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    I had gay feelings early on (probably when I was 12 or 13), but up until about a year ago, I legitimately believed I was straight. There was some major cognitive dissonance, so I believed I was straight in order to be at peace. I obviously didn't know this was happening. It wasn't until I went to my university that I started confronting my thoughts. It probably took eight years to accept myself! The first person I came out to was Rida on October 12, 2016, one day after National Coming Out Day. I first came out as bisexual, but it wasn't because I denied who I was. I wasn't using it as a transitioning stage. I'll spare the details, but you could say I'm a 5 on the Kinsey scale, and I thought this required me to label myself as bisexual. It turns out that not every gay person is a 6 on that scale, and it didn't feel right calling myself bisexual, so I call myself gay now. From there, I told my brother, family, and friends. If someone asks, I'll tell them I'm gay. If they don't ask, I won't say anything. It's hardest to tell the people closest to you, so my parents were the last to find out. What's interesting though is that there is an extremely high amount of pressure in coming out. I knew my parents would accept me and be happy with me. I also live in one of the most liberal states in the US, which puts me in one of the most liberal and accepting areas in the entire world. Still, it's extremely hard to come out to people. This has made me realize how grateful I am to live where I do. I just happened to start talking to Kayzar on Discord just a few days before I came out to Rida. I loved the sound of his voice, and I loved how he was constantly laughing, even when everyone was telling him to shut up. We're still dating, and now I'm going to see him next week for the first time! So much has happened in the past year, and coming out was really life-changing.
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    Hello everybody, MundoSmilies are hosting a contest: the best summer smiley combination! Information about this contest: The participants should create a summer smiley combination and post here. Creativity should be considered as important in this contest. If you like summer and smilies, just entry in this contest! Your smiley could be the best ^-^ Guidelines and Restrictions: The smilies have to be related to the summer Entries should be posted on here. ID and regname must be included in your post. Do not edit your submissions once you have posted. The only exception to this is if you forget to include your xat ID and regname. Do not copy others' work. Your submission must be comprised solely of your own work.The smilies combination can't appear here: https://mundosmilies.com/smilies/ Two entries per person only. Smilies have to be appropriate!! You must follow our rules and Contest and Events Section Guidelines. Example: ID and regname: Fiona (81926573) Smiley code: (manga9#hair2f4#bands#sfeet#f0f0f0#angel#gb#vaclounger) Picture: (if you don't have the powers, you can use !test command.) Judges Me Fiona (81926573)+ @ANGY ANGY (1331331) Prize Holder @Sevda Sevda (869659734) Prizes 1st place - 17000 xats 2nd place - 10000 xats 3rd place - 7000 xats 4th place - 4000xats 5th place -2500 xats 6th place -1500 xats 7th place- 1000 xats Deadline AUGUST 30th 22:00 GMT + 1 Winner will be announced a few hours after the deadline. If you have any question you can post here or in my private, thanks you and good luck!
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    For as far as I can remember, I was just attracted to other guys. I don't know, guys always caught my eyes and girls didn't. I never really thought anything of it until around the start of high school when you start to learn more about yourself all that fun stuff and I realised that I was attracted to guys, and there was a name for it. I don't really distinctively going through a "facing the truth" phase, and I think it was easy for me to accept that I was different from the majority of people, however, I knew that gay was bad. Kids my age always used "gay" to describe things they didn't like, so I decided I shouldn't tell anyone about it. Some people used to question me about it and, of course, I couldn't tell anyone my secret! I have semi come out of the closet. The first person that ever knew was my best friend at the time who was also a boy when we were around 12 (2012), and he didn't care and probably forgot within 5 minutes because it was irrelevant to our friendship, really. The second person I told was Kimi (from xat) around 2013 because he is also gay and I thought it would be good to speak to someone else about being gay and get advice from him. After Kimi, I didn't tell anyone until 3 years later around the start of July when I told Rida, Ryan and Karl in our group chat that we had on WhatsApp. That's what really started kicking things off and making me feel more comfortable. I came out to my best friend in real life the day after National Coming Out Day (jinx Brandon) when we were at McDonalds one day before college and I told her and we skipped college and discussed the ins and outs lol. I then told my second closest friend after she accused me of fancying my other friend (that's a girl) I just was like "oh no I'm gay". The relationships between the people I have told have not changed and it wasn't a big deal, they sort of knew already I guess. As this was leading up to the end of high school, our friendship group kind of broke up and I didn't get around to telling the others. My siblings/parents... weird situation. Rida and I went to Glasgow Pride in 2015 and I told my brother that I was going to meet Rida (he sort of knows about xat and the idea of it, and knows Rida), but I told my parents that I was going somewhere else. When I left, it probably came up in conversation where I was and the stories clashed. When I came home my parents asked me why I was in Glasgow and I was like I was at a music festival (there was one at Pride) and they obviously they had researched events in Glasgow or something and my Dad asked me if I "was at the gay festival" and I just ignored him. They told my older sister (who has her own house, clearly I was the talk of the week) and she asked me as well but I told her I was there with my friend. I guess they know, but they don't really know at the same time. I'm at an awkward stage where, if asked, I will admit to being gay, however I still have not told my family. As Brandon said, it's really really difficult to tell the people you care about the most and especially if you don't know how they are going to react. Even though I try to tell myself people won't care and nothing will change, I just can't bring myself to say the words.
