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  2. today I come suggesting a power of types of kisses and it might be useful to make two different forms in smile and sticker, I see that there are powers with kisses but there is not one that is only focused on types of kisses leave some images are not made by me but serves as an example to what I mean and it would be great to take them out in the form of smile and sticker. I hope you like my idea and can also suggest more types of kisses and thus create a power with more smiles or stiker.
  3. Hey! There is a Macro tool added to HTML5 already which covers most of the things you've mentioned. Click on your nickname and then click Settings. This window will appear: Once you click Macros, the tool will let you choose new macros, add a name and what you want to show when you write that macro, and once you've added the macro, it lets you either remove or edit the macro. I don't know if you've checked the tool already but it's pretty similar. I guess it would be useful if they added a few more tools to delete all the macros, export and import a list.
  4. HTML5 already has a Macros Manager located in Settings.
  5. Hmm .. Maybe useful. Good Luck
  6. Hey ! There I am using xat
  7. Today
  8. Well this is a old suggestion which is a useful tool to these that help on xat HELP and all others of help. how it not have been added to flash, and how everything is being added to HTML5 PLATFORM, maybe add this to html5 will be a useful tool. http://prntscr.com/p8rmsn
  9. Happy Friday!

  10. Everyone smiles in the same language.

  11. Deffy

    562 HAIRB

    I will try soon. Nice Power
  12. Deffy


    Good Luck !! I like your idea.
  13. ¡Today is Friday, I feel it in my bones!



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