,vthrow,vrain,oino,oiaww,lightsoff,badeco,ecorecycle,shislash,shichallenge,shicarve, vacgelato,vacflower,vacring,vacsun,vacsurf,micr5,lightningshock,precious,kstqueen,kstar, accordion2,drinks,ihat2,irishbeer,irishrainbow,chdishes,chmop,chspray,chwindow, harvest,classic,basmug,banod,eggie,neon,drhappy,drsmile,gmcheer,gmpossess, bunnyphones,catphones,cd2,onair,mmchubby,mmdark,minimon,klblush,klsleep,ccgiggle, puppaws,keggplant,trhat,trplane,bag,photos,plgrow,plhair,yohandtoe, chokuzuki,dumbbell,ftsc,ftyoga,kxtreeback,cheers2,confetti2,crown2,drums2,swings, accbowtie,acctroll,accdmd,accmhat,accdwi,cplemon,cplight,cplove,cporange,paperwings, paback,palove,pizzahug,kofrock,koftakeout,koffee,candyfx,capefx,oddmakeup, kandle,kandsmile,reapnod,lions,ksun,ksjoy,kmoon, Seems a bit big and also there are bugs eg (fan) is not smiling!
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    Hello dear community. Some hats codes have been changed, here is the list: Crown - hat#C Pirate - hat#P StrawHat - hat#H -> Code updated CowBoy - hat#O Girlhat - hat#W Sunglass - hat#S -> Code updated Info for wiki editors: Hats power is now working with GetStrip6. Here is the link : https://s0.xat.com/web_gear/chat/GetStrip6.php?c=S_(p1pwn%23hat3%23w1i0ig)_50 - You need to replace 'g' by the hat code (lowercase). Last information: 3 hats have been added. Graduation hat - hat#G Chef hat - hat#F Jester hat - hat#J
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    6 new pawns have been added to SUPERANIME Codes: anime,anime2,coolz,coolz2,cutie,manga Preview: (Click to enlarge) Note: The pawns may take sometime to work. Might be a cache related issue. BUT they will work soon.
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    In other words, there's no estimate for when these features will be released, but in the meantime it's acceptable for users to be frustrated while having no clue what's going on.
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    xat.com/Game will be hosting "HQ STYLE" trivia games in the coming weeks. This post is meant to serve as an official announcement and list of rules for these contests. You may have heard of the popular mobile trivia app, HQ. If you're not familiar with it, it hosts live trivia games for real money. Multiple times a day, millions of users log on to the app and are asked a series of 12-15 trivia questions, each with 3 possible answers, and a 10-second time limit to lock in their selections. If they get a question correct, they move on. If they don't, they're out. Once all questions have been asked, anybody who got all of them correct splits a predetermined prize pool with the other winners. We will be hosting contests in this style, beginning with trivia. Our on-xat adaptation will work as follows: 1. Approximately 10-30 minutes before the contest begins, the banner at the top of this thread will display on English xat chats. We recommend disabling any adblockers on xat if you would like to not miss out! Most of the time, a post will also be made in this thread to alert forum users. 2. The prize pool (which will be split among all winners) will be announced just prior to the beginning of the contest, and will vary from contest to contest. 3. The host will give warning before asking each question. Each question will be asked only once, and all 3 possible answers (A, B, C) will be clearly indicated in the same post as the question. 4. Participants will submit their answers by sending a private chat (PC) message to the FEXBot on Game chat, containing only the letter (A, B, C) they believe is correct. Once a participant sends their first guess, their answer is locked in and cannot be changed. Answering in main chat is not forbidden, but main chat answers will not be counted, even if correct. 5. Participants will have exactly 10 seconds to submit answers. Any answers submitted after 10 seconds will not be counted. A message will not be posted on main chat indicating that time is up until a few seconds after time is actually up, so some answers posted before the main chat indication may still not be counted if they come after the 10 second mark. Arguing with the host over the timing of answers may result in a ban. 6. The host will keep track of who is still "in" the contest, and will post a list of names after each answer period (before each question is asked). If a participant answers a question incorrectly, they will be out, and ineligible to win the prize. If a participant fails to answer a question at all, they also become ineligible, meaning participants must be on the chat and ready at the beginning of the contest to be eligible to win. 7. The amount of questions asked during each game may vary, but will be announced before each contest begins. 8. After all questions have been asked, all participants who got every question correct will split the prize pool evenly among themselves. If the prize pool is not able to be evenly split, the prize pool will be rounded down until it can be split evenly (for example, a 2500 xat prize pool would be rounded down to 2497 if there were 2497 winners). All rules are subject to change, and I will probably be adding to this list as problems arise. We have never hosted anything this way before, so if things are a little bit "rocky" at first, please be patient and understand that we're trying our best and remember that the Game staff and contest hosts have final say in solving any disputes or issues. Also, these contests will be hosted in English to start, but if anyone is interested in hosting in other popular languages, you can send me a message. You can also contact me or Arthur if you would like to donate! Additionally, if this style of contest is well received by the community and easy enough to host, we may begin hosting other types of contests (flash games, hide and seek, etc.) in similar formats. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask them in this thread! I hope to see you all out on xat.com/Game for the contests!