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    Hello to all! The new power of the week is a function called "sline". The name is still unconfirmed but for now, it's sline. The power is only working on official chats until @Admin have updated the other chats! (Works on all chats right now!) What is the purpose of this power ? Sline is a function which allows you to change the smilies bar by your own smilies. (Like you can do with gline power but it's for everyone) Fortunately, only you can see the smilies. Note 1 : When you have setup your own smilies bar, it will be the same on every chat. Note 2 : If you don't want to change all the smilies bar, make sure to use different smilies and change atleast 4 smilies otherwise it won't update. How does it works? Sline works with a macro "$sline". That's simple of use, you just have to type on the chat : $sline=smile1,smile2,smile3,smile4.... Make sure to separate each smilie by a comma. Example : $sline=d,sob,wailing,smirk,cool,eek,hehe,flustered,content,dhat,ono Bonus : You have the possibility to change the color or add a gback for each smilie but it won't work for all smilies! To do that, just add a "#" and your gback like content#goldb after the smilie. You can also use every smilies (even powers) of the xat smilies list, but you need them to send it on the chat! To see the new smilies, you'll have to reconnect to the chat. Preview : If you find any issues with the new power, please post them on there.
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    First of all, I thought this thread was to let users give feedback to make the chat more enjoyable for everyone - not telling them to stop visiting the chat because they dislike the current way the chat is managed. If you want to make the chat more enjoyable, I would start by scrapping this sort of attitude towards the users who are giving actual feedback instead of users who are sucking up to the chat owners. You don't need to agree with the feedback, but at least take the time to read the points they've brought up in their posts. If you believe the feedback someone has provided won't be very effective, then perhaps you could enlighten us on why this would be the case.
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    I'll start off with the first issue being the management, don't go too in depth but theres issues there and they should probably be addressed before you change anything else. If you want me to go more in depth then I'll gladly do it. Having the monthly mains was a much better idea than having one main owner, or two if you want to be pedantic, you can claim it caused more drama but evidently you didn't witness it from when it started. Chat was far more active, people actually wanted to use the chat, now they don't. Volunteers should have the chat back and then they decide who gets main there. That way worked fine, until certain individuals got a bit power hungry, again no names. The chat doesn't even feel like a testing chat anymore, it's more of a place where people can attempt to get some kind of xat power. For example, Techy was testing something and the mods started rambling about nonsense, it's a testing chat and you should be allowed to test in it. Thats the idea behind the chat. Make it so you can test things without people getting all trippy and banning/kicking for nonsense. If they don't like it's a testing chat, they can go use Ajuda problem solved. My next issue would be the staff, it's populated by people who honestly don't understand the rules. They'll jump on banning/kicking you for absolutely no reason at all. It seems to be more about who you know and not how you moderate a chat, I think thats evident with some of the current staff as well as the previous staff. Very bias towards certain people, not good for an official chat. Not that this is a negative point, almost everyone who uses that chat isn't even a native English speaker, it feels like I'm in cambio or something when I go there (if im not banned aye) so why not do a MartinnGoodman and make the chat international or something, the English user base isn't enough to make it solely an English chat. Overall, the old test was far better and I think the amount of active users then compared to now shows that. Yes people have quit, but the vast majority just stopped using a chat because it's ran by people who really don't know what they're doing. No hate, but you'll have to deal with the truth, sometimes it hurts. The chat has always been a place for admins to test, so not entirely sure where you're going with that point.
