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  2. Hello everyone, This time the donation goes to Nathan deserves all the respect from us. xat Name: Nathan xat USername/ID: Nathan (14014) Who can help you can help comment here, and you find me to receive from you everything you can offer. At 23:45 on the 31th, closed this topic, at the end I will add here a public Money/xats/days/powers transfer to all xats/days/powers gathered, or send it to everyone in private, after your choice. Please read the regulation before taking this step. Thank you. We've known each other for a while, I know you're a good person, even if we often don't get along, maybe that means friendship, always with each other, even if there's a quarrel between us. It is good to always help each other when we need to, I alone can not do what we can all do together. I will add all the offers here, after you send a message here with your offer and after receiving xats from you, I add your name here public or private, after your choice. NOTE: Only I can receive the donations until the time is up. (After this I will make a picture with evidence that everything you donated that person received the donation). Only when the time END´s Thank you all, I love you. - I offer 10k xats, Much success in life, less of me and more of God, be with us on xat always 1) Bau - Fonduri (304771992) = 10k xats
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  4. xat.com/Relatinos Chat ID: 75785392 His name is DJLeo, redLatinos (982540323), from Ayuda.
  5. at anyone that misses me?

  6. Me and the boys on my bday xoxo @Maverick @Thuk



    1. NoSense


      kjkjaakjaajaajkajkakaa loool

  7. Try to login from HTML5 version ( xat.com/chatname?new) or try on another chat room
  8. happy bday dude 






  9. Thanks for the helpful tutorial @HelperNate I think you guys would be surprised on what people need assistance with, and it's good that Nate is willing to help with smaller areas without being asked.
  10. t hank bday wishes, c ya xoxo

  11. It's a choice to remove my comment but after all, it's your own fault if this user is not getting his chat fixed at all. @batuelmejor2010 Did you recreate the chat ? Is it the old chat - xat.com/xat79484635 ? Those information will be needed to get your chat fixed. Thank you.
  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy birthday, Leandro!

  14. happy birthday dominican that cant even speak spanish!

  15. Happy birthday broda


    love you <3 

  16. Happy birthday! BM!


    Hope you enjoy your day with your family and friends.

  17. I'm going to take it, but you should look good expression not only color code thanks <3 Mojiis
  18. Time is money, don't waste it.

  19. disease

    Bug Store

    I will try. Edit : No chance to do again,it's working perfect right now .. :-? Maybe sometimes working to replicate. I dont know
  20. Espero que ya hayas podido solucionar el problema, si aun no has podido, te recomendaria que borres las cookies y cache de tu navegador, cierres por completo el navegador que usas y seguidamente hagas login, despues de eso deberia de darte acceso a la sala sin problemas. Saludos
  21. The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  22. xat.com/ChicasBarbies Chat ID: 154309957 Reported by: CIvila2019 1523582713
  23. Even though I'm crossing suggestions here, I think a power with Group Flix would be a good idea since it's been a while since a group power (especially one with flix) has been released. I'd suggest a bomb that is burning and pulsating red and not exploding, just so it doesn't cause too much issues with becoming a distraction.
  24. Maverick

    Bug Store

    By any chance, are you able to replicate this by making a video / gif? Thanks.
  25. alex

    graphical dump

    Today has been a really meh day and not one of the best, but I did make a new pcback for to lighten up my mood: The insperation behind this pcback to represent the relationship I have with the moon. It's just so luminous and it comes in just so many different shapes to fill the night sky, almost like how I feel in a way. I also wanted to add some snow because I miss how cold it gets in the wintertime. (Summer is my least favorite season, ngl.) With all the tiredness and burnout I feel with today, I just want the weather to be a cool serenity around me to ease my nerves and just take me away from this loophole I'm stuck in. I hope winter comes soon. . Original artist: https://www.instagram.com/michaelvmanalo/ (Please go support him, he's an underrated artist who makes such wondrous pieces. ^) Thanks again for all the positive support so far in what I post here, it means a lot me and it gives me inspiration to draw from other pieces and try new effects while I'm at it.
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