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  2. Rule number "3" Avoid publishing your registration and identification name more than once or you will be disqualified from the current contest. You have less than 24 hours to eliminate an entry or you will be disqualified from the current contest, sorry friends, rule number 3 is for something. For those of us who organize raffles, double entries at the moment of passing the generator to all the participants, those double entries mean that the generator sometimes makes mistakes and all the names of the participants are eliminated by that error and starts from 0 and it takes a long time. I am giving you the opportunity to enter the final list of the draw, but complying with the rules is easy. There are less than 24 hours left for the counter to reach zero, once it reaches 0, no new participants will be admitted. You can check the "PROVISIONAL" list with all registered participants so far --->>> Here
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  4. Congratulations Nathan, although I know you little, I know you are a humble person with a big heart.
  5. i just wona say hi all

    1. Marya


      hi sweet sis<3

  6. can also be added exception for friends, owners, mods and main owners, yay done no more PM/PC raids and NOPM/NOPC fixed
  7. The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  8. The day that passes we are stronger, because we believe in what we want. (a)

  9. this isn't what I said though I meant put a cap on the amount of accounts an IP address can register on xat. chat mods and owners need to be able to PC users, regardless of nopc/nopm
  10. Congratulations Nathan, you deserve it.
  11. Already existant, nobody can have more than 2 accounts logged in same chat, 2 is the max, registered or not, but the issue is that people can still using raids because they can use proxies to register/connected to the xat. But think, a fair point, nobody will make raids, bot spam or whatever with registered accounts because banning is 1, 2 seconds to do. Seeking for proxies, registering, unblocking location, fixing ERRORS F016 its more than 5min each of their users. Then I think spam limit should be disabled for registered users, or atleast lower, e.g to protect against ticket spam, lot of useless messages on PM/PC (OR ATLEAST FIX NOPM/NOPC, SINCE HTML5 IS BEING WORKED...). This suggestion may be taken. @Admin yooo Finally... Allow only people added on friends to bypass NOPM/NOPC, and disable this limit for registered users. Simple like that.
  12. Wow what a good way to celebrate, I love that people continue to have their customs !
  13. Congratulations, Nathan!
  14. If you have a ticket open already then there is nothing we can do for you here on the forum. Just be patient and wait for a reply.
  15. Can someone please get my powers back onto my account?? I logged into my account after forever..and all my powers were gone. Ticket has been opened but after getting a response I;ve been left hanging over a week. Nobody in Help is actually HELPING aside from the original lady who helped me open a ticket in the first place. At this point I am basically being robbed..and some people say it's from me not using my account in a long time..which again...being robbed..
  16. Toxic

    Toxic Graphics

    Unfortunately xat doesn't allow pcbacks to be animated. I could make you an animated bg set if you wanted, but that's about all I could do with xats restrictions.
  17. Congratulations and welcome to the team @Nathan!
  18. Thank you all for the kind words and warm welcome ! I will do my best to fulfill the responsibilities of the contributor group to the best of my abilities. Its an honor to be able to be recognized by the community for this achievement, and I will absolutely use it wisely! Thanks again everybody!
  19. The purpose of smilies is to use them on its own, and that's what you can do with eachocolate. It's just a different smiley from a power. You can even recolour the chocolate effect so you can do beautiful combinations with it! For example, use your imagination and try to combine effects with eachocolate such as spiralfx, glitterfx...
  20. Marya speaks the Romanian language? I need information

    1. Bau


      Buna Alfredo

      Marya Poate sa fie momentan ocupata.

      Te Pot ajuta cu ceva, sal este necesar ea personal?!
      Cu ce te pot ajuta?


    2. Marya



      I speak  

      What you need ? Can i help you ?

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