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    Hello. This is my first entry. It was quite hard matching this smiley to a summer theme, but if it's unclear this poor girl can't eat her lovely ice cream because the birds got to it... Full screen
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    After a long year making some animations I have made some cool animations for blastpro blast kick etc I will post all my blasts in this post ! 1- Pencil blast 2- Juice blast 3- SOMETHING BLAST 4- roulette blast ( UGLY )
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    Second pcback ♥ Link
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    My 2nd entry: Igglybuff Full chat preview: 6
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    Hey everyone, this is my entry I hope you all like Jorr (111112908) Dialga. Links: Link 1 Link 2 Link 3
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    Hello, i am hosting a background contest for the Helfen chat. Inner background must contain: "HELFEN" with caps and "Der Offizielle xat Chat für deutsche Hilfe", which is the group description. Deadline: 26th August REQUIREMENTS AND LIMITATIONS Backgrounds must be blue and must not focus on a specific event or celebration. You must provide a chat background and an outer background (2560 x 1440 pixels or larger). You must provide a matching button color. Your entry must be posted publicly here. Please try not to make something too dark or too bright. Ideally, don't make anything hurtful to eyes. CSS may be used for minor modifications. Total prize (might increase, donations accepted :P) 15000xats (prize holder: paul) There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner. Judges: Me & Lemona
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    Hello! Mundosmilies is hosting a new contest Reply with your regname (register name and ID) below and if the random generator chooses you, you will get cuticorn power! Deadline: 5th AUGUST *IMPORTANT!! Please, Do not use other accounts to try to increase chances of winning or will be disqualified. ¡Good Luck! Countdown: https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/238250/my-countdown Thanks, @Mike
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    First and foremost, this has been a wonderful thing to be a part of. Dimple and I spent a bit of time on the judging, and we are excited to share the results with you. The judging went through a few stages, we each assigned points on a ten point scale and filtered from there. Several had a combined, perfect score of 20! Here is the list of winners (in descending order): Madi's Togepi --We were absolutely in love with this entry, it was very cute and also neat. @Madison Christy's Shiny Umbreon and Espeon -- This was a gorgeous juxtaposition of Pokémon, excellent work. @Christy Fori's Girafarig -- At a distant glance, it looks like it was done by a machine, great job. @Fori Angy's Meowth and Pikachu -- This was true craftsmanship, we loved your use of color. @ANGY Youkai's Mareep -- We were floored by this one, it was smooth and your Mareep simply popped in the foreground. @Youkai Brandy's Sandshrew -- Overall a lovely portrayal of Sandshrew, scaled very well too. @Brandy MusicalMelody's Eevee -- Great take on a Pokémon doodle, you had the essentials and more. @MelodyEpic iGREY's Gengar and Mew -- Very strong entry, we loved how the two overlapped. @iGREY Guppy's Dialga -- This was a monochromatic beauty. @Guppy Crow's Honchkrow -- A simplistic work of art. @Crow Thank you for participating! Please contact me on xat to claim your prize! ID 143143 will receive 23000 xats ID 1466973301 will receive 15000 xats ID 1488283203 will receive 10000 xats ID 1331331 will receive 7000 xats ID 214607225 will receive 6000 xats ID 555217616 will receive 5000 xats ID 674217819 will receive 4000 xats ID 1492310684 will receive 3000 xats ID 696969000 will receive 2000 xats ID 4444 will receive 1000 xats
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    Hi guys, I have a new power SILENTBAN powers to be delivered in a random way to the users of the forum. Just enter your name and registration number in this entry and you will be participating. Do not use other accounts to try to increase chances of winning or will be disqualified. Deadline to post: 17/08/2017 | Countdown: here The winner will be chosen in Random, good luck.
