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    Here is a collection of bg's pcback for free.
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    I'd like to congratulate the new xat's volunteer: @Junior @Chelly @Kyle well deserved guys.
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    Hello, I have asked xat to improve profiles. There was two announcements made on xat5 not too long ago about it. Recently there has been some changes to how xatspace CSS and HTML works. ID and CLASS attributes are now allowed in xatspace HTML. Also > and ; are now allowed in xatspace CSS. What does this mean? It's a step forward to allowing users more standard HTML and CSS in their designs. ID, CLASS, > and ; attributes are used frequently in web design structure. So it has come to our attention to make these available for the avid web designers out there. I hope that you would enjoy this privilege in your future designs. Also, the wiki should be updated for the (ME) power. You can now use 20240 characters. (This was improved for CSS designers) There's more to come, and hopefully get done. If you have suggestions, then private message me or post it here. Note: Some users might need to re-update their profiles.
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    Thank you for your kind words! I'll do my best, as always!
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    Valentine's Day is around the corner and love is in the air! For that special day, Trade will be holding a few contests! Contest 1 : Storytelling Contest. Share with us the story about how you met your significant other. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to encourage people to relive their most romantic experiences! Who's your Valentine this year? Your pet? Your best friend? Do you remember the first time you met? What was your first special moment? And what's the secret to keeping love alive? Everyone can join, obviously not everyone has a significant other, and the single ones may be sick of all the talk of love and romance. Therefore, you can share with us the most original slogan, the sweetest declaration of love, or the best advice to keeping love alive. Submit your stories and the top 5 stories will win! First place : 5,000 xats. Second place : 4,000 xats. Third place : 3,000 xats. Fourth place : 2,000 xats. Fifth place : 1,000 xats. Contest 2 : Photo Contest. We want to share the love of the most affectionate day of the year. That’s why we want you to enter our True Love Valentine’s Day Photo Contest! Because this special day is about celebrating love, we want to see your pet in photos that show his/her love, or in a picture inspired by Valentine’s Day, it can even be you, or your teddy bear! Every pet shows their love differently. They can be licking or snuggling with a person or an animal, or resting their head on a lap. You could dress them up in something red, or give them a big heart to hold – be as creative as you want; it just needs to be full of love! Please make sure your name or Xat username is in it! We will have three lucky winners in this contest. First place : (Valentine) Power & 20 days. Second place : 1,500 xats & 20 days. Third place : 1,000 xats & 20 days. Contest 3 : Valentine Trivia Quiz. So you think you know everything about Valentine's Day, do you? Test your knowledge of this popular festival with the 10 questions quiz. Each winning answer will be given xats // days. Goodluck to all the contestants. You can submit your work here on forum, message me! Or you can PC me or Mony on Xat. Bryan's ID : Addict (99941393) Mony's ID : Mony (39786087) Party : Xat.com/Trade Date : 12th of February. Time : 9:30 PM EST. Host(s) : Bryan and Mony. Judge(s) : Bryan and Mony & one anonymous judge! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Contest deadline : FEBRUARY 12, 9:00 PM EST.
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    You should assume that the contest is meant for the person who made the contest. I have no clue why people would expect 10,000 xats to create a profile for themselves or for someone else. That doesn't make sense.
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    Some forum reputation levels have been added. Here are all the levels: Poor: -1 point. Neutral: 0 points. Good: 25 points. Great: 50 points. Excellent: 75 points. Exceptional: 150 points. Distinguished: 300 points. Elite: 1000 points. If you have suggestions about this, I'd be happy to hear them.
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    Crow is our new forum moderator! Congratulations, Crow.
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    This is my entry for the storytelling contest. It'll move you all, I'm sure. I walked through my front door into the dark house. It was cold. Almost as cold as my soul. Normally my soul is a pretty mild temperature, however after having been forced into a night out at ‘da club’ I was rightfully exhausted. However, my exhaustion wasn’t a result of any dancing or fun times. Oh no. You see, when one has the social prowess of a locust (see lovely image attached for reference) and is surrounded by a crowd of drunk people flailing around wildly, it can take some time to recover. Although I knew I could recover with enough time, I needed some more immediate relief from my suffering. I collapsed on the sofa, thinking about what could possibly make me feel better during this difficult time. After a few minutes a spark of inspiration came to me. Why hadn’t I thought of this sooner? Of course, one thing that never fails to lift my spirits is a visit from my sweetheart. I called them to see if they could come over soon. Luckily, they told me they would be at my door in about 10 minutes. It seemed like such a long time, but I was so happy to know that I would see them and feel love again. Before I knew it, I heard a knock at my door- they were here! I ran to the door and opened the lock, shaking with anticipation. I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself down. I wanted to look composed, after all. I slowly opened the door, and I was met with a smile on the other side and the words… “That’ll be £10, please.” I threw the money at the delivery driver, grabbed the pizza and slammed the door in his face. I carefully placed the pizza on the table, gently caressing the box. “Shh,” I whispered, “you don’t have to say anything. You’re already doing enough.” The next moments were a blur, but one thing I can say for certain is that I was very satisfied afterwards. Ever since that night, I know that I can truly rely on pizza for support when I am feeling low. Here is the lovely image I promised.
