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    Yes I agree, but this is more than "create a power" there is a big number of religions, isnt fair just creating "a few"... But its also impossible to make a lot of smilies based in religions (I dont have idea how many religions is existant, but lets say 200, 300, 1000) this is really A LOT of work, including that some religions cant have something related to "selling"(xat powers, they are sell, prices, money, $$$$) so I don't think its fair to all.
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  4. I love you Coffee


    (!Hangman Game)

  5. elya

    Princess @Deff  (blowkiss)

     sleeping beauty sleep GIF

    1. Deff


      Omg ! :o


      You are my oxygen (blowkiss) Queen @elya

      princess GIF by Disney 

    2. elya


      sweety <3

  6. theFlower


    yes we can with add good smile for not make racism or broke rules we make a good religion power that can be accepted from all poeples
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  8. Angelo

    xat account ID

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  9. how much for 9Dig?
  10. GEMY

    power battery

    Welcome to the family of Ixat.want to have something new and impressive? I know this because I love this site and I love this suggestions and to impress everyone and I hope this power battery Is a powerhouse that allows the user to show the battery shape on the name of the hat It also forms such images that are attached This power will express your modec using hat codes such as red (fatigue) .Green (smile) and all colors will appear in the form of a battery on to you want to according to Shaw Modk now and Shaw you Habib explain to everyone what you feel like whatsapp or fecbooke Let us try this experience and do not regret this will make and change your thoughts and feel your situation now Who would like to show your situation to everyone will appear for the hat Try now I hope you like it all
  11. Death never sure Friends 

  12. En este caso, su bloqueo solo está en Paymentwall, debe comunicarse con ellos para resolver esto. Vaya a su sitio web y busque un método de contacto/soporte.
  13. Cuando escojo el metodo de pago para comprar xats escojo el de Paymentwall y es cuando me dice que estoy bloqueada.
  14. Este error aparece mientras está en el sitio web de Paymentwall o cuando está en xat.com?
  15. Tengo una targeta electronica de toditocash,con la cual he comprado varias veces xat y days .Y la ultima vez que quise comprar mas xats y days ya no me dejo entrar .dicen que estoy Bloqueada en paymentwall y no me da la opcion de comprar con mi tarjeta de toditocash.y aun tengo saldo restante en la tarjeta.y no me an dado razon porque me bloquearon si solo la he usado para comprar xats y days..Quisera saber si me hicieran el favor de ayudarme con ese problema.
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  17. Please yourself! :)

  18. Sleep !

    with music 🎶..

  19. does the icon count? i'll put on my face irl , anyways good luck to the rest of the people participating at this event.
  20. I go out, walk and listen to music..
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