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  5. Found the perfect smiley for you @Davidss1001
  6. Hi Mino Nice suggestion, Thank you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This suggestion would be something that caught my attention. [Things in life} - It promotes everything we do every day. - It can be smilies created officially by xat.com {A smilies erases a text and then writes something else instead}. - It can be power group as it can be smilies, many things can be added here. {Group Power will work so you can delete all messages just for you, others will continue to see messages in chat} - Can be Flash/HTML5 {You know what I mean} What I added above are just opinions and ideas, the real suggestion is added by mino. Regards Bau
  7. I Think i can make this power!
  8. Interesting, although I think it might be better to include cleaning smilies in new powers without the need to do this. . I think this will serve the creativity of the creators of smiles. Thanks for suggesting this.
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