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  3. We have found out that this is related to a chrome pop-up setting. If you click on a link while linkvalidator setting is enabled, Chrome will show up the "pop-up" blocked message indicating that the linkvalidator page is blocked from being opened automtically. The problem is that linkvalidator is already being opened regardless. So if the user chooses "Always allow pop-up", clicking any links will open the page twice henceforward. That being said, we do not think this is a bug related to the HTML5 chat. This rather seems to be a Chrome Browser issue, especially since no other browser is doing this behavior.
  4. This has been forwarded. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for reporting. This has been forwarded.
  6. Hello @otomok. All of the apps you mentioned except Grid and Youtube are working on HTML5. Though it is to be noted that they're not ported over to HTML5 yet, as Maverick mentioned, so they still require flash player until further notice. Translator app, as such, doesn't exist anymore. It is integrated into the HTML5 chat now. You can enabled it in your "Settings". That all being said, since there is no bug here, this thread is closed now. Thank you for reporting.
  7. Great to hear. Will mark this as fixed.
  8. @Leandro I can't reproduce this either. Is this still happening for you?
  9. Nope. Seems to be fixed.
  10. @Leandro did you still bump into this?
  11. Booh

    happy birthday

  12. Hello, I would like to add features such as silentban to the service of arcbots, as long as the command is limited. I have the idea to add it to the command! ban and be a similar command like! ban silent (user) + (hours) or! silentban + (user) clarification: this as long as for precaution is recorded in the history of the bots of arcbots to avoid abuse of the command
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    Happy birthday

  14. Happy birthday @Spawn

  15. Happy Birthday @Spawn

  16. I'm listening to music of relaxation. After sleep, Zzzz.
  17. Happy Birthday @Spawn

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    Happy BirthdaY Spawn

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