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  3. Thank you all for all your support, You know . . . . .

  4.  by the occasion of the EARTH DAY i hope the next power will be SUPEREARTH including the " earth " " earthday " " eco " " plants "  " ktree "  powers, i'd like to see a collection power in every occasion and every international day. what do you think @Mihay ?

  5. Do you remember me?

  6. i'd like to propose this : every occasion for exemple easter, woman's day ... make a collection power, not a simple one
  7. http://prntscr.com/nffnth http://prntscr.com/nffny9 @Amyyyy has claimed their prize PETS! (6/7 winners)
  8. Daniel

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    Now that the API key seems to be implemented, will changes be made to botstat? @Admin
  9. The following pawns 7 have been re-added in honour of Earth day this year. Power required: Earth Power required: Earthday
  10. Shizuuuuuu :p

  11. @Cupim can we have it ¿ ? please what you think about
  12. to tell the truth I really wanted to do all kinds of armies in the world, but then it was a mess to do all the different types of hat and setting, but it can help as an idea !! Ty Marya 💗 can always change with some idea of cupim anyway !! 💡🍕 Ty @Amyyyy !!
  13. I think it's an interesting idea and I love that you explain it by drawing , your drawings are great and your ideas are more.
  14. Maybe this suggestion could also be used, in a sense, to honor our militaries across the globe, with a name like (army) or something with each smilie representing a certain region, country, or group of global allies. To represent our diverse group of users and show appreciation to our service members? Id love to see what you can accomplish with photoshop / other imaging software 😍
  16. Beautiful Thank you for your apporting to xat Keep it up
  17. I already fixed. Thank you!
  18. Blacky

    GControl issues

    Can be dunced box, works badly too.
  19. big F 



    1. Thuk


      Reporting this.

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