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  2. Great news, well deserved and Congratulations!
  3. I love it dear!!someting fresh for summer
  4. Hay personas en la vida que llegan de repente,donde y cuando menos lo esperamos, y sin fijarnos se van quedando en nuestras vidas para siempre.Así fue contigo, que rápidamente dejaste de ser sólo un  usuario más  de xat para convertirte en mi mejor amigo.Eres una persona fantástica,Un buen  amigo para muchos qué tenemos la suerte de  conocerte tal cómo eres.Feliz 12 añosssss Toritoooo (toj)  (hug)  (applause)


    ¡Feliz cumple  ENANO





  5. @xLaming and @Manu Congrats for Contributors
  6. Congrats! @iSanty and @Andres 🎉
  7. Today
  8. This is nice idea i like this is idea
  9. Hello everyone, I made a review and impression on all summer powers. many summer powers have been created so far. however, I thought that innovations and changes could be brought to the existing summer powers smilies. Considering the number too of emoji in the old summer powers that exist now, I thought that additional smilies were needed for the summer powers. I thought these innovations, changes and new additional smilies would be possible with a new powers. a new summer power can be created for these new additional smilies. I suggest for all the summer powers innovations and changes so I suggest the "summertime" new power. The power I propose in this ''suggest'' is different from the already existing summer powers. I will consider the summer theme in, more detailed, not with a single flower or a single fruit. So I gave it a name in general, I didn't want to name any fruit or any flower. I think everyone will love these new, attractive and interesting smilies I share.
  10. iiXDanny98 (585651094)
  11. nicolas cage cake GIF


    Feliz Cumple bro... Espero la pases super bien y muchas felicidades por tu cumple... exitos en todo y muchas bendiciones.. 

  12. I love your drawings, so they are awesome... I like Dragon Ball as well so unfortunately this suggestion prob. wont be considered since they may have copyrights.. etc...
  13. hello guys, I don't know how useful this drawing can be, but I spent a few hours drawing vegeta owned by majin bu, not quite perfect maybe the body is too big !! I don't know if I continue ... it seems to me a failed suggestion
  14. Thank you all!, I will do my best on any smiley I make. Really, thank you so much
  15. Feliz cumpleaños craack, manicomio nos hizo amigos y que festejes hasta el amanecer!!(smirk)

  16. happy birthday (blowkiss)

  17. @LaFleur in html5 we have space and page big so what do you think if we have more things there like adding xatspace or forum page or like xatbook for more info about xat and news or anything because we have space in right and left and in up and down
  18. Inestimable (1133435149)
  19. The question or questions in this topic have been answered and an answer has been marked. This topic is now closed. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.
  20. @xLamingcongratulations my friend!!!!
  21. Inestimable (1133435149)
  22. Enge

    cat hello GIF

          @Tita(hug) Welcome(blowkiss)     

  23. enhorabuena bb, sabes siempre voy a querer lomejor para ti. Te lo mereces.

    1. iSanty


      Gracias Papi (hug)

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