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    Forum Signature Contest For this contest, you'll need to create a forum signature. Prize 1337 xats The more people that enter, the more prizes that will be added. Requirements Include 'Chelly' in the signature (including ID is optional). You can use any colour. The theme is spring. You can make it have Animals, Anime, Flowers, Games etc (If you need suggestions message me on forum). You're allowed unlimited entries, but remember quality over quantity. Deadline March 10th 3:21PM GMT / 10:21AM EST. Judges Currently I'm the only judge, but more may be added later on depending on the number of entries. Me & @Ethan I'm holding the prize. The winners will be announced shortly after the contest ends. If you have any additional questions, contact me at Game or message me on forum (you'll probably get a quicker reply on forum). Good luck to all participants!
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    Happy Valentine's Day ! Bella
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    I'm not sure about anybody else but I often like sending gifts/cards to my friends whenever they are upset about something, need something to make their day or a special celebration. That being said, the gifts/cards seem to always be the same ones over and over throughout the years. So, I am suggesting some type of function similar to xavi where you would be able to customize your own gifts/cards you send to people. You could choose from 10-15 backgrounds and also select what type of avatar/image you'd like on the front (whether it being the free xat smileys, random images etc). The customizable gifts/cards should probably cost a little bit more than a normal gift/card. Another idea could even be that a smiley power could come with certain backgrounds that you could use when sending gifts/cards to people. Either way, I think being able to customize would be a neat feature to have and would want even more people to send gifts/cards. Let me know your thoughts!
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    Congratulations to the both of you! I'm sure you'll shake things up in the contributor section and bring unity to the community! i'm so sorry for the puns
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    Power Name - NOTEPAD Power Type - Group What it does: This power allows the main owner of a chat group to add a notepad application to the side of the chat which will hold and share some of the latest information to other Main Owners, Owners and Moderators. This power will also allow users to customise who has the ability to review and add notes to the document via users ID's or by rank type. This is a great way to ensure all staff members are kept up to date if its a popular chat, share private notes about chat events or just a general way of feedbacking notes to other ranks and higher staff members. http://prntscr.com/e47e8k http://prntscr.com/e47gdj
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    my love for him is unbarneyvable.
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    Here is my entry for contest 2 ..
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    This thread is going to be used to post upcoming contests happening at xat.com/Game. Upcoming contests: Gameban tournament hosted on February 19th 10PM GMT / 5PM EST, the prize for 1st place is 2000 xats, 2nd place is 20 days and 3rd place is 10 days. Typerace hosted on February 25th 5PM GMT / 12PM EST, the prize is 800 xats. Hide and Seek hosted on March 4th 8PM GMT / 3PM EST, the overall prize is 600 xats but each question will be worth 50 xats - at the moment I'm not sure if there's any limits on this. Ultimate Typerace hosted on March 11th 7:30PM GMT / 2:30PM EST, the prize is 1500 xats. Gameban Tournament hosted on April 2nd 10PM GMT / 5PM EST, the prize is 2000 xats. Thank you to @gamesnathanlikes for donating & hosting for the contests above. On March 18th & 19th there will be a St Patricks event aswell but that'll be posted on a separate thread. *please note times can change at any time. *This thread will be used to post upcoming contests; these will be normally hosted on the weekend. *If you have any further questions regarding the contests, contact Chelly or the host.
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    Thank you for everyone that joined! Most prizes have been distributed. Storytelling contest : First place : INJURE with 5,000 xats. Second place : SYDNO with 4,000 xats. Third place : MusicalMelody with 3,000 xats. Fourth place : Paya with 2,000 xats. Fifth place : iAmyy with 1,000 xats. Photo Contest : First place - STELA with Valentine power and 20 days. Second place - LEMONA with 1,500 xats and 20 days. Third place - ANADOCE with 1,000 xats and 20 days. Now, don't forget, some work was messaged to me, and wasn't posted. Congratulations to all the winners! Also, any other entries win 300 xats for joining, thank you very much for being a part of this!
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    Thank you everyone, and congratulations to Chelly and Junior!
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    Second entry: Link: http://i.imgur.com/sGw0L3T.png Variant (another font): http://i.imgur.com/h2WT1jh.png Credits: Smiley bar by Navith Original picture I'm going to post a 3rd entry in a few days
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    Hi guys! I would like to suggest some changes to the design of the website such as: * The icons menu at the left http://prnt.sc/e4oa05 They should be updated to look more modern. I think they haven't been updated since many years ago, and it makes look the website so old. * The embed botton http://prntscr.com/e4oacp The embed button could be a real button, not just a text and an image, something like this: and it will match with the others one (Facebook/Twitter) * The buttons in the right bottom http://prntscr.com/e4oa9j Should also be real ones and change their icon, like this:
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    Woah, Brandon, this is a really good achievement well done I am so proud of you. I can't believe you have got this far in the ranks. I remember you when you were just a baby boy of age seven years of age old, and you were moaning that you weren't a moderator on the riffy888 chat room. Now look at you! You have grown so much since then, hahaha.
