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  2. I'm really not sure if it is exactly Flash that is causing this, but it seems that when there is something related to it the xat connection security is lost and Google Chrome sends you a security alert. I think that is something we should work on soon, users are nervous when their browser tells them that they could not be safe on the site.
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  6. The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  7. my words to admin it was clear i said that admin not any users i know we can disable messanger but im talking about all forum profile not just messanger why not invisible or privet like to show only for staff and peoples who we follow its not something hard block option is better then adding in ignore list
  8. Hello, Actually you can't make your profile private, it will always be public. But you can: 1. Don't show others when you follow someone 2. Disable your profile followers system 3. Disable "Recent visitors" from your profile 4. You can disable your messenger, click here: https://forum.xat.com/messenger/ then click "Disable my messenger" 5. You can block annoying users - https://forum.xat.com/ignore/ 6. You can log in anonymously, you just need to check the option "Sign in anonymously" on your next login I don't think that "private profiles" should be implemented, since it's something public, it being private would be like a xatspace saying that you are not allowed to see their content.
  9. What's the point of a forum if we become invisible? If you want to be invisible then simply sign out and keep roaming the forum as a guest. You can even reply to posts if you're a guest (Requires Moderator Approval Though). And you have the option to ignore annoying people, go there https://forum.xat.com/ignore/ and put the username.
  10. hi @Admin i suggest to have make mroe option in forum profiles like we can make our profile public or privet or invisible for exmp: only who we follow them can find us and contact us + who are in forum staff) disable and unable forum profile blocking annoying users cant find us too and more option for messages we allow only to who we follow and forum staff list
  11. That makes things a lot easier, instead of making one card for each player. (Which is also valid), but believe me, it is much easier to put your selection of numbers in the nick. You have to find a way to make the game easier, not more complicated. In fact, the guy who opened this post said this too.
  12. It seems that you and I have different approaches about this game. I never thought of Bingo that way with the users putting numbers in their names.
  13. Exactly! This is the problem we are facing and i'm sure other's would be facing as well while hosting a gamebot in their chat. The problem is when we were playing gamebot, a random user Private Chat the gamebot say !stop or any other command which makes the gamebot leave in midway. Earlier, there was a system when the gamebot used to PM us in main saying , "Sorry, you require power to control the bot". But in the current situation, the gamebot just goes offline. So, while i was hosting, a user kept coming and tried saying the command in pc of gamebot and making it leave again and again, leading to disruption..
  14. Hello everyone. So today @Coolingman found something interesting, as to why GameBot leaves during gameraces, and after him and I did some testing, we found out what causes it! Whoever calls the GameBot using command !bot must be the same user who controls it. Example: http://prntscr.com/stfvt4 In the example provided above, since I was the one who called GameBot using command !bot, I am able to use !start and !stop to start or stop the game on command. It is also the same person who called GameBot that is the only one that can make adjustments to the !times and !prize settings. Example: http://prntscr.com/stfww4 As you can see, since I was the one who used !bot to call GameBot, I can use commands to adjust the game such as !start, !stop, !times, and !prize. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOWEVER: If a DIFFERENT user attempts to command the GameBot to make adjustments to the game, or to start and stop it, the GameBot just LEAVES the chat! Examples: http://prntscr.com/stg05n http://prntscr.com/stg0ba This applies whenever a DIFFERENT user OTHER than the one who used !bot to call the GameBot attempts any of the following commands, causing GameBot to leave: !start !stop !times x y z !prize number As for the !times and !prize command, the GameBot only leaves when someone other than the one who called GameBot attempts to make adjustments using those commands like !times 90 3 20, or !prize 50. However, the CURRENT settings can be viewed by anyone by simply using !times and !prize. Example: http://prntscr.com/stg37c In the example above, my main account "[slowreply]Nathan" was the one who called GameBot using !bot, and my alternate account "Bowserbot" was able to view the !times and !prize settings in place. However, when Bowserbot attempted to adjust the prize, the GameBot left the chat. IMPORTANT: Whenever ANYONE OTHER THAN THE ONE WHO CALLS GAMEBOT attempts to use !start, !stop, or to adjust the !times and !prize settings does so, that makes the GameBot leave the chat. It does not matter if the user is registered, or unregistered, or has the gamerace power or not. They were not one the one who called the GameBot using !bot, therefore they cannot make any adjustments to the game nor start and stop the game without the GameBot leaving. This can pose a serious disruption to GameBot contests, as someone could command the bot midgame using the above mentioned commands, and the GameBot will STILL leave even DURING the game! Also, it does not matter if the other user Private Chats or Private Messages GameBot the commands, the result will be the same. Summary: Whoever calls the GameBot using command !bot is the ONLY USER that is able to properly adjust settings to the game, as well as start and stop the game on command. If anyone else attempts to use the GameBot by commanding it in main chat or private chat, the GameBot will leave the chatroom. The only exception is when the differing user uses !times and !prize to ONLY VIEW the current settings.
  15. Nathan, you make the games too complicated! There are many Bingo applications that can be used, there are screenshots for users to confirm the numbers that are coming out. And the truth is that it is not so necessary to make cards, each user can select their numbers and put them in their nickname! (4 or 5 numbers, from 1 to 90). And that's it, zero complications. PD: To avoid "cheating" or that users change numbers while the game is going on, always capture the list of users with their numbers placed in the nick, before starting each bingo.
  16. I am thinking about hosting an event like this, but could take some work on my end if I do not have the proper resources to do it! So far what I have in mind is making cards with random numbers in random places and players can choose which cards to have. Then whenever I call a random number using !random in FEXBot's private chat, the player could make the appropriate note on their card if the number was called to cross it out. The only downsides to this though, I would also have to make notes of which numbers were called and cross them out on every card, so if someone calls out "BINGO" I will know if they actually received a Bingo or not.
  17. ¿Qué si me enamoré? Yo no sé
    Sólo sé que me dejaste
    Aquí, solo pensando 24/7
    No te saco de mi mente
    ¿Cómo negarte?
    Si en mí, tú lograste
    Que aunque yo esté con otra

    No puedo olvidar



  18. Hola @Calina Un poco dificil de saber el problema que estas teniendo Usando un Navegador Asegurate de estar usando un navegador como Chrome, Mozilla u Opera en tu celular y que al final de cada link de chat que entres termine con ?new <-- por ejemplo: xat.com/ayuda?new de ese modo estaras accediendo a xat usando la version de HTML5. Usando la Aplicacion En caso uses el App de xat, intenta darle Logout y luego Inicias Sesion. Si el error persiste, cierra sesion (logout) y elimina la aplicacion de xat y luego vuelve a descargarla, seguidamente inicias sesion. Si puedes especificar un poco mas, sera mas facil ayudarte. Saludos
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