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    I quite liked the monthly main system. I do realize admin has just about abolished the system due to "drama", however I do hope one day it can make a return. I think a majority of the drama (80% or so) was positive-fueled drama that kept the chat alive and fun. It was a chat for testing, yes, but it was also a community. Now it seems like a large majority of the drama is negative. I feel like the chat is more of a gift/reward now to the mains as opposed to an opportunity for growth. Christina always explained the monthly main system as an opportunity for helpful users on xat to discover what running a chat was like. The 22/23rd of the month was always a super exciting time, because we always got to see who was next. With permanent mains who have both been main owners on officials/tributes for a long time, I see no opportunity for growth. However, I cannot put all the blame on admins or the mains. Volunteers were very dedicated back in the day to the monthly main system. Christina made sure everything was ready to go beforehand, and Spell loved to watch the mains make their decisions. At this time, I don't know if Volunteers could be as active. Now it seems like a chat where those who help admin are rewarded with a rank, or access to special caches that allow them to view things that others cannot. I sometimes think this is fluanted too heavily. Obviously this has been going on since the beginning, since Mihay and Cupim always wanted to make sure that their smilies were working. Now it seems like half the chat is on it. I hate to bring this up but there is a lack of trust among the community with a large majority of users who visit the chat. I won't go into much detail about this, as most probably already know what I mean. I also don't want to call anyone individually out, so please, don't think I'm talking to just /you/ I wish staff were made based on understanding of the rules and how to enforce them, not just activity. This is how I see it right now, anyway. Unfortunately I don't know how any of these things could be fixed in the current situation of the chat.
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    Thats my Pcback for you , you like this ? ♥ Link
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    How did you discover your homosexuality? At what age did you do it? - I discovered it after getting feelings for guys during 6th grade PE. I did not know what it meant at the time. I was 12. How did you react to the fact that you are gay, by then? I realized it a year or so after the first incident but refused to admit it. I said that I just had been around guys more than girls so it was reasonable. How long did it take you to face the truth and accept yourself? I think somewhere in middle 2016 I admitted it. So about four years. Have you come out of the closet already? If so, how did your social and work experience change? If not, how are you planning to do it and when? Many people know. If (most) people ask them, I will admit it. Nothing much has changed besides I can finally talk about who I have feelings for with friends, which I am grateful for. I just feel like I can be myself more. Do your siblings and/or parents know it? If so, how did they react to it? My brother and mom know. They were supportive. Dad doesn't know yet, we will see how that goes. How did they find out? If you told them, how did you do it? I just told them very nonchalantly in the car because I tried to play it off like it was no big deal. Do your closest friends know it? If so, did the friendship change in any way after knowing it? I am sure I know some closet people, but not much has changed. One or two gay guys have tried to hit on me, but I am more attracted to the nontypical gay guys.
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    Hi all! Today, i'd like to announce my first ever contest on my return back to xat, an pcback contest! (Felt kind of generous and thought i'd do one!) Prize pool is 5000 xats and places are: 1st: 2500 xats 2nd: 1500 xats 3rd: 600 xats 4th: 400 xats Judge(s): @oj will be judging with me for this contest. (please let me know if you want to judge.) Prize holder: @Paul is holding the prize as we speak. Next up, the rules! Rules are simple, so here we go: - It must have Marshall, or Mars printed somewhere on the pcback. - You do not have to include my ID. - I like to go with blue and purple-ish themes, so as pastel themes. (Don't make it too bright pls.) - Abstract pieces, (pls blue or colors i suggested above) will do too. - Limit of pcbacks that can be submitted? Three. (3) Here are some suggestions to what characters you can make with the pcback: - Dewott / Oshawott / Samurott from Pokemon. -Teddiursa from Pokemon. - Hilbert or Ethan from the Pokemon games. - Any animal that is a bear or an otter. - Anything that is kawaii or painted. (bears, otters, pokemon such as dewott, buizel, water pokemon, along those lines.) - PERSONA 5 themed would look nice. I have some images of my own you can use if wanted: (basically commissions i got in the past and other stuff.) The contest will end of next month, September 9th, 10 P.M. EST. So, PLEASE try to get your entries in before hand! As always thanks for reading and i'm looking forward to your entries. GOOD LUCK!
