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  2. SLOom

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    Here we go. The API is now available for public beta. Url: https://xat.com/api/botstat.php Example: https://xat.com/api/botstat.php?r=5&u=110110&k=MYSUPERTOKEN&a=5&h=xat.com&n=test Parameters: r: roomid u: userid k: token from login a: avatar h: homepage n: name s: status A few improvements will come later. If you find any bugs, please report there. Thank you.
  3. Angelo

    New login pages

    The method of obtaining tickle should be coming to xat very soon™.
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  5. xLaming

    New login pages

    What about tickle?
  6. this is a great and interesting idea to classify or categorize the freindlist as you showed, without forgotten the BLACKLIST that @Bunnie proposed it's a category too, and i hope it will be added to the flash chat too. ty
  7. I like this idea hopefully it can be taken into consideration.
  8. Since we can classify our list of friends, it would also be good to add personalized colors to the different categories, it would be very good and the function would not be so simple for users. Example: In the menu, it would be something like Example: Example 2 in real time: https://i.imgur.com/9ewDk6U.mp4
  9. If they wait till flash is gone to finish html5 what would we be left with?
  10. https://prnt.sc/ngl3s1 https://prnt.sc/ngl43g I'm sorry but I can not allow this. Thanks @myow @Mauzim They have eliminated their double entries and enter the draw. The counter has already reached zero the winners will be announced in the next few hours. The final list with all the participants can be found --->>> Here
  11. Should of waited to add this when HTML5 was fully ready. It still barely works. Also, why can't it work for Flash? That's another reason to just wait for HTML5 to be ready, when flash is gone and most users aren't left out...
  12. Envie em qualquer idioma, ou seja, na forma que te agradar. rs
  13. envio em português ou inglês
  14. Coloca FeedBack on xatRadio
  15. o topico e por player clonado qual e o topico e e em ingles ou portugues o report
  16. Em nome você coloca sua ID e username de xat, email você coloca o seu (NÃO SEU EMAIL DO xat) e o tópico de ajuda você escolhe qual é.
  17. me explique como se abre la um ticket não estou perceber pede email nome completo numero de telemóvel porque e qual o tópico http://prntscr.com/ngv62x
  18. Boa tarde, Publicando isto aqui não irá te ajudar, envie um pedido de suporte para o xatRadio: http://support.xatproject.com Obg.
  19. venho por este meio comunicar de que este player e o meu 75658e6f1 e clonaram e mandaram ao xatradio este e491ce4d1 é o player clonado do meu espero verem isso por favor. tem minha marca na imagem vejam (ap)
  20. at work


    what can come to me?

  21. Coming soon Already here: you need a subscription to use basic features on xat!
  22. For some reason, I don't see much usefulness in this. It doesn't seem to fit into the website as a whole.
  23. This, actually, is not so much of a bad idea. For example, if on a chat you were banned on had an repeal system, your ban could be revoked and the person unbanning you could place the reason as "Ban repealed". You are right though, the implementation of this suggestion wouldn't do much use, especially if people just don't care or don't need it.
  24. Mihai

    Unban Reason

    @Bau, You're welcome. I'm glad I could help.
  25. Admin

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    I'll have a look at this
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