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    @Admin Well, if creating a group from scratch isn't hard, why do we have this feature on Xat ? We have enough broken features/links on Xat so if you start to tell that kind of things, why are you doing stuff to not fix it when someone is asking to? Because (again), mobile is priority ? PLEASE. Take a break of this, and take the time to do a big update of the chat and website. We have asked to fix Universe and put it back but nothing and some people told you about. We have asked you to fix NOPC/XAVI issues on chat, but nothing .. We have asked for some new xavi items but nothing .. It seriously starts to be annoying. I'm probably rude but it's the truth. You are the first one to say "if issues, tell us" and we are still waiting for the fix. So wake up and do something. Mobile can wait since we have something stable for now because the site/chat is more important and of course we are still waiting for a link about facebook on the site and chat .. but okay. I know, a lot of people would be against that, but atleast, i'm saying what's true about that and that nothing is done when it's asked. To get back on this thing, since it's here, it should working, that's all. Not everyone wants to create a group "from scratch" (as you said so well).
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    link: http://i.imgur.com/QflUq9J.jpg
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    Are you serious? This is like posting a background for your private chat on a Help background contest. It was pretty obvious what Anar meant. Nothing is unfair about it. PS. Some of you need to brush up on the forum rules too; posts should be meaningful and contribute to the discussion, or in the case of contests, you should really only be posting entries or questions/concerns.
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    My second flat xatspace... CSS: background:#DADFE1} body::-webkit-scrollbar {width: 0.5em} body::-webkit-scrollbar-track {-webkit-box-shadow:inset 0 0 6px #eeeeee} body::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb {background-color:#2574A9} *{transition: all ease-in-out 0.3s} [name=h]{z-index:1} [name=h],[name=u]{background-color:#34495e} [name=h],[name=a]{width:100%} [name=h]{height:75px} [name=h],[name=i]{position:fixed} [name=h]{top:0} [name=h]{margin:0} [name=h]{right:0} [name=h]{list-style-type:none} [name=h] li,td{float:left} [name=h] li a{display:block} [name=b],[name=h] li a{color:#bbbbbb} [name=b],[name=h] li a{font-weight:bold} [name=b],[name=h] li a{text-align:center} [name=h] li a{padding:27px 13px} [name=b],[name=h] li a{text-decoration:none} [name=h] li a:hover{background-color:#2c3e50} [name=h] li a:hover{border-bottom:solid #7f8c8d} [name=m]{margin-left:40%} [name=i]{z-index:2} [name=i]{margin-top:0.5%} [name=i]{margin-left:1%} [name=b]{padding:8px 8px} [name=b]{border-radius:5px} [name=b]{background-color:#ececec} [name=b]{border-bottom:solid #d2d7d3} [name=b]:hover{color:#ffffff} [name=b]:hover{background-color:#52b3d9} [name=b]:hover,[name=u]{border-bottom:solid #446cb3} [name=u]{width:45%} [name=u]{height:200px} [name=u]{padding:3px 5px} [name=u]{border-radius:5px} td{width:198px} td{height:250px} td{margin:0 10px} td{background:#ffffff} td{padding:10px} td{box-shadow:#d7d7d7 0px 3px 0px 0px} td{margin-bottom:20px} h3,span,[name=a],strong,[name=u]{color:#6c7a89} span{font-size:13px; HTML: <img name="i" src="http://s30.postimg.org/i9mr7yswx/logo.png" width="100" /> <ul name="h"> <div name="m"> <li><a href="http://xat.com">Home</a></li> <li><a href="http://xlaming.com">Portal</a></li> <li><a href="http://xatradio.com">xatRadio</a></li> <li><a href="http://mundoxat.com">Mundoxat</a></li> <li><a href="http://xatworld.com">xatWorld</a></li> <li><a href="http://planetaxat.com">Planetaxat</a></li> </div> </ul> <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <div align="center"> <div name="u"> <p>I'm from Brazil, my real name is <strong>Paulo Rodriguez</strong> aka <strong>Paulo</strong> or <strong>xLaming</strong>, I am developer of <strong>PHP, Java, JS, Python, Delphi</strong> and simple pages(<strong>htmI/CSS</strong>). I access xat.com since <strong>November/2008</strong>. I speak 3 languages are Portuguese, Spanish, and English (my native language is <strong>Portuguese</strong>). I try to help users in the xat.com with their functionality, inform users, etc(<strong>it's my main focus on xat</strong>). At the moment I don't have any pending project, but I've already created some like <strong>ANDBots, PortalCSS, xatInform</strong> etc. You can find me more active in some Hispanic chats. My favorite is power <strong>Away</strong>, my favorite smiley is <strong>Maniac</strong>. Sorry no more information about me xddd.