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  2. Good idea, I would love to see such like chess pieces on xat pawns. It would be really cool and attractive to see silver pawns on xat. why not, this may happen in the future and maybe we can use such attractive and cool pawns. this means a new age in xat this means a great innovation
  3. This is great power, this power is great. I like this power very much. I love to do trade. this power is appreciated by anyone who likes to trade like me, and is a power to be bought with interest by everyone. Trade lovers are most interested in this. This is power have very noticeable pawns states.
  4. Efy

    i’m always with you, sis. don't be sad.♥

    disney hug GIF

    1. Enge


      I Love You Lova Ya GIF

               Love you always sis i am okay (blowkiss)@Efy(hug)

  5. R.I.P Flash Welcome to the new era of xat 😎
  6. Today
  7. ID: 613 Name: Trader Status: Limited Price: 100 xats Smilies: Pawns: Wiki: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Trader Animated preview: Smilies: Pawns:
  9. it is unfair to put my Zuki name up for sale again if I had already bought it if I bought it by law it is mine it cannot be sold again I have proof that I bought the name Zuki ...

    1. xLaming


      If you didnt use the account for 90 days they can do that xd

  10. Zaki


    1. Sydno


      It is written in terms a shortname can be put back to sale at any time if the account tied to it is not used for 3 months+ (we generally wait 1 year).


      If the account tied to the shortname was deleted by the user, the shortname is blocked and needs to be put back to sale by volunteers.


      It is your own responsibility to ask for a short name swap if you want to keep track of your shortname. Deleting the account also deletes the shortname, when it happens, you have to buy it again, sorry.


      I am not sure what the issue is exactly, but I suggest you open a ticket regarding this. If you have a ticket already opened, then reply back to it with as much information as you can.


      Thank you for understanding.

    2. Zaki
  11. hi

    1. Blacky


      Hey Zaki!  :p



  12. flipping its friday GIF by Red Bull all nice Friday 

    1. Mino1


      Black Friday day. 

    2. DUYGU


      Happy Black Friday Mino  (hug) 

  13. New power 613 = trader certified 8-)

    1. iSavage
    2. DUYGU


      New powers very nice 

  14. UPDATES: 2 x 5 Digits auction: https://xat.com/store#!auction APRINCESS power auction: https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/Auction76.php 613 IS TRADER. The power for real traders.
  15. Why rip 😔

  16. @Mafia1 We are checking all the players that have been reported. You will be notified on this topic soon. thx.
  17. I have been in the ARCbots team for almost a year and I can say that I love everything here, from the relationship with our clients, it is a great satisfaction to see that everything is good, the clients are satisfied and we are the best. I like working with the team .Our team is from different countries and we support in different languages, we meet new people, we learn new things. There is a lot to say about ARCbots, but one thing is for sure ARCbots the best bots provider
  18. I'm happy to be on the team for a long time. Well, for me the arcbot has excellent support in xat and also in tickets, they are not nervous with anyone and do not fight with users or even with the team. Great simple and easy to use commands, it also helps a lot the customer not to break his head.
  19. Good morning to everyone, have a nice day!



    1. Mino1
    2. DUYGU


      Thanks Mino  (hug) have a nice day, nice to see you again

  20. I think the commands that are many make's arcbot #1 ,but also price is economic and chat support.
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