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  2. I mean to be able to obtain main owner from the app, without the need of a computaroda
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  4. Hello, Kisses and gifs are on the low priority area for mobile at the moment. Kisses are slowly showing itself on HTML5, but is not ready for mobile. About the gifs, that’s been slowly improving as well. The trade app is still being worked on for further improvements for HTML5. Having the trade system on mobile seems a bit tricky, but that decision come downs to the admins ultimately. About the power search, I can see it showing up on mobile soon. There’s no EST for this. I’m not sure what you mean here. You can check the mobile logs update to see what new features, settings and to keep up with the changes that are happening on mobile.
  5. I agree with the OP. And it seems everyone has the same consensus on this. @Cupim @Crow @Leandro @Solange If so many people have the same view, can this be brought up directly to admins? Or if it has not already been done, can this maybe turn into a contrib topic, and brought to admins to see if they'd be up for the idea of modifying the current feature? I am not too sure admins have the time at the moment to sort through all the suggestions, so maybe you guys can take it upon yourselves to boost it to the next step of bringing it to their attention directly. seems like a minor change that would alleviate some discontent from users, just a thought.
  6. Good morning, I have a question about the kiss, gifs and trade. Will they be implemented in the app? Also implement in the app the search for powers that one has? And they will put the option of doing one main from the app without having to enter a pc?
  7. Olá @RadioTugaNet. Lamentamos que isso não funcione como esperado para você. Nós ficaríamos felizes em investigar isso. Por favor, crie um novo ticket, aqui: https://xat.com/ticket Selecione Payment Problems como tópico de ajuda e certifique-se de que o assunto tenha mais de cinco palavras. Desculpe-me pelas inconveniências.
  8. Ola Amigos RadioTugaNet (65433502) Pagamos 20 Dolares para 2500 Xats dia 11 de maio, ate hoje sem os receber, foi nos dito que no máximo ate dia 17 receberiamos os xats na nossa conta e ate hoje dia 21 nada .. é de lamentar, fica duvidoso este site, tendo má experiencia ja no passado voltamos a ter de novo esta roubalheira e ésta falta de Profissionalismo.. pagamos via paypal onde diz que ate ao dia de hoje continua pendente outra questao é porque motivo o nosso xat nunca apareceu na lista de opcoes, sendo que tem xats vazios e aparecem na lista e isto é algo de descriminação, <screenshots> é uma falta de caracter e de respeito..
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  10. 🐑💨

    1. oj
    2. zed


      A sheep fart in a cake 

  11.  Baby i need you in my life in, my life :$(blowkiss)

  12. I have received my prize! Thanks so much for hosting, Kopas (and hooray Netherlands!)
  13. Miss you dear !(rolleyes)sad breakfast club GIF

    1. Sevda


      Ouch :( 


      I miss you too honey,  but I'm not completely gone, its just for a certain time :$  And you can find me always here (blowkiss)(hug)


  14. Sushant30

    Multiple chatroom

    I am also interested in the topic. When It will be coming soon.
  15. Enjoy it. Download v1.2 You can report requests, suggestions and errors. Flash Version Here
  16. they broke my heart with this game of thrones ending :(:(:(:(:(






    justice for dany and drogo


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    2. LaFleur


      More like utterly disappointing season/final

    3. Blossoms


      yep. was hoping jon would change dany :( 

      so they can live happily ever after <3 

    4. Queen_Sofia


      At least I was expecting better for Jon, not going to live with Wildlings beyond the wall with Tormund and Ghost.. </3

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