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  2. i will celebrate with my friends on xat. Kappa
  3. Tienes que dárselo a la pera para Navidad y Año Nuevo. Hay que dársela en la pera para navidad y año nuevo 😂
  4. Do you have any plans for Christmas? Will you be spending it home alone with a bottle of wine, or celebrating with friends and family? What movies will you be watching? Let us know below!
  5. Today
  6. congratulations algeria for new president (applause)(ok)

  7. If it would be good for all speaking communities to participate, especially English, Spanish and Portuguese (I don't know if any Turka person is aware of this)
  8. Mix Spanish & English songs, and other languages
  9. I have not prepared the questions yet. Are you saying to diversify and include songs in English and songs in other languages as well? @Chapinleno @Abrahan
  10. Sigues Con Él ♩

  11.  🎅🏻



    And how have you behaved this year?
    -Well, I wrote to Santa ‍🤦‍♀️ and he blocked me 




    1. Nathaly
    2. D4niel






  12. Sounds Interesting!!! Spanglish Songs please... now days it's been a lot of fun in xat chats... I like that....
  13. It is incredible that xat chat is organizing several events for these Christmas holidays, we can certainly entertain and especially have fun sharing. Please do not just be songs in English not so difficult to guess.
  14. Hello fellow gamers! It's that time of the year to make the yearly collage for 2019! If you are an active user of the chat, please sign your name (and maybe draw a picture) in the Doodle app and send them to me by replying to this thread, messaging me here in the forum, or by sending me a mail through the FEXBot. Due to this idea being delayed due to finals, I will stop accepting signatures on Monday, January 6. Only 1 slot per person! Available slots: 11
  15. Hello users of xat! Next week I am going to be hosting a new type of event similar to what I've hosted before, but with a little twist! This event is called Musical Trivia, and I will tell you a little about how it works: I will ask a question such as "Who wrote this song?" or "What is this song?" or "Name the artist and song" or "Finish these lyrics..." A pastebin with the link to the audio file will be used to ask the question. This event requires participants the ability to download and open wav audio files. Whoever answers the question correctly first will win the round. There will be a total of 15 rounds, and it is a win 1 skip 1 event. I will explain more in-depth about how this event works when it is the time to start, or if I am asked any questions about it. GameBot will also be hosted after this event. More information is linked below: Date Time Game Prize Host Friday, December 20 7PM GMT / 2PM EST Musical Trivia* 200 xats/q, 3000 xats total Nathan Friday, December 20 After previous event GameBot * 50 xats/r, 2000 xats total Staff Events with a * after it indicate it is a win 1 skip 1 event. Merry Christmas! I will post here again when the time to host the first event is closer (around 12-24 hours before the first event starts).
  16. After Effects (tired)

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