</p> </div> <br /><br /> <table> <tr> <td align="center"> <img src="http://s29.postimg.org/wah8pedx3/ajuda.png" /> <h3>xat Ajuda</h3><br /> <span>Get help about xat.com in Portuguese</span><br /><br /> <a name="b" href="http://xat.com/Ajuda">Access it</a> </td> <td align="center"> <img src="http://s27.postimg.org/xy2fj1ltv/Fundos.png" /> <h3>xat Fundos</h3><br /> <span>Sell/buy and get help with design community in Portuguese</span><br /><br /> <a name="b" href="http://xat.com/Fundos">Access it</a> </td> <td align="center"> <img src="http://s27.postimg.org/xnuwzp77n/Radio.png" /> <h3>AndFm</h3><br /> <span>It's my radio, you can listen the best songs</span><br /><br /> <a name="b" href="http://andfm.net">Access it</a> </td> <td align="center"> <img src="http://s27.postimg.org/4k6p3gj43/mundosmilies.png" /> <h3>Mundosmilies</h3><br /> <span>More than 4000 smilies/portal in Spanish</span><br /><br /> <a name="b" href="http://mundosmilies.com">Access it</a> </td> </tr> </table> <br /><br /> <div name="a"> <img src="http://s24.postimg.org/gfg2bwg7p/quote.png" /> <h2>Create new things isn't a profession is just a fun, which for many it becomes a real profession!</h2> </div> <br /><br /><br /><br /> <strong>Copyright © 2017 xLaming/Xatspace.</strong> Demo: http://xat.me/PAULO
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    I'd like to thank everyone for participating and before I announce the winners I just want to say it was really difficult to pick the winners because I liked all the pcbacks, for this reason I'm going to be adding 2 more prizes. In 1st place we have @Ethan with his 4th entry. Prize: 2222 xats In 2nd place we have @xBeyondDreams with her 1st entry. Prize: 1111 xats In 3rd place we have @Kotufa with her entry. Prize: 999 xats In 4th place we have @Manu with his 1st entry. Prize: 666 xats In 5th place we have @Eleven with his 2nd entry. Prize: 666 xats In 6th place we have @ChrisArts with his 1st entry. Prize: 666 xats Thank you @Immortal, @Pyong and @Snookie for helping judge the entries. Winners please pc me at Game or xat_test to collect your prize.
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    Thank you everyone for participating! All the entries were really good and it was difficult to decide a winner - for that reason we added a 5th place prize. Here are the results: 5TH PLACE iiRandyJCx (656871614) Prize: 1000 xats 4TH PLACE Kayzar(1500899017) Prize: 2000 xats 3RD PLACE JameslovesJoe (1521240552) Prize: 3000 xats 2ND PLACE xoxoMeow (1487645044) Prize: 5000 xats 1ST PLACE sweetmj122092 (1437769891) Prize: 10000 xats Unfortunately some users who registered for the contest weren't at the chat during the contest so they could not be entered. Thank you @dimplef for providing the prizes. Thank you @Stela for helping plan this event. Thank you everyone for participating!
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    Hello everyone. The chat xat_test (xat5) hosted by Stela and will be hosting a contest on 14th February 2017, 10pm (GMT) - 5pm(EST) time. You can join contest with or without powers. All you have to do is use !test command by bot and make the Valentines Smilley COMBO(Combination). Valentines Smilley or powers related only. All participants need to be registered first to Stela(44554455) or name Honey Mush(same person) You can find her in xat_test (xat5) chat The Best 4 Valentines Smilley COMBO(Combinations) will be rewarded, First prize 10,000 xat Second prize 5,000 xat Third prize 3,000 xat Fourth prize 2,000 xat On behalf of this contest, Hello everyone my xat reg. name is Dimple, allowing me to verified the Prize Holder is Stela(44554455) Judges Stela and @Cupim And with the approval of main owner @Paul, thank you for allowing us to do contest at xat5 chat. Reminders to all contestants Please, make sure you are online to your computer or loptop to show your The Best Valentines Smilley COMBO(Combinations) perfectly. Any question please feel free to ask. Thank you! Goodluck and have fun to all
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    The pawn is very small, it would just show a small black dots, and also I find it tacky on a big scale the way it looks now (i am sorry) but I don't think that would look good at all, maybe for a Halloween party as one day thing where everything and anything can happen
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    xat.com/Game will be hosting a few Valentine themed contests on the 11th and 12th of February. Full schedule: *pls note schedule times may change *You can only win once a day On both days there will be at least 1000 xats on the gamebot. There will also be a few small powers given away near the contests. For some of you unaware of how some contests work there'll be a short explanation before the contest starts. Make the Doodle contest will have 600 xats for 2nd place. Thank you @Immortal, @Swifty & @Ethan for donating. You should also consider entering the Valentine event at Social, Valentine event at Trade and the Valentine smiley combo at xat_test!
