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  2. Well, A lot of users are leaving, we all know about this, before a lot of chats had more than 10, 20 pools, nowadays we actually have a lof of empty chats, Is not time for xat investing a bit with ads? What about promoting xat.com on Facebook, AdWords and others ways of ads? Somewhere in the future xat will be empty if you don't pay attention on this right now, LATER, will be TOO LATER. I see help chats with few users, trading chats with a few users, home page chats with few users, then what? In the past it was a LOT of users, Investing just in innovation is not enough (html5, new pages, design etc), we all know, flash will die, html5 is almost done (to be honest it's not on beta anymore, it's already stable) Helpers are free, "coders / programmers" are free, xat doesn't pay nothing for those ppl who helps, then why not helping itself with something that can make $$ in the near future, So, is not time for investing in advertising xat.com in others platforms? Bing ADS, AdWords, Facebook, AdRoll, Amazon, Pinterest, others.. ? What do you think? Let us show for @Admin what community thinks about that?
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  5. Five new smilies have been added to tshirt: You can add your flag to (tnational) with #w followed by your country code. e.g: (tnational#wdo) You can also write on (thand) only 3 words with #w followed by them. e.g: (thand#wLOL) Bugs posted above were also fixed and the ideas added Thanks a lot @Mihay
  6. Hola, Asegúrese de que el tema tenga al menos 5 palabras para poder abrir el ticket en el tema de ayuda 'Payment Problems' Ejemplo : ''I am missing xats and days after purchase' Luego envía el ticket, y estoy seguro de que funcionará ahora. Ten paciencia esperando una respuesta. Buena suerte!
  7. this was brought up so many times. but so many times. that if we ever launch a space billboard the first thing it's gonna say while flashing is: "NO FLOOD LIMIT" Update: copying and pasting stuff is also an issue. can't be forgotten
  8. buenas. me encuentro en un problema. compre por 3 tiempos xats y days el dia de hoy 21/05/2019 y aun no los recibo. voy a crear un ticket y me dice que no puedo por que no eh pagado al menos xats algun voluntario que me ayude porfavor. <removed> Transaction ID: 2751735082 40$ Transaction ID: 2751729273 40$ Transaction ID: 2751874346 5$ y aun no recibo nada thank you
  9. Im lost

    1. Cupim


      turn on google play services and make sure your google maps is running ok

    2. Shake


      what if he has a huawei...

  10. Baby shark doo doo dooooo doo doo dooo ♪

  11. This can be opened in the Contributors section and forwarded to Admins, but I don't think we'd see a change on this in the near future anyway. But yes, if most people want this to be discussed between Contributors, then we can open a topic about this without doubt.
  12. I mean to be able to obtain main owner from the app, without the need of a computaroda
  13. Hello, Kisses and gifs are on the low priority area for mobile at the moment. Kisses are slowly showing itself on HTML5, but is not ready for mobile. About the gifs, that’s been slowly improving as well. The trade app is still being worked on for further improvements for HTML5. Having the trade system on mobile seems a bit tricky, but that decision come downs to the admins ultimately. About the power search, I can see it showing up on mobile soon. There’s no EST for this. I’m not sure what you mean here. You can check the mobile logs update to see what new features, settings and to keep up with the changes that are happening on mobile.
  14. I agree with the OP. And it seems everyone has the same consensus on this. @Cupim @Crow @Leandro @Solange If so many people have the same view, can this be brought up directly to admins? Or if it has not already been done, can this maybe turn into a contrib topic, and brought to admins to see if they'd be up for the idea of modifying the current feature? I am not too sure admins have the time at the moment to sort through all the suggestions, so maybe you guys can take it upon yourselves to boost it to the next step of bringing it to their attention directly. seems like a minor change that would alleviate some discontent from users, just a thought.
  15. Good morning, I have a question about the kiss, gifs and trade. Will they be implemented in the app? Also implement in the app the search for powers that one has? And they will put the option of doing one main from the app without having to enter a pc?
  16. Olá @RadioTugaNet. Lamentamos que isso não funcione como esperado para você. Nós ficaríamos felizes em investigar isso. Por favor, crie um novo ticket, aqui: https://xat.com/ticket Selecione Payment Problems como tópico de ajuda e certifique-se de que o assunto tenha mais de cinco palavras. Desculpe-me pelas inconveniências.
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