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  3. ID: 555 Name: (CREATURE) Status: Limited status: Smiley Price: Not Found (Not Yet) Wiki: xat.wiki/Creature Smilies: (creature) (crblush) (crstareye) (crsweat) (crthink) (crupside) (crbrows) (creyeroll) (crhehe) Hats: NOT Found Example: Creature power. Enjoy New power
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    Life consists in exploring, in going towards delate, towards the unknown reaching the stars ... Be, brave and live! Let's smile to life ... The world is not who wakes up first, if not who wakes up HAPPY !!!





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  6. now works or reset my password
  7. myow

    name smile power

    im talking about symbol under word or in the top something like mix word with symbol http://prntscr.com/ohytoq http://prntscr.com/ohytoq
  8. A 'wonders' power was suggested in the past, but it was a '7 Wonders of the Ancient World', whereas yours is a '7 Wonders of the Modern World', so those two topics should be okay to co-exist. There might be an overlap with the 'Landmark' suggestion, however, but your idea has an actual theme whereas the below is just any famous landmark, whether they're considered a wonder or not. I'm in two minds about that one.
  9. What exactly is meant here?
  10. Si perdió el correo electrónico de su grupo de chat, no es posible recuperarlo. La única posibilidad que tienes es intentar recuperar / encontrar el correo electrónico con el que creaste tu chat. Puede usar el formulario de contraseña perdida aquí, para hacerlo: https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/editgroup.php?GroupName=TUNOMBEDELGRUPO De lo contrario, siempre es bienvenido para crear un grupo completamente nuevo, aquí: https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/creategroup.php
  11. This would surely be a cool power, but I think they'd hardly be noticeable considering how small smilies are, don't you think?
  12. Forgot password email for the forum account is not arriving on the email. @Andre
  13. LaFleur

    Bot pawn on chat

    Changed Status to Fixed
  14. En todos los casos es vital que sepas la dirección de tu correo electrónico con el que abriste el chat. Abrir ticket en Lost Access y responder a las preguntas de seguridad.
  15. Solange

    HTML5 - Know it all

    Nice job guys, it looks really good! I think it was a great idea to create this article, it'll be very useful. Congratulations to those that were involved in the creation of this article.
  16. i want to thank all participants who posted in my contest here, congratulations to @xRavennn who won the BABY power, send me a private message then contact me in xat.com/trade to claim your prize. Rsesult : http://i.prntscr.com/pRoWpy3mRk6c5gR-_0_PLQ.png Note : if the winner didn't contact me within 24 hours another winner will be chosen by the same way.
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  18. A new wiki article has been made for HTML5 on xat. This wiki article will give you a better overview of HTML5, highlighting various information relating to the changes, features, major improvements and powers surrounding HTML5. Go to the HTML5 wiki article: https://xat.wiki Thanks to @Lemona for helping with this article.
  19. SLOom


    This is not a HTML5 bug. @Angelo The bug he reported is when you add a "<3" on status, it will change your name (for other people) to "nope" which was done by purpose. Since this is not a HTML5 bug, i'm closing this thread.
  20. Angelo


    Can you please add more details about this bug? So far, you've been so vague that it's impossible to understand what you're reporting.
  21. I guess they don't have rights because it's global and recognized inthe world, I think I need to have rights because sometimes they areused in travel advertising and tourism. and the selection of these monuments is by voting for years ofantiquity and recognition, so there should be no copyrightproblems.
  22. Looks good. but ins't any copyright or such?
  23. Good afternoon. today I come up with an idea to suggest a power of the 7 wonders ofthe modern world. 1.(chiitza) > chichen itza in mexico 2.(coliseum) > coliseum of rome in italy 3.(redeemer) > Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 4.(wall) > The Great Wall of China 5.(machu) > machu picchu in cuzco,peru 6.(petra) > in Jordan 7.(tajmahal) > in Agra, India. here are a few images of more or less how I think the idea: I don't know if this idea was already suggested by another user I'mnot so old in the forum and I haven't read all the suggestions. thankyou for your attention.
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