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  2. Stif


    If you're logging in and the "Click to enable Flash Player" grey box still occurs, doing what I said is the solution. Try using Google Chrome and if it doesn't work, update your browser by click in the three dots icon at the top right corner, then help, then about Google Chrome and it will search for an update and automatically download/install it.
  3. same result as before i did double check that the flash player was on and still saids Please wait..
  4. Today
  5. Stif


    An alternative solution would be enabling flash player before logging in. Go to https://xat.com/login, then click on the green lock sign in the left side of the address bar, then go to flash and select "allow". It will facilitate your access and avoid having to re-login after enabling flash.
  6. 5:47 pm ( USA, Pacific time zone )
  7. LaFleur


    Hello @rlcky325kv, did you enable Adobe Flash Player by clicking at the chat box, here: Once done, the "Please wait.." should disappear. Note that you may have to re-login after enabling Flash Player.
  8. rlcky325kv


    went i try to login it stays at please wait cant you help i try different browsers clear cookies same result
  9. Yesterday
  10. 22:30 (England) Match of the Day is starting!
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