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    This smiley power is a malevolent twist on the classic Drip and Drop powers. Smileys: (acstare) (acmad) (acevil) (actear) (acbiggrin) (acshock) (acjawdrop) (acd) (acredface) (achug) (actongue) (acswear) Effects: Add a dissolve effect to any smiley. Also, steam and smoke effects for smileys. Pawns: acid drop, dissolving pawn, chemical flask Hug: Set in a science laboratory, or the user falls into a vat of acid and a puff of smoke rises up with the message The faces were drawn by myself, and the green drop background was taken from google images. Please post your ideas and improvements below! Thanks for reading!
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    Angelo has been appointed as the new main owner. Congratulations! You deserve this!
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    I'm so nice I include the word "please" in my verbal warnings and kick reasons.
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    The newest contributors are @Mystic and @6. Congratulations to you both!
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    Hello, this is officially the end of the Power of Positivity contest! I really appreciate everyone who participated and shared your thoughts in all 3 contests. They are very wonderful. I am also truly ecstatic that I have received many messages from several people that this contest has helped them. :)) Special thanks to @Dann for providing the prizes. This winner for this contest is @denise. Congrats! Please contact @Sydno to claim your prize. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. β€œGrow through what you go through.” 🌻 🌻 🌻
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    This is a suggestion to add an option ("X button") to the group tab (see example). The idea is to close the tab similarly to closing a private chat tab The group tab will reappear if the user clicks Sign Out and Sign In * Reconnecting on the chat will add / restore the group tab Example: (click to enlarge https://i.imgur.com/7MDniWa.jpg) Discussion: Some groups have other chats "tabbed" to their own. This means a second tab appears on your chat and, it allows you to switch between the two groups. Right now this second tab is permanent. What do you think about removing it?
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    Today Admins have added 3 pawns for the worldcup, to use these pawns all you need is HAT power. pawns: hw, hl, hg, hs, hj, hf Enjoy!
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    ID: 501 Name: Portalfx Status: Limited Price: 249 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Portalfx
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    The King of the Forum (the forum-game) The Kings and Queens (total of friends needed to protect the Dukedom at the time*) 1 | King Austin, Duke Scott (4*) and Lord Helper Nate. 2 | King Crow, Duke Sydno (5*) and Lord La Fleur. 3 | King Mike, Duchess Lemona (5*) and Lord Austin. The next post after mine, belongs to the Lord. 1. When posting, the Lord must mention two friends. 1.1 The first friend to reply becomes the Duke. 1.2 If anybody else but a friend posts, the Lord loses his title. Then, this person becomes the new Lord, and must mention two friends. 2. The Duke must post and mention ten friends to protect the Dukedom. 2.1 ALL ten friends have to post just after the Duke's post. If so, the Duke can name the true King by a post (mentioning the Kings or Queen's name) 2.2 IF anybody else but the Duke's friends do any post after the Duke, this person can become the new Duke, who would have to mention friends too. (Whoever breaks the chain first can be the Duke) 3. After being named, the King or Queen of the Forum has power to change this rule. 3.1 This means, the King of the Forum can change how many friends the Dukedom needs for protection 3.2 Any ridiculous change is illegitimate of a true King or Queen. Be reasonable! 4. The 3rd person to post after the King or Queen's post, becomes the new Lord. Then we shall find, the new true King of the Forum. Rules a) Dukes cannot mention Lords to protect their Dukedom. b) Dukes cannot name Lords to be Kings. c) Lords and Dukes must mention their friends. Else their lose their titles to whoever posts next. d) The most recent King or Queen cannot be mentioned until a new King/Queen is named. e) If a King or Queen does not post in a two days time (for rule change), the 7th post after the Duke's nomination belongs to the new Lord. Thanks for reading. I created this game. If you're from another forum, and would like to play the King forum-game, feel free to copy!