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    I also don't understand why a small, fun little forum addition has to be such a huge problem to some people. I guess I am not that surprised. It seems to be the same people every time.
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    This idea came to my mind so I thought why not posting it here. In the same way cycle has supercycle, fade should have what I'd call it superfade. It pretty much would allow you to customize the duration of the fade-in and out effect even if it's a smiley or an add-on. Yes, I know Fade is a limited power and it's not cheap. But I think it would be cool. The power would pretty much work like size, with a format of (smile#fade#wABC): A = Fade-out speed B = Fade-in speed C = Delay between fades The numbers are 1-9 as well, 1 being the fastest and 9 the slowest. Here is an example: yes the heart also sped up sorry
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    When you use the mobile app you may notice your chat background looks so bad, so I was thinking it would be nice to decide what background to use there (in mobile) and also set a different background for the desktop version, by adding an extra input in the extra features page like this: if you leave this blank, then the main background will be used.
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    Entry for the Story telling contest [LGBT EDITION] Where do I begin... well it all started in high school. You know there just happens to be one person who just catches your eye. Their laughter, their hair, their fashion sense, their beauty. Her name was Jade.ღ I was always the shy person to hide from others, never spoke unless spoken to, freak out when we had to present. She was a confident and wonderful person. I was infatuated. Of course I wasn't able to talk to her for days, weeks, months. So I decided to try and move on since I didn't know whether she was straight or a LGBT member. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻ ━┻ I just couldn't. So I tried to message her via social media and such. We had classes together so when we had group projects, we'd somehow pair up in the same group. And oh boy how many times my heart felt like exploding. I would try and crack up jokes to make her laugh. One time she said, "I'm so tired." And I replied, "I'm tired too.... of all these people, hehe." No response. (´・n・`) And when we worked together somehow I'd always make a mistake, I got so clumsy around her. Sometimes I'd stare at her while walking through the hallways and run/bump into someone. How lame right? ʕ→ᴥ← ʔ I once slipped in the cafeteria and I caught her laughing. How embarrassing! ಠ_ಠ Anyways, we started talking and such blah blah, and after a year, she confessed to me! I felt so happy, I could rest in peace. Every day was a blessing with her. But a few months after that, I had to move several states away because of my parent's new jobs. (⊙_⊙') I couldn't stay and distance is quite challenging to overcome. But that's not going to stop our love, we're still together even to this day and more to come! Though, I won't be able to spend valentines day physically with her, only video chats... But couples shouldn't only show the most love and buy things for their partner during valentines day, they should show their love everyday as if their partner was a gift. No matter the distance, the troubles we go through, the rude and nasty comments about us being LGBT, we will stick beside one another and overcome everything together. Advice for relationships is to have trust, patience, honesty, respect and of course, love. ❤ ~MusicalMelody (674217819) Side note: waaaaa this was so embarrassing and cringy to write and publicize this story.(´〇`) But thanks to whoever reads my lame story!~ Happy Valentines everyone whether you have someone or not, family is alright too. Here's a little drawing I made :^) And also, a xat drawing of an eevee which I love, but not as much as I love my significant other~ I forgot to add name ;-; but if you want, you can ask people from game.
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    First Entry: Variant text: Second entry:
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    not really as dark and gloomy as you wanted it to be (i tried), but it has cool css to make up for it (i hope so). i made two versions and i don't know which one you prefer so... enjoy. if you plan on making changes/using it, you would have to re-add the whole optional code. otherwise it will not show. theme: mewtwo (because of your forum icon) preview(s) version 1 - the mewtwo smiley gives a pulse-shrinking effect when hovered - "follow" button (which links to his forum page) gives a fade effect when hovered version 2 - the mewtwo smiley gives a pulse-shrinking effect when hovered - "anar (1313)" creates a cool box when hovered code version 1: optional box: background:#fff url('https://s26.postimg.org/6vxnvco9j/anarmewtwo.jpg') center/cover no-repeat fixed}*{margin:0px}*{-webkit-user-select:none}*{color:#fff}*{font:12px 'Karla', calibri}*{line-height:15px}*{-webkit-font-smoothing:subpixel-antialiased}*{font-smoothing:subpixel-antialiased}a {text-decoration:none}a {color:#eee}a {padding-bottom:2px}a {transition:0.5s ease-in-out}a {-webkit-transition:0.5s ease-in-out}a:hover {color:#fff}h1 {padding:15px 0}h1 {border-bottom:1px solid #ccc}h1 {font:lighter 25px 'Karla', calibri}h1:first-child {padding-top:0}h1:first-child {margin-top:0}[name=c]{position:fixed}[name=c]{bottom: 10px}[name=c]{right: 10px}[name=c]{text-align:center}[name=c]{z-index:999999}[name=c] a{padding:5px}[name=c] a{text-decoration:none}[name=c] a{opacity:0.5}[name=c] a:hover{opacity:1}@-webkit-keyframes hvr-pulse-shrink { to {-webkit-transform: scale(0.9)}*{transform: scale(0.9)}}@keyframes hvr-pulse-shrink { to {-webkit-transform: scale(0.9)}*{transform: scale(0.9)}}[name=photo]{display: inline-block}[name=photo]{vertical-align: middle}[name=photo]{-webkit-transform: perspective(1px) translateZ(0)}[name=photo]{transform: perspective(1px) translateZ(0)}[name=photo]{box-shadow: 0 0 1px transparent}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {-webkit-animation-name: hvr-pulse-shrink}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {animation-name: hvr-pulse-shrink}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {-webkit-animation-duration: 0.6s}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {animation-duration: 0.6s}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {-webkit-animation-timing-function: linear}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {animation-timing-function: linear}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {-webkit-animation-iteration-count: infinite}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {animation-iteration-count: infinite}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {-webkit-animation-direction: alternate}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {animation-direction: alternate}[name=photo]{width:260px}[name=photo]{height:290px}[name=photo]{position:fixed}[name=photo]{top:calc(50vh - 140px)}[name=photo]{left:calc(50vw - 300px)}[name=flb]{display:block}[name=flb]{margin:25px 25px 0px 0px}[name=flb]{width:64px}[name=flb] a {padding:5px 9px}[name=flb] a {border:1px solid #eee}[name=flb] a:hover {background:#fff}[name=flb] a:hover {color:#777}[name=photo] img {width:260px}[name=photo] img {height:260px}[name=photo] img {border-radius:100%}[name=bio]{width:300px}[name=bio]{height:auto}[name=bio]{position:fixed}[name=bio]{top:calc(50vh - 140px)}[name=bio]{left:50vw}[name=links] a {line-height:10px}[name=black]{height:100vh}[name=black]{width:100vw}[name=black]{background: black}[name=black]{opacity:0.5}[name=black]{position:fixed}[name=black]{z-index:-1; media box: <div name="black"></div> <div name="photo"><img src="http://s26.postimg.org/doy0rmf2x/mewtwo.png" /></div> <div name="bio"> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <h1> Anar (1313) </h1> <div name="links"> <div name="flb"><a href="http://forum.xat.com/profile/13298-anar/"> Follow</a></div> </div> </div> <div name="c"><a href="xat.me/five"><img src="http://u.cubeupload.com/daseot/aPmT3A.png" /></a></div></div> version 2: optional box: background:#16151e url('https://s26.postimg.org/6vxnvco9j/anarmewtwo.jpg') center/cover no-repeat fixed}*{margin:0px}*{-webkit-user-select:none}*{line-height:15px}*{-webkit-font-smoothing:subpixel-antialiased}*{font-smoothing:subpixel-antialiased}*{color: #a19eb7}*{font-family: "Open Sans", sans-serif}*{font-weight: 400}*{font-size: 14px}a {text-decoration:none}a {color:#eee}a {padding-bottom:2px}a {transition:0.5s ease-in-out}a {-webkit-transition:0.5s ease-in-out}a:hover {color:#fff}[name=c]{position:fixed}[name=c]{bottom: 10px}[name=c]{right: 10px}[name=c]{text-align:center}[name=c]{z-index:999999}[name=c] a{padding:5px}[name=c] a{text-decoration:none}[name=c] a{opacity:0.5}[name=c] a:hover{opacity:1}@-webkit-keyframes hvr-pulse-shrink { to {-webkit-transform: scale(0.9)}*{transform: scale(0.9)}}@keyframes hvr-pulse-shrink { to {-webkit-transform: scale(0.9)}*{transform: scale(0.9)}}[name=photo]{display: inline-block}[name=photo]{vertical-align: middle}[name=photo]{-webkit-transform: perspective(1px) translateZ(0)}[name=photo]{transform: perspective(1px) translateZ(0)}[name=photo]{box-shadow: 0 0 1px transparent}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {-webkit-animation-name: hvr-pulse-shrink}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {animation-name: hvr-pulse-shrink}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {-webkit-animation-duration: 0.6s}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {animation-duration: 0.6s}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {-webkit-animation-timing-function: linear}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {animation-timing-function: linear}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {-webkit-animation-iteration-count: infinite}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {animation-iteration-count: infinite}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {-webkit-animation-direction: alternate}[name=photo]:hover, [name=photo]:focus, [name=photo]:active {animation-direction: alternate}[name=photo]{width:260px}[name=photo]{height:290px}[name=photo]{position:fixed}[name=photo]{top:calc(50vh - 140px)}[name=photo]{left:calc(50vw - 300px)}[name=photo] img {width:260px}[name=photo] img {height:260px}[name=photo] img {border-radius:100%}[name=wrapper]{height: 