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  3. @Rut 



    1. Leandro


      I'm not mexican. And that's racist.

    2. Maverick


      @Leandro - I have a new banner you could use.


      Give it a try - https://i.imgur.com/SuyVj82.png

  4. krainbow kwater korange rilove roheart kangel kanlove kantired ghostmon minimon hugme hug2 kpotato kwjam cplemon maheart fireback gkbear kstar ccback ricebowl popcorn fuzzy kmouse cuticorn flower kactus raccoons kxmas fairy feast kfox drop ... etc xDDD
  5. Today
  6. happy easter all  (hug)

  7. The results are in, but before I announce the winners, here's what prizes will be rewarded to the resulting entries: 1-3 place - KBACKS 4 place - YELLOWCARD 5 place - GAMEFX2 6 place - PETS 7 place - EVENTS http://prntscr.com/neoewc KBACKS: 1. Toxic (126984499) - @Toxic 2. Seth (239476217) - @SethTI 3. michielferrari (1534627809) - @Michielferrari YELLOWCARD: 4. Booh (44184) - @Booh GAMEFX2: 5. Ursiinhaaa (119647397) - @Pudinzinho69 PETS: 6. Amyy (1000033) - @Amyyyy EVENTS: 7. MightyBrain1 (1497708246) - @Mighty1 Congratulations! You have until April 23 @ 4AM GMT / 12AM EDT to claim your prize! If you are held for any reason, or fail to claim your prize within this time, the next person on the list will be chosen in your place. Come meet me @ Game and/or Social chats! I am usually online around 9PM to 12AM PDT. You may contact me by forum message or by xat mobile, but I will most likely respond the fastest if you private chat my xat account directly: HelperNate (21299) Note: If your entry does not count towards a giveaway, I will react "No" to indicate that. Please refer to the table of contents on the initial post of this topic regarding the status of my giveaways, especially the bold status legend. DISCLAIMER: I will only continue doing giveaways on this thread for 10 more new limited powers + the other items listed on the table of contents!
  8. I really think it would be helpful to reopen this help chat for the Romans, not all Romanians know English. it would be much easier for a Roman to ask for help
  9. I protect the Dukedom.
  10. The new power EASTERFX pawn (hat#he) + $sanimate=off shown users as they are on ignore mode and that's annoying for me (annoyed)



  11. I hate this game. but I also protect the dukedom.
  12. I protect the Dukedom.
  13. I protect the Dukedom.
  14. I protect the Dukedom.
  15. I protect the Dukedom.
  16. I protect my super dukedommmm! Keep away..
  17. I am now the Duke. I mention @lemona @Pia @Junior @Leandro @Samuel @Addict @Solange @Rut @Sydno @LaFleur
  18. As the new Lord, I shall name two users: @Blacky @Pia
  19. @Marya fan of barça
  20. @Vritme thanks for the compliment and for the affection I can be a hard person but I am special but I will always improve every day more I have affection of each one of you nobody is perfect but each of us is incredible and the genius of something just believe in yourself
  21. the King and the Queen is @Marya , @Bau , @Arthur , @Mister , @Mihai , @Booh , @Toxic , @Leandro @Elea like for your support and help <3
  22. It does load a bit faster now. Thank you sire.

    1. Booh


      Booh (4484)(toj)

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