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  3. Usman

    New chat bg

    Can some people give me feedback on this chat bg I made? Thanks.
  4. 👇 Que tire que tire que tire que tire👌Tire pa' lante 🎶🎵
  5. APyXL51.gif

    The Division 2 offers a new phase of free trial on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

    From October 15 to 20; this is what Ubisoft has announced.


    The Division 2 is the sequel to the successful title of tactical action and shooting of Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, where players must cooperate to get out of new and dangerous challenges. Lead a team of elite agents in the remainder of Washington D.C. after the passage of a pandemic to restore order and prevent the collapse of the city. Play with your friends in cooperative and PvP, get powerful weapons and equipment and become one of the chosen ones to protect the Capitol in a state of emergency. The mission does not end with the campaign. Beyond level 30, agents of the Division are waiting for new specializations, game modes, raids and much more.

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  7. my background for halloween Trade by holasoypark (148585926) https://imgur.com/z5dSfi0 https://imgur.com/9Yqc7Sr
  8. Interior Background Outside funds Color boton # eeab29
  9. Hi! Inner: https://imgur.com/7Vs09ei.png Outer: https://imgur.com/8hzhMBx.png Button: #f58720 Inner: https://imgur.com/nz11GPB.png Outer: https://imgur.com/IMhaiYk.png Button: #8a0404 Inner: https://imgur.com/ElI5msS.png Outer: https://imgur.com/9vYBaov.png Button: #0c47a6 Thanks All AsunaaKirito (1528287039)
  10. Hello, Could you try a few solutions I suggest here to see if the page loads? If one suggestion doesn't work, move on to the next, please. Disable any extensions and antivirus software that are installed with your browser and restart your browser. Try using a different browser from the one you're using now. Eg.) Opera, Mozilla, Safari (Mac Only) Clear all cached data, cookies, and images from your browser and reload the browser. Let me know if any of these solutions work for you in solving your issue with loading the promotion page.
  11. Inner Outer Button color : #6A9B90 Inner Outer Button color : #FEBA19 Inner Outer button Color: #700000
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