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    I'm only going to submit one entry, (fhorse): https://www.xatech.com/web_gear/flash/smiliesshow.swf?r=fhorse Ok fine, just for Santiago, I'll submit my second one too. But beware.. it looks like something out of a children's nightmare. https://www.xatech.com/web_gear/flash/smiliesshow.swf?r=mombaby
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    first entry: link *added some minor edits. first edit here.
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    Let's get this over with. I can't do glitter effects Smilies I was assigned; (cactus) & (glitterfx) So here is one doodle that I have done about a month ago. (my doodle was broken) ENTRY #1: And one I just drew today. (I switched from safari to chrome, which is why it looks fixed.) ENTRY #2: WIP: http://imgur.com/I9c51aa MusicalMelody (674217819)
  24. 8 points
    My first entry: Smilie: gmwave Regname: Fiona (81926573) Full
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    The biggest problem I have with topics like these is the fact that most people commenting have no idea what they're talking about. In this case, you just described most of the current volunteers. Don't confuse a lack of time or resources with lack of dedication or knowledge.
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    Hey. Here are my entries for the contest. Good luck to all! 1st: smiley code: (butterfly#FFF0F5#sunbed#vacdrink#fairy#wand#FFF0F5#FFE4E1#topspin#w5#nuclear#FFFFFF#wx12r4y5z36t10n9b1) 2nd: smiley code: (mmhappy#y99ccffl2399ffffl4700ccccl7133ffcc#vacsurf#spin#w6#pulsefx#487F95#nuclear#C9E2E9#6eacbb#wx11r3y16f3s1z44t2a50n10#fairy#wand#C4DFE7#6EACBB) Lunala (1487645044)
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    Decided to try something completely different and give another entry a shot. Maybe I've been drinking too much Karmotrine lately. http://i.imgur.com/GYnjTOM.png (Glitch City) http://i.imgur.com/zOneVv6.png (Inori)
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    Hello everyone! Today, i thought i would share my designs with you guys other than the ones i've posted to the forum, so, let's get start! First, we have pcbacks: Next, we have chat inners: I have other works such as small animated icons, and osu stuff on my imgur account, https://imarshall.imgur.com, (and some ugly inners.) if you wanna check them out. I personally like my work for osu better than i do my outers, because they go all off center, but, feel free to explore everything in my albums. Thank you all for your time reading and looking through my work. If you have any questions, or possibly wanna get something yourself, please let me know by contacting by adding me, (/ f428933352, no space or comma.) or message me on forums! Have a good day / night!
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    Hi guys, Mundosmilies has donated 2 new Kloud powers to be delivered in a random way to the users of the forum. Just enter your name and registration number in this entry and you will be participating. Do not use other accounts to try to increase chances of winning or will be disqualified. Deadline to post: 23/07/2017 The winner will be chosen in Random, good luck. There will only be two winners.
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    provisionally (power can always change right up to point it is sold) piggybacks on mute I am receptive to other ideas, post here. needs testing, eg events is it silent blasts silent ? does it work with rapid and banpool
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    We are hosting a background contest on Chat. REQUIREMENTS AND LIMITATIONS: You must provide both an inner and an outer background. You must provide a matching button colour. You should avoid using too much CSS. The entries have to be posted publicly in a message here. You are encouraged to, but not forced to, use the chat description and the sentence "xat's Official International Chat". The background should look like it welcomes people around the world. Obviously, don't make anything hurtful to eyes. You may, however, use any colour that you like. Be creative, and always remember Chat is an international lobby. All the backgrounds, regardless of the final result, may be used in the future. Deadline: 1st of September TOTAL CURRENT PRIZE: 10,000 xats I am the prize holder. There will be a prize for the three best backgrounds. 1st - 6,000 2nd - 2,500 3rd - 1,500 We do accept donations for now. Thank you @Lemona for donating 2,500 xats on August the 13th. Thank you @6 for donating 2,500 xats on August the 15th. Last, but not least, good luck to everyone.
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    I'm going to be 100% honest here, I agree with @Karl almost 100%. Simply put; it's just poorly run and moderated. Staff are entirely too power hungry and it seems like all you have to do is be friends with an owner to get member/mod, and anyone who isn't a friend of a staff member gets kicked or banned for the simplest of things. I used to frequent xat5 when the monthly main owner system was still in place because it kept the chat fresh and gave all parts and user bases of xat a chance to be represented but now it's turned into a camaraderie system where everyone just kisses up to one another in order to achieve a rank or recognition from staff. I concur with @6, bring back the old xat_test.