100vh}[name=box]{text-align: center}[name=box]{position: relative}[name=box]{top: 330px}[name=box]{left: 150px}[name=box]{margin: auto}[name=box]{width: 400px}[name=box]{height: 100px}[name=box]{background-color: rgba(38, 36, 54, 0.5)}[name=box]{-webkit-transition: all 0.3s ease-out}[name=box]{transition: all 0.3s ease-out}[name=box]{cursor: pointer}[name=box] h2 {position: relative}[name=box] h2 {font-weight: 400}[name=box] h2 {letter-spacing: 10px}[name=box] h2 {font-size: 1.2em}[name=box] h2 {line-height: 100px}[name=box] h2 {text-transform: uppercase}[name=box] h2 {-webkit-transition: all 0.3s cubic-bezier(0, 0.995, 0.99, 1)}[name=box] h2 {transition: all 0.3s cubic-bezier(0, 0.995, 0.99, 1)}[name=box] h2::after {content: ""}[name=box] h2::after {display: block}[name=box] h2::after {width: 390px}[name=box] h2::after {height: 90px}[name=box] h2::after {position: absolute}[name=box] h2::after {top: 5px}[name=box] h2::after {left: 5px}[name=box] h2::after {-webkit-transition: all 0.15s cubic-bezier(0, 0.995, 0.99, 1) 0.15s}[name=box] h2::after {transition: all 0.15s cubic-bezier(0, 0.995, 0.99, 1) 0.15s}[name=box] h2::after {clip: rect(0px 400px 100px 0px)}[name=box] h2::before {content: ""}[name=box] h2::before {display: block}[name=box] h2::before {width: 390px}[name=box] h2::before {height: 90px}[name=box] h2::before {position: absolute}[name=box] h2::before {bottom: 5px}[name=box] h2::before {right: 5px}[name=box] h2::before {-webkit-transition: all 0.15s cubic-bezier(0, 0.995, 0.99, 1) 0.15s}[name=box] h2::before {transition: all 0.15s cubic-bezier(0, 0.995, 0.99, 1) 0.15s}[name=box] h2::before {clip: rect(0px 400px 100px 0px)}[name=box] [name=top]{display: block}[name=box] [name=top]{width: 0}[name=box] [name=top]{height: 1px}[name=box] [name=top]{position: absolute}[name=box] [name=top]{top: -5px}[name=box] [name=top]{left: -5px}[name=box] [name=top]{background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.3)}[name=box] [name=top]{-webkit-transition: all 0.3s cubic-bezier(0, 0.995, 0.99, 1)}[name=box] [name=top]{transition: all 0.3s cubic-bezier(0, 0.995, 0.99, 1)}[name=box] [name=right]{display: block}[name=box] [name=right]{width: 1px}[name=box] [name=right]{height: 0}[name=box] [name=right]{position: absolute}[name=box] [name=right]{top: -5px}[name=box] [name=right]{right: -5px}[name=box] [name=right]{background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.3)}[name=box] [name=right]{-webkit-transition: all 0.3s cubic-bezier(0, 0.995, 0.99, 1)}[name=box] [name=right]{transition: all 0.3s cubic-bezier(0, 0.995, 0.99, 1)}[name=box] [name=bottom]{display: block}[name=box] [name=bottom]{width: 0}[name=box] [name=bottom]{height: 1px}[name=box] [name=bottom]{position: absolute}[name=box] [name=bottom]{bottom: -5px}[name=box] [name=bottom]{right: -5px}[name=box] [name=bottom]{background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.3)}[name=box] [name=bottom]{-webkit-transition: all 0.3s cubic-bezier(0, 0.995, 0.99, 1)}[name=box] [name=bottom]{transition: all 0.3s cubic-bezier(0, 0.995, 0.99, 1)}[name=box] [name=left]{display: block}[name=box] [name=left]{width: 1px}[name=box] [name=left]{height: 0}[name=box] [name=left]{position: absolute}[name=box] [name=left]{bottom: -5px}[name=box] [name=left]{left: -5px}[name=box] [name=left]{background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.3)}[name=box] [name=left]{-webkit-transition: all 0.3s cubic-bezier(0, 0.995, 0.99, 1)}[name=box] [name=left]{transition: all 0.3s cubic-bezier(0, 0.995, 0.99, 1)}[name=box]:hover {background-color: #0c0b13}[name=box]:hover [name=top]{background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5)}[name=box]:hover [name=top]{width: 409px}[name=box]:hover [name=right]{background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5)}[name=box]:hover [name=right]{height: 109px}[name=box]:hover [name=bottom]{background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5)} [name=box]:hover [name=bottom]{width: 409px}[name=box]:hover [name=left]{background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5)}[name=box]:hover [name=left]{height: 109px} [name=box]:hover h2 {color: white}[name=box]:hover h2 {letter-spacing: 12px}[name=box]:hover h2::after {border: 1px solid #9f9bbb}[name=box]:hover h2::after {clip: rect(0px 10px 100px 0px)}[name=box]:hover h2::before {border: 1px solid #9f9bbb}[name=box]:hover h2::before {clip: rect(0px 400px 100px 380px)}[name=black]{height:100vh}[name=black]{width:100vw}[name=black]{background: black}[name=black]{opacity:0.5}[name=black]{position:fixed}[name=black]{z-index:-1; media box: <div id="xatstyme"> <div name="black"></div> <div name="wrapper"> <div name="box"> <span name="top"></span> <span name="right"></span> <span name="bottom"></span> <span name="left"></span> <h2><div name="photo"><img src="http://s26.postimg.org/doy0rmf2x/mewtwo.png" /></div>Anar (1313)</h2> </div> </div> <div name="c"><a href="xat.me/five"><img src="http://u.cubeupload.com/daseot/aPmT3A.png" /></a></div></div> credits image credits - the mewtwo used in the background - mewtwo smiley version 1 credits - hovering pulse-shrink effect - code base version 2 credits - hovering pulse-shrink effect - hovering really cool box effect let me know if you want me to make some changes.
