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  2. Pikachu is going to thank you for this.
  3. Yes, add twice, eg. (Energy1#energy1#rg#b)
  4. Abrahan


    Thank you, now only one pawn with a male hairstyle is missing. I hope to see this become a power.
  5. Price received thank you @xLaming , @Drika , @Stif !!
  6. Hi everyone! Can the effects of this power change color or make some combinations?
  7. NoSense


    new smilie: BabyHandbag Ninja (with mirror) you are always in time to suggest your favorite baby, otherwise I do it my way!
  8. Paul


    I know its not the same, but we had something similar to this before, but it was for ID's instead! I like this idea, but lets save it for another time!

    1. Abrahan


      Good morning, I think everyone should see her :$ .

  10. Congratulations to all and thank you for the nice contest @xLaming @Drika @Stif
  11. I like your idea Abraham, it looks good and possible
  12. 🎮(applause)🎮


    Call of Duty: Mobile will recover support for controls "soon"


    Although in its launch it could be played with PS4 and Xbox One controls in a very simple way, Activision decided to withdraw this compatibility because it created a great inequality between those who used the touch control scheme and those who opted for the physical controller. They did not promise a date, but now they assure that this coveted function will return "soon."





    They don't want to give advantages to players with command


    If Call of Duty: Mobile implements control control again, it is likely that it will do so in different lobbies, ”not mixed in the same games. "Currently, Call of Duty: Mobile separates players who play in the first person with those who play in third person in Battle Royale mode to maintain an equivalent level," he continued. "Players who use controls and those who use the control scheme through the touch screen should be similarly separated, all to make things fair to everyone."

    Now they are committed to that functionality coming back; It will "soon", so it is expected that before the end of the year players of this successful title can join the game with their DualShock 4 or Xbox Wireless Controller.

    If the American company brings back the compatibility you can reconnect your remote with a simple tutorial.

  13. Thank you to @xLaming @Drika and @Stif Congratulate winners ! (Confirm Prize!)
  14. menor vevrok outra vez, ham

    1. Abrahan


      Vevroksinho, vejo você dormindo na Ajuda (hippo)

  15. @Thuk xuxuzin

    1. Thuk


      ta me devendo

  16. HUSE1N


    i Support @Abrahan , if we make this trade/cambio doesnt work more as a safe trade, i think we have more than one thing that we need to apply to make xat better than now
  17. Abrahan


    I think we should first focus on other things, in addition to the trade/cambio chat that allows you to exchange powers / xats / days in real time in a secure way. If we do this, people would stop visiting (even more) the trade chat that has been in my opinion for a long time. I'm sorry, but thanks @Bau
  18. This if it should be done should be implemented only for HTML5, xat is working hard to finish the new version before flash dies, it makes no sense to work on something that will not last long. Currently in HTML5 in trade mode there is a bar ''search'' and button ''add all'' it would be good if we look for a power as in your case BIRD we can click on ''add all'' and only the results will be added. It is a very good suggestion, if you receive good comments or other constructive suggestions to implement it could be taken into account, I invite you to xat Feedback to have a better feedback on the subject.
  19. I do think it would be a great idea, the suggestion is pretty clear it would avoid traders taking a long time. Really hope your suggestion gets taken into consideration.
  20. Bau


    Hello everyone. I saw a lot of ideas for trade « If it is possible to do transfer days and xats, do trade xats, days, powers. - Why can't we trade Pawns too???? [Pawns - it's just an option, let's talk about this idea after] NOTE: About pawns, I have a similar idea, I can't find it. [This is different, it offers a panel only for pawns] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Trade Store?! Wow How that´s possible?! Let's have a store for paid users. Store/shop: It allows you to add your powers in the store at a certain price without being on the trade you can sell. If you are on the trade and you are busy, or you go to eat, you have the opportunity to continue trading, with this you will be able to sell powers and days even when you are not at PC. Noaudies [Amount to sell 69] - [Amount to buy] - [5 xats each one] - «BUY IT» Ruby [Amount to sell 1] - [Amount to buy] - [99000 xats each one] - «BUY IT» [Error 69: You do not have enough xats, please try here xat.com/buy] Gback [Amount to sell 33] - [Amount to buy] - [13 500 xats each one] - «BUY IT» [Error 69: You do not have enough xats, please try here xat.com/buy] Red [Amount to sell 12] - [Amount to buy] - [140 xats each one] - «BUY IT» Green [Amount to sell 4] - [Amount to buy] - [140 xats each one] - «BUY IT» Blue [Amount to sell 3] - [Amount to buy] - [140 xats each one] - «BUY IT» Pawns: Pawns is another idea, where you can offer pawns in exchange for xats or days for a short time. Eg: I have everypower, Ruby or any anothers pawns Purple, Pink etc i can´t use all in the same time. [You can change any time] Everypower Pawn - 1 week = 1000 xats Ruby pawn - 1 Month = 1000 xats Purple - 3 Month = 1000 xats Pink - 1 Year = 1000 If you do not understand something please ask, I will gladly answer all. Thank you for reading, your time is precious. Regards Bau
  21. Yesterday
  22. Hello AishaOfficial Something similar has been suggested by me and Samuel in the past. This idea is good, the example is a little strange, but the idea was understandable. It looks better than many of my exemples.LOL Regards Bau.
  23. Your contribution is very good, I hope it will be useful to the members.
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