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  2. oops try: https://xat.com/content/webM00bdb485/direct.php?n=xat5
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  4. Happy bday

  5. Stif

    account 5days held

    Just turn off VPN.
  6. Hi there I am looking for a GFX designer who can help design me a matching inner/outer chat background for my chat. Please let me know thank you.
  7. How do you do VPN? I am having connection problem
  8. Stif

    account 5days held

    Those are automatic, there's no way to remove, you'll have to wait it out. If you want to use xat, you will have to turn off VPN while doing it, otherwise it will trigger held all the time.
  9. Vpn I'm entering much more mobile than computer vpn I am sending different vpn ip address so I need to write ticket now I am changing ip adrees like germany help for the ticket does not need to wait 5 days
  10. Stif

    account 5days held

    As I told you, turn off the VPN while using xat and then wait out the remaining held. You must open the ticket ONLY if you get held again after that.
  11. Unable to create a ticket. Please correct errors below and try again! ticket, I get an alert when I write something vpn countries changing is not in my hands
  12. Stif

    account 5days held

    Since VPN is the cause, once it's turned off, you would just wait out the remaining held. Hopefully this won't trigger a new held.
  13. I'm surprised I'm getting a warning not trying a ticket
  14. Stif

    account 5days held

    That's the cause. Turn off the VPN while using xat and wait out the remaining held. If you get held again even with the VPN turned off, open a ticket under "Account Hold".
  15. vpn changing from country to country
  16. Stif

    account 5days held

    Are you using a proxy or VPN?
  17. Latest Beta is here : https://xat.com/content/webL8693dde0/direct.php?n=xat5
  18. Hi, I was a week ago, xats I got 7 days held I ate. after a week I said to look at my account my account account held 5 days a long time during a week please please please remove the powers you want to buy now.
  19. Yesterday
  20. We have found out that this is related to a chrome pop-up setting. If you click on a link while linkvalidator setting is enabled, Chrome will show up the "pop-up" blocked message indicating that the linkvalidator page is blocked from being opened automtically. The problem is that linkvalidator is already being opened regardless. So if the user chooses "Always allow pop-up", clicking any links will open the page twice henceforward. That being said, we do not think this is a bug related to the HTML5 chat. This rather seems to be a Chrome Browser issue, especially since no other browser is doing this behavior.
  21. This has been forwarded. Thank you.
  22. Thank you for reporting. This has been forwarded.
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