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    I dedicate this song @Jine @miaa @Lemona @Rida @Dimple @Isa @Phin and to all the girls I know.
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    I'm not the best to write messages publicly, but i'll try to write something. I'm probably not the best boyfriend that you had in your life and not the best to surprise you for your birthday but even if you are mad at me right now for that, I hope you will like this message (at least) and that you will keep it publicly. Every words that i will say are true and I mean it. Whatever people think/laugh about, I don't care. In life, it's not always easy to surprise someone for their birthday especially if they are far from you or if they are not available at the moment. We thought that with a message and beautiful words at the morning, we would make that person happy because we have thought about their birthday but apparently, we need to do hard to make them happy. If we had the luck to be close to each other, don't worry, i'd do everything to make you happy. In my case, I have only xats/whatsapp to do something. I'm trying hard to make the best day for you, but by refusing everything; it makes me the sad man, because a man who tries everything means that person is important to them and you are important to me. You said you are nothing to me, but you are everything to me. It's just hard to express myself to you but you mean everything to me. You just need to understand me as I'm trying to express myself to you. Yes sometimes it's hard without fighting but if you take a little time and read my messages slowly, i think you would understand me and accept it as it is. Yes I'm probably an a.... for you, but someone who does their best is someone who cares about their girlfriend. In my case, I care alot about you because i'm doing my best for you and your birthday even if it's a fail already for me. Maybe you think that I don't care about you but in my words, I care. Accept the fact that I care about you because i'm always being honest with you in every situations that we have together. Maybe I can hurt you, but I don't mean the bad words i tell you; they are just temporary in my mind until we can be good again. I have failed to give you a gift in front of you because I didn't ask you to come on xat, but I did the best to give you one so you don't say that I don't spend xats for you and I don't think about you. I hope you like the message and you stop being mad because I mean everything I tell you. I just hope I can do better later to finish your day in a better way like you did for my birthday. For the 5th times, I wish you a happy birthday my love β™₯ and I hope you turn your bad mood into a good mood so I can continue to try "surprising" you if you give me the chance to do it. 😘 Je t'aime. ❀️
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    Today, I have been contemplating about what I should do to commemorate my upcoming 10th anniversary of being on xat (which is on November 01st, 2017) and I thought what better way than to give back to those who are less fortunate, so every Monday, I will be hosting a contest where one lucky user will have the chance to win one power. Today, I am giving away the EARTH power. All you have to do is submit a reply with your registered username and identification number. It is that easy. If you are caught creating more than one account in an attempt to increase your chances of winning, you will be disqualified from not only this contest, but all future contests. This is to ensure that every user will have the opportunity to participate in a contest without feeling discouraged whatsoever. You have until September 18th, 2017 to submit a reply, so you have plenty of time. For more information regarding the countdown, please click here. For more information regarding the generator that will be used to select the winner, please click here. I have contacted Maverick via private chat and asked him if he is willing to be the primary prize holder for not only this contest, but all future contests and he agreed to do so. I wish the best of luck to everybody. Winner #01: @Melody Prize: EARTH Date: 09-18-2017 Winner #02: Prize: LOVEFX Date: 09-25-2017 Winner #03: @L3OZ1N Prize: TEN Date: 10-02-2017 Winner #04: @i1Category Prize: TOOTH Date: 10-09-2017 Winner #05: @Shake Prize: HANGJINX Date: 10-16-2017 Winner #06: @Marshall Prize: DIVA Date: 10-23-2017 Winner #07: @L3OZ1N Prize: MOM Date: 05-28-2018 Winner #08: @Arthur Prize: JUMBLEJINX Date: 06-04-2018 Winner #09: @Jine Prize: SONGKRAN Date: 06-11-2018 Winner #10: @iDan Prize: FOOLS Date: 06-25-2018 Winner #11: @Solange Prize: EASTERLAND Date: 07-02-2018 Winner #12: @iDan Prize: EBUNNY Date: 07-09-2018 Winner #13: @Angeline Prize: PATRICK Date: 07-16-2018
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    Congrats' to the newest contributor @DjCrazy : )
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    I have internet connection issues at the moment. I will not be able to access the ticket system for a few days - please contact another volunteer if you need a ticket to be opened. I will still be able to answer your forum PM and guide you, however.
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