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    First Entry! ♡ Ebunny: (I changed the egg ) Full
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    Informations about this contest: Connect with an arrow or line each of the smilies with the corresponding power and place in this post the answer. You can use the Bot of Mundosmilies or other chat in case you have doubts about each smilies. The first to finish it correctly and do not break any rules, will be the winner! Answer example: • Capture with all smilies connected: see (only the link, do not post image) • Register and ID. Rules you must follow: • Win the first user to respond correctly and do not break any rules. • If you win you must wait for a round to rejoin. • Only one answer per person is allowed. • No editing allowed in comments. • Leave your ID and register. Prizes: 350 xats + 1 day. There is a chance that the prize will change... Prizes holder: Me and @Fiona, the contest does not require a substantial amount. Deadline: Sunday, August 13th | 5:00 PM (Venezuelan time) ''Donations will be received should you wish to continue this thread. The rights to Kotu. Thanks to team of Mundosmilies.''
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    Second Entry! I don't know if you like red color but I hope you like this. Message me if you want me to change anything. Link: x Template
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    Hello!! This is my Entry No.1 (SAILOR fr. MILITARY POWER) iProjectGrey (1492310684) Sailor having his summer break with his motor boat.. hope you like it.
  37. 7 points
    My second entry Smilie (kdog) Fiona (81926573) Full
  38. 7 points
    heatstroke not hea5troke I call this one: global warming let's not mention how doodle glitched 3 times and had to re-do it all :))))) full chat
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    I DO NOT have a life outside of this therefore I do believe I should become the successor to Chris and Darren. Due to my outstanding knowledge of this website and my natural intelligence. Thank you.
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    I know it is not good But I tried
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    fixed, thanks. Yes that's right. A deeper reason and what has drove this is that local storage is different on http and https. This has forced our hand.
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    ¿Name? Chemicals. ¿Status? Not Limited. ¿Have Hug? Yes. ¿Power Group? No. ¿Need AllPowers? No. Looking for Smilies? Then! You could choose between different test tubes and add the smilie, or simply choose a predetermined one. Were you looking for pawns too? Here's what we show you! Hug? There could be an experiment and explode.
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    Today I had appointed Sydno as co-main to allow me focus on other things that xat is currently struggling with. I couldn't think of anyone better and more deserving to fill that role than him. Congratulations Sydno and best of luck!
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    In love, Gothmeta This summer Gothmeta was in love and forgot to go home before sunrise. She was on a boat when the sun rose. It was near waterfall, it would fall, it had to act quickly, to save itself from the waterfall and the sun. She soon became a bat and hid in the nearest tree and there she waited for the night.................................................................................
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    New power of the week is Cuticorn. ID: 453 Name: cuticorn Status: Limited Smilies: cuticorn, ccalarmed, ccdaze, ccflame, ccgiggle, cchide, cclaughing, ccnope, ccrainbow, ccrainbowtop, , ccsmile, ccsleep. Pawns: hc, ht, hi, hr. Price: Unknown
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    A big hug and congrats to all the winners!!! Thank you all who entered on this event, all your amazing and pokémontastic entries are very much appreciated. Our lovely judges @Dimplez and @muffins it has been very wonderful to have you on this event as our judges, thank you very much again!!! To all participants (except disqualified participants) who didn't win on this contest I'd like to thank you with a little gift of 500 xats each. Please contact me at chat Help, Chat or Trade chat to claim your prize. Thank you all again for participating on this event and have a nice day/night all!
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    @Queen_Sofia This is the list .
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    Was hesitant about posting this entry as attempted a new style Version without all the vectors: Template by rant. Would love feedback EDIT: added preview Added another version
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    Hi all! How's everyone doing today? It's been very fun and exciting everyday with our daily trivia contest. I apologize in advance, our trivia contest will be closed for a week or so. Reason is that i am going on a short summer vacation this week before the end of summer break here. I'm suppose to give a question for today but also due to reason that i'm held for 6 days i won't be able to. Thanks all for understanding! I wish you all a fantastic and fabulous summer this year!!!