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  2. What about something like a promo status of some sort within chat settings or the new promo page where The actual chat name is listed as the Poster? I like your suggestion, i do agree it would add more socialization
  3. I thought about that however I really like the fact that this could promote chats that people are currently at and allow any registered user to use this feature without having to make a forum account. It's not a bad idea but I think having it integrated within a chat feature might be better. That being said, the homepage should promote the various platforms xat has to offer (wiki, forum etc) in a more visual and descriptive sense instead of having to click links from a header.
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  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Rule number "3" Avoid publishing your registration and identification name more than once or you will be disqualified from the current contest. Hi @myow how are you? I would like to ask you if you can delete one of the 2 entries please You have time before the counter reaches zero, thank you.
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  8. What about just embedding forum status updates to the homepage ? @lemona what do you think about that?
  9. Hello guys, I have created this new theme so that all the programmers or developers that we have here in the community help with their contributions for the people who have in their plans to be a programmer or developer in the future. They can provide basic ideas of how they can begin to be a developer and trying to provide important input for the growth in knowledge of this world of html5 codes and more. The aim is that the community grows by seeing new talents and is motivated to develop their ideas for xat and that in the future they will be taken into account by the management of xat. I hope the collaboration and support of all and thanks to all those people who intend to give their great contributions to future developers and programmers of xat.com
  10. Hello Lemona It has a gorgeous appearance. It seems to be interesting. This only on Phone? or PC / mac etc?! Regards Bau
  11. I am suggesting there to be a more social aspect integrated within HTML5/the xat homepage. How it could work: Within an updates feature within the HTML5 chat, users would be able to post status updates that go to the xat homepage. The chat that the user posted the status update from will appear on the status update. See image example below: ' Users are able to react to, favourite or report status updates. The categories at the top would allow users to view their favourite status updates, the most popular (most reacted to) as well as their own updates. Clicking on the users' avatar will lead to their xatspace. Potential other features: Having a specific status update feed within the chat for a specific chat group, for main owners only (with settings as to what rank can view what) etc Pinned status updates on the homepage (could be up to volunteers/admins as to what gets pinned) To avoid spam, perhaps a limit of 3 status updates within 24 hours Let me know what you think!
  12. Thank you all for all your support, You know . . . . .

    1. Anas


      You're welcome manito (hug) 

    2. Bau
  13.  by the occasion of the EARTH DAY i hope the next power will be SUPEREARTH including the " earth " " earthday " " eco " " plants "  " ktree "  powers, i'd like to see a collection power in every occasion and every international day. what do you think @Mihay ?

  14. Do you remember me?

  15. i'd like to propose this : every occasion for exemple easter, woman's day ... make a collection power, not a simple one
  16. http://prntscr.com/nffnth http://prntscr.com/nffny9 @Amyyyy has claimed their prize PETS! (6/7 winners)
  17. Daniel

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    Now that the API key seems to be implemented, will changes be made to botstat? @Admin
  18. The following pawns 7 have been re-added in honour of Earth day this year. Power required: Earth Power required: Earthday
  19. Shizuuuuuu :p

    1. Shizuo


      Amyyyyyy (blowkiss)

  20. @Cupim can we have it ¿ ? please what you think about
  21. to tell the truth I really wanted to do all kinds of armies in the world, but then it was a mess to do all the different types of hat and setting, but it can help as an idea !! Ty Marya 💗 can always change with some idea of cupim anyway !! 💡🍕 Ty @Amyyyy !!
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