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    Welcome Shake and Unity to the Contributors! Make sure to congratulate them.
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    Stating there are more tickets because sticket was discontinued sounds like a big assumption to me. I doubt most people who reported scams to moderators haven't went to Help chat and weren't told to submit a ticket under Report scam, or even just did one by their own. I'm not happy with the idea of reporting scams to Trade moderators as these are likely to be unable to speak good English or even follow simple guidelines (sorry if I'm being rude here, but this is the truth) and having Trade owners play as senior volunteers when they don't have any of the required tools to actually look into reports. This would only lead to thousands of reports being disregarded to "lack of evidence", and I'm confident that these tools could confirm the reporting user's claims in many cases. Additionally, this would only be a "solution" for report scam tickets, even though there are many cases where a user may be unable to create a ticket due to having another one open at the time. For example, a user asks for a short names transfer and gets auth/lock'd out of their account.
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    As I'm extremely happy to have won the Valentine's Day Storytelling Contest at first place; I thank the dog who I based my story on. He isn't with us anymore, sadly. Here's the photo of Rocky on Christmas Day, 2015, who I couldn't put on the pastebin. @Bryann
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    Entry for Storytelling Contest... RobFerrari (129030692) Well, my story really started with a "ban". I met my current partner in a xat called "spacebancambio" a game chat in Spanish, this happened in 2011, she banned me for a misunderstanding, which later, she realized she was wrong. At first we didn’t like each other, but we greeted each other cordially and sometimes we chatted in the main chat. But it was not until the end of 2012 when really our friends relationship began. It all started one night (Nov.2012, in an application outside of xat) when she invited me to the room she had opened to the public for the first time, asking very kindly favor of "rating her room" and I did. At that moment it emerged a conversation which took us a couple of hours, (it was the first time we talked for a long and enjoyable time). Since then, we talked more continuously, everyday, for hours and hours... thus becoming, in the best of friends. We both discovered the wonderful qualities we didn’t know each other, the time I spent with her was wonderfully perfect, always accompanied by her good vibes, and good humor. (The year 2013 was perfect next to her, it was when I met her much more). She became my best friend, UNDOUBTEDLY THE BEST... therefore we never imagine ourselves as something more than friends, for that reason, we always respond to our friends saying this phrase "Couple? Not even for five minutes" (laughs). But then I began to notice that a day without her, it seemed a century. At the end my day, all I thought about was to tell my anecdotes to her. Over time, between laughing, movies, jokes, good deal, and talks, we fell in love. We thoroughly enjoyed our courtship for many months, and finally we got married in xat, exactly on December 31, 2013, (although our official relationship as a couple started on December 25). Since then, we are more united than ever, it is a relationship that we both take seriously, which over time, became a relationship very out of xat, and we have never divorced here. We are both involved in a trust, respect, communication and complicity, which is defined by its high quality, and I think they are the four key pieces to keep love alive, and I really think that who has not fallen in love, "really in love" by this means from the beginning, they will never know what it is to feel so close to a person daily, even when their presence is not always physically present, for that and a thousand more reasons, I love her too much, and we are already in the stage of carrying out our plans soon. She has been my Valentine since 2013, she is my valentine this year, and I want her to remain my Valentine for the rest of my life. She became my everything, most seriously to me. And today, more than my girlfriend, she is still my BFF, confidant, accomplice, and my supplement. And I wouldn’t change a thing... KARY! ♥ Haha my first gift from her... Said: "Fritico, thanks for your friendshi, !I hope this year that begins, is good for you, but above all full of health. I hope you change for the better." The gift of our first Valentine as friends... Said: "Happy Valentine's Day, thank you for the friendship you give me, and for those moments that we spend, I love you, although you are hateful, it doesn't matter." Contest 2: Starting this morning, with our daily cappuccino! <3
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    Hi all. This is my xatspace, -"less is more".- Css: HTML: Demo: